Stephanie – Just When Things Turned Around Pt. 4

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Stephanie walked into the kennel, still reeling from the fucking Bob, the dog, and his new client gave her. She was amazed that after her thorough plugging that she was actually horny for what she was about to do.

She walked to one of the pens where one of her more aggressive canine lovers was housed and grabbed him by the collar and led him into a pen with another dog. Once inside, she got on her hands and knees, presenting them a bitch ready to be fucked. The dog who resided in the pen walked up behind her and started licking her well fucked pussy. Stephanie moaned with lust as the broad tongue drug across her swollen lips.

After a couple minutes of licking her abused cunt, the large mastiff climbed on top of her, ready to claim his bitch. After a couple failed thrusts, he got the tip of his cock in the entrance of her channel. With a hard thrust, he forced all seven inches of cock into her pussy.

“Fuuck!” she moaned at the penetration, but quickly started thrusting back at the dogs frantic thrusts. As Stephanie’s orgasm neared, she could feel the dogs knot forming at her lips. Wanting to be filled, she doubled down her efforts, moaning obscenely as she forced the knot past her lips to have it pulled out again. As she fucked the dog as good as he gave, the knot continued to swell until, with a mighty thrust, the dog pushed it through her lips where it tied him to her. As his knot grew, Stephanie was a moaning, shaking mess, as the knot put pressure on her g spot, but continued fucking her with short, rapid strokes. Stephanie was on the verge of cumming when the dog stop, and she felt the first hot spray of dog jizz hit her cervix.

As each spray of dog cum washed her walls, she thought her orgasm was starting over as her pussy gripped, tugged, and milked the come from the dog cock. She collapsed, completely spent. In her orgasm’s after glow, she wondered how she would be able to possibly service the second dog. It took about twenty minutes for the dog’s knot to recede enough for him to pull out with an audible “pop”. A river of cum ran down her thighs, and the more aggressive dog decided to take what was his.

Stephanie chose this dog because in sessions past, he would fuck her so hard that she would be driven across the pen. Add to that, that he never performed the dog version of foreplay. He wouldn’t lick and slurp at her pussy trying to clean her and get her ready. He was the male. She was the bitch. A receptacle for his cum, and nothing more.

When he approached her, Stephanie braced herself. She knew what was about to happen. When he mounted her, she rolled her hips just a little to far, and she felt his probing cock push up against her puckered rosebud. With the next thrust, he pushed the tip past her already loosened anal ring, and started hammering into her back door.

“Uh…uh…uh…” she grunted as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her ass. Soon she could feel his swelling knot ,which she knew was larger than the first dog’s, press up against her stretched asshole.

“Knot me!” she cried. “Make my ass yours!” She pushed back against the dog hammering her ass, until she felt the growing knot push into her rectum.

She screamed, half in pain, half in ecstasy as the knot stretched her ass and entered her. Once he was fully in her, she could feel his knot rapidly expand, sealing himself in her.

Desperate to come again, Stephanie reached between her legs and furiously rubbed her swollen clit. Between her self manipulation, and the fullness sakarya escort in her ass, she was on the verge of her next orgasm.

When the dog stopped fucking her, she felt the white hot surge of cum spray deep in her bowel, and set her off on her own orgasm. She was howling in ecstasy as her ass contracted and squeezed the semen out of the large dog cock buried in her ass. Spray after spray went into her, and added to the fullness, prolonging her orgasm. As her orgasm subsided, she collapsed on the floor, enjoying the coolness of the concrete on her hot, flushed skin. After about twenty minutes the dog turned around, and unceremoniously pulled his cock out of her ass.

After collecting herself, Stephanie stood up on shaky legs and led her last fuck of the night back to his pen. Once the door was secured, she went back to her little apartment and collapsed on the bed, completely sated.

The next morning, Stephanie woke up, vaguely aware at the soreness in her ass and pussy.

“Did last night really happen?” she wondered.

She got dressed and went out to the office, and there were several pictures of her getting double penetrated by Bob’s friend and his lovely dog, and stills pulled off the security camera footage.

