Sibling Tussle: Part 2

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Today, once again, Sarah and Michael are out on one of their dates. Unlike a lot of their friends, who claim that their marriages are getting stale, the Lawrences claim to still be deeply in love. They prove it by spending as much time alone with each other as possible, leaving their children to spend their time however they want by themselves.

As it is summer, Aaron and Christina are both wearing light clothing when they meet in the kitchen to discuss what to eat for lunch. “We can just reheat last night’s leftovers if you want,” Aaron suggests while placing his hand on the door to the refrigerator. He is trying his hardest not to look at his sister in her skimpy shorts. He can see the lines of her crotch just above the waist of her pants and it is taking a lot of effort not to be turned on.

Christina seems to be able to tell what he is looking at. “You’re not allowed to touch me,” she warns him.

“Why?” he is slightly angry.

“Because we are siblings,” she raises her voice. “I lost myself in the flow of things last time but you really can’t do those things to me again.”

“You said you liked my dick,” he reminds her.

“I like dicks in general,” she admits.

“You like them in the ass,” he quips.

“My butt was sore for a week.” She rubs her behind while blushing.

“Want me to look at it for you,” he suggests jokingly.

“No, you’ll just shove your dick in me again.” Despite having avoided the topic for over a month, both of them are being rather open about what happened. Perhaps treating it like a joke between siblings helps them pretend it was not all that serious.

“So, have you had anyone else’s dick in you recently?” Aaron’s voice reflects a hint of jealousy.

“Not that I recall,” Christina is intentionally vague.

“So he was smaller than me,” Aaron suggests jokingly. Christina’s face turns red as she thinks about the prospect of having a dick bigger than her brother’s inside of her. Last time she passed out when he put it in her ass because she was unprepared. She is positive a bigger one would split her in two. “What’s this; are you getting turned on?” Aaron teases her.

“Anyone would get horny from talking about this,” she admits.

“Want my help?” He reaches toward her waist while wiggling his fingers suggestively.

“No. I know what will happen if I let you touch me.”

“So?” He places his hands on her waist.

“I’ll scream rape,” she warns him.

“I’ll show mom and dad that video we made,” he counters her threat.

“You’ll show it to them if I don’t let you touch me or if I tell them you raped me.”

“I don’t really want to show it to anyone,” he admits. “It’s my little treasure.”

“You’re still masturbating to it, aren’t you?” She frowns at him while crossing her arms.

“You masturbate too,” he spits back. “I can hear you in your room. You’ve even borrowed a few toys from your friends. I can hear the buzzing at night.”

“I’m watching porn when I do it, not a video of you fucking your sister,” she accuses him.

“I know what kind of porn you watch. You like it when girls do things they hate. You watch girls swallowing dicks too big for their mouths. You especially like it when they throw up on themselves.”

Christina’s face turns even redder as she tries to come up with an excuse. “What’s wrong with that? It’s so adorable to see them trying so hard to do things they’re bad at. The innocent look they give the camera when they know they are going to choke on the guy’s cock but they do it anyway.”

“Yes, they are cute, but you like watching them crying and passing out more,” he accuses her. “You want to know what it’s like.” He places his hands on her shoulders and then drags them along her skin until they are touching the sides of her neck. “You like watching them writhe and kick from lack of air.” He suddenly closes his hand around her throat.

She jolts at first but quickly regains her composure. He is not squeezing hard enough to restrict her airway. “You’re right,” she finally admits with a sigh. She takes one of his hands away from her neck and laces her fingers with his while using her other hand to guide his other fingers to her mouth so she can suck on them. “I like the fear of what could happen but more than that I like the fact that it should not be something sexy. Choking on anything, let alone a cock, should not turn a girl on.” She moves their laced fingers to her crotch to show him that she is already getting wet.

“You get turned on knowing you shouldn’t be turned on,” he laughs at her while pushing the cloth of her shorts into her crotch.

“You know what that means, right?” she gasps while continuing to lick in-between the fingers of his other hand.

“I have permission to do whatever I want to you?” he asks hopefully.

She shakes her head. “No, it means I won’t ever give you permission. You just have to take what you want and hope you never go too far and make me tell on you.”

“That sounds risky,” he is slightly disturbed.

“You like taking risks though,” she goads him. “More than that, you like doing things that I don’t like. Your goal is to see how far I will let you get.”

“Should I take that as a challenge?” He pulls the material of her shorts aside and shoves his fingers into her.

She yelps in pain when they push past her hymen. “No!” she screams. “Not my cunt. You aren’t supposed to take my virginity,” she reminds him.

He is shocked by her sudden change in tone. She sounds absolutely serious compared to before. He is about to pull his fingers out but something in the back of his mind stops him. “So anything else is okay?” he inquires.

“Nothing’s okay,” she shouts at him. “We are siblings. Doing anything like this is wrong.”

“But we’ve already done so much,” he reminds her.

“You’ve done so much. You’ve fucked my throat, you’ve fucked my ass, you even made me swallow your pee.”

“You liked it,” he argues.

“I was turned on by it,” she corrects him. “If I could keep control of myself, I wouldn’t let you touch me at all. You’re a pervert. Unfortunately that’s what turns me on.”

Aaron is surprised by how deeply ingrained her opinion is. Even after admitting she likes it, she still knows it is wrong. “So if I were to take your virginity…”

“Please don’t do that,” she begs him.

“If I did, what would you do?” he does not let her avoid the question.

“I would hate you forever,” she assures him.

“But you wouldn’t stop me?” he continues to pry.

“I’ll tell mom and dad,” she mutters meekly.

“You’ll tell them that I raped you?” he asks.

At first she simply nods but slowly the look on her face changes. She tries to keep from smiling as she imagines what it might be like to be raped. Unfortunately for her, this is all the incentive Aaron needs. She screams out in pain as he shoves his fingers back into her, breaking her hymen this time. What little glorified images she had of the experience have already vanished. That is the point though. It would not be rape if she enjoyed it.

“No, you really have to stop now,” she wails. “I can’t give my virginity to my brother. It’s just too wrong.”

“How many times have you masturbated since we made that video?” Aaron asks while sliding his fingers out and back in slowly.

“I don’t know,” she gasps.

“Guess.” He shoves in a little harder.

“A lot, I’ve done it a lot!” she yelps. “Please, this really hurts.”

“I thought you liked pain,” he teases her.

“No, of course not. Who in their right mind enjoys being hurt? I like watching porn where someone else gets hurt. It’s really erotic for some reason.”

“It’s the disconnect,” Aaron starts to explain. “Sex is satisfying on its own, but watching other people fuck is boring. You can’t imagine what it’s like to have your own holes penetrated. You just stare at it feeling like you’re in the room, waiting for your turn and it never comes. Dialing up the kinkiness of what you’re watching dials up the satisfaction as well.”

“So you’re saying I should have normal sex and then I won’t need to watch kinky porn?” she asks while wincing. He is still moving his fingers inside of her. “You’re not just making this up so I will let you fuck me, are you?”

“I’m going to fuck you whether you let me or not,” he announces smugly. Her eyes widen and her mouth starts to twitch. She is trying not to look excited about the idea.

“And then, I’ll be normal. I won’t try doing weird things anymore?” she asks in a disheartened tone.

