Sun and Moon

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Thank you for taking the time to read this piece, it is my very first work in this area so I hope you enjoy it.


Richard had had enough. He put down his pen and rested his face in his hands. The answer sheets in front of him were only half-filled, and it was already past noon. He sighed deeply, closing the book. As if to accentuate every movement he made the creaking of floorboards kept ringing out, interrupting his train of thought. After a short while he stood up and opened his door, walking the few steps to the living room that was adjacent.

“Just because mom and dad are gone you’re not alone in the house, you damn lunatic.”

In front of him, standing for the moment still in the spacious living room was a teenaged girl, her shoulder-length hair dyed pink, and a look of incredulity on her face.

“Oh sorry, did I disturb my big brother’s studying? Since that’s the only activity he seems to care about?” She gave him a teasing grin as she turned around, her athletic body on display.

Luna had turned 18 little more than a month ago, and it showed. Her sports bra was of the bigger variety, framing her d-cup chest, and her wide hips holding up the yoga pants.

Richard groaned. “You know that the floor creaks, so why in the hells do you have to do your work-out in the living room?” He scratched the back of his head.

Luna looked at him as if he had asked why water is wet. “Because it has the biggest space in the house, duh. I’m nearly done, so my grumpy brother won’t have to put up with it for much longer.” She gave him a smile, her amber brown eyes glimmering.

He groaned, trying not to look at her. “You’re not going to stop it, are you? I’m going to have to deal with it for the entire two weeks our parents are away, aren’t I?”

She grinned. “Well, I have to take advantage of such a golden opportunity. Surely you can understand that? I mean, if you could, you would be training your wooden sword-thingy in here as well.”

Richard sighed deeply. “For the eightieth time, it’s called Kendo. And no, I wouldn’t, because I’m considerate. I try to not bother other people, unlike the lunatic in front of me.”

During the years he had repeatedly wondered if his sister had actually been born insane. Since their mother gave birth to her during a lunar eclipse they thought it cute to name their new daughter Luna. Richard had during most of their childhood called her “the lunatic”, since she seemed to have zero inhibitions when it came to certain things. He was the calm, collected, and studious one. She on the other hand, had tried a dozen different sports and part-time jobs, not sticking to any for long. The aerobics in the living room was only her latest fad, and would fade in short order. Not quickly enough for him though.

She waved her hand in the air dismissively. “Whatever you want to call it. Now, is my brother going to stand there gawking or can I get back to my workout?”

Richard shook his head. “You do whatever you want. I’m going to the store for some quiet time. Don’t tear down the house while I’m gone.”

Luna smiled innocently. “Nothing so destructive, brother dear. Pick me up some juice will you?”

Richard sighed, putting on his shoes and thin jacket before heading out, just needing to get away from his little sister.

The next day followed much the same routine. After breakfast and his regular warm-up exercises outdoors, Richard had confined himself to his room, trying to get any amount of studying done. It was all extra work, but he wanted to make an effort. Shortly after noon the familiar creaking sounds reached him again and he had lost his patience. He exited the room in a hurry, walking over to where his tormentor was. Luna was for the moment doing jumping jacks, but that was not what caught his attention. Instead of her sports bra from yesterday she was wearing a regular one, which accentuated her chest a lot more, her breasts bouncing slightly as she jumped. He stood frozen for several seconds before he coughed.

His sister turned around, sweat running down her body. “Something wrong, brother dear?” She smiled, running a hand through her pink hair.

He raised an eyebrow as he looked at her. “Wrong? Where did your sports bra go?”

Luna sighed. “It broke. Apparently the size was not quite right, and my work-out strained it. I had to resort to my normal bra.” She looked at him. “Is that a problem?”

“It’s just not proper.” He sighed deeply. “Whatever, just don’t keep going too long. I’m going to take a bath.”

Richard turned around and headed towards the bathroom. As he was tapping up his water he looked at himself in the mirror. He was not bad-looking, athletic body, above 6 feet tall with blonde short hair and a square jaw with some stubble invading the chin. As he was about to get in, his eyes focused on the member between his legs. He shook his head as he stepped into the bath. He could’ve sworn that it had been closer to erection than it should be, but he dismissed illegal bahis it. Nothing had been around to get him hot and bothered after all.