Stephanie smirked at the thought of the dog whore she was becoming, and took the pictures back to her apartment. She cooked breakfast for herself, and as she ate, she prepped the breeding pen of the kennel. She arranged with a local mastiff breeder to bring a bitch in to be bred.

When the breeder arrived, she introduced herself, and discussed the breeder fees: $1000 plus pick of the litter. While going over the fees, Stephanie looked over the breeder. D (as he introduced himself) was a well built black man, about 6’2″, 220 pounds, and heavily muscled.

She led D and his female mastiff to the breeding pen. His bitch was turned loose in the pen, while Stephanie retrieved the appointed sire and turned him into the pen.

Within minutes, the male Stephanie turned in with the bitch was sniffing and licking at her.

“I don’t know about you,” D said, “but I always get a little horny watching the dogs breed.”

“Are you hitting on me?” Stephanie asked with a laugh.

“Naw. Naw, just thinking out loud.”

“Oh, because if you were, that would be an additional fee.”

“You’re joking?”

Stepping forward and grabbing the front of his pants she said, “I take my breeding very seriously.” Squeezing the growing cock in his pants, she turned and started walking back to the office. D followed her through the office, and into her little apartment.

“What kind of fee are we talking?”


“Seems a little pricey. I could get a whore off the street for $100.”

“But how many will do more than lay there? How many would bring one of those big stud dogs in to fuck their pussy while you shove that big hard cock in my ass?”

“Now that makes sense.”

“Wait here.”

Stephanie walked out, and a couple minutes later, she led one of the mastiffs into her apartment. She shut the door behind her, and walked over to D and knelt in front of him. She quickly unzipped his jeans and pulled out his massive black cock.

It had to be at least ten inches long, and as thick as her wrist, and it was only half hard! She rolled her tongue around the head of his massive black snake, eliciting a shudder from him. She wrapped her lips around his tool, and sucked him into her mouth, making him groan. Stephanie was watching her hands sakarya escort bayan stroke D’s cock, marveling at the contrast between her ivory skin and the dark black hue of his cock.

“You ever have black dick before?” he asked her.

Without pulling his cock out of her mouth, she shook her head no. D reached behind her head, wrapping his meaty fingers in her hair, and pulled her onto his meat, roughly fucking her throat. Stephanie gagged on his cock as it pistoned in and out of her throat, frothy drool ran down her chin, looking like cum dripping. Cupping D’s heavy balls, she could feel him tensing up as his climax neared.

Stephanie pulled his cock out of her mouth, “Can’t have you cum just yet,” she grinned. She stood up, and started removing her clothes. “The for the real fun,” she smirked as she pushed her panties down. “I can’t wait,” D replied as he finished taking his clothes off, and relaxing on the couch.

Stephanie sauntered over to the couch, and straddled D, lowering her wet cunt onto his massive tool. D sucked on one of her pert nipples, biting it, and making her groan wantonly. As her lips stretched around his cock, she could feel her juices leaking around him. She lowered herself slowly, enjoying the sensation as the big black cock filled her.

“You like that big nigger dick?” D asked.

“Mmm…it feels so good in my little white pussy,” Stephanie moaned, starting to ride up and down, using her juices to lube his cock for her ass. Soon she was in her rhythm, throwing herself down on his cock, pushing herself to orgasm.

“That’s it. Ride my cock. Fuck that nigger dick, you cracker slut,” D growled. Stephanie was now tucking him with abandon, turned on even more by the racial degradation. She loved being taken by this strong black man, being used like a little white fuck toy. Finally, she came, her body quaking as wave after wave of pleasure swept through her, till they crashed into her womb, making it contract on the large dick impaled there.

“I think I’m ready,” she panted. She stood up on shaky legs, and turned around, lowering her tight pucker to D’s well lubed cock.

“Take me,” she begged. “Make me your white slut, shove that big nigger dick up my…Uh!”

He didn’t even let her finish. He grabbed her hips and yanked her down on his cock, shoving nearly half of it through her rosebud. Tears formed at the corners of her eyes, as even the dogs had never rammed into her like that. She sat there, mouth open, unable to breath, as D began to bounce her on his rod, pushing further into her rectum.

