Santa’s the Boss

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Jade Everett stared at herself in the mirror to judge the final results. She looked jaw-droppingly sexy.

She had just finished putting the final touches on her outfit for their company’s Christmas ‘Festivus’ party which took place annually.

This party was an infamous holiday Bacchanalia that was put on by the company that she worked for: Dominus Publishing.

Their downtown Chicago offices were located inside of a finely appointed ten-story building that looked out over the Chicago River on the New East Side.

Jade had been working at Dominus for around six months as a private contractor. The company, which sold itself as a book publisher for the next generation of readers and writers, wanted to modernize the offices a bit and pull the old building into the 21st century, and so they had sought out an up-and-coming urban artist to do some thought-provoking paintings on various walls and murals throughout its aging walls.

Jade just so happened to be in the right place at the right time. The CEO and President of the company (and grandson of the founder) Malcolm Dominus had apparently read an article that had been done on Jade in a local art magazine that he’d randomly decided to browse one morning while sipping his Americano at a neighborhood coffee house. He loved the look of the art that was featured in the piece—particularly her various uses of famous literary works to inspire some of her more off-the-wall and futuristic designs. He was quite pulled in by some. Intrigued and yet, beguiled.

She’d received a call that very next day from one of the publishing company’s representatives with an offer she couldn’t refuse.

Dominus would agree to pay her one hundred thousand dollars in exchange for her yearlong artist-in-residency at their downtown offices. It was a fair amount of money for her level of experience and the up-and-coming-status she currently had within the industry. Jade was absolutely thrilled at the offer.

Over that time she’d be responsible for working with the publishing house’s creative design team on a number of thought-provoking paintings that would span all the way from the ground floor foyer to the top floor conference rooms and executive offices.

It was an incredible opportunity and Jade truly loved the job. She was making more than she’d ever made from her passion and for the most part, as long as each new artwork was completed on time, she could make her own hours too. More than anything, she was finally doing what she wanted to do: to make her livelihood solely out of her own creativity.

During her first few months of work, Jade had mostly kept to herself. Most of the employees were a little older than her (she was 24) and her job was so different than anyone else who worked there, that she found she had little in common with her coworkers the few times she had joined them for afterhours libations and bitching.

Her third month in she had connected with another girl who worked in the marketing department. Danielle was only two years older and the two had very similar interests. They’d go to movies occasionally or out to the clubs when they were up for a little crazier fun. She’d met her in the lunch atrium one day when the two were grabbing something from the snack bar at the same time. It was good to have a friend in the office, though Jade probably wouldn’t quite reveal all of her extra curricular activities to Danielle for fear of being judged.

Jade was the kind of girl who kept carefully cultivated secrets.

It was around six months in to the job when Danielle asked Jade if she’d be attending the company’s upcoming Crazy Christmas Costume Party. They were sitting inside at the building’s bottom floor sandwich shop one cool, December day while sharing a foot-long, chips, and a soda. Jade had no idea what she was talking about, and so Danielle began to animatedly explain the crazy end-of-the-year party where people were required to dress up in extravagant holiday-themed costumes.

Apparently Malcolm Dominus, the owner, had decided some years back to steal part of his second-favorite holiday, Halloween, and combine it with his first, which was Christmas. The ‘Festivus’ was so raucous that it had quickly become everyone’s favorite event of the year. People talked about it like they talked about Christmas itself.

“Yeah it’s so crazy, people dress up in the wildest and most creative costumes, they do a first, second, and third place costume contest with these huge rewards like a ‘Caribbean Cruise’ or ‘Dinner for Two at Alinea’, and the company brings in entertainers and there are servers walking around with some very expensive tray-passed food and Champagne—I’m tellin’ ya, the alcohol alone at this thing makes it worth coming. They do not scrimp on the budget. You should totally come, you would have an amazing time.” Danielle reasoned as she loudly crunched into a potato chip.

Jade was somewhat skeptical as she sat across from her friend in bursa escort her paint-splattered overalls with her dark brown hair pulled up on the side into a convenient bun. She’d always despised company parties. They were awkward and it usually meant drinking with a bunch of older people that would invariably end up telling you lots of details about their life that you didn’t actually care that much to hear about. No one cared what your kid did at karate that week, Kevin.

