Summer Camp Sisterhood Pt. 03

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Copyright 2012, 2020 Lisa Summers

(All characters were at least 18 at the time of any sexual activity.)

We all ate in silence, and then returned to the cabin. I was confused by events. Had Amy and the other girls been doing something while Kim and I were gone? How could Amy do that to me? The more I thought about it, the angrier I became.

When we entered the cabin, shortly before lights out, I decided to confront Amy.

“What were you all doing while Kim and I were gone? I asked, perhaps a little too argumentatively.

“We were getting reacquainted, if you must know,” Amy said. “I have a deep relationship with the girls in this cabin, from last year.”

“I know what you were doing,” I said, my voice accusatory, my blood rising. “You said that you love me…and you were doing, um, something, with somebody else.” I could feel tears flowing, and I began sobbing.

There was silence for a few moments, and then Amy spoke, not unkindly.

“Are you done?”

“Uh, yeah,” I sobbed.

“For your information, you’ve found girls who might be the closest friends that you’ll ever know in your life. These girls, and I, we do love you – it may not be love as you’ve seen it in your family – but it most definitely is love. And trust, and unselfishness, too.”

“Unfortunately, you’ve overlooked that love is a two way street. You expect me, and at least Kim – yes, I know exactly what you were doing at the pool, Jan – to love you, to trust you, but you make demands on us without considering our needs, and our lives.” She paused.

“I’m not sure that I made a good decision allowing you in this cabin.”

I was shocked. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, that if you don’t trust us, then we can’t trust you, and all bets are off. I’ll have you transferred to another cabin tomorrow, if that’s what you want.” Amy looked implacable. I’d never seen her like that. Where was the loving Amy?

“Wait,” I said. “I didn’t mean to threaten you all, or the group…I’m…I’m sorry about that. I didn’t mean it.”

“Words are cheap, Jan,” Amy said. “I’m not sure that your words will be acceptable to the girls.”

She looked at them. They had been quiet until them.

“Maybe Jan really does mean it, that she didn’t realize our love for each other…maybe she can prove that she won’t do anything like that to us ever again,” Kyra suggested. The others nodded.

“Sure,” Lila said. “Maybe Jan could put herself in our hands for the night. But it has to be totally willingly.” The others smiled at this proposed solution. I thought about it. I would do almost anything to get into Amy and Kim’s good graces again.

“Please,” I said, “I’d do anything to show you I trust you – all of you.”

“Anything?” Sarah said.

“Anything,” I said, a slight glimmer of hope making an appearance.

“I’m not so sure…” Amy said.

“Oh, especially for you, Amy. I’ll do anything!” I meant it with my whole heart. I’m not sure I would have said it if I knew where it would lead.

“Well…girls, what do you think?” Amy asked, turning her back on me.

“We three haven’t had the chance to get to know Jan like you and Kim have,” Kyra said.

Did everyone know about Kim and I? I looked at Kim, and she just shrugged, and mouthed the words, “I told them.” It seemed that they really didn’t have secrets from each other.

“I suppose we could consider allowing Jan to join us…if she passes her initiation,” Amy said, slowly.

“Initiation?” I said, unsure of what that would involve.

“Did you like being with me?” Kim asked softly, her hand gently caressing my face. I shivered with desire for her.

“Yes,” I moaned.

“Then it’s settled,” Kim said. “C’mon,” she said, taking my hand and leading me to a bunk.

“This is my bunk, baby,” she whispered. “This is where I sleep naked.” I shivered at the thought of Kim’s sweet, naked body.

“So, won’t you want to be naked, too?” she asked, coyly. I didn’t remember nodding, but they all acted like I had. Kim shimmied my camp tee shirt up my body, and off me, then tossed it onto one of the other bunks. She went behind me, and unhooked my bra, kissing the back of my neck as she did. Pure pleasure ran through me, at the feel of her warm, soft lips on my neck. I almost didn’t care that the other girls could now see my breasts, small as they were.

I closed my eyes, unsure of what I should think or do, but enjoying the initiation so far.

Kyra approached me, and whispered in my ear, “I think that you’re the most beautiful girl in our group, Jan. We’re dying to have you join us…won’t you, please?” She said it so sweetly, my heart melted. I know I nodded then, I really, really wanted to be one of them, no matter what it involved.

“Good,” she said, a little louder, so that the rest of the group could hear. “You’ll want to be naked, just like the rest of us soon.” I could feel her tugging my shorts down, and instead of feeling embarrassed, I felt a growing excitement, feeding my desire kaynarca şişman escort to be just like them. I stepped out of them when I felt them hit my feet. The girls all cheered as I did.

