Rediscovering Cassie

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Bra Less

I came in to my ex girlfriends life at a weird time in her life. She was younger and never had been treated right by a man, I made sure I was nothing but a decent vanilla boyfriend. It sounds silly, but I felt like it was the right thing to do. I opened doors, bought her nice things and kept it plain in the bedroom. It was years after when I had learnt she had the same kind of kinks as I did, and what kind of fun things I could get away with.

Cassie was housesitting with a close friend of hers. It was not an ideal setup; they lived like bachelors, eating mostly pasta and drinking frequently. I was invited around as a casual catch-up, just for a few drinks and maybe a movie. As I arrived, the housemate was on his way out, off to a club for the night, I figured he would not be sleeping in his own bed tonight.

The house Cassie was housesitting was old, but in a good location. You walked into a sunken lounge by the window, and the main bedroom was next door. It was a small place, like a cottage, and had the old visible wooden columns in the roof you would see in European style cabins. It was a nice place, if only a little run down. The front was overgrown, and gave the house a weird haunted look.

I was a little early, so I caught Cassie in her towel after a shower. Her medium length dark-red hair was only a little damp, as if she had kept it out of the water. From the curves in the towel I could recall her body; her large tits and round butt stood out. She was not tall, only up to my chest, but she knew how to use it. I gave her a hug, and she went to go slip into something loose and comfy. A long dress with no bra is what she chose. I didn’t think much of it, I guess we were still very comfortable around each other.

A couple in drinks in she started to get close, and talk about how things used to be. She had just gotten into than out of another relationship, and began to complain about how he was so boring in bed. Cassie mentioned she needed someone a little more commanding, and maybe a little rougher. “I know what you mean. I love to get a bit rougher, but you can’t just spring that on someone”
We had surprised each other. It was quiet for a moment, but I had an idea. I went back to the car, and came back with a long rope I had used to tow a car. Cassie flashed an unsure look, I told her “It’ll be fine, I just want to show you something I like. Nothings going to happen”.

I tied her hands firmly behind her, then tied them to her back, wrapping the ropes over her chest and shoulders. The ropes fit her snugly, even if they were a little rough, and she could barely move her arms or hands. She stood and and looked into a mirror “Woah”.
Cassie gave a little struggle and walked back to me “This is pretty cool, but you should help me out now”.
Its something only James Bond and Indiana Jones would think; her words say no, but her eyes said yes. With a little force to her shoulders I put her on her knees and tied her ankles together. I stood up and ran off; but quickly came back with a broom handle and some scissors. I also spied a blindfold when walking past her housemates room, the kind of blindfold insomniacs wear that block out the light completely. By the time I had gotten back she was standing on her bound feet, although wobbly. She gave me a curious look than I pushed her gently so she fell face first onto the couch. I caught the rope and eased the fall, but she was completely vulnerable. “What are you doing?” She muffled, frustrated.
“You’ll see”.

Quickly I put a blindfold on her, and used the remaining rope and broom to bind her legs to spread. She still had the dress on, so I cut it off her. She protested at first, but once I cut her tits from her dress she turned red and quiet. When I was finished, she was tied legs spread on her knees. I looked at my handiwork, and let my hands explore her naked body. I played with her with no protest except for a weak movement away whenever I hit something sensitive, and light moans and quiet squeals. Then I was inspired. I went in to the main bedroom to find the toy I had bought her years ago. She still had it, but now it had a friend. I also grabbed her heavy noise-canceling headphones. I put the vibrator on a low setting and tied it inside her. She began to react immediately, and then I put on the headphones. A look of panic ran through her for a second, before she was distracted again by the toy inside her. I sat down, got her canlı bahis phone and made some calls.

I watched for nearly twenty minutes, she flushed hard and her body began to shake. Cassie had a an orgasam, and after began to gently ask if I was still here and to help her. She was clearly getting anxious. I placed a chair in front of her, sat down and grabbed her hair. She had soft hair, like I remembered, and strong. A quiet yelp came from her mouth before I moved it onto my cock. I let her perform head naturally for a while before getting frustrated at her, she was getting distracted by the vibrator. I grabbed another handful of hair and began to push it down. With a steady pace I began to fuck her mouth. I started with long, slow pushes, so her throat could get used to my cock. I used her mouth roughly and I could hear her gag, and warm saliva began to drip off her chin. I stopped for a second to let her breathe and made her suck on my balls.

Cassie hated testicles and she refused right away. I leant her back and pinched her nipples with my finger and thumb. They must have been sensitive now as Cassie gasped. I ran to get a peg, and placed one over her right nipple. I put her mouth to my balls again and she weekly put them in her mouth and played with them with her tongue. It was not long before I replaced them with my dick and again rode her mouth. In a final heave I got my dick deep into her throat. Cassie panicked and her throat muscles tensed, and I came. She gagged, but swallowed what she could. I pulled away by left the chair. “Please… untie me now” she whispered, but the door knocked. The pizza had arrived!

