Sera Ch. 24

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Abella Danger


“Feeling better now?” Sheila asked.

She was dropping the bag of my soiled clothes at the edge of the bar as I sat at a nearby table, stripped to my underwear. The barely controlled smirk she’d had was now an outright grin.

“Yuh,” I lied with a painful gasp.

Mum was actually helping Sheldon to clean up my breakfast at the door, the bartender himself fighting not to vomit as he swabbed away with the mop.

“She’s got a pretty hard punch, eh?” Sheila asked further.

“Uh,” I miserably confirmed.

“You folded like superman’s laundry. Haaa!”

I shot her a reproachful look.

“Ohhh! Come on, you can take it! She’s just a girl!”

“Sheila, knock it off!” Mum called.

“Well, crap on a cracker, the kid deserved it. I told him he was crazy for getting involved. I told him this kind of thing would happen.”

“He was doing as his mother asked!”

“Oh, well that makes a big difference, doesn’t it? Let’s hope his mother doesn’t ask him wrestle some annoying pit-bull,” she laughed in return.

“Sheila…” Mum warned.

“Jeez kid, if I ever need a sucker to throw himself between me and some guy’s homicidal, gun wielding wife, I’ll definitely know who to-“


We both jumped at Mum’s shriek and, while I didn’t see Sheldon’s initial reaction, he seemed to be climbing back into his skin when I did look.

“You’re supposed to be comforting him, not making fun of him!”

“Okay, sorry!”

Sheila came back to the table and picked up the cold facecloth to hold against my forehead again, speaking in a low voice.

“For what it’s worth, it was a noble thing. Just stupid. How are you going to fuck Kitten now? She’s pretty mad, you know.”

“I got that.”

“(Sigh) Yer stupid, kid.”

She was probably right. Kitten’s fist seemed to bring a lot of sense to what Aunt Ashleigh had told me concerning the role she’d have had Gina play, and that wasn’t helping my gut, either.

Finally, Mum came back, she and Sheldon having gone to wash up after cleaning the contents of my stomach from the floor and removing my clothes from the bar. At this point, I was able to join them there, taking the stool they’d saved for me between them.

“I need booze,” I determined with a desperate edge to my tone.

“That’s what she said,” my Aunt noted with another grin.

Mum laughed despite herself, and ordered up a triple Bailey’s with milk for me. I didn’t get the joke, but I wasn’t all that concerned just then.

“Don’t listen to her, sweetie pie,” Mum said, although still grinning with mirth. “You did a good thing.”

“Yeah.” I halfheartedly agreed. “I thought breakfast was a good thing too.”

“I’ll make you something a bit later,” Sheila said, giving me a playful kiss on the side of the face. “Like you said you’d help me when you ate the fixings for that lasagna?”

“Yeah, yeah,” I absorbed.

Mum’s unreadable expression was hard to discern, but at least it didn’t make me feel like I should get Sheila out of there for her own safety. Her verbal reaction, delivered with a curious tone, was a little uncomfortable, though.

“So, you two have been fucking.”

” … Well…” Sheila said, shrugging with an ambiguous expression before looking at me.

“Mum… yes. Yes, we have. You must have known that.”

“I just have a hard time picturing it.”

“Y’know what I had a hard time with?” Sheila asked with a tricky grin.

“What?” Mum asked.

“You and Steven playing drawback.”

I could have choked her. I’d told her about it the night before, but I didn’t know how Mum would feel about me sharing that with her estranged sister. Luckily, Mum only blushed, suddenly grinning as she darted her eyes at me.

“Uh huh,” Sheila chortled, “let’s hear it.”

“It sounds like my loyal son has already told you everything.”

“No details, and I have to bug for what he does tell me.”

“Never doubted you for a moment,” Mum told me, to which we all laughed a bit, me painfully as I took a sip from my drink.

“So, tell me about it,” Sheila started.


“You know what. Drawback with Steven.”

“Why should I?”

“Because you know I’d like it.”

“Well…” Mum allowed, her blush deepening just a little as she cleared her throat to go on. “This other time-“


“This other time,” Mum insisted, “the turning point, really. It was one morning when we were sitting at our table…”

“Oh boy,” I groaned.

Being pretty sure of what she was going to relate, I took a healthy gulp of my drink, wondering how this was in any way better than the drawback story. Sheila took my dreadful expression and a flush that probably matched Mum’s as a positive sign, no longer rolling her eyes in disappointment, but smiling again as Mum went on to make me look like the ultimate pervert.