“Nice!” Kyra said. “Beautiful,” said Sarah. “So pretty,” said Lila.

“Mouth watering,” said Amy, the first words she’d spoken in minutes. My clit tingled at her words.

Lila, then came up to me, and kissed me on my lips. “I really want to be your friend, Jan. I’d love for us to be close.” The she kissed me again, softly and warmly, my mouth opening to let her insistent tongue touch mine. She held me to her, then knelt in front of me, and slowly pulled my panties down, exposing my pussy to her, and my naked bottom to all the other girls. I could hear the other girls sigh, and I felt so happy and proud.

I felt free, as though I now had permission to do anything that I wanted. I felt her kiss me on my pussy, and I shivered, my heart beating rapidly with desire and need for all my new sisters.

Lila led me to the bunk, and told me to lie down, with my hands above my head. To my surprise, she produced two lengths of satin ribbon from her pocket, and tied each hand to the bed support.

It wasn’t uncomfortable, and she explained. “We want you to enjoy your initiation as much as possible, and if you’re tied up a little, you’ll really, really enjoy it a lot more.” I trusted her, and the others. Then Lila began taking off her clothes, which made me smile, and my pussy tingle.

She shimmied her tee shirt over her head. She seemed to have a little Asian or Hawaiian heritage – her eyes were slightly almond shaped, and brown. Her long, black curly hair cascaded over her shoulders. Her white bra contrasted with her deeply tan skin, and Sarah helped her to unhook it. As it slipped down, I sighed as I saw how large her breasts were, generously full, with large, brown nipples and areolae. I hoped that I’d be allowed to kiss her breasts, they were so pretty.

I was hoping that she’d pull down her panties, the only thing left concealing her beauty. Amy came up behind her, and put her hands on Lila’s hips, her fingers resting on the waistband of her white panties. She leaned down, and as Lila turned her head to her, kissed the black-haired girl lovingly, their kiss tender and passionate. As they kissed, Amy began slipping Lila’s panties off her hips, slowly revealing Lila’s sweet, black bush, and her purple-brown clit and lips, with her deep red slit between.

I was breathless for a moment at the love I could feel flowing between them, and the utter sexiness of their kiss as Amy removed the last of Lila’s clothing. As Lila’s panties slipped to the floor, Amy’s right hand went to Lila’s full breasts, caressing her sweet mounds, and stiff brown nipples, as her other hand went to Lila’s slit, teasing her already glistening hole.

Lila could only hold her hands partially upraised, as she couldn’t reach Amy, directly behind her. I could see how erotic their teasing was, as I felt as though I were ready to cum just from watching Amy tease and please Lila, hopefully to get her ready for me!

“Go ahead,” Amy smiled, as she broke their kiss. “Go, show Jan our love.”

Lila sat down next to me. I so wanted to reach out to her, to hug her, to feel her full breasts on me, but I was held back by the ribbons tying me to the headboard. Lila giggled.

“You’re not getting loose until we’ve all cum,” she said. The other girls, sitting side by side on other bunks, nodded and smiled. With my quick glance, I couldn’t see exactly where their hands were, but I suspected it was on each other.

Lila reached down into her lap, her finger slipping inside her tight, wet slit. She fucked in and out of her pussy a few times, then brought her wet, cream-covered finger to my nose. I inhaled her intoxicating fragrance, her pussy cream sweet and musky, exciting me as I pressed my thighs together to suppress the sweet irritation there.

“Like it?” she asked with a smile.

I nodded. “Uh huh,” I said, opening my mouth. She slipped her slick finger between my lips, as I sucked on her sweet, feminine taste, loving the delicious flavor of pussy.

“If you like that, you’re going to love this,” she murmured, climbing into the bunk bed and straddling my face, her fat pussy coming closer and closer to my face. Her black bush was small and neatly trimmed, though there was a line of her soft, curly pussy hair running alongside her labia. The fragrance I had adored on her finger, was multiplied countless times by the presence of her steaming pussy itself so close to my nose and mouth.

Lila reached up to hold the springs of the bed above, leaned back and scooted her hot, plump butt forward, pressing her dripping hole on my mouth and nose. “Eat me,” she commanded. “Eat my hot cunt, you fucking lezzie slut!”