Cassie had no idea there was a man at the door, let alone I had made phone calls. I put on some pants and went to the door. “That will be $19.50 for the pizza” he said, handing me a large box.
The pizza boy was a teenager, and I could see the P plate on his car. He was not unattractive, but clearly in an awkward phase of puberty. I patted at my pockets and made shrug like I had no money. “I’m sorry then man, I’ll have to take that back” he replied awkwardly.
“Wait, I need this for later. I think we can work something out, come in for a second?”.
He pulled a weird face, but followed me in anyway. In two steps, he could see Cassie, bound and mouth gaping. He went pale, and I placed my hand over his shoulder. “Deal?”.
Without saying a word he stumbled out of his pants and put his dick to her lips. She reacted and opened her mouth and began to suck. She pulled a curious expression for a second before making another which meant she knew it was not me. Before she could back out, I explained that she liked it rough, and the teenager pushed the back of her head onto his cock as deep as she could go. Her whole body reacted, then her body betrayed the vibrator made her orgasm again. A moment later the pizzaboy was pushing his dick down her throat again as he made an awkward noise, cumming. It looked like Cassie had a harder time swallowing this load, as it probably had been stored for months. The pizzaboy gave me a relaxed look and without saying anything, got up and left.

Cassie eventually let out whisper “Who was that? Are you still there?” before the door knocked again. I opened it to two more pizzaboys, both looking confused.
“Did you order these two pizzas” a tall black man said, gesturing to the two single pizzas from two pizza places.
“Ah, yes.”
“Well, thats eighteen dollars for me”
“And nineteen for me” said the other pizzaboy, another awkward looking teenager.
I did the same song and dance as last time, telling them I had no cash, then to come inside. The black guy looked like he was going to punch me for a second, but his expression quickly changed when he saw Cassie. “Deal?” I repeated.
“Deal” Said the black pizza man. The other guy made a face and said “Wait, in front of you? I have to wait. I dunno man”
I thought for a second while the black man got comfy in the chair and said “just take somewhere else”.
He walked over and saw the toy coming from her pussy, and the puddle under her. He played with the ropes holding it in for a second and shyly said “… uh, these look, um, hard to untie. What if I took her, uh, other hole”.
“Go for it”.

The black guy ticked the right box when it came to stereotypes, he pulled out a massive thick cock from his jeans and lined it with her mouth. Cassie made a face when he pushed it at her lips, like she could bahis siteleri smell something awful. However a quick slap of a tit she gave in and let him put it between her lips. He leant back and let Cassie do the work. The other pizza guy felt Cassies back and then her ass for a while, before taking a small portion of lube from his wallet. He rubbed it on himself and lined himself up. The tip was in before Cassie knew what was about to happen, and her whole body reacted. It clearly hurt, and her jaw tightened for a second. Neither the black pizza man or the other pizza guy seemed to care, though. The black pizza man began to take over for her and started to thrust violently into her gullet. Matching his pace as best he could the white pizza guy sped up his thrusts into her asshole, her whole body shaking at every stroke. Her hands and feet clenched and waved desperately behind her as her body was ravaged. An orgasam took her body as the anal guy came inside her, and the black guy used the loosening of her throat to go deep, but pulled out to cum over her face, getting over her nose, mouth and chin.

The now awkward white pizza guy quietly dressed and left, while the black guy proving to be a stereotype in more than one way gave a loud “Woo!”, slapping Cassies ass. He left before he had his shirt on. I now had three pizzas, ready for my small party. I dragged Cassie over to the couch and got her started on my balls again, resting my feet on her back as she licked and sucked. Ten minutes passed and I decided to start on the pizza as it started to cool, but before I got a piece to my mouth the door knocked one more.

I was well overdue for a catch up with Tyrone and Phil. They were old friends, and we had shared much together. However we were very different people and ran in very different crowds. It was no real accident we didn’t hang out. Phil was only fun in small doses. Shorter than me, with long greasy hair that ran in to and equally ugly beard. He was also a mild psychopath. Tyrone was my height with short hair and faint stubble. Tyrone was until earlier this year, a woman; however had only one of the two surgeries to show it. He had no tits, but still had a cunt. He was also still taking testosterone, which someones made him single minded.

Phil and Tyrone both recognized Cassie, saw her forced position, and smiled. “Thank FUCK” Phil barked “I’ve had a shitty day. Fuck, a shitty WEEK”, he rubbed too long fingernails down her back, leaving a mark, then smacked her ass hard.

It left a mark. Tyrone watch for a moment before dropping a large knapsack. He was distracted and it dropped harder than he expected. When it hit the floor, something started to vibrate, which Tyrone quickly reached into turnoff. “I appreciate this John”.

We watched Phil smack Cassie’s ass and tits for a while before we really started getting ready. He replaced the peg with his teeth, and Cassie gave a weak scream. There was a small table, which we flipped upside down and draped her mattress over it. We untied Cassies legs to reposition her, then retying them spread far apart to the table legs. In this position, she couldent keep her torso up, which was fine.