“I said that watching kinky porn was on par with normal sex,” he reminds her. “What about kinky sex then? Shouldn’t it be a hundred times better?” He pushes on the back of her pelvic bone causing her to mewl and her knees to buckle. He takes the opportunity to lean down and kiss her on the lips as soon as her head is lower than his.

“But it hurts,” she reminds him. “Having your dick all the way down my throat or all the way in my ass really-really hurts.”

“That’s what makes kinky porn so much fun to watch. You can see the girl being abused but the guy doesn’t care. He revels in her discomfort.”

“Yeah, I get it. It’s like bullying someone. It’s fun, but then why would I want you to do that to me?” she asks while unzipping the front of his cargo shorts.

He waits for her to pull out his cock and start licking it before he answers. “It’s fun to tease someone; it’s hot to tease them while also having sex with them. It’s unimaginable to be the one teased while having sex. You’re curious as to why those girls let their partners do that to them. It’s obviously uncomfortable. So why do they do it?”

“I don’t know. All I can think of when I see it though is ‘what would I feel if that happened to me?'”

“It’s strange isn’t it?” Aaron pats her on the head. “Because you are a girl, you have a unique opportunity. You can experience what it is like to have these things done to you. You can have your legs bent behind your ears, have someone shove their whole arm inside of you, get your nipples bitten or pierced.” With each of his suggestions, Christina twitches, moving his fingers inside her.

“If this, if this were porn, what would you do to me right now?” Christina stutters. Aaron ponders for a moment before taking the beret out of her hair and clipping it to her right nipple through her shirt. “Ow!” she screams while gripping his cock tighter. “What was the point of that? It’s not sexy at all.”

“Technically anything I do that makes you move while I’m fingering you is sexy,” he corrects her. She watches in confusion as he opens the freezer next to him with his free hand and retrieves a fist full of ice cubes.

“What are you gonna do with those?” she gulps. He squats down to the floor and sets down all but one of the ice cubes. She finally falls over as the only thing holding her up since her knees buckled was his fingers inside of her. “Oh no,” she gasps when she feels him using one of the cubes to push her shorts away from her ass. “No, that’s too cold,” she screams when he rubs it against her anus.

Without warning, he pushes the whole ice cube into her butt, which closes around it immediately after. She goes cross-eyed as she lurches forward, causing his fingers to dig into the sides of her cunt. “Out, take it out!” she wails. The cold sensation will not go away. Rather than listening, he proceeds to force the rest of the ice cubes into her one by one, each time eliciting an aching groan from her. “I’m gonna throw up,” she moans with her face on the floor. Her eyes are still crossed and show no signs of focusing any time soon.

“I can melt them if you want,” he offers while moving around behind her.

“No, you’re just going to fuck me,” she is barely coherent enough to respond.

“Clever little sister. So, where should I put it?” He rubs his cock against her crotch.

“No, the ice is in my ass. Please melt that first,” she begs.

“Can’t you say it in a more slutty way?” he teases her. “At this rate I feel more like fucking your cunt than your ass.”

“Please shove it in my ass,” she begs desperately. “Please use your cock to push the ice further inside me. I want to feel it as deep as possible,” she tries to make fucking her ass sound appealing to him.

It works as Aaron is too turned on to refuse. He is not even thinking about going slowly. The wetness from the ice helps his cock slip inside her, but it still hurts a lot. Christina’s eyes roll back into her head which is resting on the floor unsupported.

Aaron gasps at the sensation inside of her. The walls of her ass are extremely cold, but not as cold as the ice when he touches it with the tip of his cock. He pulls back a little before shoving all the way in, pushing the ice further into her as requested. Her only response is a gurgle, suggesting she really is going to throw up. “It looks like I can’t reach it,” Aaron informs her with a mocking tone of pity.

“It’s too cold,” she screams. “Do something.”

“Well, I think I know one way I could melt it.”

“Do it!” she wails. “I don’t care what it is.” She is grabbing at her own stomach, trying to push the ice back down toward his dick from the outside of her intestines. Admittedly he is doing a good job of warming where the ice already touched.

Suddenly an even warmer sensation starts to fill her bowls. It extends from the tip of his cock all the way up to the ice, which quickly melts and mixes with the hot liquid. “Are you peeing inside of me?” she gasps when she realizes what is happening.

“You said to do whatever it took,” he reminds her.

“You’re filling me up,” she groans while still clutching at her stomach. With his cock plugging her ass, there is only one direction for the liquid to go. Slowly her intestines unclench as they fill with liquid. Even though there is nowhere near enough to fill all the way to her stomach, the sensation still sends shudders all the way up her intestines. “Please pull it out,” she begs him. “I feel like I’m going to explode.”

Instead of obeying, he reaches underneath her and pushes into her stomach, sloshing the liquid around inside of her. “No, I’m going to throw up,” she wails. “My ass isn’t for peeing in. This is so wrong.”

“As wrong as swallowing your brother’s cum?” he teases her.

“Worse. This is so much worse,” she is blubbering nonstop. Her eyes are still rolling around incoherently. She can not even raise her head from the floor.

“Is it really that bad?” he continues to tease her.

“It’s the worst. Nothing could feel this bad.”

“Nothing at all? Surely you can think of something that would make this somehow worse. You like doing things that normal girls would refuse to do, right? Tell me, what could I do to you right now that most girls would absolutely refuse?”

“I don’t know. I can’t think straight,” she gurgles as she feels his pee moving even further inside of her.

“Nothing comes to mind?” he pressures her.

“Maybe you could, maybe you could fill me up even more,” she suggests blubberingly.

“But I’m all out of pee,” he admits.

“Water!” she shouts. “You could take a bottle of water and squeeze it out inside my ass. You could do it over and over until my stomach started to bulge. Then you could flip me over and step on my belly so it would all come pouring out,” she continues to spout random humiliating things he could do to her.

“You really want me to do that to you?” he asks.

“No, please don’t.” She shakes her head. “It would hurt so bad.”

“But if I did it anyway…”

“I would cum. It would be amazing. I don’t think a normal girl could stand it. I don’t think I could stand it. Please don’t do that to me. Please let me go to the bathroom. I can’t hold your pee inside me much longer.” Aaron slides his cock in and out of her ass as he fantasizes about doing those things to her.

“Ow, don’t. My ass is sore. You keep letting your pee trickle down and then you shove it back in.”

“Do you really want me to pull my cock out?” he asks.

“Yes, please. I can’t take it anymore.”

“Well, if I do that, then you’ll have to let me do something else in exchange,” he goads her.

“Why? Why are you doing these things to me?”

“You’re the one that asked me to fuck your ass. I’m merely doing what you said. If you want me to stop, tell me to fuck you somewhere else.”

“No, you can’t have my virginity,” she refuses.

“That’s not the only hole you have,” he counters.

“You want me to give you a blowjob?” she surmises.

“No, I want to fuck your mouth like a cunt,” he corrects her.

“That would really hurt.” She tries not to smile while wiping some drool from her lips. “When you leave my ass though, it’s all gonna come pouring out,” she whimpers in embarrassment.

Without a word, he wraps his arms around her waist and stands up, lifting her into the air in front of him with his cock still in her ass. In fact, in this new position, it slides into her even deeper, eliciting another groan. “You’re going to cum inside me first, aren’t you?” she realizes.

“I’m not supposed to do that,” he reminds her.