“Well, we’d already been sleeping together, and uh… well, his cock was hard and pressed against me every night. After the, uhh… changes in my life, amatör porno not to mention some other factors, such as it being years since I’d had a man, well…”

“Okay…” Sheila almost begged. “You’re sitting at the table and…”

“We get to just… looking at each other. In that way, you understand.”


“It was his birthday, and he asked me if I could pull up my top. So he could see me in my bra.”

“Ohhh. Did you?”

“Yes. (Giggle) At first I was surprised, maybe a little shocked, but I couldn’t have resisted. It made me feel good about myself, so I just did it. Then he wanted me to pull my skirt up and show him my ass and all…”

“And you did,” Sheila assumed with a grin that looked as though it was going to split her face.

“Yeah!” Mum told her as though not doing so would have been utterly senseless.

They both giggled at this, Sheila looking at me with that look in her eye as I tried to avoid her expression.

“I knew he was perverted,” she said, “but how refreshingly…”

“Honest?” Mum suggested.

“Yeah. That and maybe something else. It’s hot as hell, I know that.”

It was and there was no denying it. This memory had me well on the way towards a full erection and, as awesome as it would have been, I really didn’t have the guts to get freaky with the misery sisters just then. However, there was no mistaking how the two were getting along. There was obviously no danger of Mum abusing Sheila, although my aunt felt more like a sister with Mum around. When they weren’t trying to choke each other to death, the two seemed to have a unique bond that was quite unmistakable.

By the time Mum was halfway through telling her about how she agreed to show me her pussy, I realized that she was bragging. Yes, it was about turning herself and Sheila on, but she was also bragging about having access to me as her son and about my obvious attraction and loyalty to her.

I was at full erection and I was beginning to wonder why it was I’d even come to the cave to begin with, Mum regaling my now squirming aunt about the first time she played with my cock. This wasn’t exactly the time to be talking to Mum about her off estate exploits, and I was gulping down the last of my drink in preparations of excusing myself when my condition got noticed.

“Look, Kathy,” Sheila said.

I jumped a little at her grabbing my dick through my boxer briefs.

“Sheila,” I complained, getting off the stool as Mum stared with a stupid grin.

“Where ya goin?” The little blonde asked.

“Yeah, where are you off to?” Mum asked, putting a hand on my lower back as she smiled at me. “You’ve just had a nasty punch in the stomach, you should sit down.”

“Mum, I- Sheila, stop it,” I said with a feeble gesture as her massaging hand felt so good.

“I love how he cums all over,” was her reply.

Another feeble attempt was cut off when Mum pulled my underwear down for her sister.

“Oh, yeah,” Sheila whispered, grabbing me up and stroking me slowly with her amazing technique.

“Sheila…” Mum said in the same tone, getting closer as she actually licked her lips. “You’re such a little slut.”

“Mmmmmm,” she agreed, adding, “Go ahead, Kathy. Show me how you suck your son’s cock.”

“Uhmm…” my mother replied as she went to her knees.

With Sheila holding me at my base, Mum grabbed my thighs with firm hands and sucked my cockhead into her mouth with another moan. I moaned as well as I watched Sheila take this in, loving it as she directed Mum.

“Yeah, suck him. Suck his head. Suck like a whore.”

“Mm- (slurp)- mmmm,” Mum revved.

She didn’t waste too much time, soon going right down on me, deepthroating like the pro she is before sucking me like the whore Sheila wanted to see. Oh god, it was so good, and Sheila’s presence made it better in ways that are hard to qualify, but her own turn at my hardness was as appreciable as my mother’s.

Both of them on their knees, they held me there as they shared me, licking and sucking at my cock and balls until I approached orgasm. In a sexual sense, they both knew me well enough to know that crucial moment, but it was Sheila who jerked my first few heavy shots to Mum’s lower face before plugging my cock into her sister’s mouth.

They both moaned almost as loud as I did as I watched my jizz running down Mum’s chin, her throat swallowing mind numbing shots that Sheila’s hand coaxed out, stroking me until I stopped, more cum running out of her dazed little sister’s mouth and down her chin.

It was so good that it actually hurt, mostly because of my too recent stomach trauma, and I actually staggered backwards a step before they both stabilized me. Somewhere in my mind, I knew I’d better get out of there as soon as possible before I had them both riding me, sore gut or no.

