Ruby and Jasmine

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It was dark, everything smelt hot and sticky. The music pounded and I could feel the rhythm in my veins. My back was soaked, my tee clinging to my shoulders. She stood a few people away her eyes drooped her lips parted as she and another woman grinded against each other. I licked my lips and ran my hand through my hair heading for her. She saw me coming and smiled abandoning her current dance partner and approaching me. I stood only an inch or two above her, our legs interlocking. My arm secured her waist against mine, our crotches grinding against our thighs. She craned her neck, her sweaty hair dangling to her ass as I buried my face in her neck. I could feel her vibrating in ecstasy. My free hand ran up her thigh, feeling her sleek skin. I let my fingers push up under her tiny skirt and when they touched the cup of her ass I groaned realizing she had either a thong on, or absolutely nothing. I started humping her leg my hand drifting up further, curious now. I got to the top of her ass, curving with her globe, feeling a lace string under my fingertips. I shuddered and bit her earlobe growling in excitement. My body was hot all over, I could feel myself getting hot.

“You like what you feel?” she purred into my ear and I could only moan as her tongue traced my cartilage. Her hand ran up my arm and she sighed her body curving to mine. I had her, she was mine. She was giving herself to me. I sucked on her neck, letting my tongue tease her veins and she shuddered.

“I’m fantastic with my tongue,” I murmured huskily and she shuddered again. “Want to get out of here?” I offered my fingers slipping up under her thong strap and tracing along her skin. She shuddered and her eyes locked onto mine. They were smoldering. I bit my lip and groaned; her eyes were so beautiful. She was so exotic! I had to have her. I pulled my body away from her, my hand clasping hers. We hurried off the floor walking outside. I glanced at her with hunger, seeing her nipples clutch to her dress in the crisp night air. She shivered and I waved a cab down.

“Where to?” a burly man asked and I smiled handing him a $50 giving him my address. He nodded and drove off as we settled into the backseat. She was curled up into me and I put my lips to her ear letting my fingertips trail along her inner thigh, stroking up and down, barely making it under her dress.

“Are you used to being dominated?” I whispered huskily and she shuddered shaking her head no. I smiled taking a nip at her ear. “Well prepare yourself, mamacita, because you are a wild animal about to be tamed,” I crooned letting my tongue and teeth make play at her ear and neck. She gasped and moaned letting her body relax. “What’s your name, beautiful?” I purred.

“Jasmine,” she moaned as my hand slipped down into the top of her dress barely teasing her collar bone with my palm my fingertips dancing along the curve of her breast. I nibbled on her neck, sucking lightly as I ran my lips to her shoulder.

“Jasmine,” I moaned trying my hardest not to claim her here in this disgusting cab. She trembled and I pressed myself up against her my hand now massaging her thigh as my fingers slipped lower into her dress. “You can call me Ruby,” I murmured into her skin. She nodded and I sighed content as we finally pulled over to my townhouse. I got out and took her hand, helping her up onto the sidewalk. I led her to my door, unlocked it then followed her in.

“This place is beautiful,” she mused as I flicked the light on. I gasped and bit my lip leaning back on the wall. Her body was so beautiful. I felt my eyes start at her feet, tracing along her calves up her luscious thighs taking in her beautiful curves. I groaned as I noticed how perky her breasts were. Her skin was golden brown, her hair copper, her eyes an emerald green. I started unbuttoning my shirt and she looked back at me.

“You okay Ruby?” she whispered and I nodded pushing off the wall, dropping my shirt to the floor.

“You’re just so hot,” I growled picking her up by the waist, burying my face into her bosom. She gasped and giggled as I inhaled the delicious vanilla scent of her. I carried her upstairs to my bedroom my hands massaging her bulbous ass the whole way. She was running her fingers through my hair, scratching happily along the shaved edges and tugging at my hair on top. I got her into my room and tossed her onto my bed. She propped herself up on her elbows and I smiled kneeling at her feet, unfastening her heels. She was so soft. “You have the most amazing skin, Jasmine,” I crooned dropping her shoe on the floor, massaging her now bare foot. She moaned feeling my thumbs work magic on her heel. Falling back, I watched her chest rise and fall as I treated her. I smiled and flicked her toe with my tongue and she twitched but didn’t pull away. I took her toe into my mouth and sucked on it gently and she gasped trembling. I then moved to her little toes letting my tongue tease around and in between them. She was shaking all over as kartal escort I kneaded her foot and teased her toes with my tongue. “You like this?” I smiled deviously at her and all she could do was moan. I moved my hands further up to her calves, tenderly rubbing her tension out of her body. My lips followed, my tongue playing with her nerves. I worked all the way up her thigh stopping just short of her pussy, saving that moment for later. I could feel how hot she was though. I could even smell her excitement. I started throbbing at the thought of tasting her sweet nectar. It smelt delicious.

