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Alan Goodman had never considered himself to be a cruel man. He never thought he’d be a slave owner, didn’t really like the idea, not until he saw Adam. Alan’s good friend Matt had dragged him along to a special slave sale. It was special because it was only the crème de la crème of slaves, those bred and cultivated for not only their beauty but their willingness, indeed love for pleasing their master’s every desire. A good slave was hard to find. Great slaves were few and far between. The slaves at this show were auctioned for for high sums of money.

The sale was held in a beautifully decorated tent adjacent to the art museum each year. It was thought of as a coming out event for the elite slaves on their first time being sold, a special day for master and slave. The event was social and well-attended by most of the rich and famous, those looking to buy and those just looking. The slaves were beautiful, and demonstrations went on all day so that one could get a good idea of what a slave could do for them before the auction began that evening and the festivities really began.

The highlight of the evening was the auction and the special event which followed. The names of ten patrons were drawn from those entering the contest and those lucky men each got a taste of the new slave, sort of a test drive to break him in. Of course the new owner went first, and last too, if he wished, and got to enjoy the show along with all the attendees.

They were about three-quarters through the viewing when Alan noticed a slave that really interested him. The boy was young, perhaps eighteen or nineteen. He was tall and very thin and had longish black hair framing a truly beautiful face. Deep blue eyes looked out past the bars of his cage with curiosity and intelligence. The boy was both regal and subservient as he stood quietly with his hands clasped behind his back. There was just a hint of a smile on the boy’s full, pouty lips, and Alan found himself imagining how those lips would look around his now very interested dick. His face was otherwise expressionless and it was impossible to tell is he was afraid of what was about to happen.

The boy was totally naked and Alan just stared, stunned by the beauty in the broad shoulders tapering down to narrow hips and impossibly long legs with strong thighs. The most notable feature though was his dick. It was obviously huge and Alan could only imagine what it might be like to feel that dick inside. The thought alone made him smile a little.

Alan was intrigued enough to read the boys bio. His name was Adam1992 and he’d been trained since a small boy to be a slave, not just any slave but a great slave. The potential was thought to be limitless. Adam was not only dedicated to serving his master’s every whim but went about it with an enthusiasm that not many slaves possessed. Adam was not only insatiable but would do anything asked of him. His stamina was already legendary as attested to by the foremost trainers in the business including the iconic Devon best known for happily servicing hundreds at an evening event.

Adam looked out at the men crowding around his cage and wondered which would be his master. He wanted a master very much. He’d worked so hard to be the best and what he wanted now was to prove it. You’re not supposed to have pride, Adam, he chided himself. I can’t help it. I want to be the best. Devon said I could be the best if I tried hard enough.

He thought back over the years of training, the years it took his body to get used to so many men. He’d started at age twelve and it had been painful and so humiliating. Over the years his body had grown accustomed to being used. It had to because that was his future. He didn’t want to think about what happened to slaves who couldn’t perform. He’d heard too many bad stories and figured that the truth was somewhere in the middle. It wasn’t pretty though.

He hoped he’d get someone who could at least be kind on occasion. He’d been trained to withstand all kinds of cruelty, both physical and mental, but he preferred kindness. You can’t go overboard on that though. Remember, Adam, to never get attached in any way. One of these men will own you. You will never own yourself. You are barely human. You are not meant to be human. Remember that.

The cage door opened and three men walked in closing the door behind them. It was time for a demonstration. Adam knew what to do. Without any emotion whatsoever he started sucking off one man while the other two together finger fucked his ass. All three men were large and the man he was sucking had a huge dick which he was using to roughly fuck Adam’s mouth while pulling hard on his hair to hold his head still. It was fast and furious and the man finished off with a grunt while pumping his cum down Adam’s throat. The man slapped Adam’s face as he swallowed every drop just the way he was taught to.

One of the other men slapped Adam’s ass then and drove hard into his ass, slamming into him again and again, fucking him relentlessly. Adam panted hard with an expression of lust and joy on his beautiful face. His mouth opened slightly and another dick slipped into his mouth, the beautiful lips spread wide around the large dick now pushing deep into his mouth and throat over and over again, the man grunting now with pleasure.

After a couple of minutes, the man fucking his ass came first with a loud groan. He pulled out quickly, slapping Adam first then spreading his ass to show his cum dripping out of Adam’s ass. The other man was quickly approaching his own release and pounded harder and more roughly into Adam’s mouth. He pulled out suddenly and slapped Adam’s face hard on one side and then even harder on the other, knocking him back a bit, then resumed fucking into his throat while holding on to both sides of Adam’s face, until he came with a loud groan. He pulled out and slapped Adam one more time telling him what a great slut he was.

The other two men had been jacking off while watching and now came, cum hitting Adam’s face and neck, and down his chest. Adam opened his eyes and just stared at the crowd.

Men were applauding the demonstration and commenting on what a great fuck Adam was. Someone complained that they wanted to see Adam fuck someone with that huge dick. The man attending to Adam told the crowd that they were saving Adam for tonight after the auction and suggested they buy tickets because they could be one of the lucky ones to fuck Adam if he won as highest bid.

Adam continued staring at the crowd impassionately as his handler wiped him off and cleaned him up. They wanted him to look as good as possible before the auction so it was worth the effort to them.

Adam knew the men cleaning him up didn’t care about him, knew it was all about being in top shape for the sale, but he was glad they were doing it. I want to win, he thought. His dick ached and he longed for release but he’d been taught it was not about what he wanted, not ever. Adam knew what denial did for him, made him want to be fucked even more, for as long as possible, by as many as possible. I am insatiable. Why do I love it so much? Maybe it’s the way love feels. I know they love me when they’re fucking me. They say they do, so it must be love I feel. Some of them pet me. Love is good.

Alan was stunned by the demonstration. His friend Matt said to him, “Damn, I wish I could afford this one. Did you see what the opening bid is?”

“Yeah, it’s high, but what a specimen he is.”

“I thought you didn’t want a slave,” Matt said.

“I know, but, this one…he’s different. He seems to like it. Not to mention, he’s fucking beautiful.”

“They all seem to like it. He is a beauty though.”

“Yeah, I know and I think I might need to have him. There’s a lot of things I could have him do.”

Matt laughed. “You can afford him. I can’t. Wish I could but I bet you’d let me borrow him, right?”

“Oh, hell yes, Matt, you could borrow him. Only rule is no scarring, okay?”

“If you get him I’ll be careful about that. Promise,” Matt said, grinning.

“You better be. I wouldn’t want anything to hurt his resale value.”

Excitement was at a peak as the auction began. At this point in the evening, most of the ladies went to their own party. A few curious women stayed though. They wanted to see the whole show. The rest just trusted their husbands instincts. Some of the women would use the slave and some wouldn’t.

The slaves were paraded out one by one and sold. Each wore tight leather pants, and a studded leather collar with a leash. None wore shoes. They wouldn’t need them since they would almost never be outside their house. Each slave had been cleaned and primped to look their best. This was a great year with many beautiful slaves. Competition was intense as the bidding began.

In most instances, the bidding reached the highest levels ever for the event. Adam1992 was third to the last and more than a few people were holding out for him. The audience went quiet as he was led out onto the auction block. An attendant would hold his leash until sold and then hand it over to the new owner.

The bidding on Adam went sky high and tempers flared as a few refused to give up. One of those was Alan Goodman who at this point simply had to have Adam. He finally won after he upped the bid to a little over one hundred thousand dollars and his final rival gave up. Adam1992 was the first slave ever sold for that much and Alan thought he was worth every penny. The other two slaves after Adam were sold but not for nearly as much.

Alan stepped up to the platform and after handing a previously approved bank draft over to the auctioneer, the leash, and Adam, were handed over to him. He looked approvingly at the sales certificate and title of ownership before he folded them up and put them carefully away. He next looked at Adam, smiled and said, “I think we’re going to win the whole thing. Isn’t that wonderful?”

“Yes, master,” Adam said.

“Come with me then while we wait. I can’t wait to fuck you.”