My chance came when Sheila fastened her mouth to Mum’s, deep kissing her. At first, she seemed hesitant, this act being somewhat of a dare for her as Mum took it with some surprise anal porno on her part. As the younger blonde got over it, Sheila became more sure of herself until they were both in each other’s arms and making out.

The problem here was that I didn’t want to miss this. It wasn’t just two blonde sisters passionately making out, but somehow so much more. It was intoxicating, but I didn’t feel up to getting entangled with these two for staying to watch.

“Oh, I’m so sorry to interrupt…”

We all jerked out of our own little world of perversions to the sound of Delores’s voice behind us. We hadn’t even noticed her coming in and even Sheldon looked surprised, removing his hands from his pants. The two had a definite and strong chemistry, and that was for sure.

“Mistress Ashleigh has instructed me to inform you that she’ll be holding a family meeting in her den at midnight tonight. She suggests you rest beforehand as it may be a somewhat lengthy meeting, however refreshments will be served throughout and the kitchen will be open to any and all orders for the duration.”

As she was saying this, her eyes were repeatedly drawn to the sexual spectacle of my Mum and her older sister in each other’s arms with my cum smeared all over their mouths. She waited patiently for any questions before I finally broke out of the mental quagmire we were all stuck in to one degree or another to politely excuse her.



I’d taken a shower and washed my hair thoroughly. What almost amounted to a smile crossed my lips as I put on a pair of deep maroon, lace bikini panties. I was thinking about how the ruiner’s gut felt when it wrapped around my knuckles, how satisfying it was to see the look on his stupid, stunned face when he dropped to his knees in front of me. The fact that he’d puked, however gross, put the icing on the cake.

Not that I wasn’t still mad. Oh, I was plenty mad, but by the time I donned a matching bra, I’d given up on trying to think of inventive ways to cause him grief, deciding instead to let fate drop its own opportunities in my lap as I went. Wearing a long, baggy pink T-shirt with an old pair of jeans, I grabbed a beer from my kitchenette and flumped down on the couch to watch some TV and try to get my mind off things.

It didn’t work.

CTV news, filled with economic foreboding, made me think of Stevie, wondering what his opinions were, if he thought the troubles in the Middle East were contributing and what a rotten bastard he was.

Discovery made me think of Daddy and all those cozy nights we used to spend together in front of the TV. Gone forever now.

HGTV reminded me of a time when Gina and I were first together. I’d dragged her out to Peggy’s house to help me fix her basement door and we had such a great time…

I was about to start crying when I turned the television off.

Thanks to the staff, my apartment was as tidy as a naval ship and there was just nothing to do except sit there and wallow as I waited for Auntie and Sheila.

“Oh my god.”

“Get another drink,” I suggested.

“I have a drink,” I replied.

“You have a beer. Get another drink.”

The soft tone of the doorbell saved me from having to wrestle with that. It was Delores.

“Hello, Ms. Burchell.”

“Hi, Delores.”

” … Are you alright, Ma’am?”


“Of course. Mistress Ashleigh sent me to inform you of a family meeting in her den at midnight tonight.”


“Yes, Ms. Burchell.”

“In her den?”

“Yes, Ms. Burchell. Mistress indicates that it may be a lengthy meeting and that rest beforehand is advisable, however refreshments and orders from the kitchen will be available for the duration.”

“Huh. Okay, thanks Delores.”

“You’re very welcome, Ma’am.” she replied with a polite smile.

I closed the door and paused in thought before padding through my foyer and into my living room, to the coffee table where I quickly downed what was left of my beer before going to the kitchenette for that drink.

As soon as the triple was mixed, I downed it. I then started moving through my apartment, knocking things over and making as big as mess as I could, splashing water all over the bathroom, dumping powder and makeup, tossing the cushions from the living room all over the place and pulling the sheets off my bed, even whipping the pillows over the balcony railing.

I was laughing hysterically by the time I was pushing the box spring from my bed out into the corridor. Auntie Kathleen and Sheila had every right to be a little concerned when they rounded the corner to see this, more so when they got inside my apartment, but by then I was feeling strangely better.

“And you did all this because… why again?” Auntie asked as she and my biological mother worked to organize the bathroom well enough to dye my hair in it.

“I was bored,” I said from the doorway where I leaned against the jamb with my arms folded under my boobies and with a smile that felt as strange as my anal breakers porno mood. “I wanted something constructive to do, so I thought I’d clean my apartment. Only thing was that I had to mess it up first.”