She wasn’t convinced she’d be attending.

And then Danielle threw in this tidbit:

“And it’s really cool too, Mr. Dominus always goes to the party as Santa Claus and he has started this tradition where for the last few hours of the party, he goes into this big Santa’s Workshop set that they prop up and he sits on one of those mall Santa chairs with a couple of velvet-lined benches added to it; and employees are encouraged to go and sit with him and ask for whatever they want for around the office or like, something relating to their job.”

“Whoa…wait, he really does that?” Jade’s interest in the party had instantly shifted at the mention of this.

“Yeah, last year the marketing team asked for Cubs season tickets that we could use for various in-house sales contests within our department, and he totally went for it,” Danielle said excitedly.

“Wow,” Jade said again, though her mind was traveling down an entirely different path now.

“Ted Rodriguez from the editorial department got another week’s paid vacation a couple of years ago. And I heard this other girl saying that he’d agreed to pay for the last few classes of her NYU postgrad—apparently she’s finishing her MA in Children’s Literature. He’s basically like our real life boss being super charitable while he’s dressed like Santa Claus just because he loves Christmas so much and has lots of disposable income. How fucking cool is that?” Danielle finished as she sucked the last drops of soda airily out of the plastic straw.

“That is really cool, actually,” Jade agreed, as no less than forty-seven different mice began to sprint on the various metal wheels that turned with industrious thought inside of her conniving brain.

This new tidbit definitely changed everything.

Jade may have felt that a good majority of the people that worked at the publishing company were a bunch of bookish wet blankets, but she had an entirely different opinion of Malcolm Dominus.

She had met him finally two months into her job as she lay upside down and tethered over the outside railing of a grand staircase that emptied into the open-concept floor plan of the literary fiction department. She’d been working on the facial features of a large, shadowy creature of sorts. Blue and black and purple paints completed the impressionist image of the mysterious villain that spanned from the inner balcony one floor up and all the way down the side of the staircase bannister. The painting was monstrous and yet marvelously beautiful at the same time.

The angle made it so that she would lock herself into the side of the wall and then tilt herself upside down in order to see things from her very unique viewpoint while she painted.

She was wearing her trademarked overalls and a thin gray cotton tank top that rode up on her body as she painted. Her flat stomach could be seen from out of the sides of her outfit.

“You know, I’ve walked by this painting as it’s progressed every day now for a week, and I feel like I see something different in it every single time,” a deep, caramel voice drifted into Jade’s airspace. She took her headphones out to look for who was talking to her. Most employees there usually just left her alone while she worked. She preferred it that way.

She found herself staring at a startlingly sexy, upside-down, black man with a finely trimmed beard, who was gazing admiringly up at her work.

She pulled herself up and lay sideways on the railing of the stairs so she could see him better.

“Oh…well I’ll take that as a compliment,” Jade said. She’d never seen this man before but she was definitely very happy she was seeing him now.

He looked like Idris Elba’s doppelgänger. She’d even had to take a very long second to make sure that it WASN’T Idris Elba. He had thick, muscular legs and a similarly built upper-body that filled his fitted white oxford and similarly tailored blue slacks nicely. His shoes were a sharply polished pair of walnut wingtips. He looked good, she thought. It was rare for Jade to be taken aback by the physical looks of a man. She was usually the one to hold someone’s attention in that department.

His coffee was steaming out of his cup as he smiled at her through a perfect set of pearly whites.

“It’s nice to finally meet you Ms. Everett,” the man said in a voice that could’ve soothed her soul had she been trapped in a tunnel during a Blitzkrieg.

“Oh, it’s nice to meet you too…I’m sorry, I’m not sure I got your name?” bursa escort bayan Jade asked, somewhat embarrassed. As gorgeous as he might’ve been, she was a little lost as to who he was or why, for that matter, he was talking to her.

“My name is Malcolm Dominus.” He said matter-of-factly as he sipped his coffee. “I’m the person that hired you—your patron if you will.”

