Seeing Double Ch. 02

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I remember our first time the way you’d remember a vivid dream. It was Robby’s first time ever, a fact that I never cease to lord over him.

It was late at night, during our freshman year at Juliard, and we were in our beds trying to sleep. At least I was trying to sleep, Robby was masturbating. I could hear from across the room, that familiar rustle of cloth paired with the husky breathing associated with an elevated heart rate. It was shameless.

“Robby either hurry it up over there or quit making so much noise, you’re giving me a problem.”

The rustling stopped. “Yeah, what am I doing that so offends your finer sensibilities?” I could tell by his voice that he was embarrassed I’d called him out on it.

“You’re jerkin’ it like your life depends on it. Hurry up.” I was such a bastard, digging away at a raw nerve. Robby’s crystalline virginity at age eighteen, and subsequently abundant masturbation comprised something of a taboo subject. Even with me.

“Oh yeah? If you want me done quicker, why don’t you just man up and come over here and gimme a hand!”

I was taken aback. It was always a contest between the two of us, who could out-shock the other. But for once he sounded– serious never applies to my brother, he sounded sincere.

“Robby, you naughty thing! You’ll be jailed for that kind of talk.”

“Possibly executed.”

“It’ll be the electric chair for you.”

“Lethal injection.”

“Not to mention what mom and dad would do to us.”

“Dismemberment, at the very least.”

“Castration, even.”

There was a long pause.

“So what’re we waiting for?”

I considered this proposal. Or at least pretended to. “Alright,” I shrugged, “Come here.”

Completely naked, he threw back his covers and strode across the room to my bed. I couldn’t help but notice that the erection bobbing between his legs was an exact replica of mine.

We had never done anything like this before. It was like the boundary we couldn’t cross. We’d kissed, we’d slept in the same bed, but we’d never crossed the line into sex acts. As odd as it sounds, those things we did were more expressions of companionship than sexual desire. It was almost as if we were both afraid of committing that one social taboo, that scary “I” word.

As he slid between the sheets with me, I held up a finger. “I’ll do this on one condition.” My heart was pounding. I was almost afraid of him twitter porno noticing.

“Let’s hear it.”

“You’ve got to return the favor.”

He pretended to consider the proposal, then shrugged. “Okay.”

We lay on our sides, facing one another. Before I could think twice about what we were about to do, I reached down between us and quested for his cock, finding it like an old familiar friend. I marveled at how completely identical we were, pulling my hand up and down along his shaft.

I wondered if he had all the same little spots as I did, pressing my thumb into the underside of his cockhead. He

jumped, moaning and leaning into my grip.

I guess we do.

His rough hand caressed it’s way down my stomach, giving me goosebumps. Fingers closed around my stiff member, squeezing, tugging. Brother masturbating brother, like reaching through a mirror to find your reflection has a life of it’s own.

“You’re not half bad,” Robby panted in my ear. As if he had any point of reference.

“You either. I guess practice does make perfect.”

“At least I’ve never practiced on another guy.”

“At least I’ve HAD practice.”

Removing his hand from my anatomy, he stuck his tongue out at me. “If I hadn’t been practicing on myself, you wouldn’t be getting a handjob, sir.”

I grabbed him by the tongue. “I’ll cut that off.”

“Then you won’t get head.”

What? That stopped me in my tracks. He was planning on sucking me off? Before I could think, a devilish grin crossed his features. Now, after a lifetime together, I’ve learned that that particular facial expression of his usually precedes a very shockingly inappropriate life decision–

“Oh, fuck, Robby!”

–or something very naughty.

I felt him smile around his mouthful.

Never in my life had I been serviced so thoroughly.

After several minutes of this, I flipped us over in a golden, beatific haze, and took him in my mouth. It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. A thick heat had fallen over my senses. ‘Is this love?’ I thought to myself, ‘Yes, it must be.’ In that moment, I couldn’t remember being happier in my life. I wanted more though, I wanted to melt into his body and BE him. His fingers combed through my hair, his legs tight around me, whispering my name over and over and over. I’d never had this with any of my other girlfriends, this sense of partnership. xhamster porno

“Michael,” he gasped, “Michael, I have to cum-“

“Not in my mouth.” I looked up at him, our eyes met. I held my breath, hoped he understood what I was asking him.