When they learned that Alan had won with the highest bidded slave, Matt clapped him on the back and said, “Good going, buddy. Do you think you can squeeze me in tonight?”

“For over a hundred thousand I can,” Alan said, laughing. “What’s one more right, Adam?”

“Yes, master.”

“A man of few words. I like it,” Alan said.

The drawing was held next with the winners cheering and yelling, happy to have been chosen. This one was an honor.

Alan and Adam were led from the room into another smaller room, richly decorated and rather dimly lit. The champagne started flowing and those not already drunk quickly became so while waiting their turn. There was an attendant with a microphone standing on a small stage in the middle of the room. Chairs surrounded the stage in a circle.

Alan congratulated the winners and said that his friend Matt would be getting seconds but then they could all have at it. He did admonish people though to be nice to the slave, that he didn’t expect to find any “dents” in him after the party was over. He led Adam to a low, armless couch covered with a dark red velvet fabric and told Adam to take his pants off. He then tied Adam’s hands behind his back, and said, “Just remember who’s in control here. I can be good to you if you remember that.”

“Yes, master.”

“Good boy.”

Adam did so thinking, Here goes. I hope my master likes me. I hope they all like me. If I’m really lucky they’ll let me come. Stop thinking about you, Adam. It’s about them. Remember, he’ll be good to you. Remember.

“I want you to feel that dick in your ass, boy. I”m going to fuck you senseless.”

Adam heard people starting to yell and cheer them on, and talking about what they were going to do to him. He’d never been at a party this big. His training didn’t encompass this big a gathering. Still he remembered what Devon had said, about thinking one at a time and not worrying about more than that one and making that one happy. I’ll try that, he thought.

Alan fucked Adam hard while pushing his face down into the couch. He thrust deep for a couple of minutes and came deep while groaning then pulled out and slapped Adam’s ass hard. Adam heard Alan yell, “Next,” and felt him slap his ass again. He seems happy about that, Adam thought after.

Next up was a rowdy, drunk Matt, the best buddy with the in, who made Adam kneel and suck him while he whooped and hollered, and called him a slut when he was done.

There were a lot of drunks and most of them were taking too long with Adam as evidenced by the chants from the crowd to hurry up, so Alan decided that they’d do two at a time and have a five minute time limit and they’d be given a chance to jack off at the end if they couldn’t get it together in their five minutes.

Adam was on his knees trying to balance himself between the guys fucking his ass and those fucking his face. A lot were so drunk and they blamed Adam because they couldn’t come fast enough and slapped him telling him to suck harder. One man kicked him in the ribs when Adam lost balance after one man came and pulled out of his mouth while another slammed into him from behind.

The next man in line pulled Adam up by the hair and shoved his dick in his mouth, thrusting wildly while holding him by the hair with both hands then slapping him hard when he was done and saying, “What a fucking slut,” then spit on him.

I’ll stay calm, Adam thought. One at a time. Calm. Why are they mean to me? Am I that bad? Stay calm. Just do it. What does master think? Is master happy? God my dick hurts. I want to come. Why can’t I come? Calm, Adam. Oh, God, another one. How many more? Where is master? Master, please?

When the line was close to ending, others went back to the stage to jack off. They pulled him onto the floor and surrounded him, making him kneel with his ass in the air, face on the floor while they stroked themselves trying to find release. A couple of men picked up Adam’s head and came in his mouth when they were ready and slapped him for good measure after saying what a lousy fuck he was. Another came in his ass when he was ready.

When there were just a few left, they turned him over so that he lay on his back when they came all over him. Finally it was over except that Alan returned for the last shot.

“You’re mine, Adam, so I got you first and I get you last. Because you’re mine. Remember that. God, you’re a mess but that turns me on, just thinking about what a slut you are turns me on.”

Alan was jacking off, fast and furious, close now. “Here’s something for your ass, baby. I know now just how much you like something in your ass.” Alan shoved his dick roughly into Adam’s ass pumping his cum in deep then shoved a butt plug roughly in, and saying “There, slut, doesn’t that feel good? And, baby, you don’t get to come today. Maybe in the future if you’re real good. Say thank you, master.”

“Thank you, master.”

Alan smiled as he knelt down over Adam’s face and said, “Look at me.” Adam opened his eyes and looked at Alan and his glistening dick hovering over his face. He looked into Alan’s eyes and saw many things, lust, want, need, disgust, a sort of love, twisted somehow, mixed with power. He wanted to close his eyes but dared not, so he stared into Alan’s eyes and felt his dick going roughly down, deep into his throat. Adam’s mouth and lips were stretched wide and still he looked into the eyes, watching the dick move in and out a few times and he heard him say, “You’re mine, slut. Be a good boy and clean me off.”

Adam closed his eyes, knowing that now it was finally over. It was a long day even without the party and now he felt exhausted. The butt plug hurt but he wasn’t going to remove it because master wanted it there. Did I please him? I hope I pleased him.

Two attendants rolled up Adam’s cage, his real cage. No one attempted to clean him up so he just crawled into the cage. At least he’d feel safe inside. He heard Alan yelling something.

“Wait a minute. Untie his hands first. C’mon guys. Isn’t that better, Adam?”

“Yes, master.”

“Take him out to my car. Matt please show them where to go. I’ll be right there.”

When he got to his car, Alan saw that not much had been accomplished. The cage was on the ground near the car and Matt and the driver were just standing there talking.

“What is the problem, gentlemen? Why aren’t we ready to go?”

“I wasn’t sure, sir, where to place the cage?”

“In the trunk, where else?” Alan said, exasperated.

“Of course, sir. Right away.”

Adam1992 shivered as he lay huddled in his cage in the trunk of his new master’s car. He rarely went out and he’d not felt such cold air before. This must be winter, he thought.

When they reached his house, Alan told the driver to unload the cage and arrange with George, his butler, to have it taken to one of the spare bedrooms in the west wing.

“It’s cold out here so get him in first thing. I’ll be checking with George soon to make sure it’s happened.”

“Yes, sir.”

Adam could see that the house was very large. He felt better immediately when the warm air swept into his cage. He saw that he was being carried up a long staircase, then down a long hallway before stopping in front of a closed door. When the door opened, Adam heard Alan talking to someone about bolting chains into specific places on the bed. He heard the sound of a drill and cringed. He’s going to chain me to the bed? Why, master?

Alan next spoke to George, telling him that this was a very expensive slave and needed to be fed regularly. He was to be maintained in top shape at all times.

“Adam?” Alan said, looking down into the cage. “I bet you’re hungry now. Am I right?”

“Yes, master.”

“Go have the cook make him a meal and bring it up right away. Oh, and some water. We’ll be ready here by the time you get back.”

“Okay, that looks good. Help me get him out of the cage,” Alan said to the handyman. We’ll chain one arm to the bed now so that he can eat. Then I’ll lock him up for the night. I’m not sure what he might do. This is all new to him. He cost too damn much to lose him now.”

Alan talked to George while Adam ate the food given to him by his master.

“I’m really not prepared to have him here but this morning I didn’t know he would be here right now. I’d like for you to help him out for the next few days until I can find someone to monitor him. He should get a shower tonight. He’s had quite a night and he’s a mess right now. I plan on leaving him naked so we won’t worry about clothes right now. Try and find him a pair of pants so he can go downstairs when I want him to, okay?”

“Yes, sir. I’ll take care of everything. May I say, sir, that he’s quite a beautiful boy.”

Alan looked at him with a sly smile. “Is that a hint, George?”

“You know me well, sir. I am sorry.”

“He’s hard to resist, isn’t he?”

“Yes, sir, but without your permission…”

“What the hell, George. If you take good care of him I’m very sure he wouldn’t mind repaying you. Would you, Adam?”

“Master?” Adam asked with eyes downcast.

“Adam, George will be taking care of you until I find someone else who can. I want you to obey him at all times, and I don’t think an occasional blow job would be out of order. Do you understand, Adam?”

“Yes, master.”

