Rock Me All Night Long

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This is a spin-off story of “Will You Be My Pirate?” While it is not necessary to read it first, it may make a few references in this story more understandable. This is also my first girl-on-girl story.


Kelly watched Marie walk off with Alex. “Damn, someone’s getting something tonight.” She glanced around the crowded room before walking after them. She saw them go around a tree and she stopped, a few moments later, she saw him pick her up to carry her off somewhere.

Kelly bit her lip, torn between her friend’s privacy and her own increasing horniness and curiosity. Her horniness won out, and she followed at a distance. She knew that she wouldn’t be seen, her black outfit camouflaged her into shadows and she knew the two were too busy to notice her.

Kelly slipped behind a tree and peeked around it. The sight that met her was Marie lying on the ground, her legs spread for Alex. Kelly unconsciously slipped her hand into her pants, immediately finding the familiar path to her hot core. Her pussy was dripping and she shoved two fingers up inside herself, while stroking her clit. She rubbed faster and faster, in time to Alex thrusting into her friend. She came as she heard Marie scream his name and barely held back her own moans as she fell to her knees, her hand still in her pants.

Kelly pulled her hand out, wiping it off and standing up with shaky legs. She glanced at the spent couple before heading back to the party. She slipped into the bathroom to check how she looked. Her cheeks were flushed pink, extremely contrasting with her black leather ensemble. She wore tight leather pants, a short, midriff baring leather jacket with only a couple buttons done. Her lacy bra almost matched her cheeks and to top it all off was a biker cap pulled jauntily over her short hair. “I really need a girlfriend.” She said aloud.

She splashed water on her face to cool off before heading back out to the dance floor. She passed a group of guys, playing some drinking game, and went to the kitchen to get some water. She bumped into a girl dressed as a rockstar.

“Oh sorry.” The girl apologized. “I wasn’t watching where I was going.” She blushed slightly.

As Kelly walked away, she closed her eyes for a moment. “Mmm.” She thought. The girl was wearing a neon green halter dress that came escort ataşehir down to right above where her pink thigh highs stopped. She had pink fingerless gloves that went up to her elbow. She was short, barely Kelly’s height when wearing three inch maybe four inch platforms. To top it off was a small headset. Her costume screamed “I have millions of groupies and I can fuck them every night.”

Kelly shook her head. “Too bad she’s probably straight.” She murmured to herself. She got a cup of water and headed back out to the dance floor. Someone had set up a karaoke machine and people were going up to sing. Kelly leaned against a wall to watch and listen. The next person up was rocker chick. She began to sing ‘Smack That’ with provocative body movements to go with it. Kelly almost moaned aloud. She was so hot.

The rocker girl continued to hold the mike as the song faded and everyone clapped. “Sorry boys. I’m not straight.” She said, with a pointed glance towards Kelly. She handed the mike off and went back down to the dance floor, heading towards Kelly. She put her hand out. “Lyndsey.” She said over the noise of the party. “Come home with me?” She asked, already knowing the answer.

The two walked off, talking quietly, hand in hand. “Saw you earlier with that ape. Nice punch.” She said, with a grin.

“Thanks. Anything for my homegirl.” Kelly responded.

“Then, I hope I’m your homegirl.”

Lyndsey led Kelly to her car, a hot pink convertible sports car and they got in. Lyndsey started the car, tossed her platforms into the back seat, and blasted the radio. Kelly smiled, actually feeling somewhat comfortable to be herself. The next song that came on was “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child. She found herself singing along as the car whizzed down the freeway.

Lyndsey yelled something over the music. “What?!” Kelly yelled back.

“Truth or Dare!” She yelled with a grin.

Kelly blushed. “Dare.” She yelled back, slightly turning down the music.

“Take off your top.” Lyndsey told her.

Kelly unbuttoned her top with a blush and threw it into the back seat, baring her skimpy red bra. “Your turn.” She replied.

Half an hour later, and anything but naked, the two girls ran from the car up the stairs to the apartment. Lyndsey pulled out her key and unlocked the door hurriedly. They kadıköy escort bayan saw one of her neighbors poke his head out of his apartment just before they closed the door, giggling. Lyndsey dropped her clothes and Kelly followed her lead.

