Seducing Mom Ch. 03

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Graduation was only days away now and I was excited about it with my fellow classmates. We were doing the pre-graduation activities. I was working more too. Sue and I were still talking, but we were both a bit sad because she was leaving a week after graduation with all her things, never to return except to visit. I knew that her and Kathy were leaving early the morning after graduation for a resort, because Sue had asked me, on behalf of Kathy, if I would watch their place, care for their pets, and water her plants while they were gone. That would also give me a chance to go through Kathy’s things and begin to put my “plan” in motion.

The relationship between mom and I became less and less mother and son, and more and more lovers and partners every day. We talked more than we did before and she was drinking a lot less now. On the nights I worked or was at school activities or parties, she’d wait for me on the sofa, wearing one of her sexy outfits. When I came home, she’d kiss me and undress me as we headed for the bedroom. I hadn’t slept in my own bed in weeks and mom loved it. There was no school for seniors that Friday and mom had decided to take the entire day off, so she could get an earlier start and still have time to spend with me. We woke up and just started fucking. It was like a Sunday, we had no where to rush off. Around mid-morning we stopped to eat breakfast, give the house one last, quick cleaning, and deodorizing. I helped her load her things into her car for the trip and then we talked.

Mom said, “Now seriously, you have to let Sarah make the first move. Remember it’s supposed to be a surprise and SHE is supposed to seduce you, not the other way around. My advice is just to flirt with her a bit. When you get home wear those nylon shorts that show when you’re aroused. Also, I think Sarah still uses marijuana. While I wish you wouldn’t try it, if you ever decide to try it, I would prefer you do it with Sarah, than someone I don’t know. I’m sure she’ll offer you a drink or two, that’s OK. Just remember to let her initiate things. You’ll know when to make your move.” She went on, “Her flight gets in at 2:50, you need to leave here around 1:30 or so to get there on time, park and get in. As soon as you get her bags, get out of there. It’s the last day for a lot of schools around here and the roads will pack up early. Finally, mom and I will be in around lunch tomorrow. Please make sure the place is clean and doesn’t wreak of sex.”

I replied, “Yes, mom,” We kissed and she grabbed for my balls lightly.

Oh yeah, and have fun sweetie!” She said as she grinned, got in her car, and drove off.

I went in took a shower, got dressed, watched a bit of TV, and ate lunch. I decided to head to the airport early so I left at 1, which was smart. The highways were already packed and the airport was really busy. I found aunt Sarah’s arrival gate and waited. Her flight came in about 10-15 minutes early. I waited for her to come off the plane. She was in the back, but then I saw her. She was wearing a light summer dress and heels. Her tanned legs looked good as she approached. At 34, Aunt Sarah was six years younger than mom. She stood only 5’2, to mom’s 5’5. Sarah was also very skinny, but as her dress revealed, she had some nice medium-sized breasts. All this and she looked like she was in her 20’s. It must have been due to the fact that she was never married and had no children.

She walked up and gave me a huge hug and asked, “Joe, how are you? You must be excited. I hope you didn’t have to wait long.”

I said, “No aunt Sarah. Your flight was early and the roads are hell right now.”

We chatted on the way to Baggage Claim, got her bags, and got out of the airport. By the time we left the roads were packed. We slowly made our way home. Once we got off the freeway things cleared up a bit. As we drove by a liquor store Sarah said, “Wait Joe, I’ve got to get some stuff there.” As I pulled in she asked, “Do you want some beer or something?”

“Sure!” I replied as she looked at me and smiled.

She got out and went in while I waited in the car. She had a big bag when she came out a bit later and got in the car. “I got you Budweiser. I hope that’s OK.”

I said, “That’s fine. Thanks.”

We got home around 4:30 and as we pulled up Sarah asked, “Hey how about we drop all this off and go for pizza?”

I replied, “You know, we can get it delivered.”

“Really, that would be great!” She said as I cut the engine off and got out. She took her bag and went to the kitchen, while I got her bags out of the back and took them to my room.

When I came out, she asked, “So you took my bags to your room?”

“Yes. That’s where mom said you are sleeping.” I replied.

She smiled and said, “OK, sorry to be an intrusion again. I’m sure Mary (my mom) had you clean it up too.”

I said, “Oh yes and then some.”

Then as she poured a drink, she said, “Well I’m going to unpack, get out of this dress and into something more comfortable. Why don’t you go ahead and order a pizza? My treat, and I don’t care about the toppings.”