“Good. Enough for tonight. Adam, tomorrow I’ll tell you the rules. Listen to George meanwhile and get a good night’s sleep.”

“Yes, master.”

Adam heard Alan say one last thing to George before leaving the room. “Have him bring my coffee to my room at the usual time tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, sir. Shall he be naked, sir.”

“Most definitely yes,” Alan said, smiling.

George closed and locked the door behind him. “So, Adam1992, it looks like you’ve charmed my employer.”

Adam didn’t respond. He sat on the bed with downcast eyes.

“You do speak, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir. Pretty well, sir.”

“Look at me, Adam.”

Adam looked up and saw a smirking George looking him over.

“You really are a very pretty boy. I think I’d like my reward now and then you can shower and I’ll tuck you in for the night.” George had unzipped his pants and was stroking his dick while watching Adam’s reaction.

“We’ll make it easy for you tonight since you’ve had such a long evening. You look so debauched and it’s turning me on.”

He walked over to Adam and grabbed onto his head by the hair. “Open up, Adam. Let’s see if you have any talent. That’s it, such a pretty mouth open just for me.” He shoved his dick into Adam’s mouth and started thrusting hard and deep.

“Oh, yeah, use that tongue. Not bad. I can tell you like it. You can probably do this all day long, can’t you?” George asked. “I bet you’re not happy without a dick down your throat. Mmm…such a natural, born to suck cock. I’m going to make sure and reward myself well with you.”

After a couple of minutes, George pulled out and told Adam to lay down on the bed. He moved over Adam’s face and told him, “I don’t want you to move, just suck me hard, take what I give you. I’m almost there. And when I come make sure you swallow it all.”

He thrust into Adam’s mouth again while holding down his chained wrists. George was panting now as he thrust deep. He let go of Adam’s wrists and picked his head up, holding it at just the right angle to fuck hard and fast, finally pushing Adam’s head back down as he came deep in his throat while letting out a long groan. He slowed down as Adam sucked him more gently, trying to lick every bit of come from his dick.

George pulled out and smiled. “Very good. This is going to be fun. He was sitting on Adam’s chest, straddling him. “Oh oh, you missed a spot,” George said pointing out a small bit of come on his dick. He slapped Adam hard across the face. “Good slaves do what they’re told. Don’t let it happen again. Your master wouldn’t like it if you disobeyed me. He might punish you. Do you understand?”

When Adam said nothing, George slapped him again. “I said, do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Okay, I’ll unlock you and you get in the shower.”

The warm water from the shower felt good on Adam’s sore body. He let it run for a long time and thought about the long day. I don’t know if they like me. Why was George mean to me? Why are they all hitting me. I don’t like being hit. Devon would say to let it go. He said that some people are just mean, that they really can’t help it. I must have deserved it and I must try harder to make them happy. It’s all my fault. I want to be a good slave, to be what my master wants. I hope I get the chance tomorrow.

George was waiting for him.

“Get on the bed and I’ll lock you up. These chains are too short to make it to the bathroom so for tonight I’m leaving this chamber pot to use. I’ll be waking you early to go to your master. If I were you I’d be good and ready.”

Adam heard the lock click into place and sighed. They don’t need to lock me up so much. I’m not going anywhere. Where would I go? I do what my master tells me to and nothing else. Why don’t they know that? I’m lucky I have a bed. It feels soft and it’s warm. The food was good. I’d starve without master. I’m lucky.

The house was quiet, his room in complete darkness as Adam1992 drifted off to sleep on his first day as an owned slave. He looked forward to the next day and to showing his master how much he wanted to please him.

Adam was shaken awake the next morning by George who was telling him to hurry and get ready because his master wanted him. He was given time to do just the basic necessities to get himself ready for his master. There was not time for much makeup so a bit of dark eyeliner would have to do. He remained naked as his master wished. When Adam exited the bathroom, George told him to get on his knees because he’d be crawling to his master. The leash was snapped onto his collar and George told him to crawl behind him.

In the hallway, a boy was waiting with a cart with coffee and breakfast things. The three of them made their way down a couple of hallways until they reached master’s bedroom. George opened the door and Alan greeted them telling George and the boy to leave the coffee and then go. He told Adam to come and sit at his feet.

Adam sat at Alan’s feet while his master drank the pungent smelling coffee. He wished he could have some but master must not want him to have any. Alan spoke then and said, “I’m going to tell you the rules now, Adam. I’ve been thinking about it and I’ll tell you what I want. I want you to suck my dick while I tell you.”

Adam knelt between Alan’s legs and stroked his dick then put his mouth around it and started sucking softly. He heard Alan sigh then say, “That’s good, Adam. Just like that for a while.” He felt Alan’s hands on the back of his head and then felt his head being pressed down hard and held there while Adam sucked him. Alan was hard now and started thrusting up a little. Then he told Adam the rules.

“You will be chained to your bed until I know I can trust you and even then you’ll be unchained only for meals and grooming and occasionally for exercise. I am acquiring a slave to take care of you so it will be his responsibility to see to your needs and to make you ready whenever I want you.”

“That feels great, Adam. You are good at this. Suck just a little harder would you? Mmm. The next rules are you will always crawl, you will be naked and available at all times for me or whoever I choose, you will not speak unless asked to and only to say yes in response. I expect you to look your best at all times and to behave well around my friends and do anything they ask you to. All written words and other media are forbidden as is music unless I’m playing it or if we’re at a party or dinner. The only thing you are to think about is how you can please me more and more every day. You will be allowed to come once a week if you are good, or if I or one of my guests requests you to. You will always wear a cock ring when servicing me or my guests. There will be severe punishment for breaking that rule. Do you understand?”

He pulled Adam’s head up from his crotch, holding onto his hair. Alan said, “Well?”

“Yes, master.”

Alan pulled Adam’s head back down into his crotch and told him to suck him a little harder now while he told Adam what else would happen today.

“Tonight we’re attending a large dinner party. I am bringing you to show you off and it will be expected that you service the other guests in any way requested. George will give you an early dinner as your only function at the dinner is to make me proud and service my friends well. Do you understand?”

He again pulled Adam’s head up and Adam said, “Yes, master.”

Again, Adam’s head was pushed down and he was sucking Alan’s hard dick. Alan started pumping fast into his mouth and then stopped abruptly, pulling Adam’s head back hard. “Let’s have a look at your ass now. You should be good and ready with that plug up your ass all night. Turn around.”

Adam turned and felt the butt plug being pulled out then felt cum from last night dripping out of him. He heard Alan laugh and then felt his dick inside, pumping hard and fast as he fucked him and told him, “I shouldn’t have waited so long to get my own fuck slut. This is going to be fun.”

He felt his ass being pumped furiously and felt Alan’s hands digging into his hips as he held him steady and then after a few minutes he heard Alan groan and felt his dick slam deep into his ass and he felt the warm cum pulsing in. Alan slapped his ass and shoved the butt plug back in, jabbing it in and out a few times while saying, “I bet you like that don’t you?”

“Yes, master.”

“Okay, clean my dick, slut,” Alan said just before he turned Adam around and held his mouth open before shoving his dick inside. “Do a good job.”

Alan called George to take Adam back to his room and chain him up and to have him ready for a dinner party at eight that evening. He told Adam, “You may remove the butt plug before showering but you are to reinsert it after. I want you ready for tonight.”

George chained Adam to the bed and then provided breakfast. When he was done George said that he and Robert should get a reward for taking care of him so they both fucked him while he lay chained to the bed, laughing at him, calling him a slut then coming all over him and making him lie there all day with their cum all over his body.

Adam tried to sleep and think about the party that night and how better to serve his master. He was bored and wished he wasn’t chained up. He missed his cage. It made him feel safe. Maybe he could ask to have it back. After vowing to be perfect for his master, Adam drifted off to sleep.

Adam was dressed only in leather pants and his studded leather collar for the dinner party. George had made him up using heavy dark eyeliner and eyeshadow, highlighted his cheekbones with a pretty pinkish rouge, and glossed his lips so they were a shiny bright pink. Adam’s hair had been brushed back off of his forehead and shaped into a grand pompadour. He was a very pretty slave as he crawled slightly behind his master into the big house.

