Sally Gets Harry Or Is It?

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Harry wanted her, but he knew he couldn’t have her. After all she was his daughter. Looking at her, you wouldn’t believe that she was 19 years old. Her tits are bigger than her mother’s ever had been. She has long black hair, and long slender legs. He like watching Sally with her boyfriend, sometimes when she didn’t think he was home. Once she was sucking on his little dick, and getting him off good. Another time he saw them fucking. When her boyfriend would cum, he’d pull out and wouldn’t help her get off. Today he watch them again , and saw that her boyfriend was fucking her ass, and was ready to cum. Harry watch him pulling his cock out with cum dripping, then he put his cock up to her mouth, and had her suck him clean.

While she was taking her time, he was telling her to hurry that he had to get to work. Harry got mad, and walk in on them. “Boy you need to know how to use that cock of your to satisfy a lady, and you don’t make her clean your dick off do it yourself you shit head. Don’t you know her pleasure comes before your own, always make sure she cum’s before you do.” Harry said.

“Oh and You can do better old man?” he said.

“Yes boy I can, just ask your mommy, your daddy can’t even get it up long enough to fuck her, she has to call me.” Harry told him. Then he told him to get out.

“Oh daddy, why did you do that?” Mary said crying, running off to her room.

“I’m sorry Honey, but I couldn’t stand there and listen to him tell you to hurry, when you haven’t had your orgasm.” Harry yelled.

Harry reach for the phone. He told Grace, [the boyfriend’s mom] about what just happen, and she said she would be talking to her son tonight when he got home from work. Harry hung up and sat down, wondering what he was going to do to make up to his daughter. That got him thinking about watching her getting fuck earlier. He started rubbing his cock, he was getting hard. Unzipping his pants he pulls out his cock, he sat there stroking and thinking about getting his cock up his daughter’s ass. He could feel her ass wrap around his cock. He was jerking his cock hard now.

“Oh baby I’m fucking your ass.” he said quietly. He was close to exploding. “Do you like having daddy’s cock fucking your ass.” he grunted whisper, and exploded in his hand.

Sally could never stay mad at her daddy, she made it half down the stairs when she heard something. She stop looking around she spotted her father on the couch in the mirror above the fireplace. What she saw shocked her at first, but as she continue watching, she saw her daddy pull out his cock. And he had a monstrous cock, she never saw one that big. She wonder what it would feel like to be inside her.

“Do you like having your daddy’s cock fucking your ass?” she heard him say. So he was thinking about her that way too. She move her hand to her pussy, she was wetter and slip her finger in. Moving her hand in time with her daddy’s, her orgasm hit the same time he exploded. She quietly went back up stairs.

Harry got up and went up to shower and change, he was late for work. Sally heard him leave for work, she got up and stood her front of the mirror. She didn’t look like her mother or father, but she did have her mother’s nose. Her tits were bigger, turning to her side she had a flat tummy and a thick bush, thicker than other girls her age. they use to make fun of her because it was so long and thick. She went into he dad’s room, looking for her mom’s stuff. She knew dad never threw it out. She open all the doors, all but one and it was locked.

{the phone rings}

“Or Hi dad. Yes I’m sorry to. Yes everything is okay now. Dad could you tell me where the key is to the pendik escort closet that has mom’s clothes. Yes I know, but I think its time. Thank you daddy I love you.” she said. She hung up and went to get the key. She went into the his room and open the door. She spent the rest of the afternoon looking thru the closet. She found some things, real sexy clothes, a realistic looking cock called, ” The Kong”, there was straps, Love Kits, and Games. Bottles of oils, lotion’s, bath oils and creams. She found a box and put all the stuff in and carry it to he room.

Sally dump the contents of the box on her bed. Picking up the dong she looked around, and decided to attach it to the door, then she set up the camera to tape herself. she kneel down in front of it. Pretending it was her daddy’s cock and he wanted her to suck him. She lick and suck on it. Then she got up and turn around and push her pussy on, she fuck her herself, pretending her daddy was fucking her.

Her orgasms were out of this world. She couldn’t seem to get enough, she wanted him more and more. She tape herself in bed fucking herself, in the shower, and getting dress. Sally knew that she had to have he daddy’s real cock, and she needed to get a plan going to get him. She would start tonight when he got home from work.