“Holy fuck! Ummm, holy crap I mean…sorry. Please excuse my language. I didn’t realize who I was talking to! I guess I was expecting someone…erhm…” she hesitated now.

“Someone a little older?” He asked with a warm smile. “Yeah I get that a lot. My father handed over the rains when I got to my 30th birthday. That was ten years ago now, but just between you and me, I still feel like I have no idea what I’m doing half of the time.”

She was suddenly very self-conscious of the fact that she was dressed in jean overalls with her skin covered in all sorts of dried paints. And now she was also ridiculously embarrassed that she’d just dropped an F-bomb in front of the owner of the company—the man who’d first seen and admired her work to begin with. Her fair cheeks flushed even as she attempted a more professional air.

“Don’t worry about it…anyone who lives with passion says the word ‘fuck’. Plus, I didn’t hire you to be boring.” He said as he laughed at her and gazed up at the huge figure she’d been painting over the course of that last week. “This is probably my favorite one so far,” he said to her finally.

She followed his gaze as he stared appreciatively at her art. She hadn’t even realized that he’d seen all of the other paintings she’d completed all throughout the building up until that point.

“I’m really glad you like it,” she replied, unable to look away from him deep chocolate eyes as they took in the intricacies of her work.

“Have you told anyone what it is?” He asked, suddenly curious. She was astounded at his question. She wasn’t sure anyone would pick up on the idea that it wasn’t just a random, nameless creature.

“I’m not exactly sure what you mean?” She replied. “Whose to say that it’s anything at all, other than a grand idea?” She was playing it close to vest to see where he would take this.

“Perhaps,” he said as he stepped away from the staircase and looked up at the dark outline splattered across the wall and ceiling above him. “My theory? I think it’s Moby Dick as seen from below,” he said in the most wickedly intuitive way. Jade couldn’t believe it. Her mouth hung open a little as he said this and her brow furrowed.

“I mean, because what could be more terrifying than seeing such a behemoth from below?” He continued, “That could only mean that your ship was lost and that you were sinking into the depths of the frigid ocean. Your last image—the outline of the monster whale that was your very ruin, illuminated in silhouette from the fading moonlight above.” He gesticulated along to this explanation as he gestured towards her work.

Jade felt a chill run up her spine as he spoke. She had never had someone analyze her work so insightfully in such a short amount of time. The painting was indeed a sort of Moby Dick amalgamation that mixed in a couple of other loftier elements and metaphors, and the idea had been to play with the viewer’s perception of the image. She was so impressed by him.

Here stood Malcolm Dominus, stripping her complexities down in front of her like she was a Monday crossword puzzle in the tribune. She was absolutely entranced by him.

“But then again, paintings are like clouds aren’t they?” And without waiting for a reply, he turned to leave. “It was a pleasure meeting you Ms. Everett,” he said over his shoulder as he walked briskly away towards the nearby elevators.

“And you!” She called back to him as he disappeared around the corner with a thousand other tasks already pushing him through his day.

The current CEO of Dominus Publishing was a forty year-old hunky black guy with muscles for days and an NPR radio voice that melted like a Hershey bar onto a graham cracker while he poetically waxed a string of intelligent thoughts into his conversations. Jade blew a strand of hair off her forehead as she shook her head and smiled.

‘Wow,’ she thought to herself. ‘Just…Wow. Now that’s a man.’

Jade’s mind replayed this initial encounter as Danielle animatedly continued on about the company Christmas party. Malcolm Dominus would be dressed as Santa Claus and granting wishes to employees that came into his workshop to ask for things. The same Malcolm Dominus that she’d first met when she was hanging upside down from her artwork. The same Malcolm Dominus with the tree trunk thighs and the eyes as deep as chestnuts. The same Malcolm Dominus that had dominated her elaborate sexual fantasies ever since that first meeting.

“Ya know,” Jade said suddenly as she looked up at Danielle from their shared hoagie, “I think I WILL come to this crazy holiday escort bursa party, after all.”

And so there she stood, staring into the mirror at her ridiculously sexy getup. Mr. Dominus had only ever seen her in her painter’s gear. She planned on showing him a little more tonight.

