Speaker’s Pet

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Note: This story was conceived by a friend of mine who wrote the bulk of it, and wanted to see what I would do to it in my style. She sent it to me, unfinished, and I did a little tweaking to it. Nevertheless this is the only story that is not 100% my own in my collection.


Pad… pad… pad…

Her footsteps softly muffled, she walked down the gaudy carpeted hallway of the conference hotel, awash in the nervous attention of girl-shy geeks.

She openly stared at one of them, who quickly returned his gaze to his navel.

Owned, she smirked to herself. Tech conferences are always full of easy prey; she looked and moved like a bubble-headed booth babe, but she knew her tech just as well (in some cases better) than those who ogled her now.

She was a tech conference junkie: the bigger the conference, the better. She loved being surrounded by so many intelligent men, and she fed on the levels of testosterone found in gatherings like these. The rarity of feminine charm at these conferences meant that she could have rolled into a session wearing jeans and a t-shirt and commanded attention. Technology was still a man’s world for the most part, and she loved playing in it without the hassle of too much female competition.

Not that there was all that much, even here in Sin City; the backdrop offered her irresistible opportunities for role-play. Anything goes in Vegas, and she had a full-access badge, a suitcase of possibilities, and an shock-you/fuck-you attitude. And clothing.

This was going to be fun.

She was wearing her favorite orange Leeloo wig, and a sleek black cat suit that hugged every curve of her body. She thought the “5th Element” look would go over well with this crowd, and of course it never failed to capture everyone’s attention. She had been planning and preparing for this event for months, and was excited to show off her tight, muscular curves underneath the slinky outfit. The knee-high stiletto boots ensured that she would be nothing less than completely disruptive.

She was a woman with a plan, and had nearly rubbed herself raw in the weeks leading up to the conference when scoping out her intentions.

Even so, there was business mixed in with this pleasure. Today’s target was a session on next-generation computer networks, the speaker was going to be focusing on advanced IPv6 deployment and services. She knew her stuff when it came to traditional IPv4 networks and this class was going to take what she knew to the next level – and why not have some adult-based fun in the process? Learning something new, challenging her mind, always made her feel aroused. This was going to be pretty freaking hot.

She sauntered to a seat close to the front of the class, feeling all eyes upon her. She couldn’t help crack a slight smile, loving all the attention. She never turned her head to meet their gaze, but blessed them with a slightly slower-than-normal saunter down the aisle. Ignoring everyone else, she focused her attention on the speaker as he was prepping at the front of the room.

She’d done her research before selecting his class. Google, Twitter, Facebook – his life story was all there for the reading. Early forties, tall, average build with a thick head of hair just starting to go grey at the temples. Most people might describe him as distinguished.

Not distinguished, she corrected herself. Dead sexy.

He turned his back to the audience as he got fitted into the mic pack, giving her a nice view of how well his jeans hugged his cute, round ass.

“Oooh,” she found herself murmuring lightly to herself.

He turned around suddenly, and caught her looking with her pouty lips, the small “O” formed by her lips felt sexy, almost like a promise of something more. She smiled coyly at him, letting him know it was no accident that he caught her looking.

She turned her attention to the large video display at the front of the room where the event organizers were displaying a continuous Twitter stream of attendee comments. She noticed the appropriate hashtag for this particular event and got a wicked idea.

This will come in handy, she said to herself.

The session started; she watched the speaker’s every move. Sometimes her planning could be derailed by a reality that didn’t live up to her expectations. This time, though, she was rewarded for her efforts. He was confident, casual, and very charming. He sprinkled is instruction with bad puns and corny jokes – but at least he knew they were bad and corny. She caught many of his obscure references and laughed at all of them.

Her eyes never left him as he spoke about how best to handle IPv4-to-IPv6 NAT-to-PAT for OSPF NSSAs. Every acronym seemed to ratchet up her arousal level. His technical deep dive was challenging her, arousing her. He was teasing her mind, expanding it, soaking in it. To her, it was a sexual experience.

