Supper’s Ready

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*Crème “surprise me.”

I closed the front door behind me and placed my keys on the hall table before hanging my jacket up, then glanced at the mirror where a ‘post-it’ note told me to: “Go take a shower and change out of those sweaty things!”

I took the stairs two at a time before turning into our bedroom to undress and made haste to the bathroom where I took a quick shower before hurrying back to change as I dried my hair, but another note was stuck to the bed head which told me to ‘come outside as you are – and bring an appetite with you!’ “Consider it done” I said to her picture by the bed and, whistling the refrain from’All you need is love’, stepped lightly downstairs while pausing only to take the phone off the hook, ambled expectantly through the living room where I picked up my stashen passant and the aroma of fried mushrooms which made my mouth water in anticipation. God, how I loved ‘shrooms! Tracy would tease me that I had ‘the blood of hobbits running through my veins’, but would help me gather them fresh from the nearby woods when the season was right.

Now, I merely let the odour lead me through the sitting room and into the kitchen where the scent was not only strong, but the view astounding; as I looked through the window in the back door to see her laying on top of a mat placed over the table in the middle of the sundeck with a hand busily at work between her partly spread legs. I licked my lips and left the door open as I padded towards the table, spread so appetisingly with the big, beautiful woman I’d grown to know and love more deeply with every passing day.

Either side of the table were two benches covered with a variety of bowls and dishes; a folding chair was set up by her head and I sat there comfortably to welcome her lips after a long day apart, while her arm softly embraced my neck to enfold me in a fragrant cloud of jasmine that blew seductively around her body in the gentle breeze.

“Good evening sir, welcome to thesmorgasmbord, feel free to dip into any dish that takes your fancy” she said, reaching into a bowl and pushing her fingers back inside her smooth slit. “There’s mushrooms stuffed with tarragon and a herb dip, fresh rolls, carrot slices in lemon juice and some mint leaves in my ‘special sauce’. I hope you’ve brought an appetite with you?”

“I’m ravenous sweetheart” I replied, filling my hands with her soft, smooth breasts and giving them a tender squeeze. “How did you come up with ‘smorgasmbord?”

“It just came to me in a moment of inspiration” she giggled.

“Seeing as inspiration is 99% perspiration, you must’ve worked your ass off!” I laughed.

“Well I’m still preparing the dessert!”

Her fingers trailed saucily around the top of her pussy as I licked around a firm nipple and declared that, “It smells delicious – let’s just try one of these beauties” I said, popping a ‘shroom into my mouth and standing up to see what was placed along the other bench, which turned out to be a small jug of cream beside a ripe banana, an empty bowl and a covered bowl of Tracy’s nemesis that nestled on a small berg of crushed ice; chocolate mousse!

“What was in the bowl?” I asked curiously.

“You’ll see!”

“Have a mushie” I offered, swimming it through the dip and popping it into her mouth. “These are fine fungi, have you chopped anything into the stuffing?”

“Only amagic ingredient, my love”

“Has your Pete been to visit?” I asked, as the innuendo piqued my intuition.

“Maybe, why?”

“Because I know damn well that your brother has as good a nose for ‘shrooms as I do and knows a great place to get the magic variety – which the bugger still won’t tell me.” I said, stirring a finger into the dip and tapping a blob onto the tip of her nose. “But I bet he’d tell his sister!”

“Why should he tell me? You know blood isn’t thicker than water in our family” she replied tartly, licking the drip off her lip. “Why don’t you just offer him some o’ that weed in the cellar to trade?”

“Maybe I will; you’re full of good ideas today. Is there a blue moon tonight?”

“Cheeky sod!” she protested, slapping my cheek as I leant over to dip another ‘shroom. “You’ll be getting a red moon if you’re not careful.”

“Red moon at night, madam’s delight!” I said, throwing her a big grin over my shoulder and moving out of range to crunch on a carrot slice. “It’s a good job the neighbours have gone on holiday or they’d be getting an eyeful. How’s dessert coming along?”

“It’s warmin’ up nicely.”

“Let’s just see, hmm?”

“Be my guest” she offered, parting her thighs invitingly as I squatted down to trail my hands along them before opening the lips with my thumbs and softly kiss the spot just above her clit.

