Summer of Indian Aunties Ch. 11

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Chapter 11 — Taking Taiba Take Two

Indian aunt continues to enjoy her nephew thoroughly

When I look back on that memorable summer with my mamanis, it was THIS week — the one I spent with Taiba — that was the most life changing week for me. But more on that later — and how a week of seemingly non-stop continuous sexual sojourns with my horny and voluptuous aunt — and my cock constantly buried in her wet and juicy cunt — changed my life. Let me go back to the morning of the day after. The day after the night — when for the very first time I had made love to my chubby Taiba mamani. After — you know — raping her anus the night before, as some you had commented!

It was very early morning, almost after sunrise, that my eyes opened. I am not that religious, so I usually don’t have the habit of waking up that early. Besides, I had been fully drained out by the sex, so I had a good, full night sleep.

As I gathered my wits around me, and my brain fully woke up, I glanced at my beautiful, luscious, plump mamani, sleeping helplessly au naturel next to me.

Oh Taiba! How beautiful she looked! Especially as the blanket had gone below her chest, and her full, big, humongous breasts were on display in their naked, uncovered, unabashed glory. As she snored (very loudly), her boobs rose and fell with her breathing. The morning light glistened on the sweat on top of her areoles and bounced off her radiant skin. Rarely do you use the word ‘melons’ to describe a woman’s bust — but it would be perfect to call Taiba’s huge udders as ‘melons’. No wonder my other mamanis called her doodhwali (the milk lady)! Unable to stop myself, I reached out and touched her nipples. Oooh! Those soft, succulent jet black nipples!

I could hardly believe where I was. I had a crush on Taiba for a long time. OK, crush might be too strong a word, but perhaps … “desire”. Or ‘lust’. My fat aunt Taiba with her big giant ass and huge melons had been the subject of many of my wet dreams for a long time. Too many masturbation sessions I had spent wanking off to thoughts of her chubby goodness — her big breasts, her thunderous thighs and her big, rotund ass. And what it would be to sink my hard penis in between those mounds of jiggling and bubbling flesh.

For so long I had flirted, often playfully, sometimes in the open, with her — sometimes to the chagrin of my other aunts, but I never expected that to lead anywhere. She was my aunt — my uncle’s wife — after all. All that I expected this summer was that I would be frequently giving her ass a squeeze or her cheeks a kiss, close to her lips. I was her peechwade boy! All the other aunts would joke about how my hand was continuously attached to her bum, holding her or pinching her.

And here I was, rolling her big bare nipples in my fingers as she lay blissfully asleep beside me, naked, after a long night of being fucked — often — by me.

What was that noise? I wrinkled my noise and looked at my sleeping aunt. She had farted in her sleep! The blanket had slipped almost completely from her body, and the globes of her rotund buttocks were now on display. As I watched her big bum, she farted again.

I don’t know why, but that turned me on so much! I felt like fucking her right now.

In my zest, I must have pulled the blanket, or pinched her nipples a bit too hard, or somehow disturbed my sexy aunt’s sleep, as I could feel Taiba stirring awake on the bed beside me. As her beautiful eyes opened, I looked at her pudgy face and fleshy cheeks. She broke into a smile.

At that moment, all I wanted to do was to grab her and violently pound her, rape her, fuck her — you get the idea. But I controlled myself. Barely.

“Good morning, my handsome Nazu.” She murmured, stifling a yawn. Another soft fart escaped her body. She seemed not to notice. I would come to learn that Taiba had a habit of farting loudly, unabashedly, in the morning, when she would wake up.

“Good morning, my beautiful, sexy, delicious mamani, Taiba.” I told her, and leaned in for a kiss.

“Um… no.” To my surprise, Taiba moved her face away. “Please, Nazu. Let me go brush my teeth. I don’t want you smelling my rancid morning breath.”

You just farted, mamani!

“I would LOVE your morning breath, mamani.” I told her sincerely. “I would love to kiss your dirty mouth and lick your armpits right now, Taiba. And smell your loud farts!”

I swung my arm and smacked her on her big bum.



“Ugh! You are incorrigible, Nazu. You are spanking my peechwade early in the morning! Let me go, you bad boy! I have to go brush my teeth! Spank me later!”

Even as I tried to pinch her buttocks, she wriggled free out of my arms and got up from the bed. I watched her hefty undraped body as she waddled canlı bahis over to the washroom.