The third day, Richard had anticipated his sister’s workout and gone out on a jog by himself. If she wasn’t going to stop, he just had to avoid the house during those hours. After a refreshing run he stepped into the house and closed the door, eager to sit back and relax for a bit. Those hopes were shattered the second he heard his sister’s voice.

“Brother dear, could you help me? I want you to watch something.”

Richard groaned, not wanting to put up with his sister’s shenanigans but he relented. The other option was her not ceasing to bother him since their parents weren’t home to keep her in check. “What is it this time?”

Luna was sitting in the couch, a remote control twirling between her fingers. “You work out a lot, so you know how one is supposed to look. If one uses the right muscles and such. So I want you to watch this thing with me.” She clicked a button, and on the screen she appeared.

Richard sat down, confused. “Are we going to watch you working out? You filmed yourself?”

Luna smiled widely and nodded. “Yes, I wanted to make it as easy for you to examine as possible. Don’t hesitate to throw out comments, I want to get better.”

Richard sank into the couch and sighed. At least his sister was wearing a shirt this time, and not just a bra. “Alright, let’s get it over with.”

Luna nodded and pressed play. The video started out normally enough, with the Luna on screen doing some light stretches, preparing her body for the strain. After some mundane activities she began with the jumping jacks, and now Richard noticed something. The chest of the woman on screen was bouncing up and down, without any support. With horror he realised what he was watching. His sister was doing her workout not only in a shirt. It was also without a bra. He felt very uncomfortable at the scene, but unable to look away. If he did, she would know he had noticed it. He steeled himself, continuing to watch. But it just got worse. It seemed like every exercise she made was in order to emphasize her bust, her breasts bouncing and moving all over the place. With a horrible premonition he looked over to his sister sitting beside him. She was wearing the same shirt. And as he took in the sight he was sure of it. She was not wearing a bra even now. His sister was not even a foot away and she was naked underneath a thin shirt. He had to get away. This was beyond improper, she was being far too vulnerable. He moved to get up but her arm quickly grasped him.

“Where do you think you’re going? The video is not over yet.” She pouted, looking into his eyes.

“I-I remembered I have something else to do. Sorry.”

Luna wasn’t having any of it, pressing herself against him, her breasts colliding with his arm, only hindered by the thin layer of fabric that was the shirt.

Richard began to feel strange, and only knew he had to get away from his sister. He wrested his arm from her grip and stood up, his breathing heavy. “I’m sorry, but I have to get this done. I also need to shower after my jog.”

He left the room, hurrying to the bathroom, closing the door behind him. He took deep breaths in order to calm down, deciding that a cold shower would hopefully work. He stepped out of his running pants and took off his shirt. To his bewilderment he looked down as he stripped out of his underwear, his member standing at half-mast. He slapped his cheeks.

“What the ever-living hell are you doing?! She’s your sister, get yourself under control.”

He sighed, stepping into the shower and closed the cabin, turning the knob to let the cold water wash over him. As he tried to get himself under control he could almost swear that he heard a giggle from outside the door.

After the shower Richard returned to his room, now very much calmer. He had dismissed the events prior to the shower as a freak occurrence and was now committing to his studies again. However, he had only been at it for roughly 30 minutes when he heard a knock on the door.

“Brother? Could I ask you a question or two?”

He groaned audibly, just wanting to study for now. Annoyed, he called back. “What is it about this time?”

“Well, you’re studying to become a doctor, so I have a health question for you. Can I come in?”

Richard was surprised, he had not expected his sister to actually have any real purpose to come to him for advice. “Alright, come in.” He heard the door opening and the sound of feet before there was a light fwump as his sister had apparently sat down in his bed. He was still sitting with his back to her. “So, what is it you need help with?”

“Well, I just want to know if it’s normal or not. You’re the aspiring doctor, so you would know right? Can you take a look? I want to know if they’re as they should be.”

Richard sighed as he spun his chair around. “What are you tal–” His words were caught in his throat, illegal bahis siteleri as before him was not simply his sister. On his bed, no shirt, no bra, Luna was on display for him. Her ample breasts were staring him in the face, occupying his entire field of vision.