“Do I smell strawberries?” I asked, looking over the gentle curve of her belly.

“It’s the gel I used after shaving, like it?”

“It’s canlı bahis very sweet” I said, kissing alongside the pink lips and inside the delicate coral of her cunt which blushed faintly as my warm breath blew over her.

“The deeper you go the sweeter the flow” she replied in a sing-song tone.

My lips brushed over her clit as they kissed all over her mons while I slipped a finger inside to feel a thick, creamy substance that looked like fresh cumm when I slid it back out.

“Hey!Who have you been fucking today then?” I cried teasingly, sucking my finger.

“Silly sod!” she giggled. “Can’t you tell the difference between spunk and white chocolate truffles?”

I grinned and wiggled my eyebrows playfully in response before delving another finger inside the glutinous mixture and sucking it with pleasure.

“If cumm tasted like chocolate you’d be drained dry by now my dear” she cried gleefully, wriggling as my tongue tip made its way along her slit to lap at the nub of her clit. “Oh yes, kiss me there! Slide another finger in babe. Scoop it up and eat me out. Lick me there, yeah that’s right, like that. Fuck me with your tongue…”

She directed my mouth and lips like a traffic cop at rush-hour as I dug into the tart, sweetness of her body which opened up to my growing hunger.

I fed on her flowing juices and drank the thick chocolate by curling my tongue into the mix then scooping it into my mouth which was locked onto her cunt while I rubbed her clit with my nose, moaning with passion as she gripped my head tightly to get me as far inside as possible. At times like that I wished my tongue was a foot long to fuck her deeper with it, but was satisfied to feel her excitement flowing as our lips hugged moistly.

“I think this could use some cream” I declared, fetching the jug to pour a viscous trail onto her clit which brought a gasp from her lips which she licked seductively while using a finger to stir the cream into her flesh.

“I could use some too” she said, arching an eyebrow towards my semi-hard cock.

“Scooch down a bit then” I suggested, moving to stand over her head which now leaned over the tables edge.

Standing on tiptoe I poured another stream of cream along my cock until it dripped onto her waiting tongue which lapped over the tip and along the hardening shaft until she sucked creamily on my balls while rubbing between her wide-spread thighs. As the blood flowed faster I felt the first rush of magic from the ‘shrooms and groaned softly with the added bliss of her warm mouth sucking on each of my balls, while I let a little more cream pour over her jiggling breasts to smother them in a simulacrum of orgasm, pulling each nipple out into erect awareness before leaning down to suck them gently, tugging one, then the other up until they glistened like fresh cherries; pulling back with slow ease to float a series of butterfly kisses over her throat before landing on her moist lips for a long, sensuous kiss to taste each other’s desire.

“Feed me now” she whispered, as our lips briefly parted before sliding back together

in another deep kiss while my hands made love with her breasts, revelling in the slippery smooth flesh, squeezing them, slapping them softly together and rolling them under my palms which caressed her lovingly. After releasing my grip to fetch the mousse, she used her own hands to fondle those double delights while I fed her the chocolate treat bit by bit from the tip of my cock, scooping a finger through it then smearing it over the head which she sucked off with moans of pleasure that echoed my own as her tongue and lips nimbly ate it while I gently rocked between them until I took a big scoop from the bottom of the tub to fill her mouth, then hold each of her hands in mine to match our movements over her breasts while she sucked my balls in the sweet heat of her mouth. The erotic sensation of her swallowing the chocolate brought a bubble of precumm flowing onto the crown of my cock which was swiped onto her tongue as I pulled back, then leaned down to suck it from her as we kissed once more before I walked round to kneel in momentary contemplation of the thick, creamy sweet oozing from her cunt; the lips were now a rosy pink and curled back in arousal for my tongue which stirred into the sloppy mixture as my lips slurped on her juices like getting at the last drops of a milkshake: Tracy groaned, “Oh fuck” and “Oh Yes” in a mantra of bliss, as I ate and drank her succulent, sweet flesh; placing my palms flat on either side of her loins while rolling my thumbs slowly over her clit to stimulate more juices into the thick chocolate that poured over my tongue which lapped and licked into and around her cunt, then flickered over her arse before swooping right inside to make her buck harder onto my face. I held her tightly to keep on tongue-fucking the sweet mixture as I rolled her bahis siteleri clit round under each thumb; licking along the lips of her juicy cunt and sucking the scented flesh with relish as she came nearer and nearer her peak.

