Sandra’s New Neighbors Ch. 06

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Thanks to the fan who suggested this storyline. Hope you enjoy.

* * * * * *

Sandra was amazed at how the last day and a half had changed her life forever.

This twenty-year-old young woman who lived with just her father for most of her life had grown up a tomboy. Considering that she was the only girl of a mechanic, it made sense. She was five foot six inches tall and one hundred fifteen pounds. She had a B-cup chest that she smashed with tight sports bras and wore boxer-briefs for her under clothes and plain t-shirts of any color on top and denim encasing her legs, either jeans or bib overalls. Her feet were always in a pair of steel-toed boots. She wore her black hair close to her head.

All that changed when the twins, Jac and Jill, moved in next door. Both twins were blonde, an inch taller than Sandra and maybe the same weight or a little more. They had easily C-cup chests and knew how to be feminine. The easiest way to tell them apart was their hair length. Jill was the older one by about two minutes and wore her hair long, almost to the waist when down. Jac wore hers short in comparison, shoulder length and braided at the time of this story.

Sandra helped them move in after Jill got her to change into shorts, tennis shoes, and to take her shirt off to work in just her bra. Then they all used the twins’ new pool where they got naked and Sandra masturbated for the first time. The next morning Sandra was introduced to Sapphic love after the twins made breakfast. After their fun with breakfast they had an abbreviated visit to the mall where Sandra bought panties for the first time, met one of the twins’ friends, then masturbated in a public restroom. On the way home Sandra, who was sitting in the back seat of Jill’s Honda, asked Jill to take them to a store she had spotted on the way home.

Sandra and the twins got out of the car in front of Furry Farm after Jill parked. Jac took Sandra’s bag of panties from Victoria’s Secret and put it in the trunk while Jill retied the knot in Sandra’s shirt, this time the tightest to create a truly form fitting top and exposing everything below her tits. Sandra’s nipples stood out hard under the thin white t-shirt without a bra. Jill then adjusted Sandra’s pants by unbuttoning the top button and rolling the top of the pants over and hooking a safety pin into the denim, before pushing them down to be more hip huggers and in the process causing the top of her ass to be visible.

Sandra gasped at the changes to her pants, but did nothing to stop the taller woman, partly because she liked what the twins were doing to her and partly because her mind was a little fogged with lust. When she spied what Jac had done to her own clothes, Sandra grinned. Jac had pushed her skirt really low on her hips to expose almost an inch of her ass crack and just above her landing strip. Her baby-t was pulled up and tied like Sandra’s. Jill saw what her sister did and copied her to a point. She pushed her skirt down to show about a half inch of her ass crack and about the same of her diamond of pubic hair. She had Jac help her tie the top as tight as possible. After the alterations that made all three look anywhere from three to six inches taller, they walked into the store.

The store was bigger than a hole in the wall but not the size of a decent boutique. They actually felt at home in the store because of the cozy feeling they got upon entering. There were maybe two dozen racks scattered around the room with the small register stand in the back right corner. Each rack had a sign on it saying what type of fur made the coats and other things hanging on them. There was a young woman seated behind the register, kicked back reading something. The air conditioning in the room was set much cooler than they were expecting, even though it was a nice hot summer day in Palmdale, CA.

The woman at the register quickly got up from where she was sitting and sped her way to the front of the store. She had long, waist length, straight, light brown hair and as she got closer they could tell her eyes were a bright green. She was in a mid-calf length, sleeveless black evening dress, except that it wasn’t of the quality one would wear to a fancy dinner and it wasn’t all that tight on her body even though it hung on her body nicely. She wore one inch black heels on her feet and was about the same height as Sandra in them.

“Hello. Welcome to the Furry Farm,” she said with a big smile. “My name is Ellie. Thank you for coming in.” That was when she got to the three of them and saw their state of dress. Her eyes got big in surprise and her smile slipped some. “Wow. You’re dressed rather daring, I might say.”

“Oh, yes we are,” said Jill with a grin.

“Hope that’s not a problem,” added Jac. Sandra just smiled, slightly embarrassed.

“No, no problem. I wish I could be that daring sometimes.” Ellie moved away from them and waved them farther into the store. “Please browse. I’m willing to help in anyway.”

