Shower Mom Ch. 01

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I can’t tell you why I was headed down into the basement that fateful day in February of my senior year. We live in a ranch style house built by my father. There is a bathroom upstairs with a tub. In the basement is another bathroom, but this one has a walk-in shower. Dad built it so he could come in from work, go straight downstairs, and shower without tracking dirt and grime into the house.

As I said, I don’t remember why I was going down there. I only know that as I reached the bottom of the stairs I saw a vision that stopped me dead in my tracks. The curtain across the doorway of the bathroom (there was no door, so mom hung a curtain for modesty purposes.) was part way open. Through the open crack I could see my mother standing there naked, drying herself off with a big bath towel. She must have just finished her shower.

I could not get over how beautiful she was. I don’t think I had ever seen her even partially nude before. And now, suddenly, here she was. Her skin looked soft and glistening with the water still shining on her body. Her breasts were not large, C-cups maybe. But they stood proud and firm, capped with pale pink areolas that seemed to fade into her breasts as they spread out from the pink nipples. Her pubic hair, curly and plentiful, was the same golden brown color as the hair on her head.

I couldn’t think. I couldn’t turn away. I could only stare and feel my heart beat faster and faster. As if on autopilot, I slowly moved toward her. I couldn’t stop, even if I wanted to.

She did not see me until I pushed the curtain open all the way. Startled, she dropped the towel. Trying to cover herself with her hands, she exclaimed, “Gary, what are you do…?” As she looked into my eyes and saw the awe in them, her voice faded.

“Mom,” I hesitated. “Mom, you are so beautiful, … so wonderfully beautiful. I want to see you, look at you.” I raised my hands and drew her arms away.

Mom just stood there, like a deer caught in a car’s headlights. And I looked … and looked …and looked at her nakedness. She seemed almost like a goddess to me. Slowly, carefully, I reached out and cupped one of her gleaming breasts. It was so soft and yielding to my hand. Gently I hefted it’s weight, squeezed, and rubbed my thumb over the nipple. Mom moaned, but did not move. And then my other hand was caressing her other breast as well.

“Gary, you can’t … you shouldn’t.” Mom’s voice was soft, almost a whisper. Her tone carried no conviction in it.

As I fondled my mom’s breasts, I looked up into her eyes. She was staring at me in wonder, not believing I would do what I was doing. Heck, I couldn’t believe it either. Holding eye contact, I leaned forward and softly kissed her full lips. I drew back and smiled, and then kissed her again. On the third kiss she hesitantly kissed back. And when I drew back again, she smiled back at me as I smiled at her.

Our next kiss was gentle, yet sensual, with Mom fully participating. By the fifth kiss our tongues were beginning to explore each other’s mouth. Both of us moaned with the excitement of what was happening between us.

I stepped closer, reaching around to pull my mother’s naked body against my own. I kept one hand on her breast, not wanting to break that intimate touch. My other hand roamed up and down her back, caressing her. Slowly, I reached down and cupped her round ass. I squeezed the yielding flesh and pulled her pelvis tight against my throbbing erection.

I shuttered as I realized what I was doing. I was holding my naked mother, cupping both her breast and butt, while I was grinding my hard cock against her hairy pussy mound. And I was kissing her like a lover. There was nothing mother/son about what was happening. And, amazingly, my mother was letting me do it; was participating on her own.

“Gary, where are you? I need your help.” Dad’s shout broke the magic of the moment.

As I pulled away from Mom and she grabbed her towel, I called out, “I’m downstairs, dad. I’ll be right up.”

I looked at Mom. She looked confused, but her eyes shone with excitement, too. “I love you.” I told her.

“I love you, too.” she responded. “You better go see what your father wants before he comes looking for you.”

As I ran up the stairs, I cursed my father’s timing and wondered how what had happened would affect Mom’s and my relationship.

Nothing else happened that night or the next morning. What with both dad and my sister around, we never got a chance to even talk about what happened. But that evening, as she walked by in her robe, Mom announced that she was going down to take a shower. Normally Mom just went and showered. She never said anything. It was almost as if she wanted to make sure I knew what she was doing. Could it be some kind of invitation? I wondered.

I waited a little while and then checked on dad and sis. He was working on a project out in the garage and said he didn’t need my help. She was talking on the phone to one of her friends. Well that will keep her busy fake cop porno for the next hour or so, I thought. As inconspicuously as I could I made my way down to the basement.

