Summer Heat Ch. 02

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Like a sex kitten, I swinged my hips from side to side as though I was Halle Berry in the new Bond movie. My double cousin, Simon stayed by the side of the pool where I had left him after our kiss.

I walked across the patio and inside my Aunt’s Sydney beach side house through the glass sliding doors.

My cousin Lola, my Aunt and Mum had just come home from christmas shopping and put their bags down on the lounge room table.

“Don’t look, ” Lola said, “or it won’t be a surprise.”

“I’m going upstairs.” I announced.

I went up to the room I was staying in to get a wrap around for my bikini. I searched through my messy suitcases in the corner of the room. I was sharing the same room as my mum. After some effort, I hauled out a wrap around, which was black with a white starry pattern on it. I wrapped it around my waist and tied it at the side. I caught a picture of myself in the full-length mirror. My ginger hair had cascaded with the water, and feel below my shoulders in tight curls. My skin was peachy from the arousal, my lips plump and red, but not as bee-stung as Angelina Jolie’s. My green eyes had dark smudges around them from when my eyeliner had melted with the pool water. But it looked laid back and sexy. I was quite tall for a girl. Not plump, not skinny, but with quite large melon shaped breasts and long legs with a bit of flesh on my thighs. I was conscious of my large thighs, although men told me it was sexy.

After admiring my physique and criticising it in the mirror, I made my way down to the kitchen. Lola and mum were carrying plates of food outside to the barbecue area. Simon was in the kitchen cutting up carrots and celery for my mum. That’s all mum’s diet allowed for. I thought she would turn into a horse soon. My Aunt was singing a song in the kitchen and ignored my presence as she usually did.

“We’re having a barbecue.” Lola said.

As instructed, I grabbed some round bread rolls and took them outside on a plastic disposable plate. Simon kept giving me upward glances with his eyes that I returned. Outside the sliding doors was a sunken in brick area with a barbecue in a corner, and a glass outdoors table in the centre. It’s a typical Sydney seaside house set up. My Aunt has a pool though, because she doesn’t like getting sand in her bathers. Above the sunken area are more bricks leading to the pool.

I placed the buns gingerly on the glass table, becoming conscious of my movements. I wanted to look sexy. Simon came outside through the glass doors and quickly pinched one of my bum cheeks. “Simon!” I called out as if surprised. He laughed.

He turned the gas on the barbecue, as I watched him bend over and imagined touching his arse again. I would like a piece of him, I thought. The barbecue lit up, as Simon waved a pair of tongs over it and began turning over slabs of chops.

Simon heaped the meat onto a plate and plonked it in the middle of the canlı bahis glass outdoor table, and sat himself down opposite me. My Aunt placed the plate of celery and carrots on the table, and a bowel of little butters wrapped up in pretty foil. Lola placed down some coke and my mum put down a collection of condiments.

Simon rubbed his foot up my leg, and then teasingly took it back. Just his foot on my leg was enough for me to get tingly.

“So, what did you buy?” Simon asked my Aunt, trying to strike a conversation.

“A few Christmas pressies?” said his mum, “which wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you.”

I chopped my steak up into small pieces, and noticed Simon was watching my lips. I licked my lips suggestively. We exchanged glances. I began to eat my sausage, making sure Simon was watching me. I covered it in tomato sauce and took it to my lips, licking the tomato sauce off it slowly, licking my lips in between. Then I began nibbling at it.

“What are you doing with that sausage?” mum asked. Suddenly self-conscious, I gobbled it down.

“You can go do the dishes, since Simon and I set up and cooked.” Mum said.

Grudgingly, I collected everyone’s plates up and brought them inside to the kitchen. I hated doing the dishes. I shoved them into the dishwasher.

Simon walked into the kitchen with things from the table.

“These will make tonight more fun.” He told me, and picked up one of the spare butter patties and shoved it down my bikini top so it tucked into my breasts.

I couldn’t think of anything I wanted more than his hot little arse.

Then he grabbed some left over carrot sticks off the table, and stuck it down the bottom pants of my bikini under my wrap.

“And we’ll take this.” He said, and went into the fridge and grabbed an ice cream and shoved it down my pants so it was between my legs.

The ice cream was so cold it numbed my pussy. It also made walking around hard to walk, but it felt sensationally erotic.

“Go upstairs, get changed and meet me in my room.” He said, putting his hand on my arse. The fingers on his hand penetrated me slightly.

In my room, I took my bikini off and found a pair of lingerie in my suitcase, which were purple and blue stripped with a small top and matching knickers. I took the ice cream, carrot, and butter from my bikini and put them in my knickers.

I was excited and nervous as I left my room and went into Simons. He was there, sitting on his bed waiting for me. His top was off, and he was wearing his boardies.

He grabbed me from the door. “Don’t be shy, ” he said, “what I find so sexy about you is your confidence.” He picked me up and threw me down on his bed. I laughed.

“Now I’ll take these off you.” He said. He took out the food from me and placed them beside on the bed. “You look so beautiful.” He told me. “I just want you to lie there.”