“Uh huh,” she replied uncertainly as Sheila took glances at me and Auntie with a curious smile. “Sweetie pie, I love you, but… you’re a strange girl,” she said, laughing a little at the end of this statement.

I knew she didn’t mean to offend and I only continued to smile, shrugging my shoulders. Hey, it wasn’t as though I didn’t know that. Even the kids in school knew it.

“Duh,” Sheila sarcastically reinforced while gathering my makeup from the floor. “She’s a Burchell, Kathy. Look what I do when I want to spend time constructively.”

“What, other women’s husbands?”

“Yeah, that’s right, and you fuck your own kid.”

“You like to watch.”

“That’s my point,” Sheila said. “We’re all strange. Have you been… fortunate enough to be a guest in Ashleigh’s private rooms?”

“No,” Auntie replied.

“I have,” I said.

They both looked at me, Auntie with mild surprise, Sheila with a smile as she said, “So have I. A few times in fact, and I can tell you that Ashleigh is just as strange as any of us, if not more so. If any of us are ‘normal’ in that sense, it’d be Steven.”

“I haven’t told you about the time he sent me off to buy him a good pair of work boots with everything hanging out,” Auntie told her.

Now Auntie smirked as we both looked at her, our smiles widening at what kind of an insight she would have to his sexual perversions. She told the tale, about how embarrassed she was, but how much fun she had stooping over in the little uptown shop for the male patrons with an impossibly short skirt and no panties or bra, of how she told him all about it when she returned.

This and other stories she told us throughout their visit led me to find out what kind of a job he’d had in Saint John. Unbeknownst to him, Auntie had looked into it personally, influencing his employers for a first-hand look at how he was earning their money. Her descriptive of the muddy, rat infested hellhole he toiled in was quite effective and my respect for him rose sharply, despite how I’d hoped to soon have another chance at punishing him.

During the process of once again becoming blonde, I also got to hear many stories from Sheila. I laughed at some of the things she told us, sometimes surprised, sometimes amazed, but slowly learning an odd kind of respect for her as well. She was very wise in her way, much like Daddy had said pertaining to her abilities with social situations. At some point, I felt comfortable enough to touch on this a little with her and, happily, she wasn’t made too uncomfortable by my probe to answer directly.

“You’re not like what I expected. I mean, you are in a lot of outward ways, but… the feel I get from you is not what I would have expected from everything Daddy and Peggy told me.”

“No… I suppose not,” she said, smiling a little and adding, “But that was a long time ago. I’m still essentially the same person, but I have- at least I like to think I have- a bit more wisdom in my extended years.”

“Extended years?” Auntie asked with a smile that mirrored her sister’s.

“Whatever makes your birthday more bearable, sweetie pie. But to really answer your question, Kitten, I guess I’d say that I’ve learned to slow down enough to try to see where I’m going and where I came from. I’m more educated, more experienced and I’m glad I don’t come off the same way I did back then.”

That made sense and I barely nodded my reply to her in the mirror as she worked at my hair, Auntie sitting with one hip on the vanity in front of us with a thoughtful expression.

As I spoke openly with the two of them, they the same, I felt a level of inclusion that I’d never felt before, not even with Auntie Kathleen. It had something to do with the two of them, that indescribable thing that they shared when together, and it was as though I were a guest, a sort of honourary ‘misery sister’ and I knew it was because I was Sheila’s daughter more than my similarity as a Burchell, or that my gene pool even bore the name. I was a sort of chip off the ole block, to use the expression.

“What’s on your mind, Kathy?”

“This meeting tonight,” she mused.

“She always did this,” Sheila told me in the mirror, rolling her eyes. “One time when we were growing up, a kid from two doors down started flying a kite in his backyard every day after school. Kathy saw the kite and after three days started wondering what was up with-“


“Ha! She starts wondering what’s up with this kid and his kite. The silly thing thought he was signaling other kids in the neighborhood and wanted me to help her-“

“Okay, I was a kid at the time!” Auntie reminded while I giggled. “And I think this is bigger than that little rat bastard, Ryan Boswell!”

Sheila laughed out loud and I couldn’t help but join her, my Aunt’s suspicion and dislike of this person actually having hung on this long.

“And when he finally petered off and stopped,” Sheila managed, “well that really messed her up. The poor fuckin kid probably just got bored with the kite, but Kathy figured he knew that she knew and-“

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