Rising from the Ashes

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This is a love story.

Thank you to Bob_Aganoush and Robert for their usual helpful comments.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, merchandise, companies, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are 18 years or older when in sexual situations.


Chapter One


The cold rain made a steady drumbeat against the shingled roof as Jolene gazed out the window to the street below. The sun had just set and the faint glow of the streetlight cast a yellow tinged hue on Jolene’s slush covered front yard. It was winter in New Jersey, a decidedly gloomy time of the year in its own right, but even more so given the events of the recent past.

Perhaps out of force of habit she was watching out of her upstairs bedroom window for the arrival of Sebastian’s car – so much a part of her daily routine, but a routine no more. A tear trickled down her cheek as her mind looped around again to the text she had received last month from her errant husband. The insensitive lout didn’t have the courage to face her, and instead had sent her a text informing her that his assistant would be by the next day to pick up his clothes and other personal items. He said he was moving in with a co-worker, Adrienne, a woman Jolene had long suspected was sleeping with her husband.

She allowed herself a faint smile as she recalled her reaction to the text – – swift and furious anger, surprising even herself at its ferocity. With dogged determination she had rooted out almost every object that was Sebastian’s and had thrown each and every one of them unceremoniously on the soggy front lawn – his thousand dollar suits, his new golf clubs, and even his Rolex watch. The neighbors watched in horrid fascination as the distraught wife hurled the flotsam and jetsam of their destroyed marriage into an ever growing pile.

In a deliciously wicked moment of inspiration, after Jolene had completed her impromptu spring cleaning, she turned on the front lawn sprinklers for two hours, assuring that every item got a thorough soaking. The spurned wife wondered what Sebastian’s reaction would be when his assistant delivered a very cold and soggy collection of clothes and personal items to him.

But that momentary victory gave way to a long period of depression. She still had great difficulty falling asleep and her love for white wine gave way to its baser use; to dull her senses. Her drinking was now problematic as her consumption hit two full bottles a day. But even clear thinking didn’t provide answers for this discarded spouse. She had no idea if she had done something wrong, or if it was entirely the product of Sebastian’s adolescent lust for his young, attractive associate.

She had only met Adrienne at a few of the firm’s social events and had never exchanged more than the most perfunctory pleasantries. But she saw danger in that first meeting. She knew Sebastian’s head could be turned by an attractive woman and Adrienne was more than attractive. She was tall, probably about 5’8,” long straight blonde hair, periwinkle blue eyes, and a body sculpted by years of competitive swimming. And of course she was young, at 25 she was ten years younger than Jolene.

Jolene couldn’t find it in her heart to hate Adrienne. Her few interactions with the young blonde were pleasant and unremarkable and she knew that Sebastian was the aggressor. He was driven by his machismo, and the conquest of this comely young woman would satisfy his Neanderthal cravings.

The spurned wife also had her self-doubts. Was she still attractive? Did he leave her because she was no longer desirable? Jolene stripped out of her pajamas and stood in front of the full length mirror in her closet. She saw a thirty-five year old woman with lustrous brown hair; however faint lines started to appear on her face, there was an incursion of ten extra pounds on her tummy and butt, and there was the slightest sag in her breasts. The rest of the world, though (with the possible exception of Sebastian), saw something else. The rest of the world saw a self-confident intelligent career woman who was just hitting her stride. She was a lovely brunette with finely chiseled features, a strong jaw, more than ample breasts, and an attractive figure highlighted by shapely, toned legs. It wasn’t an uncommon occurrence for a woman’s self-image to be in conflict with others, but it was uncommon for self-doubt to creep into Jolene’s psyche.

As she gazed in the mirror she also felt a strong sense of irony. Over the ten years of her marriage she had grown apart from her husband. His foibles that she once found endearing had become annoying. The compliments that rolled easily off his tongue now rung hollow to her. She wasn’t sure anymore if anything ataşehir escort bayan that Sebastian said to her was truly heartfelt. Every now and again, long before the fateful text message, Jolene had harbored the idea of a trial separation or even a divorce, but her busy career and her puritanical upbringing prevented those thoughts from ever being given any life.