“Don’t worry, I will be right back, Nazu. Don’t go anywhere!” She told me, slipping into the bathroom.

I didn’t really mind her morning breath. To tell you the truth, and that may just be the pervert in me, I liked that kind of rawness in a woman. The sweat of an Indian woman after she had been working long hours in the kitchen, or the strange aroma of her unwashed pussy, or her armpit hair when she wouldn’t trim for days, or a lady farting with gay abandon — those actually turned me on. Maybe this is why I had already had sex with three maid servants on campus!

The thought of Pushpita — the maid that cleaned the lodge — stirred my loins. Oh how I would love to fuck her after she was tired, dirty and sweaty, after cleaning all the washrooms. My penis stirred. I began to drift into wild thoughts of a threesome with the fat Taiba and the scrawny Pushpita. Oh, I just wanted to hug Taiba’s big body and squeeze her fat everywhere, and then kiss Pushpita while pinching the maid’s small butt!

I decided to get up as well. I too wanted to brush my teeth. I also thought of Taiba’s words.

Don’t worry, I will be right back, Nazu. Don’t go anywhere!

Hmm … maybe Taiba is up for some morning sex?

I could hear Taiba pee. I waited until she was done, and I heard her walk over to the sink, before I entered the bathroom.

“Oh.” Taiba glanced to look at me, but didn’t bat an eyelid. She continued to brush her teeth. “I was wondering what took you so long, Nazu?”

“Er … I beg your pardon, Taiba?”

Taiba laughed.

“I guess I sort of assumed you were going to invade my bathroom privacy, Nazu.” She giggled. “I am just happy you waited until after I had finished peeing.”

Well — tomorrow I was going to catch her in the act, I decided.

I stood in front of the commode and began to pee. I thought Taiba would turn to watch me, but then I heard the door shut. I finished peeing, and then reached for the tissue. After cleaning up, I turned to go to the sink. Taiba was no longer there; having finished brushing and washing her face, she had returned to bed. I walked over to the sink and picked up her toothbrush. It was still wet. Applying some paste to it, I brushed my teeth.

As I said, I am a pervert.

I used to brush my teeth with Shaheen mamani’s toothbrush before, and now I was sharing germs with Taiba. After thoroughly brushing, I then gargled extensively with the mouth wash.

“Smells nice.” I remarked, sniffing my own breath. Rinsing, I returned to the bedroom.

Taiba was in bed, still naked, tucked in, looking at me with a big smile. I jumped into bed beside her, got in under the covers, and then enveloped her in a bear hug.

“OOOMMPH!” She cried out, as I pressed my lips onto hers, and rolled my tongue inside her mouth.


“Oh, baby.” Taiba murmured, as I sucked on her lips.



“Oh … you are making me very horny, my jaanu.” She said, as we kissed.


We continued to kiss long and hard as my hands roamed to massage and pinch her giant boobs. It is amazing, I realized, that I couldn’t cup one of Taiba’s boobs with the palm of my hand — so big her breasts were! No wonder she always wore sari and blouse and petticoat — she wouldn’t be able to fit her frame properly in one shalwar kameez!

Taiba by now had her chubby hands wrapped completely around my penis and was giving me a good hand rub. She needn’t have bothered as I was as hard as a rock by now. Just the thought of Taiba alone could get my motor rolling. My penis was locked and loaded, ready for action.

“Oh jaanu!” Taiba murmured, rubbing my manhood. “You are ready for your mamani! Oh jaanu! Oh my Nazu! Aao, mere jawani aur izzat — dono lutlo! (Come, ravish both my youth and my honour!)”

“Let’s see if you are ready, mamani.” I replied.

My fingers let go of my aunt’s huge melons, and made their way down her body, over her fat and round tummy, and down to her love canal.

“Oh, beta!” Taiba closed her eyes and softly uttered. “Oh, my jaan! Oh, my love!”

I kissed Taiba’s fat cheeks again, and then pushed two fingers inside her pussy.

“Oooh my jaanu!” Taiba could only helplessly mutter, as I started finger fucking her. The sun was up now, and I could see the light glistening in her juicy hole. She was totally wet by now, and had started to leak.

“OH NAZU! OH MY JAANU!” Taiba was now moaning. “I am yours! Take me! Take me!”

“Oh yes, my bitch.” I told her. I climbed up on the bed and positioned myself over her body. I moved my hips up and pressed the head of my cock at her opening. Taiba looked into my eyes.

“Take me, bahis siteleri my love.”

