So You Were Watching? Pt. 06: Final

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If you are under 18 please go away.

Otherwise, since this is a series, I recommend you click on my username and read parts one-five because they set the scene.

This is a story about consenting adults who just happen to be distantly related, and enjoy D/S role-playing. All parties are 18+. All activities are consensual. I don’t condone sex with minors, or disrespect or violence against women.

Thanks once again to those who have emailed me. Please vote and let me know your comments by email.




I was on the brink of something incredible. Incredibly good, or incredibly awful. I tingled.

I’d spent the last several hours being a sex-crazed slut for three horny young adults I didn’t know before they’d come walking off the baseball field. I’d done everything a woman could do. Said every dirty word that turned them on. Encouraged them with every trick I knew, to treat me like a whore, and loved every second of it. My body glowed all over with sexual satisfaction.

But what had I done to Glenn and me? Did he, would he, understand? Really understand what it meant to me? And at the same time how much HE meant to me? Could he imagine what this gift of freedom meant to me?

I hoped we still had the future that I’d know for a while was possible, as I’d slowly fallen in love with him. I would know soon.

I said, “They surprised me!”


“Surprised you how?”

She said, “Every other time I’ve had to manage these young guys. Kind of kills the excitement.”

“I imagine. How many times has this happened before?”

“Three or four. Can I play with your cock while I talk?”

“Please do.”

“Well the kids have always been too eager, or too shy. So I’ve had to hold them back, or encourage them to open up. But not these guys.”

“Rich and Tony?”

“And Mike too. He was the most dominant one when he finally came upstairs.”

She was making gentle movements with her hand, which was very nice.

“As soon as we got to my room, I made sure the door was open for you to watch if you wanted, then their hands were all over me. But after a minute of them taking turns shoving their tongues down my throat, which made me very hot, they pushed me away. Anthony said something.

“Do you remember the exact words?”

“Sure. They were very nasty. You sure you want to hear them?”

She was grinning. She knew I wanted it all.

“Go on.”

“He said ‘I know you have some toys in here. Show us!’ I opened the drawer under the bed so they could look. The bastard pulled out my biggest black dildo and handed it to me. Then he said ‘Get on the bed. We want to watch you fuck your fat little cunt with it while we get undressed.'”

“Did you like that?”

“Oh I gushed right then. And of course, since I’m an obedient cock sucking little slut, I did what I was told.”

“Put that thing in your cunt?”

“First I showed off a little bit. I licked it up and down and sucked on the head to make it wet. I wanted them to see me at my sluttiest so they’d make me to suck their cocks. I got on the bed and opened my legs wide so they could see my wet pink holes and want to fuck them. I slipped the head of the huge fake dick in me and lay back while I played.”

“While they got undressed?”

“I was fucking myself for them so I didn’t watch that. The next thing I felt was Rich on the bed. My negligee was pushed up. He started to suck on my tits. Back and forth. And kiss me. Do you want to see how?”

I didn’t answer, just put my mouth down and she put hers over it and her tongue deep inside. I could taste the tang as I did the last time downstairs. We detached after a while and she smiled up at me and continued her story.

“And when Rich wasn’t playing with my tits, he was whispering, ‘Fuck yourself harder and faster. I want to watch these big fucking tits wobble.’ I eagerly did as I was told.”

My cock was deliciously hard by then. Listening to her sultry voice was intoxicating.

“Good girl. Go on.”

“I was getting very wet, dear. I could hear the noise of the dildo in my cunt. Then I felt Anthony between my legs. He stroked around my thighs and began rubbing my clit in time with the dildo going in and out. It was lovely. Then I wanted to cum again so hard and he must have seen it in my face. He grabbed my hand. I think I yelled out “No no!”

“He wouldn’t let you?”

“No the cruel little fucker wanted total control. As I squirmed there he put his hand under my rear end and slowly slipped his finger into my ass. Probably my favorite thing. I have no idea how he knew to do that. He’s 19 for fuck’s sake. I almost creamed over his hand, and would have if he hadn’t been holding czech sharking porno the dildo still.”

“Poor you.”