Finally there was the sex. In the beginning, the sex was good, well maybe just adequate. Sebastian was well-endowed by any standard and fit the stereotype of a good lover – tall, dark hair, a breezy manner, and superficial respect for his partner. But the years of marriage had revealed his true colors, a selfish man interested in his own pleasure without regard for his spouse. Jolene found the sex had become rote and unimaginative, almost adolescent. For Sebastian, foreplay consisted of a peck on the cheek. The tender moments after lovemaking were occupied by the drone of ESPN’s Sports Center.

Over the years Jolene became much more interested in looking at women instead of men. Perhaps those sinful longings had started earlier, but Jolene’s strict upbringing in a Seventh-day Adventist household suppressed those thoughts. Jolene was a regular attendee at the local health club and occasionally she would linger longer than necessary in the women’s locker room admiring the beauty of the female form. It never occurred to her to act on her urges, but those powerful, latent desires would soon need an outlet.

Jolene’s sanity was anchored in her relationships with two people, Toni, her next door neighbor, and Prisha, a staff accountant at her place of employment. She needed the counsel and assurance from both of these women to find the will to move her life along after the shock of Sebastian’s abrupt departure.

Jolene decided to check in with Toni before turning in.

“Hey,” she said after punching Toni’s name as a favorite on her call menu.

“Hey yourself. How are you holding up?” Toni replied with true concern in her voice.

“Same old, same old. Some crying, some cursing, another session in front of the mirror,” Jolene lamented.

“Don’t do that to yourself.”

“Do what?”

“You know what I mean. Attend the pity party. You’re above that. Look, you’re still an attractive woman. Sebastian’s an idiot. I’ve been telling you that long before he left you.”

The brunette emitted a long sigh. “I know you’re right, but I can’t help it. Adrienne is the newer model … the shiny new toy. I can’t compete against someone who is ten years younger and prettier.”

“Of course you can. You’re in your prime now. Sebastian was just too stupid to appreciate what he had. And besides, I’ll bet you that Adrienne will tire of that jerk and he’ll come running back to you.”

“I’m not sure I would want him back.”

“I wouldn’t. In addition to being a shithead for leaving you, you told me that he’s a lousy fuck.”

“Hey, I told you that in confidence, and that was after two bottles of wine.”

“Well, I can tell you, can’t I? And isn’t it true?”

There was a long pause before Jolene summoned the courage to admit it in her regrettably sober state. “It is.”

“Well, there you have it. Why in the world would you cry over a dumb fuck that can’t make you cum?”

“You’re right. You’re always right,” Jolene admitted in defeat.

“Look, John’s leaving town tomorrow so I’ll be free tomorrow night. How about the two of us have dinner here, say around seven-ish?”

“That sounds good. See you tomorrow.”

“Ciao, mia bella.”

Jolene plugged her phone into her charger, put it on her nightstand and retrieved her iPad and her vape pen from her nightstand drawer. She took three long hits off the pen, watching the thin smoke curl in the air after each puff. She propped up her pillow against the headboard and slipped into bed sitting up. She opened her iPad and surfed to one of her favorite porn sites for women.

As the thumbnail images loaded on her screen she felt the familiar tingle in her toes as the effect of the vape pen took hold. In a more dreamy state, she selected a video of two women, one blonde and the other brunette. The seduction scene was well done. It was set up that the blonde, a woman who looked to be in her early 30’s, was working out with her young personal trainer, the brunette. The older woman hurt her ankle during one of their exercise routines and the younger woman massaged the ankle. The massage of course triggered a realization that the women were intensely attracted to one another.

The brunette was thin, though muscular with pert “B” cup breasts and the blonde was curvaceous, with much larger natural breasts. The personal trainer massaged the ankle but then moved her hands slowly up the leg of the older woman, kneading the soft flesh as the fair haired woman closed her eyes, then watching the blonde reflexively lift her hips to allow her workout shorts and panties to be delicately escort kadıköy removed.

“Yes, yes,” the blonde hissed as the brunette reached her pubic area, using her fingers to part the juicy lips and then penetrate the tender pink flesh within.