She could feel the wetness of her cunt spreading and the warmth driving her to distraction. web tasarım She realized she’d stopped listening at some point and began to fantasize about grinding her pussy into his face.

For his part, he seemed to ignore her special status in the audience. Flaming orange hair or not, she was just another conference attendee to him. If she had made a mark, he hadn’t given her any indication that he had seen it yet.

Questions began coming in on the large display, and every once in a while he’d take a break during his presentation to read them and answer.

Can you repeat that new IPv6 debug command for OSPF? came one of the questions.

As she watched the tweets fill the screen. she wondered what it would take to break his concentration, or if it was even possible. She looked up at him – the consummate professional.

We’ll just see about that, she thought. I’ll just start off slow.

It wasn’t clear if the tweets were being moderated or censored, so she whipped out her phone and typed in her message.

In session

347 – the instructor is super HOT. Send.

Bing! Her tweet popped up at the top of the feed. She was using a brand new account, updated with an accompanying avatar picture to a photo of her in the bright orange Leeloo wig. There was no mistaking the sender.

A couple of guys in the class turned around to see where the sender was. She smiled and continued to stare at instructor, pointedly ignoring the other people in the room. If he noticed the message on the board, he gave no indication. He never missed a beat, and kept on pace in his lecture.

Now she was curious about how much she could get away with. Challenge accepted, she thought.

She scanned through the pictures she had on her phone, and selected one that resembled the current state of her aroused, wet pussy.

This class is totally turning me on.

347 #wet #nsfw

She knew her photo wouldn’t last long on TwitPic, but it didn’t matter. Time was on her side. She clicked ‘submit’ and waited for her tweet to show up on the display.

Sure enough it did, and several people in the class suddenly became very engrossed with their cell phones. She’d picked up 20 new followers since the session began, but she didn’t care about them. She must have been something of a strange enigma to them – was she a plant? Was she a prank? Does she actually understand this technology? Why would someone come to listen to this if they didn’t really want to know?

Who cares? she thought to herself. Let them wonder.

He must have seen, though. Still, he never faltered in his delivery. She wondered if she was getting to him at all. Just when she thought her attempts were becoming pointless, she caught his glance and he winked in her general direction.

Hmmm, she thought. Maybe I should give it a little longer before giving up.

He started into another long explanation of an eye chart slide and she caught him looking her way again.

Gotcha. She began to feel a bit more smug. Let the games continue.

In the next instance she held his gaze she grabbed her breast and licked her lips. He smiled and began to blush. She made a pointed glance at his jeans, sure she could see the beginnings of an erection developing. She loved the idea that she could stimulate him physically while he was stimulating the attendees intellectually.

She decided to push the envelope further.

NAT to PAT? Can I get PATted?


She got no love from that response as he continued discussing topics such as IPv6 addressing schemes. She pouted.

My tunnel needs to be addressed! He can address ME 36 nondecillion ways! She tweeted.

There were murmurs throughout the crowd. A couple sarcastic tweets followed but she ignored them. There wasn’t going to be anything to derail this train.

This speaker has such a NSSA ASS.


She caught a few chuckles from behind her at that. Geeks can have a sense of humor after all.

It was time for the coup-de-grace:

I would give anything to suck on his OSPF area right now.


The last message popped up on the screen just as he was answering another question from the Twitter feed. He looked directly at her, grinned, and nodded just once.

That was the sign she was looking for. She was so wet: she could feel the hot dampness as she put her hand between her legs.

Just one quick squeeze… just to satisfy the need for now…

Finally the session was over. As the session let out, the attendees funneled out the door in the back of the room. She hung back, waiting for the room to empty. Some attendees hovered around the front podium, however, determined to get their last questions in.

Not surprisingly, none of the attendees approached her, intimidated by her overt sexuality and obvious intellect. She dominated every man in the room… except the one in front. That would have to wait until these geeks got their questions answered, though.

“In my data center web tasarım ankara – ” one man was saying to the instructor. Those questions always last forever. She decided to make the most of the situation by maneuvering just behind the attendee so that the presenter would have no choice but to see her. In his field of vision she started moving her hands up and down her hips, slowly but suggestively.