But I had other ideas!

She gave a shrill scream of frustration as I stepped back but soon changed her tune as I picked up the jug to pour a little more cream over my cock that lodged in the sopping wet hole before it slid liquidly inside with a smooth thrust of my hips; holding myself inside the hot, sticky mess as her cunt rhythmically squeezed the thick shaft before pulling back out with a syrupy squelch to move hastily around to her lips that hungrily gobbled every inch as I steadily fucked her mouth. Tracy breathed deeply under my balls as I slid down her throat and lustily slapped her juicy tits together making her gurgle on the full length before reluctantly pulling out as I didn’t want to cumm just yet. The sound of those lips sucking cock and her hand smacking into that mushy cunt would make a chaste man forget his vows! She gave a wicked little laugh in realising how close her sublime skills had brought me close to the edge and I grinned back, then picked up the banana. “Nature’s sex-toy!”

“What ya like!” she spluttered as her laughter deepened, then rose to a shriek when I surprised her by scooping some crushed ice into my palm and cupping her mons.

“That’ll teach ya to slap my arse won’t it?” I laughed and rapidly thrust a couple of fingers into her body that bucked wildly as she pleaded for “Mercy!”

“You really want me to stop?” I teased, taking my fingers out to tickle them over her clit and along her belly that rolled with a fresh burst of laughter as I used the curve of the fruit to skate along her crack.

“Yes, oh fuck yes.”

“Oh, so you want me to go on?” I continued, massaging the curve of her belly while sliding my pinkie up her arse as the tip of the banana dipped into her dripping cunt.

Her cries of laughter soon turned to groans of pleasure when I pursed my lips over her clit to suckle on it while slowly pushing the curve deeper inside as she wriggled down onto the firm fruit and sighed in feeling my index finger slipping between her cheeks until I’d filled both holes up.

“Make me cumm babe” she urged, spreading her thighs wide as the skin peeled off to leave about an inch poking out for me to nip into my mouth while I threw the remainder over my shoulder and worked another finger between her cheeks; twisting them round as I finger fucked her arse and dined on the mushy fruit that slurped from her cunt into my open mouth. I then lewdly forced a third finger up her meaty ring and sucked on the inner lips of her cunt while my tongue worked busily into the succulent mess; eating her lustily inside and out until I felt the juices drip from my chin, slobbering noisily between her legs that rose higher until she lay totally exposed in anticipation of me taking her over the edge.

“Cumm now darlin’, cumm for me” I demanded, sliding the fingers from her arse and adding a fourth into her gaping cunt as I stood up. She panted and groaned: “Harder!” While I slid a thumb under my fingers to cram her full and used the other on her clit as she held each leg wider until they were almost horizontal. “Cumm now for me ya beautiful big bitch!” I urged crudely, pushing my hand deeper to bring a wailing cry from her lips as I intently looked into her wide eyes.

“Ohhhhhhh fuckfuckfuckfuck” she babbled, as I fisted her more deeply in feeling her juices bursting into a torrent that flowed over my wrist while fucking her into an orgasm that shook her from head to toe; I twisted my hand around her soaking hole and reached for the jug to pour the remaining cream over her clit, then up to her tits as I pulled out with a loud squelch and used that hand to smother my cock in her crème before slapping it onto her gasping lips which opened reflexively to suck the head passionately.

“Hold your mouth open babe” I told her, pulling my cock free of those grasping lips as I heard her fingers squirming into the mushy depths between her thighs. “I’m gonna fuck your pretty face and spray it with spunk” I promised, slapping her flushed cheeks and sliding the head over her waggling tongue that demanded more.

Her head was at exactly the right angle to accept every inch that gradually filled her throat with each thrust of my hips as I fulfilled my promise. The sound of her sucking and gulping on my cock was almost drowned out by the noise of her hands working frenziedly in her cunt and on her clit, while I roughly mauled her tits in my hands; pulling them up by her nipples and shaking the creamy flesh which trembled as she desperately sucked in air through her flaring nostrils while bubbles of spit slid around the lips, saturating my cock that bulged within the snug confines of her throat bahis şirketleri as I held it there, then slid back out for her to draw a spluttering breath before pushing back, holding it, then pulling back out to smack her slavering tongue and slipping it down slowly as I massaged her throat with one hand and her breasts with the other.