“Oh Ruby! You’re amazing with your hands!” she exclaimed as I moved onto her right leg.

“You haven’t even gotten to the good part,” I smiled doing the same thing to her right leg. By the time I reached her thigh she was thrusting her hips desperately attempting to feel me against her kitten. I groaned watching how erotically her body responded to my touch. Her breasts would shoot up into the air, her hands clutching at the comforter, her hips gyrating as if they had a mind of their own every time I got close to her pussy. “God you’re so fucking hot,” I groaned crawling between her legs pushing up her dress. I bit my lip, taking all my energy not to dive in face first to her glorious snatch. She had sexy black lace thongs on, that left nothing to the imagination. I groaned burying my face into her hip kissing and suckling her skin, my fingers running underneath the waistband, teasing her. I moved to her other hip, and she nearly shoved her pussy in my face. I chuckled, teasing her other hip my fingers now tracing along the crotch of her thong, down between her thighs to the curve of her ass. She was panting her hips humping the air as I teased her pussy lips with my fingertips.

“That’s right baby, let yourself go, enjoy this,” I cooed, sitting back to watch her erotic displays once more. I was captivated by her face. Her eyes sagged, her lips parted, her hair wildly sprawled out on and around her face. It was sex, she was sex, it radiated from her and she didn’t even have to be having it. I groaned my fingers wandering deeper into her thong teasing now her slit and fuzzy patch. I bit my lip realizing how wet she was. Her thong was soaked through. She gasped and shuddered as I teased her lips apart slightly. I did it again, getting the same reaction.

“How do you feel?” I whispered, my voice so husky I wasn’t even sure she could hear me.

“Amazing!” she trembled. I looked down at her delicious waist and hips noticing a belly button ring. I felt my lips quiver at how unbelievably sexy it looked against her dark skin. I bent over and prodded it with my tongue, my fingers still playing with her slit. “Oh my god!” she screamed and I looked up to watch her chest heave around, her face coming into view.

“What baby?” I moaned into her belly button lightly sucking on the jewelry. She screamed again and this time she didn’t stop. My fingers kept the same pace, my tongue flicking at her jewelry, my lips sucking at her skin. She was exploding into an orgasm right in front of me. And it was the sexiest fucking orgasm I have ever witnessed. She was sweating, her skin had goosebumps, and she was trembling all over as she came down.

“I have barely begun, baby. You think you can handle any more?” I pouted up at her, sitting up a bit. She was smiling and panting. She swallowed hard and met my gaze.

“Keep going!” she gasped and that was all I needed. I dropped down in between her legs, throwing her knees up over my shoulders. She locked her ankles against my back, and I sighed content to be where I so desperately wanted to be. I buried my face into her thigh, my hand reaching around her hip tugging at her thong to rub it against her clit. She moaned, digging her heels into my back. I felt myself throbbing and my eyes rolled back as I could smell her sweet pussy juice. I pressed my lips to her cunt and ran my tongue up along her thong feeling how absolutely soaked she was. She used her heels to grind her pussy against my chin and nose while I licked her. I was losing my control as she fucked my face, moaning my name over and over again. I could feel my own cunt spasming. It got me off just watching her cum. She started screaming as I applied more pressure with my tongue, giving her a fantastic sensation as she rode my face to her climax.

“Oh my god!” she gasped, collapsing as she came down. I helped unhinge her legs, stretching them out for her as she relaxed.

Ruby’s hands massaged my thighs again, my body hot and spasming. This goddess got me to cum not once, but twice without doing much of anything. She was staring at me again, that same sexy seductive smile painted on her face. I swallowed hard and gasped trying to catch my breath.