“No, you’re not,” she moans dreamily as she imagines it; her own brother filling her insides with incestuous cum. It is all too obvious that she wants him to do it.

He thrusts into her roughly to remind her that she is still getting fucked. “How long can you last?” she is slightly impressed but also annoyed with the amount of time he has been inside of her. If he were strictly fucking her, he would have cum by now. As it is, he is only moving when he wants her to feel it. He almost enjoys teasing her more than he enjoys actually penetrating her.

“Hurry up.” She wiggles her butt in an attempt to get him off faster.

“Someone’s impatient.” He shoves into her as punishment.

She gasps in response. “My stomach churns every time you move. I feel like I’m going to throw up.” He pushes his fingers into her mouth and swirls them around near her uvula, causing her to gag and eventually wretch. He can feel the lumps of her morning cereal on his fingers as she expels her breakfast from her mouth and nose.

“Looks like you really did throw up,” he teases her as she coughs and sputters. She flails her legs in protest but only succeeds in bring her own weight down on her ass and impaling herself on his cock even more. She can no longer speak at the moment. Tears and snot are running down her face as she flails helplessly on his cock like pig on a spit. She is dizzy from lack of oxygen, due to his fingers and her own puke.

Even through her obvious discomfort, she is struggling to hide an elated expression. How many girls can claim to have let their own brother fuck their ass and finger fuck their throat to the point of puking at the same time. She feels like she has been stuck from both ends and it is exhilarating.

“Does it hurt?” he asks while touching the inside of her throat with his fingers. All she can do is nod in response. “Do you want to do it again with my cock?” he asks a different question. Again, she nods. “Do you want me to suffocate you with it until you pass out in your own puke?” he ups the ante again. This time she responds with a steady stream of liquid from her cunt as she cums just from thinking about the abuse he plans to subject her to.

Her now slick pussy is too much of a temptation for him. He lifts her ass off of his cock by her waist and slams her cunt down onto it, impaling her wetness easily. She lets out a muffled scream as her mouth is still full of his fingers and her puke. The muscles on her neck are visibly strained as she clenches her ass in an attempt to keep from releasing the piss and melted ice she has been holding inside her for quite some time.

He slides her slippery cunt up and down his cock with little to no resistance. When the tip nearly reaches her cervix though, she leans over and pukes again, this time expelling his fingers from her mouth along with whatever is left of her breakfast. “No, it’s all going to come out,” she wails as soon as she is able to talk again. “My ass, put it back in my ass. I don’t want it to come out.”

For once he listens to her. He lifts her cunt off his cock and slams her ass back down on it. Unfortunately, she is still clenching it shut as hard as possible to keep from spilling. The result is him pushing through her taught asshole. The pain is so much that she passes out right then and there. This causes her bowels to relax around his cock and for all the liquid within her to leak out.

As she fades in and out of consciousness, her tongue wags around her mouth. The look on her face is unmistakably that of pleasure. She is enjoying the feeling of vacating her bowels after so long. The warm sensation is soothing on her sore asshole.

Aaron is still more interested in fucking her limp body though. “I feel so gross,” she gurgles as his cock slides as far into her now loose asshole as it will go.

“It could be worse,” he once again tries to turn her on with her favorite thought. It does not work very well though as she has already cum.

“How could it be worse?” she plays along anyway.

“What if you were being fucked by two guys at the same time,” he suggests.

“Please don’t say that. Now I kinda want to try it,” she admits. “One in my ass and one in my cunt, making me go crazy. I would be screaming if you didn’t cover my mouth. You’d need a third cock to plug my throat. I wouldn’t have any say in it. I would just be a toy for three boys to treat as they pleased. I’d be their pet and I’d be forbidden from wearing clothes, except maybe a dog collar. They could tighten it if I wasn’t sucking them off properly.”

“Do you want to be treated as a pet? Do you want to lose your human rights?” Aaron is getting harder inside her ass just thinking about it. Though he enjoys making her share her fantasies, he probably will never do a lot of these things to her. She may like the idea of humiliating herself or giving control of her body up but the fact remains that she is his sister, not a toy. It is still exhilarating to make her suggest it. In truth he would enjoy fucking any girl right now. What makes fucking Christina so much more fun though is that it is wrong and she likes that it is wrong.

“I’m so hungry,” Christina moans. Now that she has expelled her breakfast her stomach is completely empty. “When are you gonna cum?”

“Do you want to swallow it?” he teases her.

“Sure, I’ll eat your cum if you’ll let me get some food afterward,” she responds in an exhausted voice.

“I wonder if you could survive off of nothing but cum,” he ponders out loud.

“I’d need to eat a lot more than just yours,” she pants. He slows down his movements as he starts to think about it. “Come on, you’ve been fucking me forever. You’re never gonna cum at this rate.” She tries to clench her asshole but it is still loose from being shoved into while she was clenching it. “Fine, you can fuck my cunt,” she offers him. She is just plain tired and wants it to end. He already took her virginity so she has nothing to lose.

He is still deep in thought though. Half of the stuff she suggests she would rather watch a different girl performing in a kinky porn video than actually do herself. What turns both of them on is the act of pushing past the apprehension and doing it to her regardless of the discomfort. Though he can not do some of the things they have talked about, there is one sticking in his mind right now.

Christina lets out a gasping moan as he finally sets her down and pulls out of her asshole, leaving her feeling extremely hollow inside. Her butt hole is gaping and shows no signs of closing any time soon. She waits for him to slide into her cunt but he does not. Instead, he paces around her and opens the door to the refrigerator. “What are you doing?” she is confused.

“You said you were hungry,” he reminds her while taking out a plastic container of leftover macaroni from last night’s supper.

“It can wait,” she mutters shyly as she watches him placing it in the microwave and turning it on. “You haven’t cum yet, have you? Don’t you want to finish inside your little sister? Don’t you want to see white streaks on my face or in my hair? Don’t you want to watch as I swish it around in my mouth before swallowing it? Don’t you want to hear me beg you not to get me pregnant as you cum inside my cunt, holding me down and forcing me?” Her final suggestion causes his cock to twitch. He does not believe she would actually let him though.

When the food is done being warmed, he sets it on the kitchen table and waits for her. She gives him a confused longing look before sitting down in one of the chairs. She does not have any silverware though. He takes a spoon from a drawer and sets it next to the plastic container. “Remember what you wanted to do the first time you gave me a blowjob?” he asks.

“I wanted you to cum in my ass right before bed so I could feel it and squirm all night long,” she recalls.

“You had said something right before that,” he tries to jar her memory. She watches as he moves over to the edge of the table. His still hard cock is right above the macaroni now.

She starts to breathe in and out deeply in anticipation as she finally remembers what she had said. “I wanted you to cum on my food and make me eat it,” she admits in embarrassment. Just hearing her say it is enough to set him off. She watches with eyes so focused they almost cross as he cums over the top of the macaroni. She does not say anything until he is done. “It’s like a glaze,” she mutters as she scoops some of it up with her spoon. She touches it to her tongue in order to judge the taste. “It’s slimy and sticky at the same time,” she complains.

“You don’t have to eat it,” he offers her the chance to back down.

“How can I not?” she is sweating nervously now. “It’s right there. You came a lot too. That was supposed to go inside me. It’s mine.” She takes a bite and swallows it almost immediately. “If I eat quickly enough I won’t taste it at all,” she surmises.