“Fuck me,” pleaded the blonde. The younger woman started pumping two fingers in the older woman’s now sopping wet cunt. Jolene’s eyes widened as she imitated the action on the screen, fucking herself with three fingers.

The action on the screen reached a feverish frenzy as the blonde squeezed her thighs together, pinning the brunette’s fingers in her snatch, and then thrusting her hips until she came. Jolene’s own orgasm crested in time with the blonde, an orgasm that Sebastian was never able to coax from her through conventional intercourse.

Still wanting, the older woman spread her legs to their full extension, displaying her now puffy, wet sex, inviting the sexy young woman between her legs. The slender brunette encased her cunt with her mouth, sucking and licking until the grunts of the blonde signaled another orgasm in the wings. The younger woman then wet her finger in her mouth and shoved it all the way inside the older woman’s asshole, causing an even more intense orgasm.

Deeply aroused at this point, Jolene momentarily took her eyes off the action, retrieving her favorite vibrator and switching it on. She inserted it into her pussy to lubricate it, raised her knees and took the slick plastic phallus to tease, then fuck, her butthole. Using one hand to keep the vibrator in her ass, she used the other to furiously rub her clit. As she sensed her climax approaching, she clenched and unclenched her anal ring, milking every delicious drop of her orgasm. Satiated, Jolene fell asleep with the bedroom lights still on.

Chapter Two


Jolene awoke the next morning refreshed. Her private porno party and the vape pen resulted in a long and satisfying orgasm that allowed her to sleep the entire night without waking up. The next morning was routine, with Jolene spending the entire morning working in her office on a spreadsheet that analyzed the previous month’s sales as part of her marketing position with a high end woman’s athletic wear manufacturer. She was engrossed in creating her pivot tables when her phone dinged, signaling a new text message. With one eye still on the spreadsheet she noticed the text was from her wayward husband, a name that captured her full and immediate attention.

Sebastian: I want to come back home.

Shocked, Jolene stared at her screen not believing the words on it. She immediately ran into Prisha’s office, slamming the door behind her. Despite the urgency of her visit, she couldn’t help noticing the gorgeous multi-colored sarong Prisha was wearing, the perfect accompaniment to her olive brown skin, long shiny black hair, and tall, curvy body. Her good friend, a closeted lesbian of Indian descent who had a penchant for salty language, rose from her desk at the sudden intrusion.

“What the fuck Jolene.”

“You have to see this.” Jolene thrust her phone towards the tall woman with the screen pointed to her.

“Holy shit,” she muttered as she read the screen.


“Is this for real?” the dark haired beauty asked.

“I guess so,” replied Jolene.

“The little rat fucker. Adrienne must have kicked his ass out,” speculated Prisha.

“That’s the way I see it.”

Jolene typed in a reply and showed it her ebony haired friend. The response elicited a smile and a chuckle.

Jolene: Never.

A reply was swift in coming. Sebastian no doubt was holding his phone, waiting for a response to his plea.

Sebastian: Please, can’t we just meet and talk about this?

Jolene and Prisha watched the screen as his reply appeared.

“He’s completely clueless. Doesn’t he realize that he’s already poisoned the well?” Prisha observed correctly. She took the phone from Jolene’s hand. “Let me type up a response.”

Jolene: Sure, let’s meet in my lawyer’s office. Bring a big check with you or else fuck off.

That response brought laughter from the two of them. Jolene hit “send.” Not unexpectedly the phone went silent.

Prisha leaned forward. “I didn’t know if you knew, but I’ve seen Adrienne at Alice’s.”

“Really?” Jolene knew Alice’s was a lesbian bar that Prisha frequented.

“And more than once. I think she’s bi.”

Jolene filed away that information. Why should she care about Adrienne and who she slept with? She had ruined her marriage.

Jolene returned to the office and finished the rest of the day with a little spring in her step. The knowledge that Adrienne had likely given Sebastian his walking papers was precisely the comeuppance she was hoping would befall her estranged husband. Her little text interchange with him was simply the icing on the cake.