The first thing I noticed was that the curtain was only half covering the doorway. Then I heard Mom shut off the water. As she stepped out of the shower stall she looked out and saw me standing there. She smiled, took a towel and began drying herself. She made no effort to close the curtain or cover herself.

Again I was captivated by her naked beauty. Why had I never seen it before? The most gorgeous woman in the world lived in my own home, and I had missed it. My cock hardened instantly in my pants.

When Mom bent down to dry her legs, her naked breasts hung invitingly from her chest, swaying enticingly as she rubbed. Hesitantly I moved forward, stepping into the bathroom. Mom straightened up and smiled. Nothing was said. I just took her into my arms and we kissed.

Right from the beginning this was a lover’s kiss, lips soft, mouths open, tongues dueling. As I pulled Mom’s naked body to me, I rubbed her back and palmed her ass cheeks, pushing my hard cock against her mound. Mom’s arms encircled me, pulling me into her warm embrace. Her hands roamed over my back and squeezed my butt. She even ground her cunt against my shaft.

When the kiss ended, I pulled back arm’s length and gazed openly at my mother’s naked body. “You are sooooo beautiful.” I told her, as I reached out to cup her breasts.

Mom sighed and push her chest out into my hands. “Gary, I don’t know what has happened between us.” she said. “But I love it when you look at me like this; and your touch feels so good. I can’t help it. I want you to see me, to touch me like this.”

I smiled at her. “I know what you mean. I don’t know what’s happening either. And I can’t seem to stop either. I love touching your beautiful naked body.”

Gently I squeezed and caressed Mom’s breasts, marveling at how hard her nipples became under my thumbs as I rubbed them. My eyes followed as I slowly moved my hands over her whole body, around her shoulders, down her arms, up her sides, over her stomach. As my hand moved lower, I looked up into her eyes. They shone with excitement. She smiled at my unspoken question and I looked down again to watch my fingers slide down into her pubic hair.

Her hair was soft and curly. It pulled at my fingers as they slid lower and lower. Mom moaned, opened her legs, and pushed her mound hard into my hand. As my fingers explored down between her legs, I found her moist slit. Her pubic hairs were still wet from her shower, but this was a different kind of moisture, thicker and slicker. I suddenly realized Mom was turned on by having her son touch her so intimately. Her juices were flowing freely from her excited vagina.

I slid my finger up and down her slit, feeling her pussy lips open to my touch. Soon my fingers were coated with her oily secretions and I was able to press inside, finding first her clit and then her open fuck hole. I slid two fingers deep into her vagina while using my thumb to massage her clit.

It was like turning on an electrical switch. Mom’s body began jerking against me as she tried to fuck herself on my fingers. She grabbed my head and pulled it to her.

“Oh, yes! Gary!” she cried. “That feels so good. You do such wonderful things to me. … Don’t stop. Keep fingering my cunt. Ooohhhh, yyyeeesss!”

Mom pulled my face right into her tits. I turned my head and sucked one nipple into my mouth and began lashing it with my tongue, causing her to gasp, “Oh, fuck, yes!” It was the first time I had ever heard my mother use the “f” word.

There I stood; my face pushed into my mother’s tits, my fingers squishing in and out of her wet cunt, my thumb strumming her erect clit, while she humped her naked body against me. My cock throbbed in my pants, threatening to cum in a sticky mess inside my underwear.

Then, suddenly, Mom went stiff, little tremors shaking her body. As she groaned out her pleasure I realized that I had just made my mother cum on my fingers. It was the last straw. My cock erupted, flooding my pants with the biggest load I think I ever shot. I almost buckled over from the force of it. “Oh, fuck … cumming!” I moaned.

We slumped together, breathing hard. I looked into her eyes and smiled. She smiled back and leaned in and kissed me. “Thank you.” she said.

Suddenly the back door banged shut at the top of the stairs, causing both of us to jump apart. I guess my sister went outside because when I looked up the stairs no one was coming down. When I turned back, Mom already had her robe on.

“We really have to be more careful.” she told me. “We can’t have your father or sister finding out about this. Maybe we should stop. After all, things got kind of carried away down here today.”

I pouted, “I don’t want to stop. I like what we did. Didn’t you?”

Mom smiled and caressed my face with her hand. “Of course, fake hospital porno I liked what we did. But we got careless. That’s dangerous. Let’s just cool it for awhile and calm down. Okay?”

