Sexual Odyssey

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Part 1

Today is my 32nd birthday. I’m at our country club lounging on a beach chaise next to the pool with my friend Bethel. The journal I’ve kept since I was 18 is lying face down on my stomach. My entries are limited to my numerous and varied sexual encounters. One day I may share my adventures on the internet– anonymously, of course. But right now, I want to share a few of them with my new friend. She confided that she is married, but her secret passion is girls. She keeps a young actress in New York city who fucks her brains out. I can respect her choice. I like good pussy, too. But I also require a little more. I began…

…I went to camp that 18th summer as I’d done for the past eight years. This year I was a camp counselor with my own small cabin and a minimum wage salary. Our adult camp advisor drove me pretty hard during the day. She implied that ‘pretty and well-off’ didn’t mean that I could get by without doing my job. I am not bad to look at with my shapely figure, long blond hair and exotic green eyes. I didn’t make myself, did I? I wasn’t well-off either. My mother is a widow and my grandmother always provided the money for me to attend camp. They were both working now to pay for my college in the fall. But nothing I did was ever quite right for her. When I was called in for an incident over which I had no control, I decided to pack it in and quit after three weeks.

That night I cried myself to sleep. The little girls that I worked with were wonderful and I would miss them. I awoke later that night to a hand over my mouth followed by a hand on my left breast that eventually moved beneath my thin gown. When I saw who it was, I was not afraid, just surprised. It was my adult advisor with lust in her eyes. Her own seven year old daughter was in the group of girls that I supervised!

Without saying a word, she removed my gown and dropped her robe. She was a compact woman of about 30, pretty with short black hair and hazel eyes. She spread my legs, slowly rubbed my pussy and went down on me. I let her eat her fill of me as I came, stuffing my gown in my mouth to stifle my screams of joy. When she finally came up for air, she eased her pussy on mine, entwined our legs, locked our mouths and screwed me like really hard. I knew women did these things to each other. Never in my imagination did I think I would let a woman touch me like that. But she made my pussy feel so good.

The next morning I went to her office and withdrew my resignation. She smiled knowingly. She took me again that night and almost every other night thereafter until the season ended three weeks later. Oh, she still downed me verbally in front of the others counselors, but at night, in my darkened cabin, she ate all those mean words right out of my pussy and literally kissed my ass. Her sighs of pleasure or grunts of lust were the only sounds I ever heard as she fucked me. I learned a lot about my own pussy that summer–how it responds so much better to a touch other than my own, the joy it gave to her as she sucked it–and a lot about giving pleasure. Yes, I ate her pussy many of those nights while she ate mine. When she sucked at my asshole and stuck her fingers in there, this was a whole other world of pleasure as I squeezed them in me. I’ve never told another living soul about this, but my body remembers.

Part 2

My mom surprised me by suddenly marrying a modestly wealthy man she met on a Caribbean cruise last year. She and I moved into his spacious home after their honeymoon. His son and I took and instant dislike to each other. Billy was 19 and attended college locally.

One Saturday morning, I was lying on my bed reading a magazine. My door was open and I could hear Billy moving around in his room down the hall. Our parents had left early to hunt for antiques. Billy sounded restless, but that was not my problem. Ten minutes later I glanced up to see Billy standing in my doorway, naked, with the biggest and only dick I had ever seen.

“Gee, Bill,” I said “Do you know you’re naked?”

“I wanted to show you this, sister dear,” he said, pointing to the boner. “I have an idea I’d like to run by you.”

“What could you have to say or do that would possibly interest me?” I peeked at his hard-on again.

“What say you and I fool around a little? It’s not like we’re real sister and brother. I’ve been having these dreams about fucking you. You’re making me mess up a lot of sheets.”

“I’m not making you do anything, you lecherous bum.” But maybe I was. I was always half naked around the house. Like now, I was wearing a tank top, bikini panties and no bra. With my bedroom door open! Was I sending a subliminal message to Billy?

“Look, Kirs, it’s just that my hormones are raging and you’re here and so fucking beautiful and sexy. Who in his right mind wouldn’t want to fuck you? I have condoms–lots of them. We could practice with each other. I’ve never done it with anyone. Would you do it, Kirsten? I swear I’m about to burst.”

“Well, marks head bobbers porno Billy, even though I don’t like you all that much, I have had a few thoughts about you, too. You know my mom and your dad can never find out, don’t you?” Just like they can never know about my camp experience. I thought about the woman’s tongue in my ass out and got wet.