The catsuit was working its magic. He was mesmerized, and had to ask the attendee to repeat his questions. Oblivious, the man asked his question again.

When he was finally, mercifully through, she stepped up as the last person. She approached the session instructor and held out her hand in greeting.

“Nice to finally meet you,” she said.

As he began to introduce himself, she cut him off with a sudden move to pull him into her. She grabbed his ass as their lips met. A sudden burst of his cologne accompanied the unmistakable feeling of his stiffening cock pressing against her pussy as she kissed him.

It was fast, and with the emptying room only a few people noticed. Fuck ’em.

A quick glance around revealed a back exit of the breakout room and into the nearest stairwell. She took him there and closed the door behind them, cutting off the voyeurs’ view. She wanted to keep him there with her until the next classes were started and the hallways were empty once again.

She stroked his erection through his pants, squeezing gently as she ran her other hand up under his shirt. He wasn’t shy either, and grabbed her around the waist with one hand and slid his hands up and down her second-skin cat suit. He traced all the curves of her body against the smooth fabric, eventually finding their way to her warm cunt.

The raw heat from between her legs satisfied him. Giving it a squeeze through the smooth fabric, he kneaded and fingered her pussy throughout the cloth, and she pressed herself into his large warm hands.

“I see you enjoyed the session,” he said. “That’s the best review I’ve ever gotten.” He pressed a finger even harder against her clit.

Her knees nearly buckled with relief and excitement.

Her hands pawed desperately at his cock, which was rigid underneath the jeans fabric. She reached for his zipper. “Let’s see your root area,” she said, making another pun.

“You’re really a fan of OSPF, aren’t you?” he marveled.

He groaned, and she couldn’t tell if it was from her bad joke or because his cock sprang free. The relief he must have felt to be free was something she could identify with.

She bent down and took the head in her mouth. Soft flesh covered his rock hard shaft, and she felt a hand on the top of her wig gently trying to get her to take him in deeper. Another hand slid down her back to her ass, and she felt a finger slide in between her cheeks, the tight fabric stretching over her ass making it all the more hypersensitive to his touch.

She moved slightly to the side so that his hand could reach her pussy, and she felt a more insisting probing.

Oh god, I’m so fucking wet, she thought as she sucked on his head.

The cloth of the catsuit was stretched and soaked, yet his finger was pushing harder and harder. The wetness of her pussy was allowing the fabric to get pushed inside her pussy, and his fingers continued to force their way inside her body. It was remarkably frustrating and completely arousing.

She heard the bell announcing the start of the next class, startling them both. Jerking in surprise, she heard the weakened, stretched cloth covering her pussy rip, at the same time as his finger slid all the way home.

Fortunately his cock muffled her desperate scream of relief, and she wanted him to fuck her pussy with his glorious finger, but the noise level in the hallway made it obvious that they were dangerously close to being caught. She reluctantly let his cock go, and even more reluctantly felt his finger withdraw from her cunt.

She stood upright, and checked her catsuit. Looking down she couldn’t see the tear in the fabric, and glanced in a nearby reflective cart to see that it wasn’t obvious from behind, either.

He seemed to be having some difficulty forcing his erection back into his pants, but finally managed to assemble his clothing appropriately. Not giving him any time to argue, she took him by the hand and pulled him out into the hallway.

She glanced down at the bulging protrusion in his pants, amused that he couldn’t hide it. He was trying to sort out his bag and shirt with his one free hand, especially since she wasn’t letting go of his other hand. While he was obviously a little uncomfortable in his new exhibitionism, she reveled in hers.

As she walked, her wet pussy lips reacted to the exposed air. She had never felt so sexy. All eyes turned toward her as she walked through the conference hallway, and none of them knew that directly underneath her, her pussy lips were exposed through the hole in the cat suit.

If they only knew, she thought, and the knowledge of being so brazen in front of these unsuspecting geeks brought her nearly to orgasm. Every step with the high heeled boot forced her to clench her thigh muscles together, keeping her balance but also creating pressure on her pussy and clit.

