Satisfying The Priest

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Satisfying The Priest
Satisfying The Priest

By: Londebaaz Chohan
Thursday afternoon at the Catholic school. Michael walks out of the English class. He wanted to stay back and talk with the priest teacher sitting behind the desk but there were still lots of boys sitting at their seats and he did not want them to notice. He continues to walk out of the class room. Outside he turns towards the gym hall. In the gym, he enters the changing room and walks to his locker. Taking off his shirt, he looks around to see David, couple of steps away; also undressing. His beautiful buns are open and visible for all to enjoy. Mike feels throbbing between his legs and really does not know why and what was happening. Quickly, he looks away and pulls his shirt over his head and proceeds to change into gym shorts. Just looking to the other side, he sees Edward in completely bare skin with his back to Mike again. Once again a strong vibe and throbbing is felt between Michael’s legs. Edwards hands push up a thong to cover those delicious buns, Mike wanted to lick really bad. Mike looks down and gets busy to tie his shoe laces but sneaking a peek at those lovely buns although covered now.

He starts walking towards the gym. The throbbing between his legs is very intense. He stops at the bathroom stalls and locks himself in one. His hands push under the band of his shorts and he strokes himself with pleasure rush washing all over him. There are other boys walking past the stalls and this; for some reason intensifies the pleasure for Mike. He slow rubs his palm over his very sensitive cock tip and it makes him gasp and breathe hard. He tries to control and not heard outside by the guys walking past the stalls. Pleasure surges with time and at last the explosion happens. Mike feels so good but also wonders if he did something sinful. Many nuns and priests have told the class to refrain from the unwholesome thoughts and be pure. This is the scene at the Saint Stella’s Academy. Michael, although ready to graduate out in less than a year but during his stay here for long many years, he had more questions popping up than he had got the answers for especially related to his sex, sexy body and sexual urges. He quietly leaves the stall to go to the gym but fully determined to find out if those strange urges were sin, dirty or just normal for the growing age.

He knew; today after lunch, the entire faculty will be heading to the church. Thursday was weekly confession, discussion and dialogue day for all. He goes to church and sits in the pew nervously ringing his hands. Father Chris; the Bishop, the authority at the church was sitting in the first row, listening to the sermon delivered by Father Ralph. Michael has always been attentive rather very attentive to listen Father Chris in the class. Father Chris has a soft voice and his eyes are very kind as well. After the sermon; the time for the confession starts and Mike sees Father Chris walk towards the dark tiny confessional stall and Michael also walks towards the confessional booth. While waiting for his turn at the booth, he sits in the chair; his heart is felt pounding outside the chest as he thinks what shall the Father Chris think of his sins. A small framed blond boy exits the confessional booth and now it is Mike’s turn. He stands, takes a look at his wrinkly dress pant and enters the booth, locks the door behind him and waits for the Father Chris to slide the little partition in between.

The window slides and Mike can see him faintly through as he asks the Father for his blessings, for he had sinned and father asks him of his sins. Michael takes a deep breath as he tells Father Chris of his strange urges and admits that he does not understand why. Father nods slightly and asks for the details of those urges. Michael closes his eyes really tight as he recalls the stirring between his legs, whenever he sees a naked boy ass particularly in the gym class. He sees them without their clothes and starts feeling very strong throbbing between his legs; he tells the Father; it feels very good but he did not understand why for the naked boys only. Father Chris asks him to continue and tell all.

Mike clears his throat and admits that it felt great whenever he touched himself there but wanted to know if it were a sin or not.

Father Chris giggles very softly and only mutters the ‘No’ but adding that he would like to meet Michael in his office and discuss this more, explain and make Mike to understand the legit of it right after the supper and kaçak iddaa tells Mike to be there by sharp 7:30 PM. Michael agrees, makes the sign of cross and exits the stall. At supper, Michael is thinking of the pink nipples on the naked boy’s bodies, their rounded butts and some other dirty spots on the boys sitting all around him in the dining hall. He quickly finishes his meals and asks for the permission from sister Lorraine to leave. Although, very much excited, he has a few minutes and so he walks slowly towards the office of the Father Chris. He knocks gently to hear some shuffling of papers and then the permission is granted to come in. He enters and carefully closes the door behind him as he is ordered to sit on the comfortable leather chair in front of the Father’s desk.

Father asks him to repeat what he said at the confessional and Mike says yes Father, he did not understand those urges about the young boys. Those urges are so powerful that he struggles all the time for thinking about them. Father interjects that yes they were powerful and natural too. Truly; they were a divine gift from heavens above and he would happily explain, teach and make Michael to understand them. Mike smiles and nods a thank you to Father quietly.

Father Chris gets up and walks towards the door, carefully locks it up and then walks towards the large leather couch against the opposite wall gesturing Mike to join him there on the couch and repeats Mike’s words that he felt a severe throbbing between his legs when he looked at the naked boys or imagined them naked in his mind and sits close to Michael. Mike agrees as he looks towards his feet and Father speaks asking if he felt those throbbing feelings; right at that moment and Mike nods in yes while looking at his lap. His hands were touching a special spot in his pants. Father asks him to show it to his eyes and Mike touches his spot between his legs. Now Father asked, what did Mike do when he felt that throbbing and Michel admits to rub, massage and circle there slowly and then a bit rough; he looks at Father’s face. Father smiles and tells Mike, that was wonderful and felt great as he did that. Didn’t it?