“Well, are they normal? Tell me.” Her voice was slightly pleading.

Richard swallowed, doing his best to regain control. “L-Luna, why are you n-naked?”

Luna looked quizzically at him. “Otherwise you cannot examine them, silly.”

“E-examine them? What are you talking about?”

She smiled warmly. “Well, you’re going to be a doctor, so you will need practical experience, won’t you? I mean, you will have female patients after all. This should not be out of the ordinary.”

“B-but you’re my sister? This is not proper.”

She sighed. “Yes, I’m your sister, but I’m also a woman. And now I want my brother to examine my breasts so they’re not in any way a problem. It’s just a clinical check-up, there is nothing weird about it.”

Richard swallowed, trying to find a flaw in her argument. If there was one, he was far too distracted to find it. “O-okay, so I just need to look at them, tell you they’re normal and then you’ll leave me alone?”

She smiled widely. “Exactly. See, I knew you would come around.” She leaned slightly forward. “Come closer, you can’t see very well from there.”

Richard did as requested, moving his chair closer to the bed, while he was doing his best not to think about the situation.

Luna seemed satisfied when he was not even an entire foot’s distance away. “Take a close look, brother dear. This is for your education, after all.”

Richard swallowed again, now trying to take in the sight in as innocent a way as possible. He wasn’t even sure what she was asking for, but he guessed that seeing actual breasts up close would prepare him for the future. As he stared at his sister’s chest he had to blink several times. Were her nipples becoming erect? He shook his head, that’s impossible. It was summer outside, and the house was nowhere near cold enough to spark such a reaction.

Luna looked down at him, slightly dissatisfied. “You know, I don’t think you can tell good enough just by looking. So how about we do this…” She rapidly reached down, grabbing his hands and bringing them to her chest. His fingers instinctively formed around the soft tits that he was now holding, the very first pair of breasts he had ever touched.

Richard was transfixed, but he forced himself to speak. “L-Luna, that is definitely not–”

Luna scoffed. “Oh come on, it’s just tits, brother. All women have them, so no reason to get weird. Just, feel them, like if you were giving me a proper examination. Remember, this is for your education.”

Richard had no words, entirely consumed with the sensation of his sister’s breasts. They were softer than he could have imagined, yet full and moldable. His fingers slowly examined them, running along their shapes, gently touching the areolas and nipples. As he performed his task he could barely hear a soft moan coming from his sister. After a good minute of this she grabbed his hands and moved them away.

“Well, it seems since there were no comments that my tits are just fine. Thanks, brother dear.” She leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek, picking up her shirt at the same time.

“I’ll leave you to your studies for now.” She smiled widely and left his room, closing the door behind her.

Richard sat stunned at what had just taken place. His sister had made him fondle her chest. And she had enjoyed it. He looked down at his pants, seeing a sizeable bulge. He shook his head and stood up. He had to explain to her that this was wrong, it couldn’t happen again. He was so very confused, but he opened the door and walked into the living room.

Luna was in the couch, stretching out so that the edges of her breasts could be seen underneath the shirt. She looked up at her blushing brother and smiled warmly. “Oh? Weren’t you going to study?” She raised an eyebrow teasingly.

Richard walked around, coming to stand right in front of her.

“Whatever you did, it cannot happen again. We are siblings it is not riiiii–” He was cut off by his sister’s gentle fingers reaching out and touching his bulge.

“Oh, what’s this? Is my big brother excited? Did he not treat it as a medical examination after all?”

“Stop that right now we ne–”

She reached up with a finger, putting it to his lips. “What you need to do, is let loose, dear brother. I got you excited, and you liked it. It was a real hard choice between coming out here and jerking off, wasn’t it?” She grinned.

Richard felt his cheeks flush even more. “That is none of your business, and you have to stop this, it’s not right.”

Luna rolled her eyes, bringing her fingers up to his belt, beginning to unbuckle it. “Oh, just shut up already. Your protests does not carry much weight when you’re this hard, brother dear.” She leaned canlı bahis siteleri forward, grasping the zipper with her teeth and pulling it down. His still boxer-clad member touched her face lightly as his pants fell down around his ankles.