Mom went on upstairs while I stayed and tried to clean up the best I could. “There is no way I’m going to cool it,” I thought. I loved what Mom and I were doing and I hoped to go even farther. Besides, she hadn’t been able to resist me so far. I began making plans for the next day.

Luck was with me. The next evening I watched carefully for when Mom headed down for her shower. This time she made no announcement of her intentions. But no sooner had she gone then Sis asked Dad to take her to a friend’s house so she could get some homework assignments she had forgotten. Right after they left I headed downstairs.

Mom was still in the shower when I got there. I quickly took off my shirt and grabbed a towel. When Mom came out there I was waiting for her.

“Gary, I thought we agreed to stop this for awhile. It’s too dangerous.” she scolded me.

“It’s OK, Mom.” I told her. “Dad took Gail to Mary’s to get some homework. We’ve got about twenty minutes before they get back.”

“Oh,” was all she said as I wrapped the towel around her and gave her a kiss. Then she just stood there as I dried her body. It was great. It gave me an opportunity to explore her all over. I dried her back, down over her butt, taking special care to dry up the crack. I paid special attention to her breasts, of coarse. I loved the feel of them and the way they jiggled as I dried them. Then I knelt down to dry her legs, my face mere inches from her hairy bush. Slowly I rubbed the towel up between her legs, stroking her pussy as I dried her pubic hair. (Mom moaned at this point.)

When I was done, I let the towel drop to the floor as I continued to gaze at her vagina up close. I could see her juices begin to seep out in anticipation of what we were going to do. I could smell the musky odor that flowed from her excited pussy. It was more intoxicating than any drink I had ever had. I leaned in and kissed her there, licking up her slit to taste her oily essence.

“Oh, Gary,” she cried, grabbing my head and pressing it into her mound. My whole face became smeared in her juices. I licked and sucked for all I was worth. I loved the taste of her, the feel of her pussy lips as they slid around my face. I drank again and again from her fountain.

Reaching up, I spread her pussy lips wide. I plastered my lips against hers and stuck my tongue as far up her pussy as I could, letting her cunt juice coat my taste buds. Again and again I shoved my tongue up inside her until I was literally fucking her with it. Still she ground her cunt in my face.

“Yes, honey! Suck mommy’s pussy. Fuck me with that wild tongue of yours. Oh, you are going to make me cum. Don’t stop. Don’t stop sucking my pussy.”

I had no intention of stopping. Knowing she was about ready to cum, I redoubled my efforts. I used my tongue to lash her clit and fuck her dripping hole. I sucked her lips into my mouth and chewed on them. I did everything I could think of to bring her pleasure.

And then she was cumming. With a loud moan she stiffened and her cunt gushed out it’s orgasm, flooding my face in a swamp of female cum juice. For what seemed like hours, but was probably only seconds, my mother came in my face. Slowly Mom slid to the floor. It was like her legs couldn’t hold her anymore.

There we were, sitting together. Mom took my face in her hands and kissed me, deep and lovingly. I knew she could taste her own juices in my mouth. But that didn’t stop her. She began licking it all off, cleaning my face.

I was keenly aware of her naked breasts rubbing against my bare chest. Her hard nipples seemed to burn their way through my chest hairs. My erection throbbed in my pants.

Mom reached down and squeezed my hard cock. “Stand up,” she ordered. When I struggled to my feet, she reached up and unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. “Mmmm, nice,” she commented. “We don’t want you making another mess in your pants, do we?” she asked, smiling up at me.

Not waiting for an answer, she leaned forward and licked the head of my cock before sucking down over it with her mouth. The heat in her mouth was incredible. I threw back my head and groaned. Gazing up at me she began to suck up and down my cockshaft. Her tongue seemed to dance all over around it as she face-fucked me. Reaching up, she cupped my aching balls in her warm hand and gently squeezed.

The excitement of having my own mother give me a blow job was almost more than I could handle. I fought to keep from cumming on the spot. My knees began to buckle. My cock swelled in Mom’s mouth.

“Fuck, Mom. I’m going to cum.” I cried. “Suck my cock, you cock-sucking mother. Suck my cock and drink my hot cum. Oh, fuck … I’m cumming!”

Rope after rope of my slimy sperm shot into my mother’s mouth. She never hesitated. She swallowed fake taxi porno again and again, drinking down my potent seed. Still she squeezed my balls and sucked my cock. It was as if she wanted to make sure she got every drop I had to give. And believe me she did.