Her words excited me – I WAS turning into a lezzie slut among these exciting girls! The thought of it drizzled molten pleasure all over my clitoris. kurtköy escort I would have loved to eat each and every one of them all night long. I licked first at Lila’s fat pussy lips, swollen and hot with her desire to be fucked. Her flesh was delicious, streams of her salty cum already leaking out of her fragrant, swampy pussy.

Lila reached behind herself, her fingers seeking out my pussy. I spread my legs for her. Everything that I did to her with my tongue, she repeated with her fingertip. It was fucking exciting, it felt as though I were licking my own pussy!

I lapped inside of Lila’s slit, rewarded with a gush of her hot, fragrant female fluid, as she inserted two of her fingers inside of my hole. I pulled my knees up, wanting her deeper inside me, even as I wanted my tongue and mouth deeper in her womb.

Then I pulled my face back what little I could, and licked over the wet, round and purplish surface of her plump clitoris. Simultaneously, as though reading my intentions directly from my mind, she stroked her wet fingers over my clit. Hot bolts of pleasure shocked my entire pelvis, radiating throughout my body. I guess the same happened to Lila, because she cried out in ecstasy, her body freezing momentarily, then she sobbed from the intense pleasure, her thighs closing on me, shivering and shuddering along with me, as we both came at the same time, finally collapsing together.

Or rather, she leaned forward onto me, allowing me to suckle briefly on one of her long, hard brown nipples, as she stretched out to embrace me in love and partnership, a love we would share for the rest of our lives. After a few moments, she kissed me, our lips locking in warmth and post-coital pleasure, her tongue scouring my mouth, then my cheeks, for any trace of her sweet pussy juice.

“Thank you, baby,” she murmured, as she reluctantly left me, leaving me cool where her body had been pressed against mine.

Then, Sarah got up from her spot next to Kyra. She looked slightly disheveled, as she and Kyra had been just been kissing passionately after watching Lila and I cum together. Her medium length, dark brown hair was tousled, probably from Kyra’s fingers running through it. Her green eyes were soft and dreamy, as she felt the strong undercurrents of sapphic pleasure stirring in her loins. It was only made sexier to me that she still had her glasses on.

She, too, decided to put on a little show for us all before coming to me. She slid her hands under her tee shirt, and removed her bra, unhooking it and slipping it off her arms. We could see that her nipples were quite stiff, as her medium, B-cup breasts filled out the shirt with two points of prominence. Her hands under her shirt were caressing her breasts, her hips writhing with the internal pleasure she was bringing herself.

My pussy was dripping as I watched her excitement build, and I wished that my hands were free to run over her young boobs, pinching and squeezing her excited nipples. I moaned with desire – that made her smile, and tease me even more. Her left hand slipped out from under her shirt, and under the waistband of her camp shorts, directly down between her legs.

I could see the soft fabric of her shorts bow out rhythmically, as her slim fingers teased her own hot pussy, stroking her lips, touching her wet pussy, and caressing her plumping clitoris. I squirmed around on the bunk bed mattress, already damp from both Lila and I cumming there. How many other girls had cum there, while fucking another girl? I imagined thousands, the bed swimming in years of accumulated girl passion. I wanted to be one with all of that girl-fucking-girl love.

Sarah moaned. “See how hot I am for you, Jan?” she sighed. She briefly pulled her hand out of her shorts, showing me the clear, thick liquid there, dripping from her finger tips. “My pussy is already dripping for you, and you haven’t even licked me yet…”

“Oh god,” I groaned. “Come over here and fuck me. Make me lick your hot hole, bite my nipples, and fuck me…please!” I exclaimed.

“In due time,” she said. She began lifting up her tee shirt, slowly giving us glimpses of her slim body. She was shorter than the rest of us, and her slim body made her so petite, and so, so edible. As she lifted her shirt up, we all strained forward to see better as the underside of her breasts came into view. She teased us several times, letting the shirt drop a little after showing us a glimpse of breast, then finally lifted one side up to completely bare a breast, and we all sighed.

Her breast was perfectly round and beautiful, I guess around a B cup, certainly larger than Kim and I, but smaller than Amy or Lila’s lovely breasts. Her nipple and areola were small and pink, so cute and sweet, like an adolescent girl’s, though all campers were at least eighteen. She then lifted up the other side, the other breast a perfect twin, finally taking the top off completely, her breasts magnificent and delicious-looking.

The other girls applauded her kurtköy escort bayan noisily, one girl even whistling, and Sarah blushed at the praise.

“Show us some more!” Amy yelled, and we all laughed, though I was growing frustrated at the teasing, since I couldn’t rub myself to alleviate some of the pressure.