“But what’s the point of that,” he asks slyly.

With a frown she takes another bite and mashes it around in her mouth this time. “It’s like jelly or gum. It’s obviously not the same texture as the macaroni. You’d think it’d be warm but compared to the food it’s actually pretty cold.”

“It’s only gonna get colder,” he warns her.

“I know.” She takes another bite and winces immediately.

“Is it that bad?” he asks.

“It’s not really bad at all. It’s like eating raw eggs though, you are reluctant on instinct.”

“But you like doing things you’re not supposed to, right?” he reminds her.

“The more I think about it, the more it’s all I can taste,” she explains.

“I can help take your mind off of it,” he suggests while sliding two fingers into her slick loose butt hole.

“No, she moans. “This is what I am doing now. You can fuck me again later, maybe when I’m showering. I really need to wash my face. Should I take a bath and let you hold my head under the water?” she makes an odd suggestion. It turns Aaron on enough to make him back off. He slides his fingers back out of her and lets her return to her food.

She takes another bite. This time her wincing is overshadowed by a gleeful look in her eyes. “What’s wrong?” Aaron can tell that something has changed.

“I’m actually eating your cum,” she mutters as she stuffs another bite into her mouth. “It’s depraved and horrible but I’m really doing it. Am I a slut that enjoys the taste of cum? No, it’s the sensation. I can recognize the slimy texture. I know where it came from and what it is. I could eat this in front of Mom and Dad and they wouldn’t know what it was. I’d still be turned on though. I can get turned on without taking my clothes off or getting fucked. I want to do that. I want you to cum in more of my food while our parents are home. I want to sit there in embarrassment as they unknowingly watch their daughter devouring cum like a slut.”

“So you want to do this again?” Aaron is slightly surprised.

“Oh yes,” she moans in pleasure. He can see that her shorts are getting wetter again. “I want to look Mom in the eyes while licking cum off my lips. If she’s a slut too, she’ll just know what it is.”

“Cumming that much is going to be difficult,” Aaron argues.

“I’ll let you fuck me every time. Just before you cum, you have to pull out.”

“Is this an actual deal this time or are you going to go back on it again like last time.” He crosses his arms.

“Don’t let me. If I say you can’t fuck me, just rape me. I don’t care. You can do whatever you want to me. I might just say no a few times so you’ll have to rape me. Kick me, punch me, choke me, do anything you want if I say no. I’m not allowed to say no anymore.”

“You really are a slut,” Aaron is completely shocked. His cock has already gotten hard again. Christina reaches into his shorts and pulls it out before sliding her mouth over it as far as she can go. After puking earlier, she has a better control on her gag reflex, at least for the moment. She presses all the way down until her nose is touching his pubic hair. Her eyes are watering and drool is dripping down his shaft.

He stares down at her lovingly, realizing fully that this is his younger sister. He should not be doing this but something inside him wants to take full advantage of her offer before she changes her mind again. He tangles his fingers in her hair and pulls her almost all the way off his cock and then slams her back down onto it. She gags for a moment but quickly calms herself.

He does this over and over again until her eyes are spinning in her head. She feels like she is going to be motion sick rather than sick from gagging. He is getting close to cumming again so he stops moving her head while it is pressed into his pubic hair again. She can not focus her eyes but she is still looking up at him expectantly. She wants him to know he is in control.

Hesitating slightly, he touches her cheek and then her nose. A dangerous thought passes through his head as he pinches her nostrils shut. She immediately jerks back but once again regains control of herself. She expects him to let her breathe again rather quickly but he maintains his grip. After twenty seconds her eyes are fluttering lazily. After thirty her vision has gone black. After forty she has passed out entirely.

He pulls out of her slowly, letting her slump over onto the table. Her face lands in her food. He lifts her head slightly and taps her cheek, eliciting a groan that tells him she is breathing again. His cock is extremely hard now. How can it not be after watching his little sister suffocating on it? He presses the tip of his cock into one of her nostrils just as he starts to cum. Her eyes shoot open as she tries to jerk away but he holds her head still.

She looks up at him with her mouth hanging open so she can breathe as he fills her nose with cum. She starts to gag as it slides down into her throat and past her tonsils. The look on her face is one of confusion. When she said he could do anything to her, this was not what she imagined. Her annoyance is prevalent but she does not voice her complaints. She did just give him permission to use her any way he saw fit.

“I’m a mess,” she coughs as soon as she is able to swallow his cum properly. “I really need a shower.”

“Both inside and out.” He pushes on her nose so he can see down her nostrils. One of them is completely clogged with sticky white cum. “I wonder what it would be like to cum in your eyes,” he mutters to himself.

She bites her lip as she contemplates complaining. The truth is she has watched porn of girls letting boys do that to them and was definitely turned on by it. She even looked up a video of a girl who had previously lost her eye and was letting a man use the empty socked to get off. It was not very fun to watch as he had to be slow so as not to hurt her but it was the idea that turned Christina on. She even masturbated to the thought of having one of her eyes intentionally removed just for that purpose. She would never really let it happen, but perhaps having him cum in her eye would be exhilaratingly similar. Were she not so disoriented from passing out, she may have enjoyed him cumming in her nose too.

As they head for the bathroom, Aaron slides his hand into her shorts again so he can touch her butt hole one more time. Amazingly neither one of them have removed any of their clothing as of yet. “You really like my butt, don’t you?” she moans while closing her eyes, letting him steer her the rest of the way.

“I also like you cunt,” he assures her while tugging on the tuft of hair that he himself shaved into a square the last time they took a shower together.

“Ow, that felt weird,” she gasps. “It’s like your poking the outside of my cunt with a dozen needles.”

“Maybe that’s why some girls get turned on when they get their hair waxed,” Aaron suggests.

“I kinda want to try that now,” she is intrigued.

“We’ll have to buy some bikini wax then,” he is not opposed to the idea at all.

“Will you fuck me while I pull the hair out?” she asks shyly. “I want to feel it both inside and out.”

“You’ll probably clench your legs together. It’ll be really tight,” he is already looking forward to it.

“Should you be thinking about how tight your sister’s cunt is?” she teases him while pulling her shirt off. As usual she is not wearing a bra or underwear beneath her shorts.

“You shouldn’t put any clothes on when we’re done,” he suggests. “You’ll end up touching your naked body directly to all of the furniture in the house.”

“What would Mom say if she knew?” Christina giggles. “Alright, no clothes for me for the rest of the day. It’ll be weird with my butt so loose though. It’ll feel like something could slip inside every time I sit down.”

“Perhaps we should plug it then.” Aaron grabs a bath brush and pushes the handle against her ass.

“That’ll only make it worse.” She moves away from him. He grabs her by the waist and lifts her into the tub. “Hey, I’m still in my pants.” She tries to pull her shorts down but he does not wait before turning on the water. In seconds they are soaked through. “Great,” she sighs while stepping out of them. Aaron stops to stare at her naked body for a moment. “What are you looking at?” she covers her chest.

“You’re really cute,” he responds stupidly.

“Um, thanks, I guess. You’ve always said I wasn’t all that good looking before,” she reminds him.

“That was when I was preconditioned not to look at you that way,” he explains. “Now I find you attractive no matter what.”

“So you’re saying I’m not really attractive,” she takes his statement the wrong way.