“Yes. Yes, Kirs,” he said, his dick leading him into the room. I was pulling off my tank and panties.

Not able to hold himself back any longer, my step-brother held his dick and rubbed it over my already wet pussy lips. He already had a condom in his hand, certain of this conquest. He rolled it onto his rock-hard, young dick and began to push in slowly. He got half way in before my hymen stopped him.

“Just do it, Billy. Break the damn thing and fuck me.” Billy pushed, it popped and he started pumping in earnest. Billy was like an automaton as he jack-hammered into me. He bellowed loudly as he came hard a few minutes later. Billy’s pumping in me felt really good after the slight pain faded, but I didn’t come with him. He pulled out and rubbed my clit. I thought about the moaning woman’s tongue licking at my pussy and ass hole as I came.

Luckily, our parents were antique freaks. We were able to go at it the following Saturday. As I watched them pulling out of the drive, Billy was already standing in my room naked, dick sheathed. I took off my robe and lay down on the unmade bed, legs spread wide and said, “Come get your kitty, Bill.”

Billy surprised me when he didn’t just dive right into me. He showed a sensitive side as he took the time to actually kiss me deeply and suck my breasts. He rubbed my clit and eased his fingers into my pussy bringing me to orgasm. Billy rose, poised himself over me and then plunged in hard and deep. Oh man, I came that time! On impact. Then I lay back, screwing my ass, letting Billy take the pussy he needed.

Our next time came when they went to a dinner party in the middle of the week. We were a little awkward at first, but we learned quickly as we ate and sucked each other to orgasm. Having had my pussy eaten many times, I knew what my pleasure would be like when Billy’s mouth found me. He was like off the chain when I slowly sucked his dick. He was insane as he fucked it down my throat. With time to spare before they returned, Billy said he’d like to try one more thing. Did Billy’s thing ever get soft? I don’t think so. Guys that age think with their dicks. He put me on all fours to take me from behind. He slid his dick easily into my already wet pussy as I pushed my ass back to him. He pulled back too far and slipped out. When he attempted to re-enter, his dick missed its mark and was pushing at my asshole. Now that felt good!

“Billy, put it in my ass. Pull my cheeks open and stuff it in!” I said excitedly.

This was merely another challenge for my wonder-dick brother–one that made him even harder. He slowly pushed his dick into my tight asshole until it was buried to the hilt. Billy started shaking from side to side, moving his dick in my ass. I was so filled up, my rectum was hurting and so heavy as I squeezed him. Tears leaked from my eyes and my body was covered in sweat. Billy plunged his dick in and out of me non-stop, making me cum over and over. Nothing ever felt this good. He pushed me down on the bed, dick still screwing in my ass. No matter what other fucking I would do in life, I decided then and there, that if I was to be penetrated by a man or a woman, my ass would be the primary target. Ass fucking was totally awesome.

Billy and I mainly ass-fucked whenever we got the chance. We liked it raw. He didn’t have to use a condom and it highlighted both our pleasures. As we looked at each other over the dinner table, we both though of our delicious secret. We were both anal experts in no time at all.

Part 3

I left home for college in the fall after a fantastic summer of fucking. I think I developed a bit of nymphomania when I gave it up to my brother. Luckily, I did not have to live in a dormitory. I was able to rent a small cottage on the property of a university couple. They were both professors at the university and lived a mere quarter mile away from my cottage. They invited me over for drinks a few days after I moved in. They were your typical preppy, collegiate type. He was pompous, darkly handsome, elbow patches and she a pale, wispy red-head–a nice looking couple. After a few drinks, she informed me that many girls had looked at the cottage, but they saw something in me that they liked over the others.

“What is that, Mrs. Giroiree?” I asked.

“Well,” she said, looking at her husband, “we wanted someone with whom we could form a bond–a sexual bond. You are quite tempting, Kirsten.”

“In other words, another fuck mate. And I look like the kind of person who would do something like that?”

“We don’t mean to offend. We just thought…” massage porno

“You thought right, Mrs. Giroiree. I would be delighted. I’ve had both sexes and enjoy them both.”

“John, this is so exciting, isn’t it?” She turned to her husband, touching his arm. “I told you she was the one. I can’t wait to see her pussy.”

