Snow Story ch3

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I woke up almost in a panic. It took me a few moments to even understand why. She wasnt in bed with me and I already missed her presence. I calmed down considerably when I heard the sound of movement in the kitchen. I went out to see what she was up to.

When I got to the kitchen I was treated to a wonderfull view of her perfect ass as she stood at the stove, wearing only an apron. The scent of bacon and eggs was eminating from the pan in front of her.

I walked up behind her and gently wrapped my arms around her abdomen. I kissed her lightly on the neck and said, “Good morning, beautifull.”

“Good morning to you too” she said, turning enough to give me a kiss on the lips. “Want some breakfast?”

“I can think of something I would like to eat” I said as I nibbled on her neck. My stiffening member started to press into her back.

“Food first.” She reached behind and grabbed me. “Dessert afterwards.” Letting me go and popping loose of my arms, she transfered the food to a couple plates and went over and sat at the counter. There was already buttered toast and orange juice out.

“Looks good” I said as I dug in, and it was.

We ate fairly quickly, asking each other about how we slept. We both agreed that it was the best night sleep either had ever gotten. I did tell her how I felt when I awoke without her. She appologized, saying she wanted to suprise me with breakfast after the wonderfull dinner the night before. We cleaned up the kitchen together before walking towards the living room. I walked behind her, watching the sway of her ass.

With a wicked grin spreading on my face, I reached out and pinched her cheek. She let out a little squeek as she spun around. Her eyes flashed at me, but she had a smile on her lips.

“How bout that dessert?” I said.

“sounds good” she said. She stepped up to me and wrapped her arms around my neck, kissing me deeply. I reached around her and grabbed 2 handfulls of her ass before reaching for the apron strings. Discarding the apron, I contined my assault on her ass with my hands, kneeding the supple soft flesh. My erection was pinned between us as we kissed. Breaking the kiss, I looked into her eyes. “How are you feeling today, down there?”

“Im ready for you. I need you in me” She breathed. The look of lust and love dancing in her eyes.

Reaching slightly below here ass, and gripping her at the top of her thighs, I lifted her up my body. She wrapped her legs around me as I lowered her wet pussy down to my waiting shaft. She sighed as I slid up into her and moved back in to continue our kiss. I used my hips and arms to give her short thrusts. She moaned into my mouth with each one. I shifted my hands enough to get on where I could prod her anus as I held her. This had an almost emediate effect on her. She began to use her legs to help me thrust into her. She broke from my mouth as her breathing became ragged, her thrusting more urgent. She suddenly froze, then a long keening moan issued from her mouth. Her pussy once again clamping down on me like a vice. My god, I thought, she cums like a freight train.

My legs were getting tired, so I sat down in a chair after she had calmed down a bit. I slid out of her as I sat. She stood up and turned around, staddling my legs. she lowered her pussy back down on my cock, and planted her feet beside my legs on the chair before leaning back into my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and fondled her breasts as she rode me. I snaked on hand down to massage her very engorged clit. Her breathing took on a now familiar catch. I had enough time to prepare for her pussy to once again clamp down on me, her legs locked. I rubbed her clit to keep the orgasm going as long as I could. Her wailing gave way to heavy panting.

When she loosened up enough, I began to push up into her downward thrusts, driving my shaft as deep in her as I could. I could feel my own climax approching, the tingling running up from my balls toward my shaft. I grabbed her hips and pushed her down on me as I took one last thrust upward, exploding into her tunnel. The feeling of my white hot spunk painting her insides set her off again. She clamped down on me, the force of her tightness slowed my release, prolonging the flow. I felt like my orgasm was lasting an eternity.

As we came down from our climaxes, we deflated into the chair. Her sitting on top of me. My tool softening slowly inside her. Both of us panting heavily. We basked in the wonderfull afterglow of our coupling. I planted little kisses and nibbles on her neck as I gently carressed her nipples. She reached down and gently fondled my slimy cock, rubbing my balls. Her ministrations quickly brought me back to life. She slid down to her hands and knees on the floor, pointing her ass at me. She looked back over her shoulder with a smile. “Seconds?”

I got down behind her. I reached under and stroked her pussy up to her asshole. Rubbing our fluids over her. I reentered her pussy and gave her a couple hard thrusts, rewetting my shaft. I pulled out of her and repositioned myself at her backdoor. Even though she was very tight, I was able to slide easily up inside her rectum. She let a long, breathy “oooooh” as I pushed in. I began thrusting smoothly in and out. She made little panting squeeks every time my thighs hit hers. Her Rectal muscles flexed around me as I plunged, sending jolts of pleasure up my body.