I submissive cuckolds porno went to call the pizza place and while I was ordering the pizza, Sarah went into the refrigerator, got a bottle of beer, opened it, and set it beside me as she looked at me and winked. She went off to my room. When I finished ordering, I decided to go change into the shorts mom liked and a tank top. I had put a few of my clothes and things downstairs that morning, so Sarah could have my room. When I got back upstairs, I heard Sarah calling for me.

“Joe, can you come in here for a minute? I’ve got a problem.” As I entered my room, Sarah was standing there struggling with the zipper on the dress. She saw me and asked, “Can you help me with this zipper? It’s stuck.”

I replied, “Sure.” I walked toward her as she turned around. I could see that she had a pink lace bra on as I begin to try and work the zipper free. It took me a few minutes to get the zipper free and I worked it up and down before pulling it down to expose the tops of a pair of matching pink-lace panties that she was wearing.

As soon as I saw the panties, she reached behind and grabbed the zipper from me saying, “I think that’s far enough. Thank you Joe.” I stepped back and started to leave, and she said, “You don’t have to leave. I won’t bite you. I’m sure you’ve seen your mother in her undies too.” She pulled the dress off, put it on a hanger and handed it to me saying, “Would you hang that in your closet please.” I hung it up and watched her put on a long nightshirt.

We went to the living room and turned on the TV and started talking while we waited for the pizza. She got up once to pour herself another drink and asked, “Can I still smoke in the garage?”

I said, “Yes.” And offered to get her a chair.

She said, “No thanks, I just need to get my stuff.” She went to my room and came out with a small leather bag and went out to the garage. She returned a few minutes later and brought me another beer. As she sat down beside me, she asked, “How long before that pizza gets here? I’m starving.”

I answered, “It should just be a few more minutes aunt Sarah. I’m hungry too.”

She grabbed my arm and said, “You know, when it’s just you and me, you can just call me Sarah. Really, it’s OK now.” She went on talking about college and how it would be a lot different than high school.

Then the pizza arrived and she gave me the money to pay for it. We ate pizza and talked more about college over beer. When we finished all but three pieces she said, “I’m full now. In fact, I think I ate too much, but there’s nothing better than pizza and beer.” Then she said, “Hey, let’s do a shot!” She went to the bag and pulled out a bottle. Then she went to fridge for a lime she bought, and the cabinet for some salt. She got everything assembled and asked, “Have you ever done a shot of Tequila Joe?”

“No Sarah” I answered as I watched her find a knife and cut the lime.

She said, “OK, take your lime slice, wipe your hand right here and pour some salt on it.” I did so as she got two shot glasses out, poured our shots, and went on, “Now take your glass in the same hand as your salt and have your lime in the other hand. Now watch me.” She licked her hand, poured the shot down, swallowed it quickly, and bit down on the lime. Then she looked at me and said, “OK, now it’s your turn.” I did it the same way she did and the Tequila burned as it went down. She grabbed my beer bottle and handed to me as she said, “Chase it down with this.” As I did, she said, “The trick to shots is to space them out, or you’ll get really drunk, really quick. Are you OK?”

I could feel a warmth come over me as the shot settled down in my stomach, but I said, “I’m OK. That wasn’t bad.”

“Really?” She asked, “Do you want to try something else?” After a bit of silence, she asked, “Have you ever tried weed, grass, or marijuana?”

I replied, “No, I’ve never tried it.”

She looked at me and asked, “Well, how about if your ‘Auntie Sarah’ corrupts you some more tonight? Don’t worry, it will be our little secret.” Then she grabbed my hand and led me to the garage. When we got down there, she grabbed her leather bag and pulled papers and a baggie out. She quickly rolled a joint and said, “Now watch me.” She took some in, held her breath for a few moments and then slowly let it out. Then she offered me the joint saying, “Here, you try it now.” I almost gagged as I inhaled it, but held most of it in as I handed the joint back to her. She then told me, “Now let it out slow.” As I did, she asked, “How do you feel?”

I said, “I feel the same.” She took another hit and passed it back to me. Then I tried it again. She exhaled and then I did.

“How do you feel now?” she asked as she took it back.

“I feel different now.” I told her, and I did too. It was a weird sensation, but I felt really good.