Mike smiles as in yes and continues to touch himself feeling no hesitation, sitting next to Father Chris; who reaches forward and quickly unbuttons his pants and pulls it off to Mike’s ankles along with the brief underneath and spreads Mike’s knees. Father is both awed and riddled looking at the size of Michael’s sexy ownership; he places a finger on the large bone and explains that this was given to Mike by God for pleasure as he circles his fingers around the soft and huge head and even the meat shaft. Then he asked Michael to tell him what happened when he touched himself there and Mike talked of an explosion as Father continued to touch him all over his groin. Now Mike was beginning to move his hips in slow rocking motion against the movement of the finger on his meat.

Yes; yes, keep moving. The orgasmic pleasure will bring you closer to nature, Lord and God. More powerful the feeling, more near to Lord you would be. There are many different ways to achieve it. Father leans forward and pushes Michael gently back on the couch and holding his hand, he guides Mike’s fingers to the spongy soft cock head and starts making circles at it. Then the fingers slide downwards and Mike feels a warm pool of wetness; that he had never explored before. Father Chris explains that this was Mike’s own holy water produced by Mike to give himself greater pleasure and shows him the opening where the water was oozing from. One of the Father’s finger slips into the Mike’s wetness and searches for something, especially going down it was obvious that he was looking for an opening. Finger comes back up again on the Hard cock’s blunt soft head, circling there, more circles and still more circles. Michael had started breathing heavier and he was still pressing his hips into his hand. Father slips one of his fingers again in Mike’s warm wet opening and tells Mike that more he touches Mike, closer to Lord Mike will be and when he felt the explosion that would mean, he was letting Jesus in his heart. Very gently Father Chris presses his finger into Mike’s opening further deep; making him feel full and flying on the magic carpet. He pushes it even deeper and then pulls out and in again. Father’s other hand playing with Mike’s hard cock, giving him a feel of explosion coming soon. Father keeps sliding his finger in and out, in and out kaçak bahis and softly suggests Mike to cum. Cum to Jesus! Cum now. The explosion quickly rocks Mike as his whole body shakes with utmost pleasure. Father Chris pulls his finger out and puts it into his mouth and then Mike’s mouth to lick it clean. He compliments Mike that it was spectacular and tells him to practice it often till they meet again next week same time.

Michael was a wreck for the next entire week. He rushed to the bathroom, every chance he got, locked himself in the stall and touched, rubbed himself, finger probing his hole until the powerful orgasm covered him like a cannon shooting contest and he felt Jesus entering his heart.

Finally, it was Thursday again and Mike goes to the office of Father Chris and knocks gently. Father opens the door, welcoming Michael and locking the door behind him. Father sits on the couch, giving a big smile to Mike as he nears Father Chris. Without uttering any word, Mike pulls his pants off; no underwear and then removes his t-shirt. Father guides him to be on his back and open the legs wide and Michael’s hands move forward to touch himself but Father Chris stops him saying that he wants Michael to experience God through the noble hands of priest. Michael drops his hands to his sides and closes his eyes to start feeling Father touching his teen cock, especially massaging the flared large soft head on it and his balls as well. Father’s soft fingers once again collect the young man’s moisture and brings it to his hole, probing there, making circles and some odd figures. Michael moans.

Suddenly Mike feels a hot wetness over his cock and opens his eyes to look down to see Father Chris sucking, kissing and running his tongue all over Mike’s shaft. Father’s middle finger is inside Mike, in a slow rhythmic in and out movement. Michael feels the explosion coming but Father removes his finger and quickly slides his hot, wet tongue in Mike’s opening. Michael writhes and wiggles intensively on the couch, begging father to make him cum; making Jesus to enter his heart.

Father pulls his tongue out and slides a finger once again inside the hole and also begins sucking Michael’s man pole. A unique rhythm takes hold; finger glides in and out of Michael’s hole, Michael’s cock slides in and out of the holy mouth of the Father Chris and Father’s other hand pulling on Michael’s swollen balls at the same time. The explosion nears and Father quickens his pace hearing the labored breathing and also seeing the balls knotting huge. Michael rocks his hips as Father suggests him lovingly to cum. Michael groans and repeatedly calls, “Father! Oh Father, Fuck yeah Father”. Mike cums, his brew flying all over the Father’s office.

Father Chris was still between Mike’s legs, licking the wetness from the folds of the teen’s cock and crease of his thighs even licking his cock shaft and making the shivers run through Mike’s weak body and then Father sits back. WTF!! Mike sees a larger bulge in Father’s pants and quickly reaches to touch it. Father tells him that this was his epicenter of pleasure given from God and asked if Mike wanted to see it. Michael nods and Father stands to undo his belt, buttons and zipper. He lowers his pants and the underwear. There right in front of Mike’s eyes; a beautiful, strong and healthy male sex organ hangs really long and hard too. Father explains that he was excited right at that moment and his penis was stiff and grown as a result.