Now, Lyndsey was wearing just a pair of skimpy pink panties and her thigh highs were pushed down to her knees and twisted slightly. Her hair was deliciously mussed. She smiled at Kelly and shed her stockings, tossing them at the pile of her clothes. Kelly was wearing just a red bra, her pants being one of the first things she had to remove and she had not worn underwear under them.

“Thirsty?” Lyndsey asked, walking into the small kitchen and opening the fridge. “It’s full of pretty much every type of drink you can think of. Sunny D. Milk. Water. Sparkling Cider. There’s a couple beers in here still.” She said, bending over to see if she was missing anything. “And hella different types of juice.” She stood up, grasping a bottle of Sparking Cider by the neck. “I’m not in the mood for anything hard. Is this good with you?” She asked, holding it up with a grin.

“Sure. Sounds good.” Kelly said, slightly overwhelmed by Lyndsey’s unabashed sensuality and seductive smile. She felt her nipples hardening under her gaze, as she looked at her body for the first time.

“I’ll start a fire in the fireplace and we can sit down and get to know one another better.” She smiled, brushing past Kelly as she walked to the fireplace, bending over to light the kindling that was already there. She put on a few more logs and sat down in front of the fire on a lush rug that seemed to call Kelly’s name. It took Kelly a few moments to realize that it was Lyndsey calling her name.

Kelly blushed and walked over to the fireplace, plopping down on the rug, sitting cross-legged next to Lyndsey. Lyndsey smiled and moved over, so her head was on Kelly’s thigh. She had already opened the bottle, and she took a large swig out of it, handing it off to Kelly and snuggling closer, her hand on Kelly’s knee. Lyndsey’s fingers gently stroked the soft skin there as she stretched her body out completely. Kelly gazed with longing at her slender, lithe body and shook her head slightly to clear her thoughts as she took a drink out of the bottle before setting it aside.

Lyndsey turned her head, and looked escort bostancı up at Kelly before sitting up and straddling her lap to kiss her on the cheek. Kelly’s arms wrapped around her, pulling her closer. Lyndsey’s fingernails grazed against her back and she deftly unhooked Kelly’s bra, leaving her completely naked. She tossed the bra to the side before moving back in for their first kiss. She tasted of cider and desire. Kelly let her mouth fall open with a groan, and in her moment of weakness, Lyndsey pushed her down and laid on top of her. She slid her knee between Kelly’s legs, grinding it into her. “You like that?” She whispered into her ear, not expecting a response.

Their kiss grew deeper and deeper, their tongues searching each other’s mouths. Kelly slipped her hand down Lyndsey’s ass and grabbed it tight, forcing her to grind harder. She tugged at her panties and Lyndsey slipped off of Kelly’s body to remove them. She moved back next to her, cuddling alongside of her, their arms holding one another close. Her hands tunneled through her hair and she pushed Kelly over to straddle her. She leaned in to take one of Kelly’s nipples into her skilled mouth and Kelly practically came right then.

“Oh god!” Kelly moaned, thrusting her hips against Lyndsey’s and grabbing her head. “Oh baby. Don’t stop.” She begged.

Lyndsey stopped, and looked at her with a grin before sliding down her body, letting her tongue dip into Kelly’s belly button before moving lower. Her teeth grazed her thighs, touching everywhere but where Kelly wanted her to. Suddenly, she darted her tongue into Kelly’s wet slit, moving it up to flick her clit.

With an almost scream, Kelly came, her hips bucking against Lyndsey’s face as she continued to lick her. “Oh god. Oh please!” She begged, not even sure of what she wanted.

Lyndsey stopped for a moment and positioned herself on top of Kelly in a sixty-nine position and began licking her again. Kelly grabbed her ass and began to tongue her as well. Her hands roamed over her ass, grabbing and pulling her closer. She slid her finger down to get it wet with saliva and her essence, and then slid it boldly into Lyndsey’s ass.

Lyndsey instantly came, her whole body shuddering with each wave. “Oh!” She screamed out Kelly’s name, trying to hold back but not able to. She let Kelly continue to fuck her ass with her finger as she collapsed against her body.

Kelly climbed out from under her limp body and pulled her close for a long kiss, tasting of each other and they wrapped their arms around each other before falling asleep with bodies pressed together.

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