As the ladies moved forward, all three reached ataşehir escort out to feel the furs as they passed. Jill moved off to a rack of chinchilla and found a dark colored coat. Sandra followed Jac farther into the store. They skimmed the racks as they went along. Ellie had gone back to the register.

“So, Ellie, how busy does the store get?” asked Jac. She was near a rack of fox coats next to the register. Sandra quickly looked at the rack too, but left them when she saw Jill trying on a coat at the three mirrors near the middle of the store.

“This is the busiest the store has been in more than a week,” smiled Ellie. “I opened this store less than a month ago.”

“Really? You own this store?” asked Jac.

“Yeah. I was given a nice inheritance when my grandma passed. I put a lot of it into savings, but I kept enough to lease the store, buy the product and do a little advertising.”

“Have you had any problems from animal rights groups?” asked Jill, calling from the middle of the store.

“Actually no, at least not yet. I’m hoping it never happens, but if problems arise I do have some ideas to take care of it,” said Ellie, loudly.

“Cool,” said Jac. “Why did you open a fur store?”

“I wanted to do something special, and this is. How often do you find stores like this? Never, I’ve looked,” said Ellie with passion. “Plus I just love the feel of fur. It just makes me all tingly inside.” With the last she gave a slightly naughty grin.

“What do you think of this one?” asked Jill. Ellie and Jac moved back to the middle of the store.

“Nice one, sis” said Jac as she took in the waist length light colored coat.

Ellie shook her head before saying, “With your hair color and length, I’d go darker in the fur.” With those words she quickly found one and passed it to Jill who had taken off the first one. Sandra took it without being asked and replaced it on the rack. Jill pulled the coat on and as Jac let out an amazed whistle, Ellie continued, “Now that’s what you needed. Somehow it works even better with your clothes the way they are.” She grinned.

“Thanks, Ellie,” said Jill. “By the way, I’m Jill, that’s my sister Jac, and this is our friend Sandra.” Jill pointed to each in turn as she made the introductions. As everyone else in their lives had done, Ellie laughed at the twins’ names.

“You are very welcome, Jill,” responded Ellie with a friendly smile. “Jac, I think the coat you would look the best in is a red fox knee length.” She quickly got the coat in question and Jac tried it on. “I’ve found that the longer a woman’s hair is the shorter the coat needs to be to look great. Don’t get me wrong, almost any fur coat will be beautiful on any woman, but I like my idea and I’ve had others respond favorably to it.”

“I definitely understand your reasoning,” said Jac and Jill, while Sandra nodded her agreement.

“Now you, Sandra, need an floor length golden Sable.” She found the perfect one and handed it to the brunette. Sandra slowly pulled the coat on and stood in the mirror. She gasped as the others nodded appreciatively with huge grins. The coat covered everything except her old white shoes. Sandra loved the cool feeling of the liner rubbing over her exposed skin while feeling sexy with the coat on. “The only thing I don’t like are your shoes. Can you take them off, please.”

Sandra shrugged and kicked them off. Once she was standing correctly again her feet almost disappeared under the coat. “That’s sexy as hell,” whispered Jac, but it was loud enough for everyone to hear because of how quiet it got. Sandra pushed her shoes to the side with the twins’ purses.

“I know,” said Jill. “You’d never know what she had on under that gorgeous coat.”

“I know my nipples would be hard the entire time if I didn’t have something on between them and the inner lining of the coat,” said Sandra quietly, surprising the twins and herself. She smiled with lust filling her eyes as she imagined the feel of the coat on her bare chest.

“As long as you wore that coat, you could go naked under it,” said Jac. “No one would be able to tell.” That idea made Sandra’s smile grow as she incorporated the idea of her bare ass sliding along the interior of the coat along with her back, tits, and bare legs. She wandered off toward the back of the store to look at other coats and to hide her growing arousal for a moment.

Ellie had stood there amazed at how her customers were talking, but she quickly brushed it off when she considered how the three were dressed. On the other hand she was starting to imagine how a fur coat would feel on her bare ass. “I love to go topless under my coats,” blurted Ellie, as she continued to think on the idea of being nude under a long coat.

“Really?” asked the twins in unison. Ellie nodded and blushed a little.

“Can you find a long coat for me?” asked Jill. Again Ellie nodded and waved the twins to the front of the store. She started looking at racks trying to find the right coat kadıköy escort bayan for each of the blondes.