It didnt take long for her to start the ragged, short breaths that signalled her orgasm. This time I was ready for her. I reached down and slid 2 fingers into her pussy, with my palm pointed down, just as she went off. Once again she clamped down on me with amazing force. But this time, I had a suprise for her. I curled my fingers down, and pressed firmly on her Gspot. Her head snapped up and her back arched. She screamed incoherantly at the ceiling. Even though I had so recently cum, her squeezing spazms set me off. I deposited my load up her ass as she continued to shriek.

Her orgasm continued long after mine ended, even after I had let up on her Gspot. When she finaly came down, she rocked forward off my cock. I only just barely caught her before she hit the floor. She had passed out. I laid next to her and pulled her into my arms, gently stroking her face and hair. After a few minutes, her eyes fluttered open. Tears welled in her eyes as she looked at me.

“That was…I dont even know how to describe what that was” she said.

“Liked that, did you?” I smiled.

“You would have to be dead not to like that. Im not sure I could go through it too often though. I think I would explode. I thought I had. How did you learn to do that?”

“When I was 16 or so, a lady in her mid 20s moved in next to my parents. She was a nurse and worked long shifts, so she would pay me to do chores around her house. She was very relaxed about clothing when I was there at the same time she was. She caught me taking peeks at her, and things just went from there. She was my first, and taught me a few tricks about pleasing women. Ive done it before, but never while riding along. You are so responsive though, I couldnt resist trying it. I had a feeling you would enjoy it. I know I did.”

“If your first was with an older woman, why did you question my desire to be with an older man?”

“Her interest in me was purely sexual. She broke it off as soon as she got a boyfriend her own age. She moved in with him a few months later. I was very hurt by this, because I thought I meant something to her. I wasnt mature enough to understand.”

“Am I just a sexual interest to you?” She asked.

“No. I have a little more self control than that. If it had just been physical, I would have stopped it before we started. If I wanted that kind of relationship, I would have been messing around with some of the other girls at the store over the years.”

I looked deep into her eyes. “I truely do care for you. I love you Tina.”

The joy in her eyes was mirrored in my heart. “I love you too.”

We cuddled there for a short while before I suggested a bath. We bathed each other tenderly and lovingly, luxuriating in the hot water and each others arms. Nothing overtly sexual happened in the bath beyond basic petting.

After our bath, I checked the weather again. It had finally stopped snowing çeşme escort around midnight. Final total was about 3’4″ in our town, which seemed about the worst hit. The fronts that had caused the storm had stalled right over us and the boundry just dumped snow. Much of the rest of the state was already digging out. Crews done with their cities were being called in to the 3 or 4 counties around us to start digging in to the middle. Casualties were being reported. Our town was locked in for at least 2 more days. More likely 4 days for us.

We had a small lunch before returning to the couch. I lay down with my head propped up on an arm and she lay on top of me like a blanket, her head on my chest. I pulled a blanket over her back to keep her warm. We talked about different things for a while.

She got quiet for a moment before she asked, “What’s going to happen to us?”

“What do you mean?”

She tilted her head up and put her chin on my chest to look me in the eye. It was a bit uncomfortable, but I didnt mind. “When the snow is gone and we have to leave here” she said.

“Maybe we just wont leave” I said, half joking. I actually had already been thinking the same thing. How could I maintain this relationship when she had to go back to her parents, and how do we keep it hidden at work. 16 was legal in our state, but not really approved of.

She smiled sadly at me. “I’m serious.”

“I know, and I dont really have an answere yet. I really want to be with you, and not just physically. But people are going to be upset if I’m seen running around with a 16 year old. I’m not exactly unknown around town.”

“Hey, Im 17. My birthday was last month. And I know that, but I still want to be with you too. My parents wont miss me if I dont go home a few nights a week, and my sister went off somewhere with some boy last august, so I could come here some nights.”

“That could work, as long as we’re carefull” I said. “We will just have to see how things work out.”

We stayed on the couch till dinner time, then watched a movie after we ate. We went to bed early and made slow, sensuous love before drifting off in each others arms.

The next three days went by both far too fast and, at the same time, very slowly. We made love three or four times each day, and spent the rest of our time just enjoying being together. On the 4th day, Wednesday, we had to get ready to join the real world. I had made sure that all of my staff had made it through the storm ok, and one of my managers had already been able to get to the store. I knew, from the local news alerts that the road clearing crews were nearing my house, and that there were police officers following behind them checking the houses as they went. The casualty rates were still climbing. Some parts of the city had lost power for a while.

