Somali Lesbian Diaries Ch. 08

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This is so deliciously haram, I thought to myself as I buried my face between Esther Jean-Pierre’s shapely thighs and inhaled the unique fragrance of her womanly scent. The brown-skinned, sexily nerdy, bespectacled young Haitian-Canadian Christian woman moaned softly as I began licking her pussy. I have never tasted Haitian pussy before, but if Esther here is any indication, then Haitian pussy tastes just as delicious as a Somali woman’s pussy. A marvelous discovery, I’d say.

As a bona-fide lesbian and a practicing Muslim, I am a connoisseur of such things. I love pussy. Love the way it looks, how it smells and most definitely how it tastes. Pussy, it’s where I came from, it’s where you came from, it’s how every human being comes into this world from time immemorial. How can anyone not love pussy? Beats me, but, ladies and gentlemen, for every pussy you don’t lick, I’m going to lick four.

Esther Jean-Pierre licked her sweet lips and caressed the back of my Hijab-covered head and urged me to continue what I was doing. With my tongue buried deep inside Esther’s cunt, all I could do was nod. In case you’re wondering who this is, my name is Amina Khalid. A tall, curvy and sexy yet pious Somali Muslim sister living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. When I’m not at Algonquin College studying, I’m getting t the mac on the pretty ladies like Esther here.

Lying on the king-sized bed, stretching luxuriously, Esther Jean-Pierre was a vision of absolute beauty. antalya escort With her hands rubbing her small, firm breasts together, Esther simply took my breath away. Indeed, I wanted this cutie from the first time I looked at her. I went to the University of Ottawa for an interfaith discussion and that’s where I met Esther, this truly feisty Haitian cutie, born and raised in the Adventist faith, whom I felt intensely drawn to.

It has often been said that opposites attract, and I must say, even among us lesbians, this old adage holds true. Two young black women from radically different backgrounds, finding common ground and more. How about that? I am a Muslim woman and my ethnicity is Somali-Canadian, and my new lady love Esther here is Christian, from the Adventist faith, and her background is Haitian-Canadian. Yet none of that matters, for we found each other.

I fingered Esther’s cunt while teasing her clit with my tongue, and the Haitian cutie cried out softly, her smooth sexily legs wrapping themselves around me. For a panicked moment I couldn’t breathe, then Esther saw my discomfort and relaxed her legs. Sighing happily, I resumed what I was doing. I licked Esther’s cunt until the sexy Haitian Adventist gal shrieked in sheer pleasure, orgasmic for the first time in ages.

I watched, amazed, as Esther Jean-Pierre howled like a madwoman and hot girly cum shot out of her cunt like a geyser. Happily I drank Esther’s girly cream, loving lara escort the taste and feel of it on my tongue. I dug two fingers into my cunt and brought them to Esther’s lips. I watched her lovely face, waiting for her reaction. Will this shy Haitian cutie taste me or not? Esther sniffed my fingers and then greedily sucked on them. I smiled quite contentedly, for I knew that the next round of fun was at hand.

Later on, Esther Jean-Pierre delighted me by sitting on my face and letting me eat that pussy as well as her sweaty asshole. I love eating the female ass, and by that I mean sticking my tongue up another woman’s asshole. I love the taste of the female asshole. Does that shock you? Well, sometimes I wonder if I am the only lesbian out there who is into that. We all have our kinks and sexual peculiarities, I guess.

Afterwards, Esther leaned over and rubbed my cunt, then she began fingering my pussy. I worked my fingers into Esther’s asshole while licking her pussy, and I smiled happily as Esther finally got the frigging hint and began licking my pussy. Seriously, I am not one of those lesbians who eat pussy but don’t let another woman go anywhere near theirs. I call it butch lesbian stupidity syndrome…for it’s mostly butch chicks who have that complex.

Esther was not at all like what I expected, I am happy to report. When I picked Esther up after that long, drawn-out interfaith debate which turned out to be side escort another debacle between Christian groups and Muslim groups on the University of Ottawa campus, I sensed that she was a kindred spirit. Someone like me. A woman who loves women. I also knew that, being a good Christian gal, Esther Jean-Pierre probably didn’t have much experience getting down with the ladies. Well, I turned out to be wrong on that one.

Esther Jean-Pierre and I got our freak on, not in the least because the Haitian Adventist gal was far better at eating pussy than I could have ever imagined. I mean, Esther got her face between my thighs and ate my pussy like a condemned prisoner on their last meal. Talk about passion! This Somali Muslim lesbian momma was squealing in delight, thanks to the magic touch of a certain Haitian Adventist gal.

Seriously, Esther Jean-Pierre had me right where she wanted me. Gripping my thighs, Esther licked me dry, burying her tongue and fingers in my sweet spot, and I howled in sheer pleasure. When Esther slipped two of her sleek fingers into my asshole while licking my pussy, I think I died and went to Jannah! Like, seriously, Esther took me close to the edge. This Haitian Adventist closet lesbian was something else.

Esther Jean-Pierre and I had our fun, and then the Haitian Adventist lesbian parted ways. That’s how it is in the lesbian dating scene in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. This is a Conservative and uptight town, and it will stay that way, even with all the immigrants coming in from Africa, Asia and Latin America. I am a Somali Muslim woman who has sex with other women. I am a college student. I am stuck here for the duration. So don’t blame a gal for having her own fun, alright? Salam!

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