Secretary Sammy

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“I’ll be heading home in a few minutes dear, Samantha’s just finishing up a few things around here,” Darren Baxter told his wife.

“Honestly dear, I know Samantha is a very efficient secretary and always has your back, but she’s such a drudge,” His wife sighed. “You couldn’t manage to hire someone more attractive to man the front desk? She dresses like a 1960’s schoolteacher or a librarian.”

“Now dear,” He chided her. “You just said it yourself; I never have to worry about anything with Samantha around. I couldn’t run things around here without her and the customers love her – she knows all of our regulars by name and can place all of their orders in minutes,” Darren told her. “Baxter Fabrics wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for Sammy, she’s a gem.”

“All right dear, you’re probably right, safe trip home,” She responded. “I won’t be here when you get home, it’s my Bridge night, remember? I’ve left you a chicken dinner, it’s in the fridge, all you need do is warm it up.”

“Thanks sweetheart, have a nice time,” Darren said as he hung up the phone. Samantha was doing a few last-minute things on the computer, checking inventory and updating files. He said good night and left for the day.

Samantha was just shutting down the computer and about to go home herself when the phone rang. “Baxter Fabrics,” She answered in her most courteous, professional manner.

“Has he gone home?”

A sweet smile crossed her face. If Darren’s wife had seen her now, she already looked less like a drudge. “Yes, he went home about 10 minutes ago,” She told the caller.

“He’s such a slave to routine, how do you stand it?” The caller asked Samantha.

“Now, now, if he wasn’t so precise, things wouldn’t have happened the way they did,” Samantha answered. “We both know he’s a lamb and he treats me like gold.”

“I’m on my way over,” The caller told Samantha. “”Will you stay and wait for me?”

Samantha chuckled. “We both know the answer to that one, don’t we?”

Samantha felt her spirits lift. Nights like these got her through the weeks, the dull routine, living at home with her parents under their ever-watchful eyes. She was 24 and ought to have been on her own, but rents were so expensive and she wanted to live in a nice, spacious apartment. Next year, she would have her own place and an entirely different Samantha would be revealed to the world. For now, the only thing that she could do was simply bide her time.

She waited at the office door and smiled brightly when Dominique walked in. Tall, regal, imperial and every bit as beautiful as the day she had been when they first met. She walked towards the 39-year old blonde and they kissed. It was far from the kiss of friends, it was the kiss of lovers who craved each other’s bodies, craved intimate human contact.

“I’ve missed you,” Dominique smiled as she removed her wide-brimmed hat. As always, her pale blue eyes danced with merriment.

“Silly, it hasn’t even been a week since we last saw each other,” Samantha smiled as she took off her horn-rimmed glasses. Already, she was taking on a different türbanlı escort bayan look, one that was softer and more feminine.

“It’s been too long without feeling your touch, my sweet darling,” Dominique purred, stretching out on the large sofa in Darren Baxter’s private office. “One of the few things that make my life bearable is the time I spend with you.”

“Flatterer,” Samantha smiled as she sat down beside her lover. “I’m still so glad you approached me at that party and that you were bold enough to ask me.”

“I knew,” Dominique said, touching Samantha’s cheek. “I knew that under those dull clothes that you were hot and spicy, that you were a naughty girl hiding from the rest of the world. No one else could see it, but I could – it was in your eyes.” She kissed Samantha again and they melted easily into each other’s arms. Their lips parted and Dominique let out a breathy little sigh. “Will you please get out of those frumpy clothes, I want to see what you have on underneath.”

Dominique knew from time spent together that her lover would not disappoint. The exterior was to keep the wolves at bay and for the most part, it worked. Some men saw through the austere façade and they were gently rebuffed. No one suspected the truly kinky little slut that lured beneath the thin veneer of respectability. The same was true of Dominique, although she was flashy and married to a wealthy man, there were dark, perverse, hidden desires that she dared not voice. Not until Samantha entered her life.

Samantha’s plain, checkered skirt had already dropped to the floor and as Dominique knew she would be, the younger woman was wearing stockings held up by real garter belts. The 5’7″ blonde had lovely legs which she kept covered up most of the time in calf-length skirts or business suits. A few inches taller and Samantha could easily have modeled. “I don’t think I could have resisted the temptation of all those sexy women,” Sammy confessed to Dominique one warm, lazy afternoon in bed.

She let her hair down and the drab updo tumbled into streaked, sexy waves of gold and brown. Her eyes now looked at Dominique with undisguised hunger, daring her lover to give as good as she got.

Dominique was, as ever, up for the challenge. She got out of her designer dress, laughing as she tossed it nonchalantly to the floor. Her lingerie matched her dress, designer, high quality and slinky as all get-out. Black patterned stockings and stiletto heels polished to a gleaming shine completed the ensemble. She pushed the delectable secretary on to her back and got on top of her, two gorgeous pair of tits mashing together.

“I’m going to fuck you raw, my little dyke slut,” Dominique purred.

“Big talk and talk is cheap,” Samantha challenged her. “Let’s see you do it, actions speak louder than words.”

Dominique laughed, their play was part of the fun and it kept them both on their toes. Her lips crushed to Samantha’s in a seeking, needy kiss. The two women ground their bodies against one another, neither yielding an inch of ground as they began their erotic ulus escort bayan dance.

“God, I can’t believe what a fucking tight body you hide underneath all those drab clothes,” Dominique panted. “There isn’t a spare inch on any part of you; you’re so toned and firm.” She nuzzled her lover’s neck as she ran her fingers through Samantha’s long, thick hair.