I pushed forward and Taiba pressed back at me. My sexy overweight aunt was so wet that in one motion, I slid almost the entire length of my cock into my mamani’s pussy.


Taiba’s face was lost in the throes of ecstasy. She was having an orgasm even as I started to get a rhythm going. Her hands were wrapped around my body, clutching my buttocks as I humped her. Even over the loud “thop” “thop” “thop” “thop” “thop” pumping sound as I fucked her, I could hear my mamani’s moans.


Taiba’s first wave of her orgasm had subsided, and I continued to thrust into her. And out of her. In and out. In and out.

“Oh beta!” She could just helplessly murmur, as I pumped her. “Oh beta! You are so big! Oh beta! You are sooooo big! Oh beta! I am not used to this … I don’t know how I am taking you in. Oh beta! I love you! Oh beta! I love you, Nazu! Oh beta! Oh beta!”

As I continued to fuck her, I could not help but be mesmerized by her big bosom.

“Oh mamani!” I told her, in between the thrusts. “You have such nice boobs! Big like watermelons!”

I took each boob in one hand, squeezed them and then licked each nipple in turn.

“Oh beta! Oh beta! Oh beta!” Taiba helplessly continued to moan, unable to mouth anything else, as her second orgasm started to build up.

“Look at you, mamani, moaning like a cheap prostitute.” I told her. “Getting fucked by your nephew! Doesn’t your husband ever satisfy you like this?”

“Oh beta!” Taiba was in her own zone. “Your mamu has a small cock, Nazu. Oh beta! It’s not even fit to be called a cock. You are the true man, Nazu! Oh beta! You are the big man. You have made me your woman, Nazu. Oh beta! You have made me your bitch. Oh, I love you, Nazu. Oh beta! Oh beta! Oh beta!”

I pressed extra hard into her as she yelped.

“OH BETA! Easy, Nazu! I am an old woman! OH BETA! I … you … OH BETA!”

“Then I,” I declared with an evil smile as I drilled her, “Am reaching parts of you that your husband has never been. You are such a slut, Taiba!”

“Oh yes! Oh yes!” Taiba was now shaking again. “I am a slut, Nazu. Slap me. Slap this slut! Slap me!”

I raised my hand and calmly struck her cheek.


“You are a slut, mamani.”

“Oh, yes, I am a slut. Oh beta! I deserve to be slapped. Slap me again!”


“You should be ashamed of yourself.”

“I am, beta. I am ashamed. Oh beta! Please slap me, Nazu. I am a bad woman.”


“You are a kalank — a black mark — on womanhood everywhere.”

“I know, Nazu. I am so sorry. You are my nephew and I have so much hawas for you. And you for me. Oh beta! SLAP ME!”


“You are such a bitch, mamani.”

“This bitch is yours, beta. Slap me, Nazu!”



“Oh … I am such a bitch, Nazu!”

My aunt began to moan loudly now.


I couldn’t hold it any more. My cock was bursting for relief and I gave in.

I exploded in my aunt.

Taiba was in heaven as I pumped, and pumped, and pumped, my seed into her. As my balls slapped against her thighs, I kept calling her all types of names — randi (prostitute), chutiya (pussy), kutti (bitch), bhos (cunt) and so on. I slapped her pudgy cheeks a few more times.

Taiba, my aunt, was lapping it all up, as she writhed around on the bed in ecstasy. My hips buckled as I continued to ejaculate into her fertile womb. I was pumping her like a piston, her body getting slammed as I drained my baby batter into her.

“Oh, my love! Oh, Nazu! Oh, my baby!”

As my energy left me, I collapsed on the bed, on her.

Afterwards, as we remained on bed entangled in each other’s arms, with my cum dripping down my aunt’s thighs, I ran my fingers through her hair. With my softened penis still partially inside her I kissed her on the mouth passionately, and told her, “Oh Taiba mamani! I love you. I want to be your lover for ever!”

Forever? Why did I say that?

Taiba hugged me tight and said, “Oh Nazu beta! Of course. Keep fucking me like this and, I am always yours. Even after you get married, beta! Any time you want to fuck me, I am yours, beta. I will be your fuck toy. Your cum dump! I will be your booty call for life.”

I raised my arm.


I hit her on her big rump.

“With a giant booty like that … you are the best booty call.”


“Oh, Nazu! Spank me again!”


“Oh, Nazu! Again!”


Just then her cellphone started to ring.

