Summer Job

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Tyrone had been working Wascomat, a company that provided washing machine parts to various companies. He worked there for five years during the summer. During that five years there were a few receptionists that answered the phone and took requests for parts that Tyrone had to receive.

There were about three other guys working there with him that he wasn’t attracted to. But the summer of 2001 was when he found himself attracted to a man named Frank that worked from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tyrone worked there from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Well, this summer Tyrone didn’t work from late June to late August. He worked for one week late August. That was the week that he met Frank. A Latino man with a slightly good build. The usual attire for this handy work was boots, blue jeans and the Wascomat shirt. Tyrone didn’t wear the Wascomat shirt he rather wore his own style of T-shirts.

The place Tyrone was working had many aisles that featured parts. Tyrone had to pull these parts, they were labeled with numbers. The two other workers, Kumar and Richie were away on vacation that friday. Thomas was outside usually but came in to pull parts from orders received from the receptionists.

There was this one receptionist that wasn’t as un-attractive the other two women. Eileen, the beautiful receptionist, her brunette hair curled down to her neck. Her pantsuit was all black except for her T-shirt under the small, black button jacket.

She was a petite young 27 year-old woman that didn’t have all the right curves but was a beauty. Her 30a breasts were just right for her age. But her beauty cost her, almost everyday for that week Frank harrassed her. You see, the air conditioner would be on that friday and she got cold. Her nipples were hard and Frank harassed her.

Eileen had an order for parts that she gave to Frank. The parts were upstairs and Frank escorted her upstairs. The upstairs portion of the area wasn’t that big at all. Infact it was just above the aisles. The floor was metal as was the steps. There were many parts upstairs şirinevler escort and they dodged them to get to the part that she wanted.

They went all the way to the left where there was two chairs opposite each other. The two chairs was where Tyrone would sit and each his lunch every day. Frank looked for the part against the shelves while Eileen sat in one of the chairs. Frank turned around and all of a sudden, he saw Eileen rubbing herself.

“You know, you talk about my nipples being hard and everything, why don’t you come show me what you would do to me” said Eileen.

“Well, um, what do you want to do?” said Frank. Eileen got out from the chair and removed her pantsuit. She pulled off Frank’s blue denim shirt and rubbed his six-pack. They kissed slowly as she pushed Frank onto the chair. She unzipped his jeans, pulled out his cock from his boxers and saw what he was hiding.

She wrapped her lips around his swollen member and slowly but progressively bobbed her head back and forth going faster and faster with every bob. Eileen sucked his cock real good and started to jerk him into her mouth. Frank moaned and he could feel his load about to burst into her mouth.

Tyrone had just gotten back from the store and wanted to go upstairs and enjoy his lunch. So he proggressed up the stairs with his lunch in is hand and went to the left where his chair was. He was surprised to hear Frank moaning and wanted to check it out. “Maybe he’s jerking off” thought Tyrone.

But Tyrone walked over to see Eileen sucking Frank’s cock. He came just at the right time. Frank busted all over Eileen’s face and into her mouth. She had his load all over her face when she saw Tyrone. She slowly walked over to him naked while Frank relaxed in the chair.

“Hey stud, do you wanna join?” asked Eileen. Tyrone wasn’t sure what to do. “Why don’t you kiss me? Does this cum scare you?” said Eileen. Tyrone wasn’t scared and he slowly moved towards her lips with a big piece of cum on them. şişli escort He gently kissed and tasted Frank’s cum.

“So you aren’t scared after all, why don’t you sit right here” said Eileen. She moved both chairs aside each other while Tyrone took off his shirt and unzipped his jeans, releasing his cock from his boxers. Eileen saw this but she didn’t want to suck his cock. She wanted to get to Frank first.

Eileen turned around and sat on Frank’s cock. But before it touched her pussy she got up and turned around. “How bad do you want this Frank?”

“I want it bad baby” responded Frank.

“Ok, if you want this pussy that bad then I want you two, to jerk each other off” said Eileen.

“Hell no!” said Frank.

“Ok, then I guess I’ll be going” said Eileen.

“Alright, let’s do it Ty” said Frank. Tyrone wasn’t sure either, but he was willing to try it. They reached over to the other’s cock and slowly pumped each other. Eileen loved this and sat on one of the boxes. She mastubated while watching them jerk each othe off.

“Ok, that’s it. Now I want you to suck his dick Ty” said Eileen. Tyrone slowly got up off the chair and got on his knees in front of Frank. Frank closed his eyes, he imagined that it was Eileen sucking his cock, but when Tyrone started to suck his dick, Frank had no choice but to look down at the young 18 year-old stud with his mouth stuffed.

The moaning of Frank tempted Eileen to masturbate faster and faster. The gasps of Frank left Eileen breathless as she exploded onto the back of Tyrone. Frank felt it again, he soon would explode into Tyrone’s mouth. Tyrone felt both loads and he spit Frank’s load into Eileen’s mouth. Eileen thanked Tyrone and swallowed it. Tyrone was full and he loved his lunch.

“Now, I want one last thing… I want Frank to take it up the ass!!” said Eileen. Frank didn’t like the idea. Eileen wanted to pay him back for harrassing her. Tyrone lifted up Frank’s legs and slid off Frank’s jeans and boxers, Tyrone taksim escort also slid his off. Frank sat on the chair with his ass in the air easy for Tyrone to penetrate.

The penetration went slowly, but as soon as Tyrone’s cock was inside Frank, he pounded Frank’s ass hard. “Fuck him faster and harder!!” said Eileen. Tyrone did what she said, he fucked Frank till his ass turned purple. The moans of Frank was covered by Tyrone’s hand. Tyrone felt himself cumming, but he didn’t want to cum.

“Ok that’s it Tyrone, he’s had enough” said Eileen. “Frank, I’ll let you get yourself together while Tyrone fucks me.” Tyrone then sat on his chair while Eileen careened over to him. She then slowly sat on his cock, facing him. Tyrone’s cock was all the way inside of Eileen.

“Oh, shit. Ride my cock bitch” moaned Tyrone. Eileen slowly rode his cock. The sensation was great for Eileen. She went up and down on his cock, riding faster with every second of her time. She rode faster and faster as Tyrone pumped her pussy. Eileen was ready to get off Tyrone but she had a great idea.

“Why don’t you come and fuck my ass Frank” said Eileen. Frank then moved the chair into position opposite Tyrone’s chair. Tyrone and Eileen stopped to let Frank slowly insert his dick into her tight ass. Her petite frame fit the size of her asshole.

“I love you guys..fuck me!!!” She screamed. The moanes got loader as she jumped on their cocks faster and faster. The guys couldn’t handle her tight holes and felt themselves about to release their loads.

“I’m gonna cum!!” moaned both guys. Eileen got off them and got on her knees to receive the cumshot once again. The guys lended a hand to each and Tyrone jerked Frank off as Frank did the same to Tyrone. Eileen’s mouth was wide opened and received their loads. They both gagged as they came on her beautiful face.

“So where’s that part I need?” asked Eileen as she put her clothes on.

“Right here.” said Frank. He gave her the part and she blew a kiss to both guys.

“So where do we go from here?” asked Tyrone.

“Nowhere, we just have to face the fact that we had our first gay experience on the job.” responded Frank.

“Well, I had a nice lunch.” said Tyrone. “If I don’t see you again, then I’ll see you next summer.” They both left downstairs.

“Fuck him hard!!” screamed Eileen.

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