Wordlessly, we exchanged places. My twin looked down at me, eyes flitting across my features. He was thinking hard. “I won’t fit though. It’s… Too small.”

“You will. Girls are just as small.”


Who was he fooling? He had no idea. For a moment, I reveled in the fact that I had more experience in this area than he did.

I carefully guided him between my legs and sighed, content. He gently pushed moistened fingers into me, soft wet sounds filling the room. I watched him voyeuristically, his face screwed up in concentration. He was so serious.

I was drifting into a state of warm pleasure when I felt him against my thigh. Our eyes met. Robby shot me a suspicious look.

“You’ve wanted this all night, haven’t you?”

Unable to contain my grin, I blushed, stumbling around verbally.

“I knew it. Dirty bastard…” He began to push himself into me. For some absurd reason, I asked myself if I was about to take my twin brother’s virginity. Then the pain set in.

“Ow, hey, that fucking hurts! Stop, Robby, stop!”

A loud bang came from the other side of the wall. We froze, half in, half out. Then the livid tone of a sleeping beast, wakened, “Boys! Whatever you’re doing to hurt one another, stop it now! It’s the middle of the night!” Hell hath no fury like a mother sleep-deprived.

Panicked, I began to push him off. “Robby, this was a bad idea.” What the hell were we thinking? “We’ve gotta stop, what if they hear us??”

He held his ground, attempting to cover my mouth with his hand while driving his cock deeper with the other. “No, shh Mikey, we’ll be quiet, please? Come on, seriously, you’ll like it it, I promise. It’ll be great. Please, Mikey?”

Before I could answer, before I could even think, he swooped down and kissed me, driving his throbbing member even deeper into me. After a moment, the pain melted away to a fiery pleasure.

At first, he was awkward. Thrusting erratically, falling out. “Look, come here…” I put one hand on the back of his neck and another on his hip, pulling him closer. Gently, I began to guide him. “Feel,” I breathed into his ear, “Don’t xnnx porno think. Feel me.”

He let out a shuddering sigh and we fell into a rhythm. Even in the dark of our bedroom, I could see him panting and biting his lip. He was adorable.

“You liking this, Mikey-boy?” he whispered.

“You’re very cute.”

He gleefully began to drive harder. I laid back and watched my brother go about his business, his skinny little body undulating with each thrust, chest gleaming pale in the darkness. I reached up and ran my hands across the smooth skin, gently playing with his tiny nipples. Robby looked so innocent, so sweet. He was in over his head in a fish-out-of-water kind of way. Yet he felt so hard inside me, very different from what I’d expected. There was a burning to what he was doing to me, but I suppose it felt good. He leaned down and grabbed me by the hair for a kiss. Yeah, definitely felt good.

“Michael, Michael,” he gasped, picking up speed. He’d lost his rhythm, but I didn’t care. He was so big, so hard, so hot, pumping in and out of me in a way that just felt so– fucking– good. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth, wanting him, needing him. Clinging to the feel of my brother’s breath in my ear, panting, gasping, laughing, murmuring, moaning. Oh, God, oh fuck, it was so intense!

“F-fuck!” he cursed, “Michael, oh my fucking prince–!” he surged and held himself suspended above me, his mouth open in a silent scream, wrapped in the apogee bliss and passion. After a moment, he gave a slight murmur and withdrew, falling into my arms. He was breathing heavily. “So that’s sex.”

Ha! So it DID count! I’d never let him forget this.

“You didn’t ever finish,” he said, childishly concerned. He rolled off of me and pulled the covers back, exposing my neglected anatomy.

“It’s okay, I’ll do it-” I said.

“I want to watch.” Robby laid his head down on my chest and paid rapt attention as I finished myself off. It didn’t take long, after the job he’d just done on me. He held on to my cock as I orgasmed, feeling the waves of my climax passing through his fingers. It was an almost childlike fascination, his eyes innocently wide and expressive. He started, as one rope of semen landed in his hair, the rest falling on my chest and stomach. Finished, I sighed, and our eyes met before he collapsed in my arms. He nuzzled into my chest, shaking with soft laughter. His breath caressed the skin near my nipples, making goosebumps break out across my body.

“What’re you so happy about?” I brush the semen from his hair.

“You’re a prince, Michael. That’s why I’m happy. You’re my prince.”


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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