“I can see that.” She said as she finished the joint. Then she walked over to me, took my hand again and led me back inside. We sat on the sofa and sex parties porno talked for a bit, just babbling about meaningless things. Then she said, “I’m hot.” As she took her top off. I sat there for a moment watching her in her pink-lace bra and panties and she asked, “What? I was hot so I took my top off. Now I’m not hot anymore. Are you hot?” I was and I took my top off as Sarah watched me. Suddenly, I noticed that I was very erect and the tip of my cock was pointing out of the top of my shorts and Sarah could see it. I went to shift my legs, but it was too late. She noticed and shot me a smile as she asked, “Joe, are you aroused right now?” Before I could say anything, she got up and said, “Let’s get another drink in the kitchen.” Then she turned around and motioned for me to come with the curl of her finger.

I got up and followed her to the kitchen where she was pouring two more shots. “Time for some smaller shots, but lets do them a little different. Come closer.” As I did, she smeared my nipples with the lime slices and lightly rubbed salt on them. She took a glass and the lime in each hand and came even closer. Because I stood over a foot taller than her my nipples were at just the right level. She looked up at me with a smile and asked, “Are you ready?” I just nodded and she licked and sucked my right side, then did it to my left. It felt incredible and I think I let out an audible moan. She then took the half shot down and rubbed my nipples with the lime again and sucked on them both. She then backed away, smiled as she looked me in the eyes and said, “Now it’s your turn big boy.” She reached back, undid her bra, pulled it off, exposing her visibly hard nipples, and threw her bra over her shoulder without a care. I just stared at her breasts as she asked, “You didn’t think I’d leave that in the way did you?” She handed me the lime and salt and said, “Go ahead and squeeze the lime over my nipples, pour some salt on them, grab your glass and the lime and do it like I did.”

I said, “OK” I was so hot and horny then and she was just standing there. By now, I knew it was my turn to make a move. I smeared the lime on her right nipple and poured some salt over it. Then I did the same to her left nipple. I grabbed the glass and the lime. I looked down at her and asked with a grin, “Are YOU ready?”

As I bent down, she said, “No, wait!”

I thought, “Oh shit Joe. You’ve screwed up now!”

Just about that time, Sarah jumped up on the high counter so her breasts were higher. She smiled and said, “That’s much better. OK, now I’m ready!” I got closer to her again and started licking and sucking her right breast, and she let out a soft moan. When I moved to her left breast, she moaned, “Oh God, I’m so fucking horny right now!” I took my shot and rubbed her nipples with the lime. I licked and sucked them again and she said, “Oh God Joe! Please don’t stop. This feels so fucking good right now!” I put the shot glass and lime down and faced her again. Our eyes were almost level and met. She grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me closer into her body as she kissed me passionately. I ran my hands down her back as we kissed and suddenly she jumped off the counter as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I had to grab her ass to hold her up and she just moaned, “Yes, don’t stop Joe. Please don’t stop.” As she thrust her pelvis into my torso, I feel her soaked panties. She stopped kissing me and said, “Well this is interesting. We might have to try this later on, but right now I want you to carry me to your room. Would you like that?”

I replied, “Oh Yes!” We were kissing and grinding as I carried her back to my room. When we got in there I lowered us down onto my bed and I started pulling her panties down as she was doing the same with my shorts. I got between her legs and she grabbed my cock to guide it in. She was wet but very tight, tighter than Sue was! It was slow going all the way in and I could feel her cervix against my tip as I eased it all the way in. Then we started off slow, but as she loosened up our pace and intensity increased. I didn’t last long at all because she had me so hot and worked up! I could feel it building up as we were both getting our rhythm.

Sarah felt so good, and she was just screaming my name. Then, when I was on the brink, she yelled out, “Oh God yes Joe! Cum inside me! Let me feel you spurt!” With that I came, and as I was finishing she yelled, “Don’t stop! I’m so close.” Despite feeling myself going flaccid, I continued fucking her and within seconds I could feel her cum. The sensations of feeling her contractions in her tight little pussy and then her squirting started making me hard again almost instantly—that was a first! At that age it didn’t take me long to “recharge”, and it still doesn’t usually; but this was one of the few times it happened that quickly without Viagra or something similar. As Sarah was recovering she asked, “My God, Joe, are you already hard again?”

“Oh yeah!” I replied as I started softly thrusting again.

She replied, “Why don’t we try it standing spankbang porno up, like we were doing earlier? I REALLY want to try that!”

“Yes!” I replied as I stopped and pulled out of her and got up off my bed. Sarah got up and we embraced and kissed for a minute.