Eventually they found their way to the elevator. She pushed the button for her floor, and then ran her hands across his cock again, issuing and licking his neck.

“Is there something I can help you with?” a disembodied voice came from out of nowhere.

Her hand froze on his cock briefly, and then she started laughing. Security cameras.

She coyly laid her head on his shoulder, kissing his neck, and said loudly, “Is there something that you want to help with?” she asked.

“Please save it for a private room,” came the reply. They both laughed.

As she opened the door to her room, they dropped everything to the floor. He wasted no time releasing his cock from his jeans. He grabbed her and kissed her, and then turned her around to face the small table and mirror set just inside the door.

Once again his finger mercifully felt the hole in the cat suit, but this time she heard the louder rip as he expanded it. His finger was joined by his cock at her pussy, and then soon she felt him entering her body.

She had gotten him so worked up he had lost all of his detached professionalism. He had to have her, had to fuck her. This is what she had wanted all along. Challenge accomplished.

She felt him pound into her, grabbing her hips and pulling her back onto his cock as he slammed into her. She pushed back with each thrust but soon found that it was too hard to keep her balance. She began to let him use her, to take her. She had pushed him to a boiling point and now she needed him to boil over.

He grabbed her wig and pulled it off, revealing her natural black wavy curls. Immediately his hand returned to her head and wrapped her locks around his fingers. With the additional leverage he was able to keep a more steady and secure pace. Each thrust was hard, fast, and insistent.

He wasn’t the only one that was primed and ready to go. Each pulse of his timing brought her up the ratted slope of the orgasm mountain, until she felt herself pushed off. She came hard around his cock and didn’t bother to quiet her screams.

She encouraged him as well, and could tell through his labored breathing that he was getting close. She couldn’t help it: her pussy muscles were squeezing and pulling at him with orgasmic power.

His hand left her head, and he pulled her upright. The stilettos helped keep her ass in the right position as she stood upright, giving him access to her breasts. He reached around her front with both hands, grabbed the fabric of her catsuit over her breasts, and tore it open.

The effect was immediate. Staring at her own image in the mirror, she watched the clutching of his hands pull away the black skintight fabric, allowing her breasts to swing free. Within seconds his hands were back at her breasts, holding them as he slammed into her from behind.

She came again, watching her body be invaded. She felt exhibitionistic, liberated. This was why she wandered the halls dressed this way, to build up to this moment.

She coated his cock with her second orgasm, and heard him gasp. “I’m going to come!” he cried, almost a pleading sound.

Without thinking – because then she would haven’t have wanted to stop being fucked – she whipped around and immediately took him in her mouth. He was covered in her, and she stuffed him into her mouth. She gripped the base of his cock with one hand, massaged his balls with the other, and sucked hard.

He never had a chance. He was so hard, and she held him so tightly, that she could feel the rush of his come through his penis just before it splashed inside her mouth. Rope after rope of come flushed across her tongue, and she swallowed as quickly as she could.

She felt a tremendous satisfaction when he reached out to hold up the wall for balance, but still she kept working on his cock. Long after he was through pumping between her lips, she remained locked around his cockhead, looking directly into his eyes. He looked back down at her, sweat pouring off his face. He looked like he was spent, but he remained hard in her hands and mouth.

She relished sucking on him, and knew that sometimes she could prevent a penis from growing soft through careful manipulation. Fortunately, this time it was working.

The cock throbbed and flexed, and she could feel every pulse against her tongue and cheeks. While she did, he started removing his clothes the best he could; she helped him with her hands while never letting go with her lips.

When he was finally naked, his cock extended perpendicular to his body, she finally released him and went into the bathroom.

“Wait there,” she said. “You’ve got one more hole to make in this suit.”

Minutes later, on all fours on the bed, she felt him rip another opening in the suit. The sound of the ripping fabric made her squirm, and she sneaked a finger between her pussy lips to rub her lit for relief.

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