“You’ve always been cute, now I think you’re hot as hell,” he informs her.

“You’re only saying karşıyaka escort that because you get to fuck me,” she does not believe him.

“So?” he does not apologize. “I get horny just looking at you. Is that a bad thing?”

“Kinda.” She nods. “Siblings aren’t supposed to find each other attractive.”

“So am I supposed to like the way you look or not?” he is confused.

“You’re supposed to think I’m hot but not be attracted to me,” she explains.

“I’m still gonna fuck you,” he gives up trying to understand her.

“Fine.” She rolls her eyes. “You get naked too.” He quickly strips down and steps into the tub. “God, my nose is still plugged up.” She leans her head back and tries to let the water from the shower go up her nose. He can see that it is still partially filled with his cum. She had tried to suck as much of it out and swallow it but some of it dried to the hairs in her nose too quickly. “I need to make it wet again. Can you get a straw from the kitchen so I can try blowing water through it?”

“I could, or we could have a little fun.” He pushes her down to her knees by the shoulders so her head is at his waist.

She gawks at his cock with intrigue. “You want to pee in my nose, don’t you?” she already knows what he is thinking.

“Won’t it be kinky?” He pats her head.

“Do I really have to?” she moans.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” he assures her.

“But I said I would,” she reminds him.

“You said you wouldn’t stop me if I wanted to do something to you,” he corrects her. “That doesn’t mean you don’t get to say something or that I won’t listen if you do.”

“You know what, go ahead. I want to try it. I spent a good half an hour with your pee in my ass. This will be the same as warm water.” She opens her mouth so that the pee will have a straight path through her nostril. He presses the tip of his cock to her nose and relaxes his bladder, letting out a stream of yellow liquid. She has to hold it to her nostril properly to get it to go inside.

She is able to feel when it has dislodged the dried cum from her nose hairs. Aaron watches with interest as she lets the mixed cum and pee pour out of her mouth rather than swallowing it. Without asking, he covers her mouth so that it starts to fill up instead. She squeals in surprise before she manages to open her throat. After he is done peeing and she has swallowed everything, she punches him in the shin.

“How is my little piss whore?” he teases her.

“How many times have you tried to drown or choke me today?” she asks.

“Your face is cutest when you’re in duress,” he admits.

“Yeah but you’re really piling it on today,” she is a little worn out.

“I’m just trying to do as much as possible before you go back on your word again,” he explains with an air of spitefulness.

“I’m not going to go back on it,” she is offended.

“Last time you said I was going to get to fuck you in the cunt. The next day you wouldn’t make eye contact with me.”

“That’s because it was embarrassing.” Christina’s cheeks turn red. She waits for Aaron’s response but he is still upset. “What do I have to do to prove to you that I won’t go back on my word again?” she asks.

“You can record yourself promising to let me fuck you,” he suggests while reaching out of the shower and grabbing his shorts from the bathroom floor. She waits for him to retrieve his cell phone from the pocket and set it up to record a video of her. He is making sure to hold it away from the water though. This forces her to stay on the side of the tub underneath the shower head. She does not look comfortable getting pelted by water as he records her.

“What do you want me to say?” she asks miserably.

“Something sexy,” he suggests.

“You can fuck me whenever you want?” she says something simple.

“I want to watch this whenever I feel like having sex with you. I want it to instantly make me hard,” he explains.

“Why do I need to turn you on?” she grumbles.

“You’re always what turns me on.” He pats her head again.

She pretends to be annoyed but she seems to take it as a compliment. Aaron waits with the phone still recording her as she tries to decide what to say. She is not sure what would turn him on. All she can do is guess what would based on what turns her on, girls getting uncomfortable things done to the them. “I, Christina Ray Lawrence, wish to be fucked by my own brother whenever he wants,” she announces in a clear yet shy voice.

“How do you want to be fucked?” Aaron pries.

“I don’t know. Shove a stick up my butt and call me a popsicle,” she snaps at him.

“Holy hell, that’s really hot.” He zooms in on her face. “Say something else like that.”

“Um… if you shove a two foot dildo in my mouth and one in my ass, will they meet in my stomach?” she references something she heard in one of the pornos she has seen.

“Whoa, that’s an interesting question,” Aaron is more curious than turned on.

Christina can tell that it is not good enough. “I should practice yoga so you can bend my arms and legs past the joints,” she suggests. “You could hogtie me so I can’t escape.”

“You like being treated as a pet or as livestock, don’t you?” Aaron teases her.

“No!” Her face is even redder know. “I just couldn’t think of anything.”

“You like getting fucked like a dog so much, what if you let one fuck you,” he suggests jokingly.

“Eww, that’s really gross,” she cringes.

“A lot of the stuff you do is gross,” he reminds her.

“It’s not gross if it’s you,” she says something that embarrasses him while also making him slightly proud. “Before you even suggest it, I’m not livestock and I’m not fucking a horse either.”

“What made you think of that?” Aaron is caught off guard. “Is that the type of porn you watch?”

“Not really.” She averts her eyes guiltily.

“Oh no, it’s too late to deny it. You’ve looked up girls getting fucked by horses, haven’t you?” She shakes her head violently. “Admit it; you want to be fucked by one too.”

“Not really,” she does not sound convincing at all. He holds up his phone again to remind her that it is still recording. With an annoyed grunt she takes a deep breath and stares into the camera. “I have masturbated to the thought of letting a horse fuck me. I really want to know if that big of a cock would tear me apart,” she admits as calmly as she can. She seems conditioned to say embarrassing things whenever recorded, true or otherwise.

“That’s amazing,” Aaron laughs. “I just need one more. Think of something else you’ve looked up.”

“Why do you need more?” she whines. “Isn’t three enough.”

“I’m going to split the sound from the video and set them to play when I push a certain button. That way you’ll know it’s time to fuck just by hearing yourself asking for it.”

Christina’s face is now redder than ever. She opens her mouth to complain but can not think of what to say. Finally, after taking several more deep breaths, she looks into the camera again. Rather than being stern, her eyes are wavering. She has adopted a meek expression with trembling lips. She is even shivering from being under the water for so long. “Please big brother, please fuck me. Please slide your cock inside of me. Please cum inside your little sister. Make me scream and cry as you pound me,” she uses the sweetest pleading voice she can muster.

Aaron has gotten hard again just listening to her. He does not care that she was only speaking to the camera. He turns it off and sets it on the floor of the bathroom before sitting down in the tub. Christina gasps as he pulls her towards him, spinning her around so that she is facing away. She can feel his cock pressing into her butt from behind. “You’re really going to fuck me right now,” she realizes.

He does not answer. She groans as he pushes the head of his cock against her cunt, ignoring her stretched asshole for once. Although she was aroused enough to accept his cock earlier, it does not go in easily this time. After wincing in pain for a while, Christina becomes impatient. She reaches between her legs and slides two wet fingers into her cunt. She then pries the lips apart so that Aaron can push himself inside. “Ow-ow-ow,” she is still in pain though. He tries to slide out and back in but she can not stand it. She pulls his cock out and slumps against the side of the tub breathing heavily.

Aaron frowns as he glances around for anything that could assist them. He touches the outside of her crotch and tugs on her pubic hair in hopes of turning her on but she swats his hand away after barely a minute. Her cunt is extremely sensitive now and clenching it herself every time he touches her is also painful. After some more thought, Aaron spots a bottle of baby oil on the corner shelf of the shower.