“What the holy fuck!” Taiba swore, much to my surprise. bahis şirketleri “Who could it be? At this hour in the morning!”

I turned to the side, and mamani stood up and went to pick up the phone. As she stood up, more cum emptied out of her hole and ran down her legs. My cum! I couldn’t help but be proud. I had banged this woman! My own aunt! The second one — after Shaheen — that I had banged! It was a magic sight to see my cum — MY CUM — run down this fat lady’s hole and thighs.

Taiba waddled over to the table where her phone was ringing.

“It’s your uncle — your mamu!” Taiba exclaimed in surprise. “I wonder what he wants — this early in the morning! Probably he wanted to send some items here for urgent ordering and wanted to discuss with me.”

Taiba then sat down on the sofa next to the small table. As she talked with my uncle — her husband, I felt sort of guilty. I had violated the sanctities of married, and had shagged a married lady. But it was mixed with a nice sexy feeling when I heard mamani talking with mamu without giving away anything. She had just cheated on her husband, having engaged in coitus with her nephew, and here she was, naked, cum dripping down her thighs, talking to my uncle — her husband, as if nothing had happened!

I also stood up and sat down next to my naked aunt. I put my arms around her and started caressing her big boobs and fleshy thighs as she was talking animatedly with her husband. My hands paid homage to her blubbery breasts and perky nipples. I put my cheeks next to her pudgy cheeks and I could hear my uncle exchange some instructions with his wife, totally oblivious to the fact that his nephew was in the middle of yet another sexual sojourn with his sexy naked plump wife. Taiba started stroking my penis, and she repositioned slightly and parted her fat thighs to enable me to finger her again, even as she was talking to her husband. More cum leaked out of her hole, this time on the sofa.

Ya, we would have to clean this room thoroughly.

This was crazy! I was sliding my finger into her wet and slippery pussy, even as she was talking to her husband! I wanted to suddenly pinch her, she would utter an exclamation, and then her husband would ask her, “What’s the matter?”, but then I thought better of it.

After Taiba finished and hung up on the call, she came to sit on my lap, facing me and straddling me. My cock was now brushing against her cunt lips, and I started to get aroused, again.

“Couldn’t you wait until after the phone call WITH MY HUSBAND, you naughty boy!” She scolded me, even as she was nuzzling me with her nose.

“What did mamu want?” I asked her, as I began to fondle her nipples.

“Hmm…” Taiba had momentarily shut her eyes as I began to play with her tits, but she now reopened them. “He’s coming here this weekend, on Saturday morning.”

I stopped playing with her big bosom.


“Oh, don’t worry, baby. I will take care of you, my jaanu.” Taiba wrapped her arms around me, and pressed her lips against mine to shush me up.


We kissed for a long time. Gone were the naughty barely platonic kisses I used to plant on her cheeks, at the edge of her lips, at the beginning of this summer. This was a full throated hungry French kiss between two new shameless and naked lovers.

“Why does he have to come?” I complained, when we finally broke the kiss.

“Well, this is his lodge.” My aunt reminded me. “And I am his wife. Even though you are using both!”

Taiba giggled at the last part.

“When is he coming?” I asked.

“He’s going to come here on Saturday morning,” Taiba told me, “Spend most of the time in the store and market, spend the night here with us, and then leave again on Sunday morning.”

“Hmm. You mean spend the night with you.”

I guess it wasn’t that bad. I had to tolerate him for one day and one night. I guess I should — this was his lodge after all. And his wife. And I was … as Taiba said … using both.

Taiba continued to kiss me as I got harder and harder.

“Don’t worry about my husband, beta.” Taiba murmured. “Oh, jaanu! You are my love now! I am yours! I am your rakhel. Your raandi. Your chutiya. Your kutti. Your bhos.”

I stretched myself slightly lower on the sofa, so that it was easier for her to lower her cunt onto my now rock hard penis. I then sucked on her boobs as she started jumping on top of me with renewed enthusiasm. Her phone call with her husband must have made her even kinkier. I grabbed her buttocks and lifted her up and down on my lap in consonance to her pace. She was enjoying herself very much as my cock went all the way inside her. However, her weight began to press down on my, and the sofa wasn’t exactly comfortable.

“Let’s go to the bed again.” I told her.

Taiba nodded.

We then shifted to the bed again, and this time mamani laid on the bed, face down and lifted her butt up a bit. She then turned her head back to look at me teasingly.

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