“He was being a cruel bastard. Then he started moving his finger slowly, and talking to me quietly. Rich was on the other side, stroking my tits, and we were exchanging tongues as I listened. It was so fucking hot!”

“What did he say?”

“Tony asked me what I liked to be called. I stopped kissing Rich and said ‘Anything’. It was so nice being kissed while that finger fucked my ass. But Anthony didn’t like my answer and pulled his finger out. He said ‘I want you to tell me OUT LOUD!’ So I said every vulgar word I know. Saying them slowly, in between tongue kisses with Rich.”

“Which words?”

“Slut. Cocksucker. Whore. Cunt. Rich made me say that last word over and over. He liked the way my lips formed the word. Cun-t Cun-t.”

“I like that too.”

“Thank you. I’ll use it more for you because that’s what I am. Your cunt.”

I writhed. “Back to the story Bitch.”

“Bitch was the one word I didn’t use. Because that’s your name for me and I belong to you.”


“Yes, dear. Anyway, Anthony liked whore and slut best, so he put his finger back in my ass. It slipped in very easily because of all the juices from my cunt running down there. Then he let my right hand go and said ‘Make yourself cum whore!'”

“And did you?”

“Oh fuck yes! It only took a moment with Rich and I still kissing, and Anthony finger-fucking my ass and that fat dildo stretching me. I groaned and groaned. It was beautiful.”

“I’m glad.”

“I was like a rag doll for a little while, but that passed. I’d been too horny too long for just one fuck. I wanted a cock in my mouth to suck, then a mouthful of cum. So I found both of their cocks in my hands and started to play with them.”

“Did they like that?”

“Yes but they stopped me immediately. Anthony said ‘You don’t get to decide slut, we do,’ then I saw Rich had the restraints from the toy drawer. He ordered me to kneel and put my hands behind me. I was very obedient, dear.”

“Mmmmm, I love obedience. What happened then?”

“Anthony teased me. I think you saw that.”

“Yes but tell me anyway.”

“I was feeling so good. I could feel my juices running down my thighs. But I needed to suck their cocks. I was desperate to be the fucking slutty whore they would never forget. Rick dragged my gown back off my shoulders so my big tits with their puffy nipples, stuck right out. I was trying to shake them. Guys like that a lot.”

“Yes we do.”

“I will remember that when I’m pleasing you, darling.”

“Do that. But go on with the fucking story.”

“Anthony’s cock was right in front of my lips. Rich was playing with his by my side. I kept trying to put my tongue out and lick Anthony’s but he had my hair. He was tantalizing me. Letting me smell it. Mmmmm. But not taste.”

She explored with her hand and I tried not to get any hornier. I loved what she was saying and didn’t want to miss a single word.

“He said ‘Beg.’ So I did. I pleaded. He slapped my lips with his cock and said. ‘No really. Beg you fucking whore!’ Gave me goosebumps. I lost it totally, I think. I don’t know what I said, but I’m sure it was every nasty word I know. Then he plugged my mouth and started to face fuck me, still talking, calling me nasty names. Every one made me hotter and hungrier. Rich joined in and they took turns fucking my face. They were pulling and squeezing my sweaty tits all the time.”


“Oh you like that image darling? Your tied up Bitch being face fucked by two horny kids? Not as much as I did Master. That’s just not possible!”

“You are truly amazing.”

“Thank you sweetheart. But it didn’t last long enough. In maybe another minute both their cocks were throbbing. Anthony started to cum in my mouth and I tried to swallow as fast as I could, but it was running out the corners of my mouth. Rich was groaning and trying to hold back, but by the time Anthony relaxed away he was already squirting. I tried to catch as much as I could in my mouth, but a lot went on my face and on my neck, and dripped down on my tits.”

“Oh my…”

She smiled happily. “You love hearing that, don’t you? Imagining you were there?”

“You fucking know I do. Then what?”

“Then they were very kind and tender with me. Helped me up and took the restraints off, then we lay on the bed while we dried. Oh something unusual as well. Rich pulled me over and kissed me, right on my cum-stained face; then found my mouth and fished around with his tongue for every morsel. He fucking loved it. I think he’s BI. What a cunt licker that boy czech streets porno would be! But he never got the chance because Mike came in the room and undressed.”