Christina is confused when he grabs it and presses it into her cunt. She is about to slap it away again when he squeezes a large amount of the cold oil directly inside of her, causing her to gasp. The sensation cools that soreness of her cunt. She leans forward moaning, exposing her crotch to him from behind clearly. He wastes no time sliding his cock back into her. The speed at which it slips inside causes her to yelp as it scrapes against the sensitive walls of her cunt.

It takes him a mere three strokes all the way in and out before she is mewing and moaning in pleasure. She is leaning so far forward that her head is under the water of the shower again. She has to keep her eyes closed while she lets him fuck her.

After several minutes of slowly sliding in and out of her, Aaron increases his pace. He does not want to hurt her but this is technically the first time he is properly fucking her cunt. He wants to feel everything she has to offer. While he strokes her inside, he has a clear view of her asshole, which I still slightly gaping from before. It is opening slightly every time he pulls out when she relaxes and clenching tightly again whenever he pushes in.

Eventually curiosity gets the better of him and he pushes two fingers inside while she is relaxing. “Don’t,” she blubbers through the water immediately. He slides them back out slightly but quickly shoves them back in as soon as she relaxes again. “Stop!” she screams over the sound of the water.

He pulls his fingers out properly, causing her to sigh with relief. It is short lived though as he has soon replaced them with the tip of the baby oil bottle, which he squeezes into her again. “No, please no,” she gasps as the same soothing cold feeling washes over her. Because of holding so much liquid in her bowels earlier, they are still stretched and there is little to no resistance as the oil slides all the way up her intestines due to her hunched over posture. She has started to fidget from the tingling sensation, accidentally fucking her cunt on his cock even more.

She is moaning too much to complain as he slides his fingers back into her, three this time instead of two. He swirls them around to make sure she feels everything. Christina’s tongue hangs out, touching the bottom of the tub as she rocks back and forth on his cock in discomfort. For a moment he contemplates what it might be like to fist her asshole the way he has seen in porn but he discards the idea almost immediately. Despite having been stretched, there is no way her ass will accommodate a fourth finger, let alone his whole hand.

Having already stretched much further inside her intestines with his pee he is slightly more interested in going deeper rather than wider. He knows he has barely reached the depths which the baby oil has. His fingers are simply inadequate.

She lets out a deep groan when he slides his fingers out with an audible pop. Her relief is short lived though as he has soon replaced them with the handle of the bath brush he had earlier. “No,” she snaps to her senses immediately. “That’s too long. You’re going to break my asshole. You’re going to straighten my intestines,” she wails as he slides it all the way in up to the first bend in her bowls. He wiggles it around until he finds the opening again and is able to push it even further.

Christina starts to thrash as she feels a hard bump in her stomach pushing against the bottom of the tub. “I really did get a stick up my ass,” she breathes out hoarsely. “I really am a popsicle now. Is it as deep as a horse’s cock? Is this what it would feel like to get fucked by one?”

Christina’s eyes roll back into her head as she writhes on Aaron’s cock, imaging herself getting impaled by an animal. She is licking the bottom of the tub constantly, having no idea what to do with her tongue. Aaron pushes his fingers into the corners of her mouth and sliders her whole body backwards onto him. The lump in her stomach scrapes the bottom of the slippery tub while his pelvis pushes up against what remains outside of her ass of the bath brush.

She mumbles something incoherent. He takes it as a sign to fuck her harder. He lets her weight slide her all the way off his cock before using her mouth to slide her back up. She squeals but is otherwise unable to speak. He repeats this over and over until he has a fast pace going, even bumping the bath brush further into her ass every time it hits his pelvis.

Suddenly, she starts to vibrate as a warm liquid sprays out of her cunt. The added lubricant lets him slide her up his shaft even faster. The result is his pelvis slamming the head of the bath brush all the way into her asshole, stretching it painfully. There is so much resistance in her bowels that it pops out a moment later, having rebounded off of another bend. Christina screams while clutching at the lump in her stomach, which now feels like it is on fire.

Her slick cunt has already slid all the way down Aaron’s shaft again. He does not heed her pain as he pulls her back up by the mouth, slamming the brush head back into her asshole. This time her bowels contort, allowing the end of the handle to slip past the next bend. Christina shrieks as loudly as she can. She tries prop herself up on her knees but she slips and falls backwards onto Aaron’s cock, which slides farther into her cunt than ever before.

She pries his fingers out of her mouth while sobbing. The water is masking her tears though. “It hurts,” she whimpers. “You’re gonna kill me.” She moves his hands until he is touching the hard lump that is the bath brush handle through her stomach.

“You’re more of a kebab than a popsicle now,” he teases her while pinching the lump.

“It hurts,” she gurgles before suddenly leaning forward and vomiting again. The color is yellow from the macaroni. Aaron rubs her back comfortingly as he waits for her to stop coughing. “I think it’s time to stop,” she sputters as soon as she is able to talk again. Aaron takes this to mean that he should resume fucking her so that he will cum sooner. “Can you please take that thing out of my ass first,” she begs him.

Aaron slides two fingers into her ass and grips the head of the brush as best he can. She groans loudly while trying to expel it herself as well. After he is able to get the head out, the rest slides through her intestines with ease. The moment it is all the way out, Christina collapses on the floor of the tub again. She does not complain as he continues fucking her cunt.

She only lifts her head when she feels the first spurt of his warm cum inside of her. “Am I still not allowed?” he teases her.

“I don’t care right now,” she mutters in response. As soon as he has finished, she tries to stand up. She falls back down almost immediately though as she is exhausted. He uses some of the falling water to make sure her face and chest are clean of puke before lifting her out of the tub by the waist. She stumbles out of the bathroom and drops down on the couch in the living room without even toweling off.

“You’re going to catch a cold,” he warns her.

“Still don’t care.” Her response is muffled as her face is buried in the couch.

“Mom and dad might be home soon,” he reminds her.

“Turn off the AC and tell them I was too hot to wear clothes,” she is not motivated enough to even get dressed.

Aaron rolls his eyes before marching up the stares to his bedroom. He puts on a tank top shirt and a pair of gym shorts before crossing the hall to her room. He grabs a pair of underwear and a sleeveless belly shirt before returning to the living room. Christina allows him to lift her up just enough to slide both pieces of clothing on before she drops back down. “How do you feel?” he is slightly concerned.

“My throat hurts from puking, my ass hurts from stretching, and my cunt hurts from fucking. How do you think I feel?”

“Wasn’t it all rather kinky though?” he slaps her butt lightly.

“It was,” she admits. “If I were watching a girl in a porno, I would’ve preferred she leave the brush in her ass while he fucked her up against a wall, pinching her stomach bulge the whole time. I’m not them though. I can’t keep up.”

“It’s still way sexier to see you doing those things,” he assures her.

“Because I’m here in person and not just a video?” she asks.

“That, and the fact that you are my sister so everything you do is doubly kinky.”

“So I only have to try half as hard to turn you on?” she surmises.

“Everything you do turns me on.” He kisses her mouth.

“Don’t, I’ve been puking all day.” She tries to move away.

“How about I get you one of your favorite popsicles to sooth your throat,” he suggests. “Maybe one each for your sore ass and cunt too.”