Then she asked, “Are you ready?” I nodded and she said, “OK, grab my ass and pull me up.” I grabbed her little ass and began lifting her as she grabbed my shoulders and wrapped her legs around my waist. Once she was wrapped around my waist, she reached around, grabbed, my cock and lowered herself around it. It was a bit clumsy at first, but we soon figured it out. I moved my hands around to her hips so I could still hold her, but also pull her up and down. She began flexing her hips and thighs to the rhythm. I was driving so deep inside her; I could feel her cervix with every stroke. Sarah started moaning and then she was yelling my name. Soon after that, she came, big time. When she came, I felt her squirt and then felt it just gushing down my legs. I was getting closer as I felt her cum again. This orgasm was even bigger than her first, and she just froze on me as I continued pushing and pulling her by the hips. Then suddenly, she let out a blood-curdling scream from deep inside her as she arched her back, and I almost lost my balance and grip on her. Then she shifted back into me as she inhaled, “OH GOD YES! YES! FUCK ME HARD JOE YES, DON’T STOP!” She was bucking wildly on me as she continued to scream incoherently. I could feel a constant flow of her juices running past my cock and down my legs. Then it hit me, one of the most intense orgasms I can remember. As I shot my load deep inside her, Sarah just went wild. I remember loosing my footing as we were both screaming and cumming together.

As I started going flaccid, our pace slowed as she pulled my shoulders to kiss me. We were both red and out of breath. It was then I suddenly realized how tired my arms, shoulders, back and hips were. Then she looked me in the eyes and said, “That was INCREDIBLE! Now grab my ass again so I can get down. I think we BOTH need a break.” She pulled up and my cock slipped out of her dripping pussy. Then I lowered her down and we both laid on the bed and recovered a bit. Then she turned over to me and said, “I definitely need a joint now! You’re welcome to join me or you can just come down to the garage with me.”

I replied, “I’ll just go to the garage with you.”

“Good.” Sarah said, “That way we can talk a bit. Why don’t we get something to drink on the way.” I nodded in agreement as we got up and then we noticed the wet carpet and both looked down. She said “Oh my! We’re going to have to do something about that!” There was a huge wet spot in the center of my floor. She put her nightshirt on as I grabbed my shorts. We went to the kitchen where I grabbed a soda and she poured herself a glass of wine. We went down to the basement to go out to the garage and Sarah commented, “Mary says you’re going to build yourself a little apartment down here.”

She stopped as I answered, “Yeah, I’ve got to do it this summer.”

We looked around briefly as she took my hand and said, “I have a few ideas, but right now we need to talk a bit while I relax.” We went out to the garage, sat down, and as she rolled herself a joint, she told me, “Joe, you know the basement wasn’t all your mother and I talked about. Even though she said that she is curious about you and even admitted to sneaking peaks of you, I think Mary desires you too.” We looked in each other’s eyes and she went on, “I don’t know if you’re even interested in your mother that way, and even if you were, I’m not sure how you’d her in bed. She has always been such a prude, but now that you and I have enjoyed ‘the dirty deed’, I don’t see that as an issue. I’m just telling you, that I think Mary desires you on a very deep level.” She stopped to light her joint and went on. “Your mother was the one who brought this idea up. The night of your Prom, she said she thought that maybe you would loose your virginity that night along with your date. She also said she wanted to make sure you knew a bit more about pleasing a woman before you went to college. So, we talked about it and I agreed to seduce you.” Then she took another drag and said, “The old ‘zipper struck’ trick was just that, and I could see the lust in your eyes after you freed it. We both saw it when I took my shirt off in the living room. Then I knew I had you!” She smiled as she took another puff. “Us going to do those shots in the kitchen was just icing on the cake. You should have seen your expression when I took my bra off! I bet I could have just as easily have seduced you right there on the sofa if I wanted to, right?”

“Yes.” I replied as we looked at each other.

As she finished her joint she said, “Lets get something to eat and take a quick shower. Then I’ll show you a few things.” We went inside, got something to eat, and took a shower together. I was getting hard again running soap over her body and her nipples were getting hard as she said, “Save it for the bedroom tiger.” We finished, dried off and went back to my bedroom. “We’ve got to do something about that.” Sarah said as she pointed to the large (2-3-foot diameter!) wet spot on the floor. She told me to get a fan and she went to find some cleaner. We cleaned the spot naked and then I put the fan on it and she asked, “Have you ever had a blowjob Joe?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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