Alan was greeted warmly by his host who complimented him on his new acquisition. The man petted Adam’s hair saying what a pretty slave he was. Alan pulled on the leash signaling Adam to follow him into another room where drinks were being served. Adam looked around and thought he was the only slave there. They were soon surrounded by men wanting to see Alan’s new toy. He felt hands all over him, wanting to touch him, perhaps preparing for later when they could touch him all they wanted.

Adam sat on the floor at Alan’s feet during dinner. He tried to prepare himself mentally for what was to come. This was his first test and he wanted to prove himself and prove to his master that he was worth being owned. He knew the time had come when he felt the leash being pulled roughly and heard Alan say, “Come here next to me, Adam.”

Everyone oohed and aahed as Adam became visible sitting on the floor next to Alan. Their host said, “Gentlemen, a variety of brandies will now be served and cigars may now be lit. I understand, Alan, that you will provide the entertainment tonight. Am I correct?”

Alan smiled and said, “I just acquired this little beauty but I think he’s ready for his task. He better be considering what I paid for him.” Everyone laughed at that.

Alan looked at Adam and said, “I want you to be good to everyone in this room, Adam. You are to suck their dicks starting with our gracious host. Crawl to each and suck him so that we don’t see you. We want to have a good time after all, and we don’t want to see you at the dinner table. We just want to feel your filthy mouth sucking us off one at a time. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master.”

“Get to it then,” Alan said dismissing Adam with a flick of his wrist.

Adam crawled under the table to the host who had already pulled his dick out and was stroking himself to get hard. When Adam’s head was in his lap he said, “Suck it.” Then he raised his glass and said, “Here’s to a great night. Thank you, Alan, for the entertainment and I hope everyone has a great time. To all of us.”

The men drank quite a lot as Adam moved quietly among them. One by one they pulled Adam’s head into their groin, pushing their cocks deep down his throat and rocking into him while he sucked them hard. You’d never know he was there except for an occasional groan from around the table as one after another pulsed their cum into Adam’s willing mouth. There were twenty or so men for dinner so when Adam got back to his master’s side, he found that Alan was quite drunk but really wanting a blow job.

“Get between my legs, slut, and suck me,” Alan said. He pulled Adam’s hair hard and sat on the edge of his chair as he thrust hard into Adam’s mouth. He kept conversing as he fucked Adam’s mouth pausing only when he finally came while pinching Adam’s nose and forcing him not to breath as he pumped his cum into his mouth. Adam knew that Alan wanted him to clean him up so he did. When he was done Alan told Adam to sit next to him until he was needed so Adam sat, eyes downcast, hoping he had done well, hoping he still looked good for his master.

The party was winding down when the host made another announcement. “I understand that some of you must leave now but that some of you would like another sampling of our lovely slut. All are welcome to join in if they wish. Who would like to begin?”

Alan pulled Adam’s leash and told him to take his pants off then bend over the table. He put a cock ring on Adam’s hardening dick then pulled out the butt plug with a plop. “Gentlemen, behold the sweetest little ass all ready to be fucked.” He pushed into Adam’s ass, fucking him until he was really wet.

“Who’s first?” he asked, then slapped Adam’s ass and laughed.

Men crowded around Adam, loosely forming a line of men stroking their dicks, waiting their turn for the pretty slut. A man suddenly came forward and said, “I’ll break in this little pussy.”

There were loud whistles as the others saw how big the man was and yelled obscenities about the giant dick going up the slut’s ass.

Without preamble, the man stood behind Adam and thrust his dick all the way inside Adam in one swift movement. He pulled almost out and slammed back in and repeated that several times before he started pounding into him relentlessly, holding on tightly to Adam’s hips to steady him for the assault. This continued for a couple of minutes, the man grunting hard and Adam grunting quietly each time the man fucked into him. Finally the man yelled, “I’m gonna come,” and slammed hard into Adam and stopped, balls deep, as his dick jerked and his cum shot deep in. The man pulled out and immediately there was another dick pushing into Adam.

One by one they fucked Adam. Most of them fucked him for a few minutes without coming and gave someone else a chance to get in. When most of them had fucked Adam at least once, they decided to put him on his back on the table. They pushed his legs back and put a cushion under his ass and fucked him that way while another man straddled his face and fucked down hard into his mouth.

After a few hours most of the men were fucked out but a few still wanted another go and so Adam felt more dicks in him, fucking him, some fast, some slow, some that seemed like forever until they finally came. His dick ached and he wanted so much to come but his master wouldn’t allow it. His ass was filled with cum and he could hear it being pushed in and pulled out with each thrust of a dick. Adam felt the cum running out and down his back as each man came and pulled out. His upper back was sliding on the slick table.

The last three just jacked off and put him on the floor and drew pictures on his body when they came groaning and then laughing.

When they were all done, Alan told Adam to sit up and then bend over and he felt the butt plug being pushed in and out a few times then shoved in deep. Alan even hit it hard to make sure it was in tight. Adam felt the cock ring being removed and breathed easier but still wished he could come. Alan looked at him, smirked a little and said, “Not yet, you haven’t earned it yet.”

Adam wondered just what he had to do to earn the right to come. He simply said, “Yes, master,” with eyes downcast and feeling defeated. He was grateful when he was put into his cage in the trunk of the SUV. He curled up against the back and felt better, and safer, immediately. That feeling didn’t last long though.

George made him shower and eat. Adam felt the butt plug being shoved in roughly again, and heard then felt the chains go around his arms and legs and then felt George shove his dick down his throat so hard he gagged and earned a hard slap and George telling him to suck his dick the way he sucked the rich boy’s. Adam felt the hot cum flood his mouth and drip down his throat and he swallowed hard, careful to swallow it all. George said, “Good boy.”

The only person Adam saw for the next week was George and only to bring food or to fuck him. His master did not want him and Adam wished he knew why. He lay chained to a bed all day and night with nothing to do and wondered why they tortured him so. Once, a man appeared with Alan who told him to give the man whatever he wanted. When Alan left them alone, the man pulled Adam’s head up and suddenly the man was fucking Adam’s mouth hard and fast. His hair was pulled so hard it hurt. When the man came he pulled out and cum spurted all over his face and into his mouth. He was left like that for the rest of the day with no way to clean himself off. It was left to George to clean him up later but not until Adam was fucked hard for the trouble.

At last, a new man appeared, a slave named Jon, who would take care of him when he wasn’t being used. After thinking about how best to use Adam, Alan had decided to put him in a specially outfitted room. Jon’s job was to make sure Adam showered and was clean, and butt plugged whenever he was not being used. Adam was to look pretty at all times, was to be well fed, was to have exercise once a day for an hour or two. He would be made to walk or use the machines in the gym and to be kept in top condition.

Adam’s special room was fitted with a number of devices designed to enhance fucking him. When not in use he was to be tied down tightly on a cushioned bed, with arms close to his body and strapped down, and with legs spread with a cushion underneath his ass so he could easily be fucked if someone wanted. His head was placed on a pillow and a strap placed around his neck so that his he would remain steady if someone wanted a blow job.

The room was painted a deep blue with low lighting that strategically highlighted Adam’s best features and he did indeed look beautiful in the atmosphere created. There were no windows and nothing to occupy Adam’s mind and once Adam slipped and asked his master if he could have something to do, perhaps tv or films to watch to keep his mind busy.

Alan looked him, smirked and then slapped his face hard. “For that you’re not having an orgasm for several months and then only if you say just two words to me and those words are ‘yes, master,’ If you want something to think about, think about how to better serve me and those I offer you to. If you’re so bored, I can keep you very busy servicing others. Your only purpose is to be a fuck slut, to be fucked often and hard, and to be a grateful cum bucket. You need think urla escort of nothing else except that.”

