Sister in Need Pt. 01

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My wife’s sister Gloria is tall and willowy slim, and when she’s around my fantasies take over.

Last month we traveled together and shared connecting rooms in a hotel. Gloria’s husband Carl is a very nice fellow, but he’s not a very robust masculine kind of guy. Carl and I get along fine, but we don’t share many interests, and he seems quiet and subdued. Gloria is taller than her husband, and he has, as they say, small hands.

I was putting on my clothes after a shower, and my wife Julia had mentioned to me that Gloria and Carl were trying to conceive. So far they haven’t had any luck. Of course, my mind raced as I thought about small Carl trying to fertilize his wife.

“Well,” I said to Julia, “maybe Carl just ain’t got the potent balls she needs.”

“Ha,” my wife answered, “you would say something like that. Give ’em a break.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I said. Then a second later, I added, “Or maybe old Mike can’t get put it in deep enough to plant his seeds.”

“Damn, Bill,” my wife said, “you can sure come up with vivid ways to make fun of my poor sister.”

I heard giggles from the connecting room. We hadn’t noticed that the door between our rooms was partly open. I looked up and saw that Gloria had been listening to us. And, she had been watching me take off my towel and display my cock. I blushed.

“Sorry Gloria,” my wife told her sister, “My deadbeat husband was just mouthing off.” Then Julia looked at me, with my dangling dick on display, “For heaven’s sake, put on some clothes.”

Gloria fixed her gaze on my loins while I reached for my suitcase. Our exchange about getting Gloria impregnated and then knowing that she was watching me nude had started priming the pump. My cock was in growth phase, and I was in no hurry to put it away.

Julia anime porno had gone in to our bathroom and shut the door while I pretended to sort through my suitcase. Gloria stepped through the door and stood in our room. I picked up a pair of boxers and held them up, “Maybe these,” I said out loud. Then I put them down and picked up another pair, “Or do you prefer these?”

I was allowing time for my cock to swell while my wife’s sister was looking at me.

“Which do you prefer?” I asked again.

Gloria had walked a little closer and pointed to a silky pair of boxers and said, “These are nice.”

I held them up in front of my completely nude body, then I made a big production of stretching them and slowing putting them on. When I pulled them up to my waist, my cock had extended so far that it poked out the pantleg of the boxers a good few inches.

“That’s the way it goes sometimes,” I said.

Gloria chucked and said, “My sister’s a lucky girl.”

Just then, Carl walked over and said, “Hi, what’s up?”

Just at that moment, I was pulling my trousers up and covering my cock. “Julia’s in the bathroom,” I told him, “Let’s get dressed and go out for coffee.”

My cock was stiff the entire time we were in the coffee shop. Gloria leaned over and whispered something to my wife, and Julia laughed. My imagination was going wild.

That night before we went to bed, I lingered at the door between our rooms, hoping for a glimpse of Gloria in a state of undress, but all I saw as the back of Carl’s scrawny ass.

As we turned out the lights we left our connecting door open, and Carl did not completely close his side.

Needless to say, I needed some relief after what had happened that morning. I caressed Julia, and before long I was asyalı porno spearing her pussy and then she was riding high on my cock topside.

Julia stopped and dismounted, “Be right back,” she whispered.

The room was not completely dark, but it was dark enough that I did not see Julia bring her sister into the room from next door. As I lay there in the dark, with my dick pointing to the ceiling, I felt a hand take hold of my dick and hold it firmly upright as a moist pussy dropped down from above.

It felt better than ever, tighter and so moist. The feeling was so different and so amazing that I whispered, “What did you do?”

Just then I was startled when a voice replied, “Give her all you got.” What was going on?

Julia clicked on the bathroom light, and there on top of me was her sister. Gloria’s long slender legs were doubled over in two, rocking above me as my cock penetrated her sweetness. Her tightness practically sucked the cum out of me as she carefully let her weight carry her cunt downward then pulled back up to increase the sensation.

When I saw Gloria’s nude body and pussy crease, my cock turned to steel. I was ready for whatever Gloria wanted from me, and I think I know what it was. Not only did she want to get pregnant, and I was about to do her that favor, but she clearly had not experienced much of a cock before. A two-fer.

Julia made sure to close and lock the connecting door, then turned to watch her sister impale herself almost all the way down my shaft. Gloria pulled off her pixie nightgown, and I looked up at her small breasts. So many long-legged women have tiny tits, and I love them.

I was so excited that I didn’t think I could last long. And sure enough, not long after Gloria buried herself to the max, I felt an backroom casting porno eruption coming on.

Sure that she wanted my load, I didn’t give her a warning. I wanted until she was fully saddled on my cock, with her furry pussy lips resting on top of my chest, then I turned on the pumps. She just sat there, not moving as pulse after pulse of my juices filled her deep inside.

She lay back, with my cock still inside her. We rested until my dick receded and unplugged her vagina. A stream of cum flowed onto the sheets.

Julia kissed me and thanked me, “I figured you wouldn’t object,” she said.

I kissed her back and said, “Anytime, my dear. Anytime.”

Gloria just lay there and moaned, “Oh dear god, that was what it should be.”

We rested.

Twenty minutes later, I was feeling the urge again. I ignored my wife and climbed on top of her sister. My spew in her made her slippery and easy to penetrate. We fucked and bucked for a while, then I withdrew and licked her pussy before reinserting my dick for a few more pumps. Back and forth, fucking and gently licking, Gloria responded with moans and coos and finally had to bite the sheet to keep from screaming and waking her husband next door.

After depositing another smaller load of my jism in her, Gloria and I decoupled. She looked at her sister and said, “That’s two firsts.”

“Carl doesn’t go down on you?” Julia asked.

“What do you think, lucky sister?” she replied.

I took a while to gather out wits before Gloria tiptoed back into her room and back into her bed next to her own husband.

The next morning, Carl was up and at ’em early and came over to our room just as I was getting out of the shower. Soaping up, I relived the night’s surprises and pumped up my cock. Not knowing Carl was there, I walked into the room unprepared and with a hefty erection just about at full measure.

“Woah, big boy,” Carl said. “I bet you please the ladies with that.”

I smiled at poor Carl and all I could say was, “Yes, I do. Yes, I do.”

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