“You don’t usually get treated this well do you?” she mused, her chocolate eyes on fire. I knew she was controlling herself, I could tell she wanted to let loose and ravage me. I could maltepe escort bayan see it. I shook my head no and she pursed her lips her fingers slowly pushing my thong down. “I wonder why?” she asked, glancing up at me from underneath her lashes. She was not like the average woman I was attracted to either. She had a very intense face, her hair shaved on the sides and long on top. Her chest was practically flat, and she really resembled a man. But for whatever reason I was drawn to her from my usual Friday night date.

“I’m usually the one in charge of everything, most of my dates are more submissive. Maybe because they find me so enchantingly beautiful,” I felt a little feisty, wanting to pull her out of her controlled state. I wiggled my hips in the air helping her remove my thong. She licked her lips as her eyes darted down to my now exposed pussy. I could see her lips quivering. She was fighting to control herself. I spread my legs a bit more, feeling the air brush over my hard clit. I trembled and she groaned her hands clawing at my hips.

“Your pussy, is perfect,” she murmured leaning forward nestling her nose into my fuzzy mound. I closed my eyes and hummed appreciation. Most women don’t like my fuzz because they think it’s dirty. But I keep myself very clean and trimmed, and I love getting my patch played with. Ruby wasted no effort in enjoying it. She moaned, her fingers massaging at my thighs as she kissed and blew on my hair. Electric jolts shot up my spine and I shuddered under her touch. My thighs were on fire and I could feel myself throbbing again. I ached for her touch, I wanted her to devour me. “You smell like vanilla,” she whispered kissing the crest of my slit. I trembled as her tongue darted out and flicked it. “Your lips are so pink, and wet, and full,” she moaned, talking in between kisses. Her lips were warm against me, her hands cupping up under my ass. She was getting me ready, for whatever was about to happen. “You have the most beautiful cunt I have ever seen,” she whispered her mouth moving against my lips, parting them so her breath could tickle me. I groaned at her vulgar language, ecstatic that she was being so assertive.

“Taste it,” I offered, excited now to have her right where I needed her. She groaned her fingers clawing at my butt, her lips quivering against my pussy. I wiggled my hips against her face, hoping that would egg her on. I didn’t expect her to react so quickly though. She buried her face into my pussy, her lips surrounding my labia, sucking them in as her tongue made work darting up and down. I groaned feeling jolts of electricity shooting all over my back. My body was on fire as her tongue lapped at my juices. She groaned, her nose rubbing up against my clit as her hands massaged my ass. She growled her tongue rimming me, preparing me for her plunge. I felt my hips gyrating against her face, I felt light headed, panting. She was an animal. Her tongue teased up and down before plunging deep inside of me. “How long is your tongue?!” I gasped feeling it in depths I didn’t even know were possible. She clawed at my back now, using me as leverage so she could tongue fuck my pussy. I was humping her face, matching her rhythm my body totally lost. I was clutching onto the sheets riding with her. She started flicking and licking my G-Spot and I lost it.

My body spasmed, as I climaxed quickly exploding into an orgasm which was followed by two more. I started screaming as her tongue worked deep inside me her nose grinding against my clit. My hands grabbed her head, but instead of pushing her away I pulled her harder against me while I started fucking her face. She was moaning and growling as I screamed and grunted, my body in full heat. Two more orgasms ripped through me. Her hands found their way to my breasts and she yanked my dress down and I gasped as her hands massaged my mounds, her fingers tweaking and pulling at my nipples. I pulled on her hair out of shock as another orgasm exploded through me. She moaned and one hand retreated to my pussy as the other continued playing with my nipples going back and forth. My body was getting hotter and hotter, everything so intense. Her tongue started swirling my clit like a hungry shark. She then flicked it up and took it into her mouth as two of her fingers plunged into my sopping cunt. She rubbed me right, following the rhythm of my hips as she sucked and flicked my clit, riding out wave after wave of my orgasms. I was screaming now, my body shaking with climax after climax. She wasn’t slowing down, or stopping.

Far from it. She was picking up speed. Her tongue was going crazy on my clit, and she sucked harder. She shoved her fingers as deep as she could and I screamed, fucking her fingers with wreckless abandon. I didn’t think I could get any higher but then her free hand slid up under my ass. I groaned as she teased at my anus. She took that as an okay, her finger applying pressure, adding more sensitivity to my rising climax. escort pendik She used my humping to work her finger against my ass, her other hand pumping furiously in and out of me, her tongue desperately lapping at my clit. My whole body felt like it was on fire. I felt an electric heat rise up from my stomach and travel all over. She was working up to her finale. I could feel it. My fingers started tugging and twisting my nipples and I completely lost it. I screamed my whole body tensing up, she continued on through the orgasm, causing three more to layer on top. After what felt like an eternity I collapsed onto the bed and she pulled her hands away kissing and gently lapping at my cunt.