We were dressed (for the first time in almost a week) and waiting when the police officer knocked on my door. I invited him in out of the cold, and offered him some hot coffee. (I had already taken some out to the road crew as they passed.) He seemed relieved to find living people inside. I wondered how many dead he had found so far. He was kind of young, and had a haunted look in his eyes. After he confirmed my ID and marked me as alive on his laptop, I gave him the story of who Tina was and why she was with me. After checking her ID he looked up her address. I saw his face fall as the information came up. Tina was playing the aloof teenager roll, watching TV in the living room while we talked at the kitchen counter.

He leaned toward me a little and said, in a low voice, “Sir, her parents were found yesterday dead in their home. They seem to have frozen to death because they were too drunk to do anything about the cold when that part of town lost power.”

“Oh my” I said. “what does that mean for her?”

“Well, she isnt the only “snow orphan” weve found so far, not by far. And she seems safe enough here. Could she remain with you till a social worker can be assigned to her case?”

“Thats perfectly fine” I said. “Better here with me, someone she knows, than in some home. Would you allow me to tell her? It would be easier to hear from me I think.”

He looked a bit relieved. “Yes, please do. Im getting tired of bad news.”

He told me, “They already removed the bodies, so you can go get her some clothes and personal items when you are cleared to leave the house, which should be tomorow morning. The house will have a seal on it, but I made a note in her file so just mark the log on the seal as you go in.”

I thanked him as he left. Preparing myself, I went into the living room and sat on the couch next to her. “Tina, I have some bad news.”

“Whats wrong” You didnt get in trouble for me being here, did you?”

“No honey, listen. They found you parents yesterday, frozen to death. Im sorry.”

Her look of shock quickly desolved into wracking sobs. I held her as she cried. They were the definition of absentee parents, but they were still her family.

She finally looked up at me. “What does that mean for me, for us?”

“You are officially in my custody till a case worker is assigned to you. So you’re stuck with me for a while. As for us, I don’t know. We will have to see what happens. Tomorow we will go to your house and get you some clothes and other things for school next week.”

We spent the rest of the day talking about her family. I learned that her parents were both only children. Her sister was from her dad’s first marriage, and spent more time stoned, high and/or drunk than not. Her Mother’s father was decently well off, but they had not gotten along well. So when he died, he left his money to Tina, with an allowance to help support her. Her father only stuck around because the allowance allowed him to not work. Tina was a cash cow to them and little else. They paid just enough attention to her to keep the social workers at bay.

We talked about what she wanted from her house. She didnt have many belongings, mostly clothes and toiletries, with a few knicknacks. The house was a rental, so we wouldnt have to deal with that. The tv and computer were from a rent to own place, so we could just have them taken back. The rest of the funiture would be left in the house. Her parents car was paid for, and ran ok, so she would use that till we could get her something to her liking.


Her parents were creamated and placed in the memorial that was built for the blizzard victims. We didnt have an individual service for them.

Tina went to work and school. I went to work. We would go out together, but people took us for guardian and charge rather than a couple. If anyone at work had a clue what was really going on, they never said anything.

Privately, we lived like a married couple for 5 weeks before the case worker showed up. Our sexual relationship flurished as our emotional relationship deepened.

When her case worker came, it turned out to be a friend of mine from church. I had gotten calls from the social services office to schedule the appointment and get the information they needed to have all Tina’s paperwork ready. She apologized for taking so long to get to Tina’s case, and making her sleep on my couch for so long. Suppressing smiles, we told her we understood.

Given that Tina was 10 or so months from being legally an adult, and that I was well respected in the community, The case worker had no problem with Tina’s request to stay with me. I was given full custody as her legal guardian.

Tina recieved her full inheritance on her 18th birthday. We used part of the money to pay off the larger house I had purchased, to keep up appearances. She set aside enough for college and the rest we invested.

We got married after she got her degree. A few people voiced concern over our age difference, but most wished us a happy marriage and said we looked to be very happy together. I have a feeling my managers had figured out what was really going on between us long ago.

Our first child, amanda, was born a year and a half after the wedding, the second, jimmy jr, 20 months later. Our relationship is stronger now than it ever was, and gets stronger every day. We are loving, supportive parents.

She still cums like a frieght train.

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