Because the office holiday party was a costume themed affair, and because everyone knew that their jovial boss was a spirited participant in the festivities, they all galvanized into action at the beginning of every December rolled around. Staffers designed elaborate representations of Christmas symbolisms far and wide. People dressed as presents and as reindeer and as Hanukkah candles and as wise men. There were sexy elves and Claymation characters and ‘Home Alone’ villains. Every possible holiday pop culture reference was allowed and people worked tirelessly to one-up each other from year to year.

Jade had learned about all of this in the weeks leading up to the big event. Danielle regaled her with hilarious stories from past Christmas parties. People she’d never seen drunk before asleep on top of tables. People she’d never imagined outside of their stuffy work personas doing eggnog stands with the help of Sexy Jack Frosts. One year they’d even gone so far as to bring in a miniature ice skating rink. This party was the stuff of legend.

Jade meanwhile had her own very own devious chapter to write in this story, and it revolved entirely around the pheromone-dripping Santa Claus that she’d be seeking out later that night.

As she stared into the mirror, she grinned mischievously at the outfit that she had created.

She was wearing a glittery, sheer top that she had painted with a number of different sparkly green and white designs. Her matching sheer tights had similar sorts of swirling snow and mistletoe painted down her legs. She wore a small green skirt that looked more like a summer scarf tied at the hip—like a sluttier Peter Pan. Two hunter green heels finished the look.

The outfit was reminiscent of the infamous Britney Spears body suit that the starlet had worn in her sexy ‘Toxic’ music video. Her naked skin was visible everywhere through the thin body suit and thigh-high tights, except for where she had cleverly painted on different forest greenery and snowstorms and even a few subtly-drawn, pagan midwinter symbolisms of the Yule.

Her long brown hair was threaded with shiny green and silver tinsel and her face had a similar mix of vibrant colors fiercely lighting her up. Her smoky, green eye shadow pushed out into her hairline and her lips were embossed in their own snowy white lip balm.

She had decided to call her character “The Christmas Woodland Nymph” or “The Festivus Fairy” or whatever the hell people wanted to call her. Honestly, she didn’t really care about all that. The outfit was an excuse for her to be as naked as she could around that hunk of a Kris Kringle she had her eyes set on. She’d dressed as a Woodland Nymph, but she had bigger hopes of being the Woodland Nympho. A lot of people would probably be noticing Jade for the first time that night. Even though she was usually dressed for practicality while she applied her beautifications to the Dominus Edifice, Jade was actually hiding a pretty killer body. She cycled at a nearby gym and even taught her own hot yoga class on Sunday mornings. She found the exercise helped her to clear away potentially disruptive creative brain blockages.

She had a creamy white skin with faint brown freckles. Her boobs were a very firm B and her body finished in an hourglass ass that was the stuff of construction worker catcall fantasies. Her small waist almost didn’t even make any sense when you considered how perfectly round and bitable her two globes seemed to be. Men that she walked by on the street (and occasionally women, too) would turn to stare at her ass if she was wearing a pair of her tight jeans. Her butt just stuck out as if it was looking to declare it’s own sovereignty from her body. Jade was quite certain that at least five of the people attending her current Yoga class did so in order to worship at the altar of her tightly-compacted yoga pants in all the radiant glory of her downward facing dog.

She had long brown hair that she often wore up and her face was sweet and sensual with soft pink lips that puffed out below a perky, feminine nose and emerald green eyes.

She blew a flirty kiss towards her amazing body in the full-length mirror of her closet door and then donned her pea coat and scarf as she walked out into the cold Chicago night headed towards Danielle’s apartment. From there the two girls would be catching a ride-share to the party so they could be drink as much as they wanted and then probably drink some more.

When she arrived at Danielle’s her friend was dressed as the female elf from ‘The Santa Clause’—the costume was well done and very cute. Danielle meanwhile did a sexy whistle as she appraised Jade’s own revealing costume and then asked who the hell she was supposed to be exactly. Jade gave it her best college try to explain the concept behind her costume—”the Christmas Woodland Nymph Fairy Spirit Sprite—ya know uh, the ‘Giving Pixie’ or something.”

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