Tracy was a world class cocksucker and could either keep me teetering on the edge or send me blasting over it with just a flick of her talented tongue; this was an occasion for the latter as I fought a losing battle for possession of my juice with her hot, wet mouth. The way her throat swallowed around my shaft felt like a dozen lips softly kissing the swollen flesh while her tongue snuggled onto the underside to bathe it lovingly and caress me tenderly on each stroke, as each one brought another deep moan which only enhanced the throbbing sensations flowing through the veins that scraped along her teeth. I pulled my hands from her breasts and left imprints as evidence of possession before taking her head in them to hold her steady as I felt the point of no return fast approaching; gasping like a marathon runner who’s just spotted the finishing line, I fucked her bubbling mouth faster and faster as her hand pounded determinedly between her thighs until I felt a familiar surge make my knees buckle with the burst of cumm that flooded over her tongue and another that quickly followed the first down her throat as I pulled out to send a hot stream over her tits which brought her gurgling to a climax as she suckled on my balls to bring me off harder and made me yell even louder as I blissfully fisted the shaft faster in splattering her with more spunk, pulling away from her rabid grip to paint her face and hair with the rest of my load before sliding the sensitive tip between her wet lips for her to suck me dry as her writhing body subsided into a series of shivering tremors.

“Babe, you’re the best” I gasped, dropping to my knees and sucking each juicy blob of cumm from her face to share in a long, deep kiss. She moaned contentedly into my mouth as our tongues entwined to savour the love and her arms wrapped around my neck in a sticky embrace as we drank in the flavour of each other until completely satiated – for now.

I stood and took her hand as I moved around to help her up, then off the table to hug each other and share another lingering kiss before looking up and suggested that: “It’s a marvellous night for a moon-bathe babe, how about it?”

She followed my gaze and murmured; “Persuade me in the shower”, while patting my behind playfully.

“I reckon I can do that” I replied, kissing her upturned nose before walking indoors arm in arm….


…The witching hour approached as we made our way down the short flight of steps from the sundeck with all we needed for a night under the stars: A warm blanket, a sheet ofmylar and a storm lantern which was a bit of overkill as the breeze was slight, but it would be easier to utilise than a torch. Tracy carried a small basket into which she’d placed a two litre bottle of water, a box of cheese biscuits and had placed the mint leaves into a sealed bag, which lay on top of my stash-tin that contained a couple of ready-rolled tokes.

I switched the lamp on before taking the short flight of steps from the sundeck onto the path; leading the way past the lilac tree at the bottom of the steps, then between the row of lavender and rose bushes before turning left to continue along the path which was bordered on either side with an eclectic mixture of herbs, flowers and bushes that flashed colourfully under the light that swung past; briefly illuminating them in a haphazard kaleidoscope which made the ‘shrooms dance behind my eyes as I sauntered up to another, longer flight of stone steps that would bring us up past a pair of linden trees which stood as mute guardians to the upper level of the garden where we planned to make our picnic under the apple trees at the far end. A gentle splash of water off to my left startled me; “what the fuck was that?” I asked, turning to see Tracy looking where I shone a bright beam of light.

“It’s probably one of my frogs” she absently replied, scratching the side of her nose. “Don’t disturb ’em.”

“I’ll drop kick the slimy little sucker if it hops my way.” I muttered, turning back to send the beam through the trees.

“You do and I’ll plant this bottle where the sun doesn’t shine.” she warned. “I loves my froggies.”

“Only pullin’ ya leg, light of my life,” I chuckled, stopping at the foot of the steps to look over my shoulder and make sure she wasn’t about to carry out her threat as Tracy was very protective of ‘her babies.’ Personally, I never saw the attraction of the warty green beasties that croaked and lurked around the pond which was partly hidden by a thicket of bulrushes and a tangle of water plants, but she couldn’t accept my contention that the pig is a noble animal either, retorting that: “it’s an evil smelling sack of flesh that lives in its own shite,” – and wouldn’t allow one within a mile of our garden either!

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