Everything was ready, she dress in her mother’s red sheer teddy, with a matching robe that cascaded down her body. She put on the red high heel shoes. Candles on the table, dinner waited for him. She had the tape in the VCR. She heard Harry pull in. She went to the door.

“Come in Daddy, I have dinner ready for you.” she said. Closing he door she lock it. She help him undress and put on his black silk robe. She click the music on, and sat him at the table. She serve him his dinner, and refilled his glass. When he was done she walk him over to the couch and had him sit down, handed him the remote and told him to watch the tape. She cleaned up the kitchen and went up to his room waiting for him.

Harry turn on the tape and was shock and surprise when he saw his daughter. He then saw she had found the cock on the door, it was the one he’d given his wife the year before she had died. She stuck it to their bed, it would be up her ass, as she suck him, or she would suck on it and he would be fucking her ass. Now he watch as his daughter fucked herself with it. He was getting very turned on. At the end of the tape he was even more surprise.

“Hello daddy, I hope you like my show, I did it just for you, and you will find next you a letter, mom wrote to both of us. I’ve read it and I’m waiting for you to come clam me for yourself. Harry’s cock was rock hard now and he still wasn’t sure. He open the letter. “To my loved ones, If your reading this, Sally must be old enough. And Harry you must be hard as a rock wanting Sally. I want you to love each other like we use to. I find nothing wrong in it and I hope you enjoy yourselves. I know that your brother will to, we had some good times the three of us. Show our daughter how a real man loves his woman. Teach her the pleasure you have taught me. I Love You! your loving wife and mother, Mary” he read. Tossing it in the fire he went up stairs. Harry open the to Sally’s room she wasn’t there. Opening his door, he found her laying on his bed.

Sally sat up and waited for him to come closer. He walk up to her and she reaches out and takes his hard cock in her hands, she rubs, and caress him. She lick the tip. “Oh Daddy your huge.” she said. “The bigger, the better pleasure I can give you my love.” he said. Sally closes her mouth on his cock, running her tongue around the cockhead. “Oh baby I’ve waited for this so long.” Harry said. escort pendik She move down on him, his cockhead resting him at her throat. She worked her throat by swallowing his cock. When her lips touch the hair, started bobbin her head up and down. “Oooooo… god… Sally… feels so… good.” he groaned. She pulled up, using her tongue she lick his cock and push him down her throat again. She repeat it over and over. “OH GOD YES… YES… SUCK ME… AAAGGGGHHHH… BABY I’M GOING TO CUM… I’M CUMMMMINGGGGG!!” Harry cried out.

Harry took her face in his hands, kisses her in a deep passionate filled kiss. He pulls her to stand before him. His touch, is light and quick, bending to take a nipple in his mouth. He licks, and sucks the nipple till a hard bead form, moving to her other nipple he did the same thing. Moving his hands down to her hips, he kneels before her. His fingers moving quickly now, opening her legs, he licks her pussy lips, slipping his tongue in and out of her pussy.

“Oh Daddy that feels so good.” Sally moans. Holding her hips he lays her back and spreads her legs, he licks her pussy lips, sliding his tongue in and out. “OHHHHHHH, GOOOOOD, DADDDDYYYYY, I WANNNNNNNT, YOUUUUU, TOOOO, FUUUUUUUCK, MEEEEEE!!” she hissed.

Harry stood up and look at his sexy daughter, he wanted her, and now he was going to get her. He pulled her up to the middle of the bed and moved on top of her, pushing her legs apart. He took his cock in his hand. Holding his cock he push the head into her pussy, lifting her legs up to his shoulders. He plunges his cock in hard.


Harry roll to the side being her with him. He pull the sheet up and they fell asleep with his cock still inside her. A couple hours later he awoke to her sucking his cock. He grab her face and started moving in and out of her mouth. Three strokes and he exploded. ” Now I want you to fuck my ass.” she said. Harry sat up, stroking his cock, he watch her get on her hands and knees. ” Your mother use to love this, she would have a huge cock stuck to the headboard and she’d suck on it, or she fuck her ass, while she suck my cock. We use to do a lot of things someday I’ll tell you about it.” he told her. ” What about Uncle Bobby?” she asked.