“I don’t think we have any more of those,” she informs him.

“Well then I’ll go to the store and get you some,” he offers.

“Wait, can I come too?” She finally sits up.

“Aren’t you sore?” he is confused.

“I’ve seen pornos where a girl hitches a ride only to get fucked in the car and ditched in the middle of nowhere. She has to walk around with cum dripping out of her cunt or ass. It’s really kinky.”

“And you want to do that?” Aaron is surprised but also intrigued.

“Can you get me a skirt from my room?” she asks sweetly. “I want to take off my underwear so your cum can drip down my legs as I walk.”

“I don’t know why that sounded so sexy.” He bounds back up the stairs as quickly as possible. She has already removed her underwear by the time he returns. The skirt he hands her has no pockets so he stuffs her panties into his gym shorts so that their parents will not find them if they get home while they are out. While she is putting on the skirt, he returns to the bathroom to retrieve his wallet from his cargo shorts so they will have money to spend at the store.

Christina has some trouble standing up. She has to lean on Aaron for support as they slowly walk to front door. “I’ll get used to it soon,” she promises him.

“What’s the fun in that,” he jokes.

Throughout the entire walk to the grocery store, she is wincing and moaning in pain. Everyone they pass on the street gives her strange looks. Since it is summer, their skimpy outfits are not out of style. However, the way she is clinging to him has everyone convinced that they are boyfriend and girlfriend rather than brother and sister.

“Shall we just get the popsicles and head right back?” Aaron asks with a tone of concern as soon as they are inside the store. Christina has been getting more and more sore the entire way. She calms down slightly the moment the air conditioning hits her still slightly wet skin.

“I can feel your cum cooling on my legs,” she whispers.

“What are you going to do if you turn me on again?” he asks jokingly.

“A hand job will have to due,” she is in no condition to have sex again, oral or otherwise.

“I kinda want to try that in the store,” Aaron admits while glancing up at a security camera.

“Maybe at a different one we don’t frequent,” she is not opposed to the idea. “Some of the employees here know Mom.”

“Fair point.” He nods in agreement. “So, popsicles.” He walks her to the back of the store where the frozen goods are kept. She leans close to the glass on the refrigerator unit as she tries to decide which one to get. This causes her short skirt to ride up slightly, giving Aaron a clear view of her ass just below her butt hole. Anyone looking would be immediately aware that she is not wearing underwear.

Aaron’s eyes are drawn lower though. He can see the glistening lines on the insides of her legs. His cum has been slowly leaking out of her this whole time. He wishes he could bend her over and fuck her again right now, but he is not going to risk making her mad enough to take away his free reign to use her body whenever he wants. “This one,” she finally picks the brand of popsicle she wants.

He checks his wallet to make sure he has enough money before walking her back to the front of the store. She is fidgeting the entire time they are standing in line at the express lane. The cashier is a young boy who immediately recognizes Christina from school. “Are you out on a date with your boyfriend?” he asks her while ringing up the popsicles.

“Something like that,” she responds in a breathy voice. His expression changes when he notices that something is wrong with her. She is twitching a lot and her face is extremely flushed. She is also leaning on her boyfriend heavily. The boy’s eyes follow Aaron’s until he notices the glistening between her legs. His cheeks turn bright red as he realizes that they have just been having sex, without protection no less.

“Um, well, see you at school. Perhaps we’ll be in the same class again,” he stutters nervously while handing Aaron his change.

“Yeah, seeya.” Christina waves to him sloppily as they leave the store. She can barely hold herself up anymore.

Aaron drags her into the first alley they pass. She squats down to rest, letting the rest of his cum slip out of her cunt in the process. “I don’t think I can make it home at this rate,” she admits.

“It was your idea to do this,” he reminds her.

“I know, but my ass is burning up.” She takes one of the popsicles out of the box and starts to suck on it. It is extremely soothing on her sore throat. Aaron waits for her to get tired of sucking before ripping the popsicle out of her hand. “Hey, give it back.” She lunges at him but ends up falling forward onto her hands and knees. He proceeds to press the popsicle against her bare asshole. “What are you doing?” she squeals.

“You said it was burning up, right?” he reminds her while shoving the whole thing into her ass.

“Oh god, not again,” she groans. Rather than being immediately soothing, the ice crystals only burn her ass more. “Pull it out, please,” she begs him.

“Maybe this will motivate you to walk quicker,” he suggests while taking another popsicle and pushing it into her cunt this time. She screams while standing up, which only causes them to slide further in until only the stick is visible. She hops from one foot to the other while tugging on the hem of her skirt to hide the sticks. The sensation is causing her to clench her ass and cunt, making it impossible for her to pull them out at the moment.

“Let’s just get going!” she spouts while hopping and skipping out of the alley. Once they are back on the sidewalk she tries to adjust herself so as not to draw suspicion. She ends up taking exaggerated strides rather than jumping. The popsicles are already melting and running down her legs. They are following the same path as the cum.

By the time they arrive home, both popsicles are completely melted, leaving only the sticks inside of her. Christina stops as soon as they step onto the property though. Sitting in the driveway in front of the house is their dad’s car. Their parents are home. Christina claps her legs together to hide the blue popsicle juice adorning the inside and begins to shuffle awkwardly.

Aaron helps her as much as he can but he distances himself from her so as not to arouse suspicion when they enter the house. The first thing they notice is their dad sitting on the couch in the living ring watching TV. “Howdy.” He waves to them. “Either of you know why the couch was wet?” he asks.

“I took a shower,” Christina answers loudly.

“I see.” Michael eyes her up and down as if judging whether or not she is lying. “Why don’t you both go talk to your mom in the kitchen,” he suggests.

Aaron and Christina share concerned glances as they leave the living room. Aaron tries to match his pace to hers but he still enters the kitchen first. “Hey Mom,” he announces his presence only to find the room apparently barren at first glance.

“Down here,” Sarah responds from the floor behind the island counter.

“What are you doing?” he asks while pacing around to the other side.

“Cleaning up what looks like cereal,” she explains while showing him a sponge and a bucket of water.

“Oh…” he is stunned into silence. He had completely forgotten about the mess they made. Luckily his pee has been covered by Christina’s puke. The only damning evidence left is the half eaten macaroni on the table. Luckily when Christina’s face fell in it, most of his cum stuck to it, leaving just the macaroni and not his unsanitary condiment.

“Which one of you was sick?” Sarah asks. She is not upset, just concerned.

“Me.” Christina raises her hand. “Last night’s macaroni didn’t sit well with me. I puked all over Aaron so we took a shower together.”

Sarah notes that neither of them are wearing the same clothes as they were that morning. “Your tongue is blue,” she notices the reminisce of a popsicle on Christina’s face.

“My throat was sore so Aaron bought be some popsicles.” Christina takes the box out from behind her back. Her mother opens the door to the freezer for her. She has to cross the kitchen quickly to put them inside. As soon as her mother has closed the freezer door, she slaps her legs back together to hide the blue juice.

“Are you okay?” Sarah is worried. “You look kinda pale.”

“I’m just hot.” Christina shrugs. “I kinda want to go to my room and turn on the AC.”

“Fine, I suppose you’re not feeling up to supper at the moment. Next time clean up the mess before you go out.”

“Sorry.” Christina hangs her head apologetically as she shuffles out of the room.