Jon said very little to Adam as he had been instructed. He did not want to be punished so stuck to the rules. He was there but not there and was no help to Adam mentally. Adam had been trained to endure isolation and thought about it often and he survived.

A few days after Adam had complained to Alan, things changed. There was no longer any quiet time to think because Alan was sending a steady stream of men to be serviced. They usually came alone but sometimes in twos or groups of three. They were old, and young, and in between and they all wanted to fuck Adam and humiliate him. Adam felt man after man climb between his legs and push into his now cum filled ass, some fucking him hard and coming fast, and some fucking him for what seemed like forever, moaning as they came and lay there after for a long time, heavy on top of him, until they finally pulled out, wiping their slimy dick on his thighs. Some made him lick their dicks clean.

The groups enjoyed fucking his ass and his mouth. Adam couldn’t move his head and he was at the mercy of the men fucking him. They enjoyed slapping him and roughly holding his mouth open then shoving their dicks in deep and gagging him before slamming in hard over and over before spraying cum into his mouth while pushing down hard on his head.

One night there was a coming of age party for an eighteen year old boy and Adam was the entertainment. For many, Adam was their first fuck and they went at it with great enthusiasm and with great stamina. Most of them came almost as soon as their dick shoved inside Adam’s ass but they were able to come back and fuck him several more times each, pounding into him again and again. It went on for hours until first light and even then a couple of the guys were still fucking him. The guys were happy for their practice fuck and most of them would move on to girls.

They woke him up in the middle of the night too. He’d be dreaming and suddenly a dick was thrusting into his ass or his mouth, or his face was slapped. There was frequently a line on the weekends, those who’d been out partying and drinking for most of the night and used Adam as there get lucky fuck. A lot of the men were sloppy drunk and took forever to finish. One man went on for hours because he’d pass out with his dick up Adam’s ass then wake up and fuck him for a while then pass out again. If no one else was there, it took a long time and Adam couldn’t sleep with all that weight laying on him.

Adam figured that at least fifty men were fucking him every day, some twice or three times, and on weekends many more than that, double or triple the number. Adam didn’t realize that Alan was having his friends invite all of their friends and that’s why there were so many. Alan was teaching Adam a lesson about his purpose. He was there to be fucked, nothing more, nothing less. Jon would clean him up once a day, but meanwhile he had to lie in the river of cum that constantly leaked from his ass and had to live with cum all over his face and wherever it had squirted on his body. He had to live with being fucked any time, day or night. Adam was uncomfortable all the time, and sleep deprived.

On top of that, Alan took him to a couple more parties where he was the entertainment, sometimes servicing well over a hundred men at all night events with a line of drunk men waiting for their turn. They spread him out on a table and everyone had at him. By the end of the night he had ended up on the floor, ass up and being pounded into while his head was being held down by several pairs of hands, forcing him down on another anonymous cock. They lifted his head up and down on the cock, fucking it, until the man finally came with a shout and a huge load of hot cum that dribbled out of Adam’s mouth and down his chin.

In back of him, someone was coming after reaming him relentlessly. Adam felt another dick inside him and then felt another dick slide in next to it. There were two men fucking him now, pushing in hard, demanding deep access. His already huge hole opened up more and they fucked him hard while another dick slipped into his mouth and started pumping hard. One man came in his ass and pulled out as the other started thrusting hard and fast in the slippery hole until he came.

Adam’s life went on like that for months. Alan had held a couple of small dinner parties with Adam as dessert but nothing like the party being held about six months after Alan acquired Adam. It was to be a long weekend party, with many staying over at the large house, and most returning the next day along with new guests who could only make one day of the party. For this event Alan would test out some of the special equipment that had been built to accommodate fucking Adam. As an incentive to Adam to perform well, he’d been told that he would be allowed to come as much as he wanted for the duration of the event.

The event was all about him as the entertainment. He was perfectly made up but left naked except for his collar. He was made to lie on a cushioned platform and carried into a large downstairs room where people were already congregating with new arrivals appearing constantly. There was a large table in the center of the room with a raised platform on it and beautifully displayed food all around the platform. Slaves served drinks and the champagne was flowing in an elaborate fountain.

Adam was carried in with much fanfare and placed on the platform in the middle of the table. He reclined on the lush, red cushioned platform with an arm holding his head up. At about five minute intervals he would change position and pose differently. Finally he stood and stroked himself and the room got a lot quieter until someone yelled, “Want some help with that?” Adam knew it was his big chance and he was desperate so he smiled as he kept stroking himself and used his finger to indicate the man should come up to the platform.

The man climbed up to Adam who undid his pants and pulled them down. Adam turned the man around and put a finger up his ass making the man gasp and the cheers began with the men shouting that Adam should fuck him. He pushed the man down gently and started fucking his ass with two fingers then lubed them up and lubed his dick which he kept stroking. Adam had been given pills to keep him aroused and he was hard as a rock and his dick ached with need.

When he was satisfied the man was ready, Adam pushed his dick in slowly. He didn’t want any complaints to ruin this for him so he was careful until he felt the man really let him in and heard him groan as he pushed in and out. He fucked him harder then eliciting cheers from the group encircling him and from the man who he was fucking. Adam wanted to come so much, it had been so long, but he had to hold back and fuck the guy good. He palmed the man’s dick and started stroking hard and fast, wanting him to come so that he could too.

It didn’t take long until the man came, covering Adam’s hand with his hot cum while screaming out “Fuck me hard, oh yeah, fuck me.”

So Adam did, he fucked him hard and finally couldn’t control the strong feeling that started in the base of his belly and rolled up and through him like lightening, a feeling so intense and so good after all this time. His head went back as he pounded into the man and it sounded like he was growling as the feeling intensified and finally burst, rising like exploding stars as his movements became erratic and he thrust in deep one last time, his cum squirting hot and heavy into the man’s ass. Adam looked down at the man’s ass as he pulled out to cheers and smiled a little as he watched his cum rush out of the man’s ass and down his legs.

Someone yelled “Our turn,” and cheers went up and Alan stood and told the crowd to keep drinking and eating and he’d have Adam set up very soon for their enjoyment. Alan had decided that he’d rather Adam be part of the party so he’d selected a few places in the room where men could fuck Adam. Each area was covered until it was used.

Alan told Adam to climb down from the platform and to crawl behind him. Adam followed Alan behind a curtain hung in a corner and saw one of the as yet unused devices from the basement room. He was first bent over a cushioned table, ass out and available and with space for his dick to hang free and be used if wanted. Alan clamped Adam’s ankles to the table legs so that he was unable to move. His head and shoulders hung over the edge of the table and his head and wrists were placed in a stockade-like device so that his head and hands hung from a hole and the device was locked. Adam tried but he was unable to move at all.

A large metal bowl was placed between his legs but still left room for people to get in and fuck him. Alan said to him, “Be a good slut, Adam. Make me proud and earn your keep. You were born to do this.” He opened the curtain and men came running circling him and someone stepped forward and thrust his dick in Adam’s ass, yelling “You like my dick, slut?” The man fucked in and out of Adam and came fast in a fury of groans and grunts as the men cheered him on. Adam felt the man’s dick pulse as the cum poured inside him.

To keep the men in line entertained, the host had provided slaves who served a dual purpose, to serve drinks and food and to service the line and basically be pre-fuck sluts. Everyone wanted to fuck the main prize but it was fun to fuck a few different asses while waiting. The fuck sluts moved up and down the line, offering whatever the men wanted.

Adam felt another dick thrusting into his mouth, then another dick was in his ass and pumping furiously. Adam’s eyes were open and he saw a man jacking off then watched as he moved next to the man fucking his mouth then pushed in next to the other dick and Adam felt the cum pulsing in and two dicks fucking his mouth. The first man continued to fuck him while Adam tried hard to swallow but it was hard with so much dick in his mouth, so cum dribbled out making a squishy sound as the other man started fucking him hard then slapping his face as he too spurted his cum into Adam’s mouth as the man yelled, “I saved my cum just for you, slut.”