“Later Baby, right now I’m going to go for a ride in your ass.” he said. He grab her hips and position his cock, he plunge into her ass in one thrust. He pace himself, slowly pushing in and slowly drawing his cock out. Again and again he went. “Oh sweet Baby your tight fucking ass feels so good. I’m going to make you beg for me to fuck you faster. I’m going to take my sweet time Baby. Do you like feeling me sliding inside you? Oooooo Baby so good, you want daddy to stop Baby?” he whispers in her ear, as he bends over her back. He squeezes her titties, pinching the nipples.

“OH GOD PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, FUCK ME DADDY, PLEASE HARDER OF GOOOOOOD PLEEEEEEEEESE, FUUUUUUUUCK MEEEEEEE. NOW DADDY FUCK ME!!” she screamed. Harry slammed his cock in, fucking her hard and fast. They both exploded and fell on the bed out of breath. “Oh Sally I Love You, You are the best I’ve ever had.” He said breathing heavily. He went to pull out, but she told not to. They spent the next few months loving and fucking in each room. “Dad could we afford another pendik escort bayan place to live. Someplace quiet and away from everyone.” she asked. ” I don’t know, we’ll have to look into it.” he said.

Sally went to a real estate office. Asking for places for sale in a secluded, and private area. She was told of four places, had appointments set to see the property’s this afternoon and tonight. She went home and called to tell her father. “That’s great Honey, Bobby found one up near where he lives too, I’m on my way home now so we can see it.” he said. The house wasn’t big enough. The next three, one was not private, two were too much money. “This one is very far outside of town, and it a little run down.” the broker said. They pulled into what look like a farm house. Sally got out and look around, she didn’t see any other houses. And as she walk thru the place she was getting excited. The first floor had a living room, kitchen, a dinning room, and Den/study. Upstairs were three bedrooms, bathroom, two small, and a huge master bedroom. “Could you give us a few minutes please?” Harry said. “Well Honey what do you think?” he asked. “This is it daddy I want this house.” she told him.

The next three months, papers were signed and work was done on the house. She pack up the stuff they were taking with them and loaded into the U-Haul to leave Friday morning. [the phone rings] “Hello Baby, Set another place at the table tonight, Bobby is coming over and spending the night to help us move in the morning.” Harry said. Sally went upstairs to run her bath, easing down into the water. Relaxing in the tub she didn’t hear him come in.

“Well, well I see your all grown up.” Bobby said.

Sally stood up, letting the water run down her body, then she step out.

“I’d say you’ve grown more than I thought.” he said in a harsh voice. “

Mmmm, Do you like what you see, or do you want to see more?” she asked. Walking into the bedroom. Bobby followed her watching her dry off, and slip on a sheer black body suit with matching robe. Sally walk up to him, leaning in, she lick his lips as her hands brush the bulge in his pants. And walks out the door.

“Hello Baby how was your day today. Sis you miss me.” Harry said. She kisses him hard. “I guess you did, lets go and eat, I have a feeling we’re going to busy later to eat.” Harry said.

Sally couldn’t sit still for long she was horny as hell and she wanted to get both of them inside her. She got up to offer them a drink. “I’ll give you something to drink Baby just come under the table and suck my cock, I’ll give you gallons of cum to drink.” Bobby told her. She went under the table fast and had him buried deep in her throat. Sucking on his cock got him off fast, then went over to her Daddy’s cock and did the same thing to him. She ease her way out from under the table, standing up she look very satisfy with herself. They watch her walk out of the room.

“My God she some cock sucker.” Bobby said. “Oh Yes she is that in fact she is the best we’ve ever had, right?” Harry said. Bobby nodded his head yes.

Walking into the living room they saw her laying on the floor with her legs spread, fucking herself with the huge dildo. they were getting turn on watching her fuck herself. Harry goes over and places his cock against her mouth. Bobby walk up to her. “Sally honey Bobby has something much better.” he said unzipping his pants and puling out his enormous hard cock.

“Take that out Baby and I’ll give you a real cock to fuck your self with, see He’s hard and ready to play.” Bobby told her. She pull out the dildo. “FUCK ME UNCLE BOBBY, THEN USE THIS TO FUCK MY ASS. she said taking her mouth off Harry’s cock. Bobby plunge his cock into her hard, pulling her legs over his hips he plunge the dildo up her ass. He rolls her onto her back again and slams his cock in her pussy hard till all three climaxes together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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