She was delicious. I was hooked. She collapsed and was still, panting and moaning as I continued to lap at her pussy. I couldn’t stop myself. She tasted so good. Occasionally she would shudder but other than that she stayed very still. I finally pulled myself away from her pussy and just stared at her. Her pussy was throbbing and swollen and soaked. Her nipples were pert and red. Her eyes were sagging her lips parted as she panted trying to catch her breath. Her arms were draped over her head, her hair spread over them. I crawled up her body and starting kissing and licking her breasts my hands rubbing her arms.

“How are you feeling?” I whispered resting my cheek on her right breast, my right hand coming down to massage her left breast. She sighed and moaned, and I took that as an okay. “I’m sorry I lost control, you just taste so good,” I moaned and she laughed softly. I started kissing her breasts again sucking on her nipples gently. She shuddered under my touch and I moaned feeling how completely high she was. I pushed her dress down and slid off the bed dropping it on the floor. She lay before me exposed, abused, and completely high in sexual bliss. I unbuttoned my shorts and dropped them on the floor, crawling on to the bed next to her. I reached my hand down in between her legs and sliding my fingers in her slit, bringing her juice up to my mouth. I sucked on it and she watched, biting her lip. “You’re perfect.” I murmured and I could see her cheeks flush.

“Ruby,” she whispered and I smiled sliding closer to her.

“Yes, mama?” I smiled pulling her close to me.

“You are the best fuck, I have ever had,” she breathed and I smiled tucking her head into my neck.

“You, are the most beautiful woman I have had the pleasure to fuck,” I whispered and she kissed my collar bone her arms wrapping around me. Her fingers dipped up under my sports bra pressing in between my shoulder blades. I moaned appreciatively, realizing she noticed how much I loved it when she did this with her heels. Her kisses became more erotic, her tongue snaking out to tease my skin. I started to feel hot again, my cunt throbbing.

“Does anyone ever treat you, Ruby?” she whispered her hand sliding around to my breast. I swallowed hard, realizing she was just as capable as I was at dominating a woman.

“It’s rare someone has the ability to make me go crazy,” I admitted, feeling her palm brush up against my nipple. Her teeth found their way around my collar bone and I shuddered.

“It would be a shame not to return the favor though,” she mused and I smiled, nervous. Most women don’t understand my body, and only certain women have been able to get me to cum more than once. I don’t know if she is up for this challenge.

“Are you sure you can though?” I asked and she snickered her lips at my ear.

“Voy a sacudir tu mundo,” she purred and I trembled my eyes rolling back. God, she was fucking sexy. A wild Latina goddess.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” I groaned my hands clawing at her back. She returned the favor, her nails digging into my shoulder blades. I gasped, shuddering again.

“Voy a hacerle rogar,” she purred and I nearly lost it right then and there. My cunt was throbbing, dying for her to do whatever she had in mind. “And it’s going to be too much, you’re going to beg me to stop,” she had me under her spell. Her hands pushed me down onto my stomach and she straddled my back. I felt her fingers tracing my tattoo on my shoulder. Then I felt her hair dance across my neck. There was no movement until I felt her teeth digging into the skin she just electrified. I moaned and she grabbed my wrists extending my hands above my head her fingers trailing down my arms, making my skin hypersensitive. She got to my shoulders, then she reached one hand down and grabbed my neck pulling me up off the bed. I arched my back, my eyes rolling as her teeth found my neck.

“Harder,” I groaned and she sunk her teeth in deeper, sucking. I clenched my teeth and trembled panting already. She somehow knew what I liked, and abused it. She pushed me down onto the bed, and started grinding up against me, her hot skin rubbing up against mine. I could feel her nipples, erect, tickling my back. Her hands were wrapped up under my torso, one clutching at my breast the other clawing at my waist. I started following her, grinding my body down into the bed as she worked her body into mine. It was so erotic and we were both moaning. She pushed my underwear down off me then crawled back up my body, biting my hips and lower back.

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