Now it was my turn to sink to the floor, unable to stand. Again we kissed. This time I got to taste the flavor of my cum from my mother’s lips. We smiled at each other and hugged. We knew the love we had for each other.

As we sat there we heard the car enter the driveway, tires crunching on the gravel. By the time Dad and Gail got into the house I was upstairs watching TV and Mom was in her bedroom, getting dressed.

The next day, Thursday, was a frustrating day. I never got a chance to be alone with my mother. When I got home from school Mom insisted I do my homework. And anyway, my sister was around so we really couldn’t do anything. After supper Dad wanted me to help him on his project in the garage. By the time we were done Mom had already taken her shower and it was too late to do anything. I went to bed and dreamed about what I wanted to do with her.

Friday morning Mom reminded me to get home right after school because I had to take my sister to some friend’s house for an overnight slumber party they were having for someone’s birthday. I moaned about having to play chauffer for my sister, but Mom said she had to get supper ready early so Dad could leave for his bowling night on time.

It wasn’t until science class that I suddenly realized that both my sister and Dad would be gone all evening. Mom and I would be alone for several hours before Dad returned from bowling. I got an instant hardon that refused to go down all day. Needless to say, I had a hard time concentrating on school work.

By the time I got home after dropping off my sister Dad had showered, changed, and was just finishing up supper. I sat down to eat and before I was done he was on his way.

Mom busied herself around the kitchen. Shortly after Dad left she announced she was going to go take her shower and get cleaned up. I quickly gulped down the rest of my meal. I was finished by the time she headed downstairs in her robe. I ran to my room, took off my clothes, grabbed my robe and followed after her. I went straight into the bathroom, dropped my robe, and stepped into the shower.

“Thought you could use someone to wash your back.” I said as casually as I could.

Mom glanced down at my hard cock as it jutted out from my body. She smiled. “I guess I could at that.” she agreed, turning her back to me. Then, looking over her shoulder, she handed me the soap. “Well, get at it, young man.”

I took the soap and coated her smooth back. Then, using my hands, I rubbed her back all over. When I moved down to her butt cheeks, she remarked, “I thought you were just going to wash my back.”

“I am,” I said. “This is part of your backside too, you know.”

Mom said nothing as I continued to caress her back and ass. Then I stepped forward, placing my rigid cock along her butt crack. I reached around and slid my soapy hands up her stomach and onto her breasts, massaging them gently.

“Now you sure can’t tell me that is part of my back.” Mom quipped. But she never tried to stop my hands from doing what they were doing.

“Well,” I responded, “I thought that as long as I was started, I might as well finish the whole job.” As I spoke I pushed my cock hard against Mom’s butt.

“I see.” was all she said as she ground her ass back against me and let me continue washing her.

When my hand moved down to cup her pussy I found it wet with her own juices. I slid two fingers into her hot depths. Mom reached down and grabbed my hand, pulling it tighter against her twat.

“Oh, yes, Gary. Finger my hot pussy. … I missed this so much yesterday. I can’t believe how much I want this, need this. Finger mommy’s pussy and make me cum. … Ooohhh, yyyeeesss.”

There we stood, naked together, the hot water showering down over us, as I squeezed and pulled on my mother’s breasts with one hand and finger-fucked her with the other. Soon I felt her shutter. She clamped her legs together, threw her head back against me and cried, “Cumming! Oh, fuck, mommy’s cumming so gggoooddd.”

When her orgasm stopped, Mom turned around and kissed me with all the passion of a hot lover. Grinding her mound against my erection, she smiled and said, “Now it’s my turn to wash you.”

She took the soap, lathered up my chest, and then reached around me to get at my back. While she used her hands on my back, she kept rubbing her tits on my front. Basically she was washing both front and back at the same time. It felt great. Finally she knelt down and grabbed my cock. Using the soap as a lubricant she began to stroke up and down it’s length.

“Fuck, Mom! That feels so good.” I moaned. “Suck my cock, Mom. I want you to suck the cum right out of me.”

“Tisk, Tisk.” Mom replied. “What a thing to ask your mother to do. Have you no decency?”

Smiling, she held me in the shower spray to wash off the soap and then engulfed me in one motion. It felt like she was trying to suck my balls right up through my shaft. Quickly, she established a rhythm and soon she was face-fucking me for all she was worth.

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