Looking at it intently, Michael decides to touch the holy penis and Father Chris nods and encourages Mike. Michael holds the cock of the man of God. The skin is so soft and there are so many veins running along the length. Michael just cannot resist and traces the thickest vein with his finger and Father shudders, whines with pleasure. Mike leans forward and starts to lick it; taking the tip of Godly cock in his mouth and runs his tongue over the damp opening at the top, sucking larger of it in his mouth. Father gasps. He urges Mike to suck him and bring Jesus into his heart. “Oh my boy, do it swift, make me feel pressure in my balls”. He says to Michael and Michael obeys stroking priest’s length with his mouth moving up and down. Father’s muscles start to tighten and he shakes like a fish out of water.

Father Chris orders Mike to open his mouth and take the holy water ready to gush out of Father’s cock hole. Michael keeps sucking but then starts stroking the noble cock with his mouth open wide. Suddenly Father güvenilir bahis spills warm, thick and very silky cum into Mike’s mouth for swallowing. Mike milks all and every drop, while keeping Father’s cock in his mouth until all is clean, spotless ad hygienic. Father thanks him as they kiss and Father Chris shares the taste of his own holy water from Mike’s tongue. Michael admits, “That was awesome”. The taste was salty but the musky pungent aroma was surely addicting.

Next, Father Chris makes a suggestion, Mike could not understand but he had no nerve to refuse him either. Father starts talking of Mike’s hole at the bottom, which Father had fingered and licked it for Mike. Mike remembers the joy and spreads his legs wider. Father gropes his Michael’s limp cock lovingly and talks of his own hole. Michael blushes to hear Father mentioning of his hole so openly and his teen fingers extend to grab Father’s naked cock. Father hurriedly gets stiff, solid as steel. Mike whispers for Father that he was thinking; Father had a long and hard penis and he had a hole; hopefully as warm and wet as Father Chris had and deep too like him. Was there any possibility that they belonged together, could they fit.

Father’s eyes widen and he smiles as he only mutters a yes and then a pause of a moment is broken by the priest, asking the teen man with a smile that if given a chance, could he be the one to fit into priest’s hole. Mike; though not sure, how but nods, Yes he will. Father grabs the teen cock with much love this time and starts to rub it, paying special attention to the cock knob and balls as well. Father also leans and kisses the teen lips, neck and his nipples. Mike rocks his hips on priest’s hand to make his cock get friction and grow bigger quick. Father examines the teen cock for one last time, bends himself over the couch’s arm such that his nicely rounded meat buns are curved up towards the ceiling and his well-defined larger hole peeks from inside there. Father searches for something in the drawers of the side table and hands a small KY tube to Mike for spreading all over his length and around the holy hole also filling some inside the divine cavity. Father pushes his knees into the cushion, raising his ass a bit more in the air.

Then he orders Mike to rise and kneel over his hips and try to fit his male muscle in the dignified hole of the Holy Father.

Michael obeys, strokes his throbbing hard cock several time and smiles at the Father’s tight hole puckered like a sleeping pussy, he had seen in the sex videos. Comes on his knees and makes circles on and around Father’s hole but not with finger as Father had done to him but with the wet tip of his dangerous looking young cock. Father feels the soft head and hardness of the shaft as Mike spanks the soft buns with his hard dong.

Father almost begs him to put his cock inside the divine hole, slide it in, he moans softly. Michael, goes on his feet, targets the hole and begins to push inside. Helmet slides in, he pushes harder. Father cries with pain and Mike knows, his width was dilating Father’s hole. The nature had taken over and teaching Mike to push still hard and deep and he does; stretching Father’s cavern more painfully. Little by little Mike enters deep to his balls inside the holy warmth as they both moan. Father’s pussy is stretching thin very painfully but the pleasure is far greater. Mike gets into the rhythm of pushing in and pulling out, faster and harder. Father yells for Mike; not to cum quickly and keep going yet harder, faster and deeper. Amid rough thrusting, slapping Father’s ass buns and tweaking his nipples; Mike keeps rocking his hips forward and deeper. His cock becomes very sensitive, he feels the knotting of his balls as he begs Father to make him Cum. Oh, Jesus!! Father squeezes his hole tight around the muscle wand of the bonding as he looks over his shoulder with a grin. The boy is really fucking hard as he claims to be near. Father grunts with every deep thrust in him and then suddenly, Mike declares to be cumming, shaking violently. He tries to pull out but Father holds him deep inside. Holy water starts spurting and there soon is flood like position in the Father’s hole. Mike strokes his cock and milks all the nutrition and the holy water while Jesus enters his heart and soul. Father breaks the sexy joint, turns and thanks the teen boy but reminds him to never refer to the back hole as an ass and commit a sin of ass fucking but to call it a pussy; may be a man pussy and let Lord Jesus; the savior be a partner in pussy fucking and then be a partner forever. They promised to carry their own sexy partnership forever and ever.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan July 24, 2019.

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