“I work out religiously and I often run to work,” Samantha panted, squeezing Dominique’s tits. “Seriously Dom, you know what my parents are like. If I wore the clothes I really wanted to wear, they would never let me out of the house. Besides, I do get to wear the best part, the naughty lingerie – and you like that, don’t you?”

Dominique bit her lover’s pink nipple playfully. “You know I do, you nasty bitch.”

Samantha giggled. “For the most part, the outside look keeps the men away and I know you don’t want them around.”

“Not a chance, my little whore,” Dominique snarled. “You’re mine, all mine.”

“Yes, oh God, yesss,” Samantha groaned as the older woman began raining kisses all down her sleek, slender body. The few sexual experiences she had had with other women prior to Dom were nothing in comparison. Dominique played her body like a fiddle and knew all the hot spots instinctively; she was an incredibly gifted lover and a giving one as well. The slender, sophisticated, high society blonde made every inch of Samantha come alive. Now as her fingers flew over the younger girl’s body, her pants became increasingly louder. She knew that her cunt was soaked with arousal and once Dominique got her panties off, the juices would flow in earnest. Thank God for the arrangement she had with the cute girl who cleaned the office or it would have reeked with the funk of sex the next morning. Having a little Friday fun with nummy little Kitty was more than a fair price to pay for the evenings of decadence she could spend whoring it up with Dominique.

“God, I can smell you already, you whore, you’re dripping for me, you want it bad, don’t you?” Dominique panted, still lost in the game.

“Fuck yes, you know I do, do it baby,” Samantha cried out in a throaty purr few would recognize. “Eat me, eat my fucking cunt.”

That was a command from her lover that Dominique was only too eager to comply with. She slid the sexy panties off smooth, supple legs and kissed her way back up, grazing her girlfriend’s thighs with her tongue. Samantha exhaled softly and gasped the instant that Dom’s tongue slid on to the open groove of her pussy. Wordlessly, the older blonde began to lick her softly, teasing her in the way that was a prelude to much stronger, more intimate passions.

“Oh fuck Dom, you get better each time,” Samantha groaned as her lover’s tongue lapped ardently at her slit.

“You inspire me, darling,” Dominique smiled as she momentarily lifted her head from between Sammy’s slender thighs. “You are the fuckiest girl I know.”

“I like that word,” Samantha giggled. “Fucky.”

“They coined it just for you,” Dominique chuckled. “Now stop distracting me and let me get back to work.

“Yes yenimahalle escort bayan ma’am,” Samantha laughed. The laughter vanished again when her lover reminded her why these nights were the highlight of her existence. Soft, seeking, knowing, Dom’s tongue made love to her pussy like it was a sought-after prize. Her honey flowed in rivers and Dominique sought out as much as she could capture.

One did not experience a loving that passionate from Dom and not give back in kind. Once she had cum and her shrieks echoed throughout the office, Samantha regained her strength and turned her full attentions to her older girlfriend. Her mouth clamped to Dom’s and she tasted her own sweetness at first before undressing the woman and loving the feeling of the exquisite silk under her fingertips. Only Dominique’s own skin was softer than the lingerie she purchased and that’s what spurred Samantha on. She wanted to feel that exquisite flesh under her fingers and dancing on her tongue.

“Do it whore, eat me slut, come on bitch, lick my fuckin’ cunt,” Dominique begged. Samantha knew that being filthy was one of her lover’s turn-ons, most time she had to act as the proper society wife, a role she truly detested. “My father was a mechanic for the transit company,” She told Sammy one time. “I hate putting on airs, but the money’s nice to have.”

“Ohhh yeahhh baby, that’s it, Sammy, you hit just the right spot, more of that baby,” Dom groaned as her lover licked and fingered her slimy cunt. She loved how eager to please Sammy was, she never, ever would have considered leaving Dominique unsatisfied. It would have been unthinkable to the younger girl; sex was a reciprocal thing for her. The hands were working on her body as well; she could manipulate Dominique’s still-toned body better than anyone alive. Dominique’s body arched up and she came, glimmering waves of orgasm that flowed through her entire body and assailed her senses.

“Damn,” She panted as she came down. “It never gets old between us, does it Sammy?”

Samantha shook her head. “It never will. I know I’m up for more, how about you?”

“Of course.”

The next course on their menu of sex was a wonderful sixty-nine that went on for a good while. Dom was a bit taller than her playmate, but only a bit and they fit together so well, their bodies molded into an erotic jumble. Tongues languidly sipped from hot flesh until both women were satisfied. They would have continued, but the hour was late. They cleaned up as best they could and left the office, passing Kitty in the hall. She winked at Samantha as she passed by and Samantha knew that she’d be having a fun Friday as well.

The following morning, Samantha was just processing some orders when Darren’s wife walked in. She smiled at her and buzzed Darren that his wife was here to go to lunch. He came out to greet her, giving her a big hug.

As they walked out the door, she sighed again. “I do agree darling, she’s a lovely girl, but her wardrobe is just so frumpy. Can’t you get her to add a dash of color to her clothes?”

“Now Dominique, don’t start on that again. She dresses professionally and she works hard, that’s all that matters,” Darren told his beautiful spouse.

She turned around and winked at Samantha who mouthed the word “Wednesday”. They both had eager smiles on their faces as they dreamed of the next time they would be in each other’s loving arms.

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