“Oh. Yes. I sent him up. He’d been guarding me.”

She chuckled. “I imagine. He certainly had the muscles for it. What a body. Ridges on his stomach for fuck’s sake, and such a tiny hard ass. Yummy. I already knew he had a big cock from sucking it in the hallway, but it was magnificent naked. I swear my cunt was dripping again from just looking at it.”

“Did he give it to you?”

“Just came to the bed and let me stroke it and kiss it and lick the tip a little. Suck in each of his balls. That dick was like a beer bottle. I know. I’ve had a few of those in me.”


“Yes, your father had a lovely dirty mind, but that’s another story. Right then I wanted to be fucked. But he made the other two go first. Said he wanted to be last, so I’d like it the most.”

“They were hard again that soon?”

“These were young guys darling. They can fuck like jackhammers all day!”

“How did they do it to you?”

“That part was pretty simple. Rich was still kissing me so he got hard first. Anthony moved off the bed and Rich just put my legs over his shoulders and told me to lock my ankles, and banged me. It was nice and I tried to make it nicer for him by talking dirty in his ear. Spurring him on. But I did too good a job I guess because he came before I was anywhere ready. But I’d cum in buckets earlier so it was just nice pleasing him. We lay a little while and kissed some more, but I knew the other two wanted their turn. I love the feeling of a new cock sliding in my cunt just after it’s been cum in. So smooth and squelchy!”


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm is right.”

“Then what?”

“Anthony stroked my hair and said he wanted to doggy fuck me. He was really sweet actually. Gently stroking me. He’s a really nice boy. Anyway, he maneuvered me around until I was on my knees with my ass at the edge of the bed. He whispered that my frayed black stockings made him so hot, so I slid them up so I knew my ass and my dripping hole would be nicely framed. Then I found out why he wanted it that way.”


“Oh fuck yeah. He started to finger fuck my asshole while he did me, and Mike got on the bed in front of me with his thick cock in my face and grabbed my hair and started giving me instructions. He wanted it licked so he could watch me use my ‘mouth-cunt’ as he called it. He called me a cocksucker a lot too, which you know I love.”

“Yes, I do know that.”

“But Anthony was just out of time. He couldn’t slow down and started slamming me so hard I couldn’t keep my tongue on Mike’s cock, even with him holding my hair. Then he pulled his finger out of my asshole and grabbed both my hips and screamed and exploded. I just slumped down where I was and waited for what I knew is coming.”

“Which was?”

“Mike to decide how he was going to use me like a whore and fill me up with the fat cock I’ve been slobbering over.”


“Oh god you have no idea. I was hotter than I’d ever been. My cunt was spasming deliciously and it only took him a minute. He moved me around a bit until I got the idea of what he wanted. I kneeled over him and he just lay back. I lowered my cunt over his cock until it parted my lips and the head was right at the opening. Then I inched down and let it slowly fill me up till it hit my cervix. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my fucking God!”


I swear she was orgasming right there, just from the thought. “It sounds wonderful.”

She said, “Fuck yes it was! And they didn’t have to give me any more orders. There I was, covered in sweat with my face all smeared with their juice. I looked like a cheap slut. I moved up and down a little bit to get nice and loose for him, and began to ride him, watching his face to make sure I was timing us right. He was enjoying my big fat tits flopping up and down. He squeezed the a few times, but mostly he just rode with me.”

“You are wonderful!”

“I didn’t even have to talk dirty to him. I could feel a huge orgasm building. And saw he was getting close too. Then we both went into spasms and I could feel his huge balls emptying inside me. I kept sliding up and down on it, milking him and feeling cum running out of my slutty whore cunt around his dick.

Then I could sense he was too sensitive. I stopped and rolled off the side. I remember him kissing me and saying “Thank you thank you.” I think I was half out of it because it took a while to register they were getting dressed. I told them to ask you for a ride and then I think I fell asleep for a little while.”