“Wonderful, darling,” he said eyeing me with lust in his eyes. “Wonderful. When can we do this? Tonight? I’m certainly ready.”

“Tonight is fine with me. I just happen to be a little bit horny,” I said unbuttoning my blouse, revealing a lace push-up bra. She was licking her lips at the sight.

“Kirsten, we each like to watch as the other fucks. The three of us will never be in bed together.”

“No problem. Who’s fucking me first?” I asked, smiling, as I continued undressing. “Are we doing it here?”

“Honey, it’s been such a long time since you’ve had any pussy. You go first,” the husband acquiesced. “I’ll wait my turn watching you.”

“Kirsten, let’s go to our bedroom,” she said loosening her clothing. Her husband followed us into the mirrored room.

Mrs. Giroiree was insatiable as she sucked my entire body and ate and screwed my pussy. I’d never had my ass cheeks fucked with a pussy, but Mrs. Giroiree was in heaven as she did me. I could feel her pussy juice run down the crack of my ass as she fucked me. She said that it would not be necessary for me to suck her. Her husband could do that just fine later. The feel of female flesh and the taste, texture and smell of pussy and ass were what turned her on. “Your clit is like a little dick,” she mused before she pulled it with her lips.

As I came in Mrs. Giroiree’s mouth again, I glanced in a mirror at Dr. Giroiree sitting in a chair nearby rubbing a massive hard-on. I intended to have that puppy up my ass tonight!

An exhausted Mrs. Giroiree got hers but good, pulled away and sat in her husband’s chair to watch him get his. He positioned me on all fours at the foot of the bed. Without preliminaries, he pushed his dick in my pussy and started humping. He got a nice rhythm going, pushing his thick 8-inch dick in and out of me. “You have good pussy. Real good pussy. But can you take me in your ass, Kirsten?”

“You bet, Dr. Giroiree,” I smiled secretly. This was even better I thought. “Anytime you’re ready, sir.” Dr. Giroiree staked out my asshole as his territory. In superb control of his dick, he plunged, plundered and pounded his 8-inch dick in my ass like the expert he was. I knew I was home as he filled me. In their mirrors, I could see his sweating, gleaming body beating at mine. In another mirror I could see his wife and hear her ‘oohing and aahing’ at his strokes as she rubbed her slit and tit. “Fuck that ass, honey. You deserve it. Fuck her good.” Dr. Giroiree hammered my ass. When he pulled me up by my shoulders as he continued to screw me, it was almost the same as when my step-brother did me. I lost it then-completely. I started cumming—long hard spasms, contracting against his dick as he rubbed my breasts slowly.

“You like this, don’t you, kitten? I’m fucking this ass, aren’t I? My dick feels so good in you. Listen at yourself purr. I felt you cumming. Now I’m about to cum. Squeeze me tight as I cum, kitten.” With that, Dr. Giroiree pushed up hard and let loose, practically roaring as he released his load. He probably had as much cum as a 19-year old Billy.

I left them in bed, exhausted, and let myself out. This was the scenario, twice a month for the next four years. They let their lust for me build up for two weeks at a time. Then they exploded when we got together. We all got what we wanted. Mrs. Giroiree satisfied her taste for pussy and Dr. Giroiree was probably fucking some man in his mind as he used my body. No problem. Everyone is a latent homosexual. Giving and getting the pleasures we crave is what’s most important.

Part 4

I was not theirs exclusively. Twice a month was hardly enough for me. A week ago, a group from my Psychology class went to a little off-campus soul food restaurant. The owner was a big-boned and heavy-breasted black woman. She was not overweight, just robust and healthy looking. Her brownish-black hair was pulled tightly from her light brown face in a French twist. The face was lightly made-up and lovely. I could barely keep my eyes off her as she roamed around the room making sure her diners were happy. Purposely, I let my address book slide from my purse underneath the table so that I would have an excuse to go back later.

She called me at closing time to report finding the book. Perfect. I went right over to collect it. “Thanks so much for calling me. You know my name is Kirsten. And you are?”

“Matty, honey. Short for Mathilda. Don’t you just hate the name Mathilda? I’m only 38, but it sounds like I should be 70.” After stopping for breath and observing me ogle her titties, Matty smiled and said, “Kirsten, girl, are you in the life? meet-suck and fuck porno I sure hope you are. I just love eating skinny white girls.”