“L-Luna, that is enough, stop this.” He was shaking slightly, the whole situation entirely unreal to him. His sister was not dissuaded.

“Just be quiet and enjoy it, brother.” She moved closer, grasping the very rim of his boxers with her teeth, dragging them down, his now very stiff shaft shooting out, almost slapping her in the face as his underwear was removed. Her eyes widened at the size of his member.

“Well, well, well. Big brother indeed.” His solid member stood just above 7 inches, with a big crown that made his sister lick her lips.

Richard tried to break away but his sister threw her arm around, pushing him against her as she grabbed his butt. This lead to his stiff cock touching her greedy lips. “T-this is far enough, Luna. If you g–” His words stuck in his throat as his sister had opened her mouth and was now playfully running her tongue along his tip.

“You’re not getting away, brother. Let me educate you…” She brought her free hand down to his full balls, grasping them, eliciting a moan from her brother. She grinned, moving her tongue to his testicles, then running it agonizingly slow along his shaft. When she reached the head Richard had barely any resistance left. She licked his dick like a lollipop, her eager tongue running rampant on his tender tip, all the while fondling his balls.

Richard was panting, the sensation heavenly. “P-please. S-s-stop teasing m-me.” He hated himself for his words, letting his own desires take the wheel but it was too much. How could anyone have restraint in a situation like this?

Luna grinned, a victorious smile on her face. “Good choice.”

With that, her lips slowly engulfed her brother’s head, her hungry mouth welcoming the invader as her tongue slowly played with the very top of the crown. Richard moaned loudly, barely able to hold back his lust. Luna looked up at her brother, her amber eyes glimmering with want. She moved her head further, taking in more of him, letting her mouth get used to the sensation. She began to bob, her head and mouth moving back and forth in a slow pace, giving Richard exquisite pleasure. She was in heaven, her forbidden desires at last bearing fruit. She continued to fondle his balls, bringing her own hand back from his butt down to her own mound that was getting very wet very quickly.

“Ohhhh god, fuuuck…” Richard was barely coherent, the attention from his sister beyond anything he had ever experienced. He had given up all hope of escaping, the only thing that mattered right now was his cock and his sisters mouth. Anything else was trivial, those were the only two things he cared about this moment. He let go of his tension, in reflex bucking his hips once, driving his member deeper into his sister’s mouth. Realising what he had done he looked down at her, now scared that he had gone too far.

Luna was ecstatic, her brother had actually taken initiative. She figured this was a sign that she could go further. She looked up at him pleadingly, letting go of his balls to slap his butt as she pressed him further against her. The cock in her mouth felt so right, the incestous dreams that had haunted her for the past two years finally coming true. She wanted nothing more right now than to please her brother, to have him use her mouth to bring himself to his climax.

Richard felt the slap on his butt and looked down at his sister as she was busy giving him his very first blowjob, and it was spectacular. He figured that she had liked it, so he bucked his hips again, driving his shaft deeper once more. She smiled at him around his cock and he kept moaning as he slowly began to move his hips in an easy pace, fucking her face at her request. It was glorious, he felt Luna’s mouth doing all it could to please him, to love him. He kept at it, feeling at points as his head threatened to enter her throat. She still had taken little more than half of him, but it was already so very pleasant.

Luna was at the brink, she wanted more, she wanted to feel her brother’s balls against her chin, his entire shaft buried within her whorish mouth. With a shaking hand she grabbed one of his hands, moving it to the top of her head and holding it there. She looked up at him again, nodding around his member as his pace of fucking her face was still not all that fast.

Richard was surprised at his sister’s actions but he nodded back to her, grasping her hair and pushing her face against him as he bucked his hips. His cock buried itself to the hilt in his sister’s mouth and throat, his member being massaged by the muscles and tongue. He moaned as he bottomed out, pulling her head back and looking down at her face, saliva dripping out from her lips as his cock still occupied the majority of her mouth.

Luna had cum the instant her brother had impaled her face, her panties now soaked with juices, and her eyes slightly teary from the experience. She needed more, this was not enough. She nodded to him again, moving a hand to massage his balls once more, kneading them greedily.

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