“You did.”

I czech super models porno figured she would be too tired and sore to do anything about my erection, so we didn’t talk any more. We dozed on top of the covers in the warm night till probably two in the morning. As I came gradually awake again, I became more aware of how great she smelled. Heady perfume drenched with the smell of pure sex.

When she realized I was awake, she asked “Did you enjoy the story darling?”

“Very much.”

“But you’re still conflicted, aren’t you?”

“I loved parts of the evening very much. They were some of the most erotic experiences of my life. Other parts were… difficult.”

“I warned you my love.”


After another long silence, she asked “What parts did you like?”

“Oh fuck, everything! Seeing you in the downstairs hall with them was erotic as hell. You telling me about the things I didn’t watch was flat amazing.”

“Thank you.”

After another quiet few seconds I asked “Tell me what you liked best.”

“Oh God, where do I start? Sucking the two at once and having them force me. But particularly the end of it. Mike fucking me so hard and making me cum. His cock was wonderful. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that before.”

“I’m glad you had that.”

After another long silence, she said, “Remember the Wolf.”

“Yes I think you’re right. I have been claiming you in some way.”

“And I’m glad. Do you know the best way to do that now?”

“Are you sure you’re not too sore?”

“No. I hope I’m not too loose though.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that.”

“Do you know what that would mean the world to me?”

“Tell me.”

“To have you move over me right now, and put your hard cock in my slut whore cunt and make love to me, while you kiss my mouth that’s had three cocks in it today, until you shoot your cum right in amongst theirs, would be maybe the ultimate in acceptance for me. I would love you forever and spend the rest of my life making you happy in any way a woman can, without a single reservation.”

I didn’t answer her. I lifted my leg over her, then slipped a pillow, under her head. Then I moved further again until I was straddling her chest with my weight on my knees.

My cock was just under her chin. I inched further until it reached her mouth, and then took a handful of her hair. She opened her mouth wide, and I slid my cock between her lips. I could see her eyes in the moonlight, fixed on mine.

She moved her head as she licked the head of my cock, slurping noisily while I held her hair. Then I inched back until I could move my knees between hers, and nudged them apart, then reached down one at a time and lifted her legs over my shoulders. She locked her ankles so they stayed there.

Then I began to kiss her mouth, with mine open and my tongue probing, enjoying the taste. Gradually I inched my hips forward until my cock was rubbing against her, then further forward again so it slipped between her sloppy cunt lips.

She kissed me back passionately. I widened my mouth until it was over hers. She sucked on my tongue. My head was full of erotic images of where that mouth had been.

My cock was in her tunnel now, which was loose but still wonderful. I could feel her working her muscles to make it tighter for me. Then I began moving. She moved with me, and started to talk to me in the language of our love.

“That’s right! Claim me, you wonderful bastard! Own me! Make me your very own slut bitch to do what you want with. I will do anything for you. I will fuck you any way that pleases you, any time. I will do anything you want me to do with others for your enjoyment. Just fuck me now and cum in my well fucked cunt so I know I’m yours.”

I let the tempo climb and felt her coming with me in perfect harmony. The faster I fucked my cock in and out of her the more she groaned and thrashed until neither of us could hold back and we erupted together.

We panted and gasped a while. Eventually our heaving chests subside, and I was only aware of her body against mine.

She said, “Look at me! I want one more thing.”

I looked and she was gorgeous. Glazed with cum and unendingly lovely.

She said, “I want you to kiss me. There!”

She thought I hesitated reluctantly. It wasn’t that. It was a big step. To be down there where a group of virile guys had fucked my woman was scary, but at the same time the ultimate fulfillment. I realized we had been heading there from that first moment.

“What? You don’t want to truly share this? You’ve kissed me hungrily when I’ve just had a guy face-fuck me and blow all over me. What’s different now? Do this for me!”

I moved down her body. She parted her legs. I moved my face down, tongue out and reached out for her. Her wetness enveloped my face. The taste was indescribable but perfect.

At that moment I believe we became one.


I have enjoyed sharing this so damn much. Thanks for reading.

LOHL 23/5/17

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