Jolene recalled their ten years bostancı escort together with a tinge of regret. He had been such a gentleman when they first met, his years at a well-known boarding school and his Ivy League education lending a veneer of refinement and worldliness to his image. After they were married they rapidly moved apart as their career arcs took them in different directions. Sebastian, then a junior associate as his law firm, toiled long hours at the office to pay his dues. There were numerous nights and weekends at the office doing the bidding of the partners of the firm (as opposed to later, where that supposed time in the office was spent in hotels fucking different women). She travelled extensively in her early years, often going to Asia to visit her company’s overseas plants to gain familiarity with the manufacturing processes.

Even though they were extremely busy, the first years of their marriage were relatively happy, with Sebastian being the devoted and loving husband. But as his legal career started to take off so did his extracurricular activities. A good looking lawyer with plenty of money to throw around was a surefire chick magnet, and Sebastian’s self-control was such that he couldn’t resist the lure of young pussy. About five years into their marriage he was able to justify stepping out by pointing to Jolene’s heavy travel schedule which often left him home alone at night.

Nature abhors a vacuum, so Sebastian filled that time with cocaine and young women. Jolene always wondered why they were always bit cash strapped given both of their healthy six figure incomes, and she would have been enraged to learn that a good part of their money went into blow and poontang. Unfortunately there wasn’t much else to mention in Sebastian’s life as it primarily revolved around work, sports, chasing women, drinking and getting high. Apparently he never received the memo on what grown-ups were supposed to do so he was hopelessly trapped in his adolescence.

There was no talk of children. Their careers wouldn’t permit it. Further, as they progressed in their marriage, Jolene felt that Sebastian lacked the maturity to be a father. She didn’t want to raise the baby on her own, and knew that Sebastian would find excuses not to be at home to help out. All in all, the ten year investment in their relationship yielded a big fat goose egg for Jolene. Sebastian, to the extent he was sentient, realized that he had hurt his wife deeply and had generally fucked up his marriage.

Jolene finished the day, filled with both a sliver of happiness and regret, arriving home in time for her dinner with her next door neighbor.

Chapter Three


Toni and her husband John moved into Jolene’s neighborhood about five years after Jolene. The two women became fast friends and their husbands became occasional golfing buddies. Toni was what most people would call a “piece of work.” She was vivacious, with a zest for life through legal and not so legal means.

She was born, raised, and lived in St. Louis before their relocation to New Jersey, John being basically forced to move due to a corporate merger and a relocation of his company’s headquarters to the acquiring company’s offices in the Garden State. Toni kept John generally in line though she was aware of a couple instances where he may have strayed, coming home with lipstick on his collar or a strange smell on his pants (likely pussy juice and cum). Toni’s mental scorecard allowed for her to stay even, stepping out on her marriage whenever she sensed John was doing the same.

When John went on an extended business trip Toni cruised the local hotel bars, shacking up with both men and women, partying till all hours of the night with dope and booze. Her voluptuous body made it easy to score, and she knew how to use it. Jolene was well aware of Toni’s charms, but was generally unaware of Toni’s wild side, as Toni didn’t want Jolene to think that she was an amoral person.

Toni had made a carbonara for dinner. She knew that the seductive smells of bacon would guarantee that Jolene would be happy with the meal. She also knew that it would facilitate the consumption of copious amounts of red wine. Jolene had a lot to share, and there was no better lubrication for loose lips than alcohol.

Jolene made a quick wardrobe change, trading her business attire for jeans, a t-shirt and sweater, and a pair of cowboy boots. Toni opened the door, looking a bit disheveled with her blouse slightly open, revealing the lace on the cups of her bra. She was a full-figured gal with large rounded breasts, wide hips and an ample booty. She had obviously hit the wine early, as she greeted Jolene with a kiss on the lips that reeked of alcohol. Jolene could have sworn that the kiss had more intention behind it than just a greeting, but shrugged it off as an innocent booze-induced advance. She did entertain a fleeting thought that if Toni wasn’t married that she would have returned the kiss in kind with the expectation of something more.

“I’ve got a couple juicy tidbits of news that I picked up today,” boasted Toni as she held out a glass of red wine for her guest, not giving Jolene the chance to share her own news.

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