Another dick was in his ass now, a huge one, pounding hard but coming fast. It went on that way for hours, dick after dick pounding in, the cum running from him and onto face and body. The bowl was filling up and his hole gaped from being fucked by so many. There was a long line to fuck him and the men kept drinking. They fucked him for what seemed like forever until someone pulled them out saying give someone else a turn. He was double fucked in his mouth and his ass. The cum bowl was replaced with another.

Occasionally someone would stroke his dick a little and a few guys sucked him and Adam was able to come again. He wanted more though and hoped he’d get it. After hours, Alan and Jon appeared and told everyone to take a break. Jon cleaned Adam up and gave him food and water and gave him uppers to keep his energy up. He was taken behind a curtain and strapped onto another cushioned table, on his back, legs spread wide and pulled up and suspended from two poles, with his ass just off the end of the table. Adam’s arms were strapped to his body and straps pulled over his chest and strapped to the table. His head was on a pillow and hung slightly over the edge of the table.

When Alan was satisfied that Adam was secure, he opened the curtain and a young slave girl was there. Alan told her to sit on Adam’s dick then invited the men to fuck both the girl and Adam and of course to fuck his mouth too. Without delay the men honed on on fucking the girl’s ass while she moved up and down on Adam’s long, hard cock.

Adam couldn’t move but his dick felt good and he came in just a few minutes, groaning through a dick fucking his mouth hard, when he felt his cum pulse deep into the girl’s cunt. He’d been drugged and his dick recovered quickly and when the girl felt it she started moving on it again. Someone said they wanted to come in the cunt’s pussy and they pulled her off of Adam and slammed into her coming deep then pulling out with cum running all over Adam’s groin. Two men lifted her up, turned her around and pushed her ass all the way down on Adam’s dick. A man started fucking her cunt while Adam thrust up again and again into her ass. Three more men came in the girl’s cunt before Adam came again in her ass.

The girl lasted a few hours but didn’t have Adam’s stamina so she was taken away and the men started fucking Adam’s ass again, one at a time, two at a time, until first light of the next day. There were just a few men standing now, most had fallen asleep a long time ago as had Alan who told Jon to look after Adam so he took advantage of the down time and unstrapped Adam and cleaned him up again and gave him food and water, and more uppers to keep him going.

Adam wondered how long this was going to go on and asked Jon. Jon didn’t want to say but Adam pleaded with him and Jon told him all of the next day and night. Adam wanted to cry. He wondered how he could last that long. His ass was so sore and his mouth too. He asked Jon for more drugs and Jon gave him some more, including strong pain killers. Adam was high now, and jittery, but ready to go. His dick was hard again and he wanted to come. He liked being fucked but he also wanted to fuck some of the men too. He asked Jon to suggest to Alan that he have Adam fuck the ones that wanted it.

Jon told Adam to lie down and rest for a few minutes while he talked to Alan. He strapped Adam on the table, putting the pillow under his head then went to find Alan.

Alan was receptive to the idea, and chuckled and said, “He’s actually an alpha and he needs a bit of ass too, and he’ll get it since he’s behaved so well. Follow me, Jon, and we’ll get it set up. I hope his dick is up to this. Guess we’ll find out. This could really be fun.”

Adam was taken to a cushioned table behind another curtain. He was told to kneel and spread his legs and he felt his ankles being chained to the edges of the table. Alan said to him, “Okay, slut, you want to fuck, you’re gonna fuck non-stop and you’re gonna get fucked at the same time because it’s more fun that way. Let’s go.”

“Gentlemen, it’s time to fuck and be fucked. Let the games begin.”

A man eagerly got up on the table and pulled his pants down then knelt down and said, “Put it in me.” At the same time a line to fuck Adam was forming. It was pretty early in the morning but the takers were rested and ready to go again and so they did. Adam fucked the first man who couldn’t stop talking about what a great dick he had and how he couldn’t wait to feel him come in his ass. Adam fucked him hard propelled even more by the man fucking into his ass. The man was fucking him so hard and he hoped he’d come soon so it would hurt less.

Meanwhile his own dick was hard and needy and he fucked the man hard and came deep in the man’s ass with a groan of pleasure that brought cheers from the crowd. He heard someone say he wanted the slut to fuck him too. When he pulled out the man was jacking off and suddenly came on his face as he grunted. Another dick was fucking his ass, thrusting fast as the man yelled out gleefully. Adam watched the man get off the table and another kneel down in front of him. He saw the long line and hoped he could stay hard.

Adam fucked the guy for a good ten minutes. It was harder to come with all the drugs and he was frustrated. The man was ready to come though and turned around and told him to open his mouth then shot into it as more cheers went up. Alan told him to keep his mouth open and show everyone the cum in his mouth and so he did. He felt a slap on his sore ass and a loud grunt and felt a dick pulsing more cum into him.

Adam kept fucking ass, one after another, watching as they all came, in him or on him. His dick was sore now but still very hard and he kept fucking them, one by one as they kept lining up. Finally he was tired and tried to say no he couldn’t but Alan slapped him hard and told him he didn’t get to say no. A hard dick was fucking his ass with such force that his body was moving and he had a hard time speaking. Alan slapped him a few times and waited for the guy to come before calling for Jon to bring Adam his special drink and had him put Adam on his back on the table and strap down his arms and legs.

He told the guys to sit on Adam’s dick and fuck him like that and told the others to fuck his mouth. The first man bounced on his dick while jacking off. He closed his eyes but felt the man’s sticky cum streaming across his chest. As the man pulled off another opened Adam’s mouth and shoved his dick in roughly, fucking down hard, pulling his head up by the hair as far as it would go as he thrust into his mouth over and over again.

His dick was in another ass, the man riding him brutally in circular motions then up and down fast until he felt the man’s come lacing across his groin. A dick was in his ass, fucking in hard and Adam felt the cum shooting in then start dripping out as the dick was pulled. Someone was coming in his mouth while another man slid onto his dick and started bouncing on him, laughing gleefully and he jacked off and bounced some more before pulling off, opening Adam’s mouth with one hand then coming into his open mouth. He pulled out and wiped his wet dick on Adam’s face to clean off, leaving more streaks of cum on his face.

One after another the men fucked and were fucked by Adam’s long, perpetually hard dick. He came a few more times, about every hour or so, groaning and writhing through the pleasure. Feeling like that made him want to be fucked and for a while he urged the men on, telling them to fuck him, telling them he was a slut to be fucked so fuck him and fill him with dick and cum.

By late afternoon, Adam was very tired and showing few signs of life. His body hurt, his dick and his ass hurt, but still they fucked him, their cum filled him and covered him. Alan gave him a break late in the afternoon. He needed to get him ready for the final night’s festivities. Alan had a number of bets with men who said that Adam wouldn’t make it through the night. He told Jon to feed and water Adam well and to pump up the drugs. The next break wouldn’t be until midnight or so when they’d go all out to pump Adam up for the last six or seven hours.

They turned Adam over so that his head hung off the end of the table they were using. Jon put several pillows under Adam’s stomach to prop his ass in the air, the spread his legs and strapped them by the ankles to the table. A buffet had appeared, much like the previous evening, and the room was full of men drinking and eating and waiting for the entertainment to reappear. Alan’s slave was a good one and they wanted another shot at him.

This time the table was wheeled out and Alan told them to begin. Lines formed immediately. Adam held his head up and looked around realizing that all these men wanted to fuck him. It looked like there were at least 200 men there, just in that room, and most of them would want to fuck him more than once. He remembered what Devon had said, and Devon had been a champion who could easily fuck hundreds of men at one event. Adam’s trainer had told him to just think about one at a time and he could easily do hundreds. At this point, Adam sure hoped so. He had already been fucked by hundreds and he would now be fucked by hundreds more.

His youth was in his favor. Adam’s body was thin and muscular. He was in great physical shape and resiliant. Adam was fucked hundreds of times before midnight. As soon as a dick pulled out, another pushed into him. There was no difference in the dicks, it was if there were only one dick who fucked him for six hours straight and coming every five minutes or so. One after another they pounded him, fucked him as hard as they could, slapped him and spit on him, called him a slut but a pretty slut, told him he was a cum slut, and a cum bucket. They told him he should be kept in a small room and fucked from morning ’til night every day.