Slowly he took off my top, bahis siteleri revealing my breasts. He tweaked them slightly and licked between them. He licked his tongue the way down between my cleavage, and over the shelf where my ribs ended and the hollow of my abdomen was. He went down further before removing my underwear. The tingle was sensational. Then he touched my pussy.

“Good, its cold from the ice cream.” He said.

“It’s hard to feel anything down there.” I laughed.

I saw him take a butter patty. He unwrapped the wrapper, and spread it over my pussy. Then he separated my lips and rubbed my clit. He took a carrot and put it in my hot hole. I moaned. He stopped, teasing me. I was desperate for him to continue.

Next I began to take his boardies off, revealing his plumbing. He was well hung. He was sitting by the side of the bed. I rolled over and got off the bed, and kneeled on the floor.

I began licking his cock lightly whilst fondling with his balls. Then I drew it into my mouth and explored the roof of my mouth with it. It was getting very hard, and he was shaking like a leaf in the wind. So I stopped. I drew my finger from his balls to his arse hole, teasing him. He groaned.

“You have to finish me off first.” I said.

He picked my body up and placed me back on the bed.

“I’m going to eat you.” He whispered.

I groaned as he pushed the carrot back in and out of me several times. Then he got the ice cream, which was quite melted and took its wrapper off. He rubbed its melt between my legs so I became numb again. Then as I warmed up from his tongue, I felt his head between my thighs moving up and down as his tongue traced the outline of my cunt folds. The feeling was sensational.

There were some footsteps coming up the stairs.

“Simon!” the voice called, “The phones? for you! I’ll bring it in.” Damn it! I thought. It was Lola.

Quickly Simon pulled my naked body up and closed me in his big walk in wardrobe. I was left standing there in the dark as horny as ever whilst Lola came into the room.

“Have you seen Sal?” I froze.

“No, I haven’t. Maybe she’s in the shower.” I heard Simons voice quaking with desperation to get Lola out of the room.

“Well, here’s the phone. Its Mary.” Mary was his girlfriend. I could feel my body tensing and going cold.

“Hi Mary.” His voice said, “No, I’m busy right now, sorry, I can’t…Ah…No. How about Saturday? Good. Wear those little black lace panties for me. Bye Babe. “

I felt like his private trash held in secret in his wardrobe. His free prostitute. His cheap cousin. I felt my body slump itself down against the wall so I was sitting down.

Simon walked in. “Let’s continue, babe.” He said.

I chucked a shoe at him.

“What the hell’s that for?” He asked.

“Your girlfriend. ” I said, “Why fuck me when you have her?”

The light from his room bahis şirketleri was pouring into the wardrobe.

“We’re double cousins, Sal, you know that. We can’t have a public relationship.” He was undoing his board shorts again.

“I’ve had enough.” I said.

“I do love you, Sal.” Simon said, his voice quaking in desperation to force himself between my slit.

He closed the wardrobe door, and we were both enclosed inside the darkness. It was like a little cave.

He felt his way down my body. There were gaps of light coming in from the grates in the wooden beams that made the door up. His hands were sweeping down me. He found my pussy again, and separated my legs. I felt overcome by sensation again.

“At least we can finish.” He said. I couldn’t see him in the dark cupboard, but I could just feel his hands moving over my body.

I was still sitting on the floor. Simon grabbed my hands and lay me out against his wardrobe. I could feel a shoe digging into my back. It was very uncomfortable. I pulled it out of the way. The cupboard smelt musty and musky; with overtones of Simons natural sunscreen like scent. There wasn’t quite enough room lengthways against the wardrobe, so my legs were bent against the wall. He lay his body down on top of mine.

Remnants of the butter and ice cream were still between my legs. We didn’t talk as he mounted me and I took his cock again and lead it down into my hot hole. It slid in and the whole skin between my legs slid around, feeling sensational. His hips rocked against mine as I pressed mine up towards him to get more of him inside me. He pumped in and out of my body, as I felt my whole cunt pulling with the movement, stimulating my clit. I felt the sudden shakes of his body as he came to an orgasm and began going harder and faster. I soon came too, and felt the sweeping feeling of helplessness and want over me as I moaned. He lay on my body running his hands through my hair in the cupboard.

“I want to keep you in here tonight.” He said.

“My mum would get suspicious of me for not being in her room. ” I said.

I continued to play with his body a bit longer as we relaxed from our spasming muscles as I let his sunscreen scent surround me.

“I’d better go to bed know.” I said. He got off me, and I felt exposed and vulnerable without his body covering mine. He opened the cupboard, letting in the flow of light, exposing the colour of my skin.

“Shit.” He said.


“You know how Lola came into my room?”


“I left your lingerie on the floor in a pile. She must have seen it.”

He threw it to me. “This is bad news. Get dressed, and get out of here.” I scrambled my body into the knickers and top.

“She’ll just think its Mary’s.”

“Except Mary’s not here and you are.” Simon said. He held my body against his so I could feel his warmth wrapping around me once again. “You have about between 50% of the same genes as me.” He said.

“I know.” I replied.

He let go of my body and I walked out of his room.

Lola was standing outside his room in the hallway.

To be continued…

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