“You like that, slut? Big nigga cock in your little white ass? Lean back, and spread those legs, so that dog can get to his bitch’s cunt.”

Stephanie did just that, laying back on D’s chest, splaying herself open. The dog took notice, and walked over and started licking her open cunt. Stephanie moaned obscenely as the dogs broad, rough tongue drug across her swollen lips and clit, then pushed inside to lick up her juices. She bucked her hips, relishing the huge dick up her ass, they way it slid through her passage as she fucked back against the mastiff’s tongue.

Finally the large dog stopped and mounted her, his large red cock at the ready. With Stephanie splayed open, he had no trouble finding his mark, and in one thrust, pushed his cock in all the way to the knot.

“Fu-uh-uck” she moaned as the dog drilled into her waiting cunt. Her body shook as each powerful thrust drove her back onto D’s cock. Then she’d thrust back forward, escort sakarya pulling several inches back out, screaming in ecstasy each time she was pushed back onto it again.

“That’s right slut, fuck this nigger dick while that dog breeds you,” D growled in her ear, as he began to really fuck her stretched ass. He continued to call her white slut, cracker whore, tell her how he would love to own a white sex slave to just use as a cum dump, and Stephanie ate it up. She was giving as good as she was getting, throwing her pussy at the knot threatening to invade her canal, and slamming her ass down again, begging D, “Use me! Fuck, make me a nigger’s fuck toy! Share me with other niggers! God, fuck me!”

Finally, the dog’s impressive knot pushed through her opening, tying them as he shot his load deep in her womb. The added sensation of the throbbing dog knot in Stephanie’s pussy was too much for D, and with a grunt, he bottomed himself out in Stephanie’s ass, and came, filling her bowel with hot semen. The growing pressure as her cunt filled with dog cum, and the hot blasts of cum in her ass, were too much for Stephanie, and she came again, slumping over and twitching as her body spasmed from the pleasure. Unable to move, Stephanie laid there sandwiched between D and the large dog, till she felt the dick in her ass shrink and pop out, cum draining all over him. Finally, the knot in her over stuffed cunt shrank enough for the dog to hop off and go clean himself, while a river of cum poured from her cunt.

“Well, now that he’s, done, you can clean up,” D told her. As she stood up, he grabbed her by the hair and pushed her face into his crotch. “Nah, slut. You clean me up. You think I’m going home to my wife smelling like slut and dog cum? You want to be my white slut, then you clean this nigga dick that was in your ass!”

Stephanie did t know what to do. If she hoped to get paid, she knew she had to suck the cock that was in her ass. Slowly she opened her mouth, and stuck her tongue to his still weeping helmet. While not the most pleasant taste, it was t unbearable, and she sucked as much into her mouth as she could, swallowing that last of his cum, and her anal secretions down. She pulled his cock from her mouth, licking the rest of his shaft clean, sucking the dog and man cum from his pubic hair, licking his thighs and sack, even tonguing his asshole to get all the cum off him.

“Now that’s thorough,” D remarked as he stood up to get dressed. Stephanie grabbed her clothes and jumped in the shower to rinse off, and threw her slacks and polo on, sans undergarments, and walked with D out to the kennel. In the pen, the dog was still tied to D’s bitch.

“Looks like the breeding went well,” Stephanie remarked. “She should have had time to get bred twice, so she should take.”

“And you shut it off, just like that?” D asked. “Just five minutes ago, you were ready to be my fuck toy.”

“Mmm..” Stephanie hummed, grinning at D. “As much fun as being a nigger’s little white cum dumpster, I have a job. Now, if you wanted to have me come over for a while, and maybe personally see to the breeding,” she suggested, rubbing his chest. “Maybe you know some other bitches that need breeding, or maybe just have another stud or two, I could see about that.”

“Come over? You heard me say I had a wife right?”

“Tell you what, bring your dog back next week, and bring your wife. Perhaps I could get her ready to breed too,” Stephanie suggested as D paid her for the breeding…

Sorry it took so long for the next chapter. Life caught up to me, and I was lost on where to take the story. I hope you enjoy it, and as always, be sure to comment.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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