The line was long all evening. When they got closer to him they broke off into sub lines of those who wanted his ass, and those who wanted his mouth. Adam’s head hung over the table so men could walk up to him and just push on up into his mouth. The men pulled his hair hard as they lifted his head up and thrusting their dick in deep, then they pushed down hard while thrusting up hard until they came with a gasp or a groan, or grunting as they rutted into Adam’s mouth. He tried to swallow but that was getting more difficult as his throat was raw, so the cum started dripping down from his mouth and a bowl was placed to catch it all.

When the cum bowls were full and Jon pulled them out and replaced them, he’d lift them up and show them to the cheering crowd of men. Someone wanted to pour the cum all over Adam and demanded the bowl from Jon. The man lifted it up high over his head as everyone cheered then slowly poured it all over Adam, from head to toe. He worked it into his hair and ran it down his face, then poured it down Adam’s back until it streamed around and under his chest. The cum was poured on his ass until it streamed down his legs, pooling at his feet. The crowd cheered again as he held up the empty bowl.

Adam just kept his eyes closed then. He didn’t want to know what they were doing or how many were still left. At midnight, and after being fucked another 400 or so times and taking almost that many loads of cum, Alan gave Adam his final break until the party was over. He took his time to let Adam rest for as long as possible. Jon got him in the shower and washed all the cum away. Then he fed and watered him well and gave him large doses of drugs, including one to enhance his desire. Alan wanted Adam to finish by begging for more.

Alan told Adam that there were only six more hours until the party was over and that he was to keep going until he was told it was over. “Do you understand?” Alan asked.

“Yes, master,” Adam said haltingly.

Adam was carried to one of the tables and only his left arm was strapped down. Jon gave Adam another pill, this one to hopefully make him want to be fucked. The first man up spread his legs wide while saying, “Spread ’em, bitch.”

The drug kicked in after four or five more men had fucked Adam. Adam felt hot inside, so hot, and the feeling increased until he felt almost itchy without a dick fucking him. A man pushed Adam’s legs back and thrust his dick in hard while saying, “Oh fuck, yeah,” and fucking hard into his ass. Adam was panting hard and telling the man to fuck him harder and thrusting back trying to get more of the man’s dick in him. The man came all too soon, filling Adam with hot cum. Adam whined a little, wanting more and right away. When the next man loomed before him, Adam begged him to fuck him, to put that fuckin’ huge cock in his hole and fuck him.

The man grabbed Adam’s legs and pushed in fast as Adam panted and pushed back frantically, needing more and more as the man fucked him hard and came with a loud groan. When he pulled out, Adam said he needed two dicks to fuck him. The next two guys in line eagerly obliged, turned on by Adam’s demanding and pleading and they put their dicks in him. His hole was slippery from all the cum and the two men didn’t have any problem ramming their dicks in deep. They started pumping in and out in unison as Adam urged them on, panting and groaning and jacking off, needing and wanting to come.

One man came and then the other, filling Adam and leaving his hole wide and gaping as their cum ran out and down onto the cushions under Adam’s ass. As soon as they pulled out, Adam told the next in line to fuck him. He was still jacking off when the man pushed in and started pumping in fast, his dick making a squishing sound as the cum moved in and out. Adam jacked his dick furiously until finally his cum spurted out falling onto his stomach as he almost screamed in his pleasure. The man fucking him came right after groaning out his pleasure, his dick pulsing cum into Adam.

Adam was frantic in his desire, insatiable, taking dick after dick, and screaming for more, and by six in the morning he had still not had enough so Alan extended his performance time hoping that Adam would soon be sated. He would use this particular drug again in the future since it affected Adam the way it did.

At this point Adam was oblivious to pain or tiredness. He just needed to be fucked and to come as much as possible and he did so for another four hours, until almost noon. Adam was insatiable, demanding two dicks in his ass and two dicks in his mouth and someone to suck his dick, and to keep it coming, and so the men kept it coming, fucking Adam two at a time, sometimes three dicks thrust into him, and the whole time he just kept screaming for more. His hole was huge now and very slippery. The cushions under his ass were soaked in cum.

The only time Adam was quiet was when he had a dick in his mouth, and even then he moaned loudly and panted hard while waiting for another dick, preferably two to fuck his mouth. He kept telling the men to fuck him harder, to pound his ass and mouth, to cum deep inside, to fill him. The men were inspired and fucked him until he finally was quieter, and then quieter still. They fucked him even then, merciless in the way they used him, pounding his ass over and over, until he had literally fucked more than a thousand men. The cum pouring out of him turned pink, then a little darker but no one cared because this slave was such a great fuck and they weren’t ready to stop yet.

Alan tried to stop them at about eleven but they told him to let them finish the line and he agreed, but the line was long and it took another three hours to finally finish fucking Adam, dick after dick fucking him hard, filling him with their cum one last time. A few lingered and surrounded Adam. They jacked off and one by one they came on him and in him until he was covered with cum. A couple then pissed on him. One last holdout arrived just as the men were coming all over Adam and shoved his dick in his ass saying, “One more fuck, slut, just one more and it’s a good one.”

He fucked Adam’s ass furiously, fast and hard, and deep while Adam murmured “More, fuck me more.” The man did so for a good five minutes while Alan waited patiently for the man to finish. Adam just lay there moaning and saying “Harder,” taking it one last time until finally the man pumped in deep one last time, until Adam felt like he was being split in two, then felt the man’s dick pulse inside him knowing that he was being filled with more cum.

When the man pulled out, Adam was immediately put into his cage and put into the trunk of the the SUV. The host thanked Alan for providing such delightful entertainment and that his slave was a really great slut. Alan beamed and then collected on his bets. His slut had done what they thought he couldn’t. Adam had fucked all takers and had finished like a pro, begging for more.

When they got home, Alan told Jon to take care of Adam because he was too tired to bother with him right then. Jon put Adam in the shower and had to help him stand. He put Adam in his bed then but only chained one arm because clearly Adam wasn’t going anywhere for a while. He called in the doctor to look at Adam and he prescribed antibiotics, explaining that his rectum was torn and he wasn’t to have sex until it was healed. When Jon told Alan that Adam couldn’t be fucked for a couple of weeks at least, Alan was pissed off, saying, “I paid all that money for him and he can’t even last through one long party. He’s worthless if I can’t use him. I might have to get rid of him and get a better fuck slut. Meanwhile, he’s going to be sucking a lot of dick, starting with mine right now. Bring him to me.”

Jon did as he was asked and Adam managed to crawl to his master’s bedroom. Alan told Jon to leave until he needed him, then he turned to Adam who was slumped on the floor next to him, his eyes downcast, and more tired than he’d ever been. “Jon tells me you won’t be fucking for a while, Adam, and I’m very disappointed. What good is a slut that you can’t use? You need to earn your keep so until the doctor says you can be fucked again, you will instead be giving a lot of blow jobs, starting with me. Start sucking me now, bitch.”

Adam slowly got onto his knees and put his mouth around Alan’s rock hard dick and started sucking. Alan started slamming into Adam’s mouth while holding his head tightly against his groin. He fucked his mouth like that for a few minutes before he was ready to come. Alan thrust hard into Adam’s mouth while pinching Adam’s nose and pushing his dick all the way in while his cum poured down Adam’s throat. Alan held Adam’s head tightly to his groin and he moved in and out of Adam’s mouth happy in knowing that Adam couldn’t breathe until he allowed him to.

When Alan pulled out, Adam took a deep breath, thankful he could breathe again. Alan wiped his dick on Adam’s face then said to him, “I’m quite displeased with you for this, slut. I’m considering whether I should bother keeping you or not. There are worse masters you know, far worse. If you don’t want to end up with one of them you had better start being a better slut. For starters, you are to go with Jon, who will keep you leashed, to every man in this house and ask them if you could please suck their dicks. You are to make them very happy. You are not to sleep, or rest, or eat until you have sucked every dick in this house. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master.”