Sarah began sexily pushing her shorts down, letting her panties slip with them, her sweet, smooth hips showing as she pushed alternately on each side, her mons slowly revealing. To my surprise, there was no bush to be seen, and when she pushed the shorts off, her pussy was completely bare. Sarah reached to the floor, and pulled her panties out. There was clearly a wet spot on them, and Sarah took them and brought them over to me, placing them over my lower face, the wet spot just under my nose, and the suspiciously streaked seat over my mouth.

“Here, this’ll give you an idea of what you’ll be tasting,” she said, winking at me. Then she moved back to the center of the room – she wasn’t done yet showing off. Sarah brazenly returned to playing with her hot little pussy, boldly pink throughout, in front of us. She dipped two fingers deep inside her cunt, moaning as she did, and bending over to be able to inset her fingers so deep inside herself.

Then she pulled her fingers out, but stayed bent over. She made sure that she turned so that her sweet, round naked bottom was facing us, then reached around herself to bring her wet, slippery fingers to her ass hole. We hadn’t seen her little pink starfish at first, but separating her ass cheeks brought her tight anus into view. I noticed several girls licking their lips at seeing her tight little poop chute. We all sighed as she slipped her two fingers in there, moaning happily, her fingers slipping deep inside her rectum, then out again.

Then Sarah straightened up, and walked over to me. “Here,” she said brusquely, slipping her dirty fingers between my lips. I obediently sucked on them, and licked at them with my tongue.

After she took them out of my mouth, I begged Sarah to frig my clit. “I’ve got to cum, it’s too much,” I pleaded.

“If I make you cum, will you lick my ass hole?” she teased.

“Yes, yes,” I said. “Anything.”

“Will you let me pee on you?” she said.

“Um, okay…sure,” I said. I’d never before considered such a thing, but in my state of frenzy it sounded not only like something I could do, but something I’d love to do. “Please!” I begged.

“Okay,” she said. Then, for some reason she walked over to the bathroom. Turning to us all, she said, “I’ll be right back,” then went inside, closing the door. Within just a few seconds she was back out, and walked back to me on the bed.

She leaned over and kissed my clit – I swear, it looked like a little red balloon – and wrapped her lips around it, kissing my hot and bothered little nub, then ‘frenching’ it, by running her rough tongue over the excruciatingly sensitive knob.

“Yeaaghh!” I exclaimed, my butt jumping up as I came explosively. As the lightning bolt that had shot through my cunny faded out, the fire of my next orgasm began, my pelvis like a white-hot ball of energy, pleasure and delight coursing through my midsection. As though in a dream, the complete and total ecstasy of having my clitoris treated so suffused slowly through me, unlike any orgasm before or since.

I felt as though I were floating inches off the mattress, surrounded by waves of sweet flowers, soft, beautiful and so, so fragrant and wonderful. It felt as if it would last forever, filling the need for anything else, just that complete, perfect pleasure I felt then. I knew then that I loved Sarah, as I loved Amy, as I loved Kim, and as I loved Lila, and that I would never leave them, but serve and adore them forever.

Of course, everything fades, as it will, and I was inert, collapsed and weary on a bunk bed mattress in a girls’ camp deep in the woods, not in my sweet fantasy.

“Wow,” I said. Sarah sat next to me, her fingers idly tracing over my stomach.

“Back with us?” she asked, wryly, her fingers now scooting ever closer to my clit.

“Oh please, not just yet,” I said, gazing into her sweet green eyes, so deep and full of unknown mysteries, like the sea itself.

“Good,” she said, “because now it’s your turn to please me.” It sounded foreboding, but nothing I had encountered in this cabin, other than my own self-doubts, had turned out poorly. In fact, I felt a renewed tingle in my clit at the thought of the indignities and humiliations she had mentioned before. But, of course she wouldn’t do those things…

Sarah climbed over me, to bring her hot pussy to my lips, as Lila had before her. But Sarah’s pussy was shaved bare, which made her look like a young girl there. I found that oddly exciting, and my mouth was watering as her juicy cunt slid onto my face. Before her slit covered my nose, I caught the distinct scent of strawberry, among the smell of her pussy itself, salty, sweet and strongly feminine, then I was deluged by her gushing cunt, hot, wet female cream filling my mouth and running down my cheeks.

“Mmmmm, good baby, good baby, eat my hot cunt…I’m creaming for you, I want you to get so turned on that you’ll never look at any other girl, you’ll just want Sarah’s cunt on your face, forever and ever…”

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