Sandra noticed that the other three had moved off away from the middle of the store and her. She was unable to get the idea of her nipples touching and being caressed by the satin lining of the coat she was wearing out of her head. She decided to have fun and knelt behind the near racks. She then slipped the coat off, letting it pool on the ground around her, and untied the knot in her shirt. Once it was unknotted, she quickly pulled it off with a naughty smile. After getting topless she grabbed the coat and pulled it back on, shivering at the feel of how soft, cool and arousing the lining felt against her bare skin. Her nipples, that had been getting hard from just thinking about doing it, became super erect as the soft fabric rubbed them. Still smiling she stood back up to find the others had moved back to the middle of the room, where the mirrors were.

She dropped her shirt under the rack she had been hiding behind before heading farther away from the others. She tried to concentrate on not giving away her new level of dress and on what the others were saying.

“This is beautiful,” said Jac, her voice carrying in the small store. She was standing in front of the mirrors in a floor length coat of golden sable. Jill was behind her in a red fox floor length.

Sandra was amazed at how hot they looked, but her mind was more on how aroused she felt. She was really enjoying the feeling she was getting from being topless under the coat. She was also thinking on what Jac said about being naked under the coat. In a quick decision she decided to lose her pants too.

With that decision she opened her coat, exposing her chest, and undid her pants. In quick succession she unclipped the safety pin, pulled it out of the denim, unzipped the zipper, and pushed the jeans down. The jeans fell easily after she pushed them past her hips. She stepped out of them and kicked them under the nearest rack. She shivered as she let the coat fall closed again and it hit her bare ass.

“Sandra, are you ok?” asked Jill from the middle of the store.

Sandra snapped her head up and said, “Yes.” She headed back to the others with a lust filled grin. When she got there she saw that all three of them were in long coats. Everyone’s shoes, including Ellie’s, were stacked together where she had left hers. “What’s up?”

“Not much,” answered Jac. “What do ya think?” She shook her coat. She couldn’t see much but it looked like Jac had taken her top off.

“It’s nice,” said Sandra. “I liked the other one too.” She smiled, winked and kicked her foot out from under her coat exposing her ankle.

“What were you doing over there, girl?” asked Jill.

“Just looking around,” she answered to the floor. She was a little embarrassed with what she did, but not enough to run back and get dressed. Plus she was still enjoying the feelings that the coat was giving her.

“I saw you duck down twice,” said Jac.

“Yeah, I ducked down and rolled my jeans up. The second time was to fix the rolls. They were starting to fall after a couple steps.” As Sandra answered she stuck her ankles out the bottom of the coat again.

“Nice. Now it really seems like you are naked,” said Jac, then she stuck her tongue out. “Then again, the three of us look naked too.” To prove it, she stuck her feet out too. Ellie and Jill did too, then everyone giggled.

“Is there anything else we can do?” asked Sandra.

“Would you like to try another coat?” asked Ellie.

“Sounds like a good idea,” said Jac. “Jill and I have tried at least two coats on. You, Sandra, are still wearing the first coat Ellie got for you. I think it’s time to see you in something else, girl.”

Sandra paled at the thought. “I, uh, don’t think that is necessary. I’ve already decided that I want to buy this one and will once we are all ready to go,” she said backing away from the others.

“What’s wrong, girl?” asked Jac. She started to move towards Sandra slowly.

“Nothing,” said the short-haired brunette as she stepped behind a rack of coats. She ducked down thinking that she was behind the one she had dropped either piece of her clothing. When she looked at the floor she didn’t see the shirt or pants and panicked.

“Sandra, what are you doing?” asked Jill, as Sandra ran to the back wall in her panic. Jill followed slowly after waving her sister and Ellie back. At the wall Jill found her new friend seated on the floor hugging her legs to her chest, all while still fully covered by the coat. Sandra had her head on her knees and seemed almost in tears as Jill knelt by her. “What’s wrong, honey?” she asked as she reached out to hug the smaller girl to her.

“I’m afraid of what you might think of me,” whispered Sandra.

“We’ll never think of you as being anything other than the sweet young tomboy that we met yesterday. Well, maybe we’ll think of you as the hot, sexy young woman that escort maltepe you are becoming, with a tasty pussy,” answered Jill with a small laugh, as she started rocking the girl. The rocking was soothing the girl and she started to relax from the practical death-grip-like hold she had on her legs.