Alan called Jon back into the room and told him what Adam needed to do and to take him around the house on his leash. Adam crawled around the entire house and asked each man they found if he could please suck their dick. No one refused him and it took Adam all day and into the late evening before he had sucked everyone at the large house, including the entire gardening staff, the household staff, the slaves and the greasy mechanics who were the roughest with him. They slapped him, and spit in his face after they came, and called him a dirty slut. While making his rounds, a couple asked for seconds and Adam sucked them again. The master had a lot of men around, about fifty counting all staff and slaves.

When he was finally done and lay chained to his bed, Adam closed his eyes and realized that he was scared that his master didn’t want him anymore. He obviously was not a good enough fuck slut. He wasn’t as good as Devon was and he never would be. I am a loser, he thought, just an average slave, and he was sad because he wanted to be the best. I am not yet nineteen and I have failed. Adam vowed to make his master want him, to do anything to prove his worth. I will ask my master to fuck me tomorrow. I’ll say the doctor was wrong. I will say that I can be fucked, and I will bear the pain and say that it feels good when he does fuck me. I know he will because he’ll want to know if it’s really true. Then he’ll want me again. He’ll see how good I am, how much I’ll do for him. Adam was able to finally sleep then, feeling better, feeling he had hope to get what he needed.

Adam slept until late into the next morning and only awoke because Jon insisted he wake up now because master wanted him. He unchained Adam and quickly put the leash on and pulled on it, telling Adam hurry because master was not in a good mood. Adam felt ill and was still very tired but had no choice and crawled along, dragging behind Jon.

When he was alone with his master, Adam decided to speak and said, “Master, may I speak?”

Alan looked at him and seemed puzzled. “What do you want?”

“I want you to fuck me, master. I want your hard dick in my ass and fucking me so good, and making me feel so full. I want your dick so much.”

“The doctor said you couldn’t, slut.”

“He was wrong, master. I feel fine and if you’ll just fuck me I’ll show you it’s true. Please, master, please fuck me,” Adam pleaded.

“If you’re making this up it’s gonna hurt like hell, slut, because I’ll fuck you harder than you’ve ever been fucked. Still want my dick?”

“Yes, master.”

“I’ll think about it while you suck my dick. Get over here now and start.”

Adam started sucking Alan who began fucking hard into Adam’s mouth. Very soon Adam felt that Alan was close to coming, his thrusting became more erratic but harder, and soon he felt the bitter cum coating his tongue as he swallowed all of it.

Alan zipped up after wiping his dick on Adam’s face then looked at him and said, “Still want me to fuck you? I can last a long time now. Is that what you want? I can fuck you for a long, long time, as hard and deep as you want. Still want it?”

“Yes, master.”

Alan looked pissed, but unzipped his pants, pulled his dick out and stroked it. His master’s dick was already getting hard. He picked up Adam by the hair and Adam half crawled and was half dragged to the master’s bed. Alan threw Adam on the bed and told him, “On all fours now and spread the legs, bitch.”

Adam quickly moved into position, steeling himself for the pain. He hoped master would at least use some lube. He almost sighed as he heard Alan popping open the lube and then felt the cold liquid snake down his butt crack. A finger was roughly inserted in his ass and started moving in and out. Adam was quiet as Alan added a finger and some more lube and continued finger fucking him. It hurt but Adam was determined to prove his worth. He started out by breathing heavily and moaning a little.

When Alan pulled his fingers out, Adam knew to steel himself as he waited for his master’s long dick to plunge into his sore ass. He heard Alan lubing his dick then felt the head at his entrance. Alan was not gentle as he thrust in deep causing Adam to gasp. To cover he groaned and said, “Oh fuck. Yes, fuck yes, fuck me,” and groaned again as Alan pulled out and slammed back in hard.

It was merely the beginning because Adam endured his master’s hard fuck for almost an hour before the man was close to coming. He was fucked from behind for a while, then Alan pulled out, slapped Adam’s ass and flipped him over onto his back, quickly pushed Adam’s legs back, and thrust back into his ass, pounding away hard and fast as Adam continued to moan and even pushed back like he wanted more.

After about ten minutes of being pounded while on his back, Alan stopped again and pulled Adam to sitting position and backhanded his face so hard that Adam saw stars. “You love it, don’t you slut,” and slapped Adam again, so hard that he fell backwards. He was roughly picked up by the hair again and dragged over to an empty wall where Alan told Adam to lean on the wall with his arms up. He kicked Adam’s legs apart and held on to his hair, pulling Adam’s head back while he drove his dick hard and deep into Adam’s ass and started moving in and out, over and over while Adam moaned and told Alan to fuck him harder.

Alan put both of his hands on Adam’s hips and almost lifted him up as he drove his dick harder and harder into Adam’s hole. Adam was panting and groaning, and telling Alan how good it was and to give him more and not stop. Alan told him not to worry because he wouldn’t be stopping anytime soon and thrust in even harder for emphasis.

The pain was searing, burning inside his ass as Alan fucked relentlessly into him. Adam had not expected him to last so long and was using all of his strength and resolve to not give in to the pain and beg Alan to stop. His own dick was hard and Adam wanted to come and he started to beg Alan to let him come. “Please, master, let me come, please…I need to, please.”

Alan slapped Adam’s ass hard, roughly grabbed Adam’s dick and pulled hard until Adam cried out in pain, and said, “What do you want more, my dick or to come?”

“Your dick fucking me, master?”

“Good answer, and no you can’t come until you prove yourself some more. Don’t you dare come.”

Alan was pissed off by the request and fucked Adam harder. Finally he pulled Adam back from the wall and forced his head down on the floor, then with his foot on Adam’s head, lifted Adam’s ass up closer to him and started drilling his ass almost straight down into the floor. They were both grunting and groaning loudly as Alan pounded Adam’s ass. Adam groaned and cried out, “Fuck, yeah, fuck me harder, don’t stop.”

Alan grunted and pounded in hard and fast for a minute then stopped while deep inside and Adam felt his dick moving as cum spurted into him. Alan fucked hard into Adam’s ass one last time before pulling out with a plopping sound. Adam felt the cum run down his legs as he sat on the floor the way master wanted him to. He’d been fucked hard for close to an hour and he was in so much pain he could barely breathe.

Alan picked up Adam’s head by the hair, looked into his eyes and said, “Not bad. Maybe I’ll keep you after all. I’m going to start planning my next dinner party and I have a lot of invitations for events that I’ll want you to attend with me where you’ll be expected to service the guests. I’m going to be kind and let you rest up for two weeks but that’s it, no more. I expect you to be fully functional by then. Meanwhile you’ll be blowing anyone who asks you and if you see someone you are to ask them if they want a blow job. You are also to thank them for letting you suck them. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master,” Adam said softly. “I understand.”

Jon appeared and took Adam back to his room. He had Adam shower and gave him his meds and applied cream inside and around his ass. The doctor had instructed him to apply the cream two or three times a day. Adam winced as Jon applied the cream. George brought Adam’s dinner and Adam asked George if he wanted a blow job and George said yes and moved to the side of the bed where Adam sat then pulled Adam’s head to his groin and pushed his dick in and fucked it hard for a couple of minutes before coming down Adam’s still sore throat. Adam told George “Thank you for letting me suck your dick.”

Adam ate his dinner and then Jon chained him and he was left alone. He tried to move so that his ass didn’t hurt so much but that was difficult. Jon had given him sleeping pills so he waited for them to kick in. He smiled to himself knowing that he had probably changed master’s mind. He willed his body to heal and be ready for the upcoming parties. They would be smaller events at any rate so would not be too much for his body. Devon told me I’d toughen up after being used a lot and I will. For now, everything was okay, he was even happy in his own way because master liked him again and that’s what mattered most. His master would not discard him like trash. He lived and breathed to please master, nothing else mattered. Adam sighed and fell into a deep sleep.

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