Phil’s dick was nothing special, but he was vicious with it. Without taking his pants off he pulled his dick from his fly and grabbed Cassie’s hair and forced her to take it all in at once. Cassie took it with ease. Phil grabbed the toy and ripped it from her, sending a sharp jolt through her. Smiling, he climbed under her, forcing her into a cowgirl position. He grabbed her neck to keep her moving and made short, hard thrusts, letting the open zipper rub against her inner thighs.

Tyrone was less afraid of nudity, and striped. It always blew me away to see him naked; a fairly plane skinny white male body, but with a vagina. He pulled a toy from his bag, a thick double ended strapon. It was as thick as his arm, and on one end, the same length. He called it his WMD, weapon of mass destruction. Tyrone got on the couch and spread his legs wide, so that he could rest them on the table legs. With little force he pushed Cassie’s face to his cunt. For a second Cassie made a confused gesture, but couldn’t keep it while she was getting fucked like a machine gun from below. A little more force from Tyrone and she started to nervously lick.

This left one place for me, and I took it with force and gusto. I never got Cassies asshole while we dated bahis şirketleri and I planned to make the most of it. The awkward pizzaguy opened her up, but I was a little bigger and thicker than he was. I used a little lube but Cassie still jerked in pain as I went in, and Tyrone rolled his eyes at me, I was farther distracting Cassies licking. It seems to get easier for her as we went, and eventually Cassie shook with an orgasam.

We all went hard and Phil was the first to come. He grabbed Cassies tit with one hand, digging his nails in, and bit onto her nipple with the other. She screamed into Tyrones cunt again, and he said, frustrated “Alright man, trade you?”.
I nodded and kept fucking her tight ass while Tyrone got the WMD and carefully put inside of himself, and strapped it to his thighs. It was truly a sight of shock and awe seeing the size. I pulled from her asshole and sat on the couch. Cassies body dropped, and let herself pant, as if it was over. A drool and cum mixture began to pool out of her mouth.

I picked up her head with a handful of hair, and lined my cock up to her lips. She could tell where my dick had been and she pulled her mouth away from it. Tyrone positioned himself behind Cassie, and began to lick out her asshole. She made a gasp, and I used it to go into her mouth, and all the way down to her throat.

Cassie began to shake again, her body ready for another orgasam, and before it hit Tyrone put half of the huge rubber dick inside her asshole. I was too deep in her throat for her to bite down, and instead she swallowed the head of my dick in shock. Tyrone began to fuck Cassie, little thrusts at first, leading into big long ones. Loud slaps of his hips hitting hers as he pounded away, digging his fingers into her ass for grip.

Tyrone began to shake and made a very effeminate moan as he came. The long deep thrust shocked Cassie again, and she swallowed the tip of my dick again, but this time it was much tighter and warmer, and I came. We all sat back and watched Cassies panting, scratched and sweating body. I knew she was exhausted, and she was now mine.

I untied her legs and put her on her back, so that her tied arms were under her. Phil dragged her head so it fell from the side of the mattress. He put his balls to her lips and squeezed her nipple hard with his nails, she yelped and began to lap away at them. Phil masturbated while she sucked his balls, then fucked her face, grabbing her tits and savagely using them for leverage. I had one of her legs and used a foot to gently masturbate, her saliva still coating my dick as lube. Phil came violently in to her throat, and left her tits red with nail marks.

Tyrone used Cassies other leg for leverage as he rubbed their pussies together, until they both orgasamed again. Hard again, I forced Cassies knees next to her head, and fucked her slowly and hard, forcing her to cum one last time, before I did. I got her vibrator out again, with another that Tyrone had brought, and plugged her holes back it, and put them on full. They buzzed loudly, and you could hear them almost fighting eachother. The effect showed on Cassies face, as her body softly spasmed.

Phil and Tyrone packed up, Phil gave me a twisted smile “Yeah, fucking wild. Lets not wait so long next time yeah!”.
Tyrone agreed “Thanks man, these hormones make it hard for me sometimes. Needed it.”
I let them know it was all good, and told them they were welcome. They left, leaving me alone with Cassie once more. I watched her until another two orgasams went through her, and saw that they were getting painful. I turned the toys off, removed them, and started to untie her.

I removed her earphones, then the blindfold. I looked at her in her eyes, they were red with tears.. She looked like a mess, the little eyeliner she had worn had run and her hair was in clumps from sweat and cum. As I looked at her and she looked at me, there was a quiet moment of understanding.

I undid her hands, stood up, and gently pushed her to my cock. Without argument, she took it, and sucked hard. When she felt me build up, she started to force my dick deeper, gagging herself. Her eyes watered and long bits of saliva dripped from my balls, but she kept going until my last load shot out onto her tongue.

I stood, walked to the bedroom and gestured for her to follow. Cassie followed, wide-eyed and quietly. She understood now that in a way, part of her belonged to me, and she would do whatever I told her. I could not help but think of all the things I could do to her. Things I will do to her.

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