“Well, Matty, I swing both ways. And I’m very attracted to you.”

“Good, sugar. Let me just lock up. There’s a small bedroom and bath upstairs. Go on up and get comfortable.”

Whatever she had in mind, I was hot and I was game. I was removing my clothing, the little I was wearing, when she came in. She stopped to watch and began removing hers. She was a magnificent specimen of womanhood. Her breasts were big but not sagging, the stomach flat, the hips broad but shapely. I knew I could lose myself on that. She stretched out on the bed, gathered up her breasts together and said, “Come to mama, baby.”

Hot, I rushed to her, straddled her body and brought my pussy to the tits she held. I let it slide all over those long, hard nipples and accumulated flesh. I worked my self into a frenzy as I maneuvered my pussy on her.

“That’s real sweet, honey. I never had no pussy on my titties before. You making Matty cum doing that,” she moaned as I screwed her breasts, feeling her long nipples poking at my holes. “I want you to cum on them. Screw them harder, honey. They won’t break. That’s good, baby. Put my nipple in your pussy and squeeze. You making Matty real happy.”

A few more turns of my ass and thrusts of my pussy, she had her wish, complete with the day’s supply of pussy juice all over her big titties. “Matty, eat me now,” I pleaded as I moved my pussy to her face. There is something to be said for being big. This big woman had a long, thick tongue and knew how to use it. She sucked, licked, jammed her tongue in me. I rode that erect tongue like I would a dick, screaming and cumming the whole time as I fucked it. Mattie had me turn. My ass was in her face. “Oh, boy, oh boy,” I thought, “she’s going to fuck my ass.” She pulled my cheeks open and pushed her tongue deep inside. I knew I selected the right woman!

There was the sorority sister selling magazine subscriptions. She had parked her sales book on top of my things when we were in the restroom at the library. I was flipping through her book when she came out of the stall. We struck up a conversation and I invited her back to my place to tell me about her products. My mom and step-dad provide for me well and had recently sent me my usual and very generous allowance to spend as I wished. I was not into sororities–I was too busy satisfying other needs–but I knew they provided services to the community.

Needless to say, something sparked between us after she made her sale. In practically no time at all, that soror talked me out of my panties and was eating my pussy. She pulled a strap-on from her large tote, ordered me on all fours and had me begging for mercy as she put a fucking in my ass the likes of which I’d never had from a woman. As she prepared to leave, she told me she was on her way back to a certain neighborhood where she’d gotten good sales and good pussy to boot. “I had a mother and her daughter,” she boasted.

Part 5

Of course, I had many other little episodes along the way during my four years. There was the big guy from a sheep ranch in Oklahoma. He pretended like he just wanted my pussy from behind because he was too big to lay on top of me. I knew better. No problem getting old Hoss to take my ass! He was right back on the farm as he humped in me through the night.

Then there was the delicate young Vietnamese girl from the laundry where I took my clothes. Phuong, who worked at the shop owned by her parents and attended the university, personally brought my clothes one Saturday morning just as I was getting out of the shower. I opened the door clothed only in a towel.

There was still water in my ears, but I heard when she said, “I like pussy, Miss Kirsten. I can suck yours real good. I do my friend all the time.” Phuong was a very tiny, sweet girl who wanted to be totally Americanized. Her speech certainly was. Her brow and tongue were pierced. Her black hair had been dyed light brown and she was dressed half naked like the women our age. Well, I dropped my towel and pulled her in. She stripped quickly as she followed me to the bedroom.

Before giving her what she wanted, I educated her a bit. She could teach this to her girlfriend. I got on all fours and had her slide and pump a vibrating dick in my ass until I came. One hand was too small to hold the dick, so she used both. I got more sweet pressure in there when she used all of her strength. That ass fuck was heavenly. When I lay back on the bed, Phuong climbed all over me, sucking my breasts, rubbing her wet little pussy on me and sighing. I caressed her and couldn’t resist the urge to slide my finger along her ass crack as my clit slipped into her small pussy. She was true to her word as I came many times with her small mouth sucking on my clit and her little fist pumping in my pussy.

In spite off all of this fucking, I was still on the Dean’s List. I was also on his wife, sucking her pussy after she rimmed me in the upstairs bathroom of their home when I was invited to an Honors Tea. I tried to get him too, but he didn’t want to do it in my ass. His married son, a headmaster at a boys’ school, did just fine in his place.

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