Just as Sandra started to relax enough to speak, Jac called, “Jill, everything alright back there?”

Jill had noticed that Sandra was about to speak when her sister called to her. She snapped, “Damn it, Jac.” Then she continued quietly to Sandra, “Please continue, honey.”

“Well, you see. Jac’s comment earlier got me thinking about how the coat would feel against my bare chest, so I took the shirt off. Then the idea of feeling the coat on my butt came to me and I acted on that too. So I’m naked under this coat and I got scared that any of you were going to see how wanton I am acting.”

“Oh, honey, none of us would have minded,” said Jill into Sandra’s hair. “I took my top off in front of Ellie, and with only a little gasp from her we continued on with the discussion of the coats. After I took my top off, Jac pushed her skirt even lower, barely hiding her pussy and more than half her ass was visible. Well it was visible until she put the long coat on.” She laughed at that and Sandra giggled along with her. “Now let us go see what Jac is doing and show off your gorgeous body to them.”

With a nervous grin, Sandra stood and said, “Let’s have fun.” After they were both standing up, they saw the other two women at the front of the store. Jac had taken her coat off and was also topless, from what they could see. Ellie had her coat off too – she was still in her dress – and the two women were talking about something.

Sandra followed Jill through the racks of furs to the middle of the store. Jac had seen her companions moving again and took Ellie to them.

In the middle of the store, Sandra saw that Jac was only topless, but was very close to being naked, as Jill had said. Ellie was looking at the short-haired blonde dumb-struck with how at ease the woman was with her almost nudity. Jill grinned and took her coat off too. Ellie then went slack jawed even though she knew Jill was topless too.

“Everything’s all right,” said Jill. “Just a little fear that I helped quell.” She smiled at Sandra.

“What’s up?” asked Jac.

“Nothing to be worried about right now,” answered her sister. “Ellie why don’t you show us your favorite way to wear a fur coat.”

This caused both Ellie and Sandra to stare at her in shock or surprise. “I don’t think that would be right. I need to remain professional considering I’m the owner of the store.”

“But you don’t have a problem with nudity in the store,” pointed out Jac. “Please.” The twins got on their knees in front of Ellie to beg her. Jac held her hands up in prayer while Jill gave her ‘puppy-dog eyes’. After less than ten seconds they all saw Ellie cave.

“Ok. Give me a moment,” she said with a sigh of resignation and a smile. Ellie stepped over to a rack of chinchilla and pulled a waist length coat off the hanger. She then tossed the coat over the top and walked to the front door. At the door she locked it and flipped the open sign over. As she walked back to the women, she reached back to unzip her dress. By the time she was back with the others she was pulling the short sleeves down her arms. She surprised the others because instead of just having the top hanging at her waist, she pushed her dress to the floor to stand in front of them in her matching black bra and lacy thong. She grinned and undid her bra as she moved back to the rack she had pulled the coat from earlier. Facing away from her customers she dropped her bra to the floor and pulled the coat on and closed.

“That’s cheating,” teased Sandra of all people, as Ellie turned back to face the others.

“At least I showed skin,” answered Ellie. “Like Jac said earlier, you’ve been wearing the same cost almost the whole time you’ve been here.”

“Fine. Find me a different coat,” said Sandra with a little heat. She knew that she was going to show off and knew that Jac and Jill would back her.

“Ok,” said Ellie. She grabbed another waist length coat off the rack and held it out for her shortest customer.

Sandra smiled and asked, “Jill, will you help me get this coat off?” Jill nodded with a smile and stepped behind the brunette. Their four hands together pulled the coat open and off quickly and smoothly. Upon seeing Sandra totally naked in her store Ellie screamed a little and Jac giggled.

Jac had a feeling that something like what she just saw happen was going to happen. The way Sandra acted earlier gave her an idea that Sandra had lied about why she had ducked out of sight. She had no issue that the brunette had confided in her sister. “Nice one, Sandra,” she said with a smile.

Sandra took the short coat and pulled it on. The coat didn’t cover her lower half, so she was still showing her pale legs, ass and pussy to the other three women. Her pussy and inner thighs were shining from her arousal.

Ellie had stared at Sandra’s whole naked body until she had put on the coat. After the coat covered the short haired woman’s chest her eyes locked in on the shiny, engorged crotch. “Why are you naked?”

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