“That was odd,” Sarah sighs while shaking her head.

“What was?” Aaron is on guard.

“Do you know if she has a boyfriend?” Sarah asks nonchalantly.

Aaron’s eyes widen for a second but he quickly calms himself. Whatever has made her ask this question she would not have posed it to him if she suspected their relationship. “I don’t think so.” He shakes his head.

“She looks sick. I think I should get her some birth control before she gets pregnant. Of course, it may already be too late.” She stares down at the puke on the floor.

“She’d be showing already if it were morning sickness,” Aaron sputters desperately.

“You’re right. Still, I’m going to make an appointment at the clinic. She’s about that age. I really can’t wait actually. I wonder what kind of boy Christina would bring home.”

“I don’t think I’ll like him.” Aaron turns to leave the kitchen.

“Why not? You don’t think your sister will be good at judging men?” Sarah accuses him.

“I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to accept the idea of someone else touching my little sister,” he explains.

“Awe, I had no idea you two were so close.”

Aaron excuses himself from the kitchen. “Hey, Champ, want to watch the game with me?” Michael pats the spot next to him on the couch as Aaron crosses in front of the TV.

“Maybe later.” Aaron rushes up the stairs.

“Don’t bother your sister too much. She’ll only hate you if you do that,” Michael warns him. “She’s just hitting puberty. They all start to act out a little. Even you did it.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Aaron barely acknowledges him. Whatever separation that exists between normal siblings should not apply to them. After all, they just spent the morning having sex. If anything, Christina is more like his girlfriend than his sister. He is still worried that she may change her mind if he does no continuously reassure her though.

“Oh hey.” Christina is not surprised when he enters her room without permission. She has had a rule that he needs to knock in place since she first became a teenager. On more than one occasion she has chased him out of her room, punching and kicking him, because he disregarded her rule. Now it does not matter though. “I was just cleaning myself up,” she shows him the damp rag she is wiping her legs with. Both popsicle sticks have been discarded in the waste basket next to her bed.

Without warning, he leans down and hugs her. “Oh, okay. What is this?” she is caught off guard.

“Don’t ever get a boyfriend.” He whispers into her ear.

“Well, I’m not really looking for one anymore,” she admits. “I can just do those sort of things with you until…”

“Don’t,” he cuts her off. “There is no until. Stay with me forever.”

“Look, I love you Aaron but that doesn’t necessarily mean I want to date you. I find it kinky to have sex with my flesh and blood brother, that’s all.”

“Well, I don’t have the same kind of fetishes or hang-ups as you,” he argues.

“You’ve been going along with all of this. You find it kinky too,” she does not believe him.

“I find you kinky,” he corrects her while sliding his hands under her shirt. She gasps when he touches her nipples. “Mom is going to take you to the clinic pretty soon to get you some birth control,” he informs her.

“Why? Does she know we’re having sex?”

“No, she thinks you might have a boyfriend though,” he explains. “You don’t… do you?” he is incredibly jealous and she can tell.

She kisses him to reassure him. “No, you’re the only boy I’m sleeping with. But as I was saying, we’re not really dating.”

“Just because the fact that I’m your brother turns you on does not mean you’re only sleeping with me because of a fetish,” he argues. “You might just like me.” She has to cover her mouth to keep from laughing. “What?” he does not think it is funny.

“The idea that I would be in love with my own brother is… laughable,” she explains.

“Really though? Having sex with me as your brother for kinky reasons is fine but having sex with me because we are a boy and a girl who find each other attractive is not fine?” he asks.

“Yes… no… I don’t know,” she is confused. “It all happened so fast. We didn’t even start dating or anything. We just jumped right into sex. I thought that meant it wasn’t real. You told me that washing my mouth out afterward would make it not real.”

“How gullible are you? You swallowed my cum, that’s not something you can erase just by washing your mouth.”

“No, I guess it’s not,” she agrees. “What does that mean? Are we dating? Are we in love with each other? When did it start? Have we always liked each other?”

“I don’t know about always, but we can consider all the times we’ve hung out together as the same thing that leads two unrelated people to dating and having sex.”

“This is so weird. We’re having a conversation about dating. Normally we talk about how wrong things are and it turns me on.”

“Are you turned off by the idea of dating me?” Aaron asks meekly. He is dreading the answer.

“It’s definitely not the same feeling,” she admits. “Maybe this is what you meant when you said it wasn’t a fetish. I don’t hate the idea. My heart is fluttering but I’m not horny or thinking about it as kinky at all. I’ve been focusing so much on the sex of our relationship that I guess I never really asked myself what I wanted once we are done with all that. I kinda figured we’d go back to normal. We’d pretend it never happened.”

“Go ahead. Leave all the kink for when we’re horny. Right now, I don’t want to have sex with you, I want to talk with you, spend time with you, maybe kiss you. I want to watch a movie and cuddle. Is that okay?”

“That sounds like regular dating.” Christina blushes.

“How come you’re more flustered by the thought of regular dating than putting my cock in your mouth?”

“Two different desires.” She shrugs. “I want to date and be in love because of my heart. I want to fuck and be fucked because of my cunt. I can easily admit both but the desire comes from two different places. Obviously my heart is a little shyer than my cunt.”

Aaron can not help but laugh. “So you’re giving me a chance, right?” he asks hopefully.

“I’d be lying if I said I thought dating my brother was a good idea but, at the moment, if you asked me if I had a boy I wanted to date, only you would come to mind. We can call this a trial run if it doesn’t work out. I’ll even let you still fuck me if we break up. I kinda can’t get over that part, getting fucked by my own brother. Until I think of something kinkier, you’re not allowed to stop.”

“Someone’s gotten a little bossy.” He starts to tickle her while simultaneously leading her to her bed, which he pushes her down onto.

“Keep it down up there!” Michael calls up the stairs. Prompting Aaron to run back to the door and shut it.

“What should we do for our first date?” Christina asks while rolling over onto her stomach. She starts to kick her feet the same way she was the day they first ever had sex.

“Perhaps a massage,” he suggests.

“A proper one?” she asks skeptically.

“If you want something more, all you have to do is ask.” He sits down on the bed next to her.

“How about this, I’m still not wearing any panties.” She flips up her skirt by lifting one of her legs higher than the other. “You can decide what to do with that knowledge after you get rid of all the stiffness in my whole body.”

“The less stiff you get, the stiffer I’ll be,” he mutters as he places his hands on her bare lower back. He then slides her shirt up until it is above her breasts.

“I can feel the bed sheets with my nipples,” she giggles. He moves to slide her skirt off but she stops him. “I think I should remain dressed in case Mom and Dad barge in for some reason. This is a normal massage, right?”

“I still thought it would be hot to receive an actual naked massage with oil and everything,” he explains.

“Maybe when Mom and Dad go out again,” she disagrees.

“I kinda wish they’d barge in right now,” he admits in a longing voice. “I’d get beat up by dad and you’d be put on birth control and then… maybe we’d run away together.”

“If it meant I got to keep that feeling I get when I know what we’re doing is wrong, I think I would be okay with all of that,” she agrees with him. “For today though, a simple massage.” She closes her eyes. He runs his hands along her back softly, assuring her that he has only one intention. His mind is made up though; he will not hand her over to another boy, not unless she really does fall in love with them instead of him for some reason.

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