Sweaty Boobies

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Thanks to Estragon for his hard work copy editing. Thank you for your votes, comments and feedback! I’d also like to dedicate this to the Lady it was written about. It is a true story and I’m told I did get very effective revenge.

She has been flirting with me for years. I’ve given it my best shot, crashed and burned, then backed away. She’s married, and though she keeps saying she’s going to make the break she never has. I gave it a shot when she told me she was going to get a divorce, but she hasn’t and I am not about to do more than flirt until she is free. I’ve tried not to flirt but she flirts with me; and try as I might I just cannot resist her evil magic. The thing is, she always just seems to know how to get to me and she’s good… I mean really good at it.

Case in point, it was a record- breaking temperature kind of day. Down here that means 100+. I’d spent hours driving my father around for various appointments in town, and had stopped on the way home to get a cold drink.

When she brought the order out the first thing I saw was her bare legs approaching beneath the order board, and I made the comment, “I’d know those legs anywhere.”

After all I’d spent many an hour daydreaming of having them thrown over my shoulders or wrapped around küçükçekmece escort my head while I did my best to wring every last possible orgasm from her. Pleasing her for hours on end, not stopping until she begged and pleaded and finally shook uncontrollably.

Her simple reply sent me reeling. The temp was 105 in the shade and she comes out with two words.

“Sweaty boobies.”

My immediate reaction was to make the motorboat noise because that is what flashed in my mind. Naked, hot, sweaty and motorboating her cleavage to make her laugh. She did laugh, though we were in a public parking lot and nowhere near naked. I told her to keep the change and she danced away with “you have a good weekend! “

My weekend? Shopping for myself and my father, running next door to his house in the sweltering heat at least 6 times a day to give him medicine or cook him a meal or walk his dog. He is 70 and a disabled vet in a wheelchair. His life depends on me and I take my responsibilities seriously. I have some home health nursing help during the week but on weekends it’s all up to me.

The heat broke records all weekend. It made me lazy, but I still had things to do. Clean house, take care of Pops, finish levent escort a remodeling project, and work on chapter six of an erotic story series I have going on Literotica. I just could not seem to concentrate on Dragon and Ames and the trials of their lives. Dragon’s warhorse Bore, who I love, has just been killed by a venomous snake, Ames has been abducted by a hostile faction of cat people, a demon is attacking the kingdom with a mind controlled army… and all I could think about was sweaty boobies.

Two sets of hot, slick, sweaty boobies pressed together while I kiss her, our hard nipples catching together as we move. Hot, slick, sweaty boobies sliding together while I have her pressed up against the wall in the bathroom where she works; nibbling her neck, my hand stuffed down the front of those uniform shorts, fucking her with my fingers and thumbing her clit, making her bite my shoulder to keep from moaning too loudly. The tangy, salty, taste of sweaty boobies as I lave them with my tongue, teasing the hardened nipples, finally making her cry out in passion despite the noises from the people just outside. The firm slickness of sweaty boobies as I reach up to stroke them, while alternating between sucking her clit and kurtköy escort fucking her with my tongue. The joy of having my face buried in the erotic scent of sweaty boobies as she lowers herself into my lap and onto my strap-on, riding us both to ecstasy.

I have no idea what kind of evil magic this woman has, not only do her enchanting eyes unfailingly make my toes curl every damned time I look into them, but she can totally steal whatever rational thought I have for an entire weekend with two words: Sweaty Boobies. I am both wildly attracted and slightly scared by it.

No one else has ever had this much control of me, yes, me, the hard butch top who revels in being in total control of a lover, driving both her and myself beyond the normal physical limitations of pleasure with subtle mind games. Teasing and pleasing is my passion. I think I am probably very lucky that she only toys with me. If she ever did make the break she could easily take control of me and I’d be lost forever to her evil magic.

I must admit I do practice some evil magic of my own and I am not above a little harmless revenge. All I have to do is send her this, tell her it is all her fault and she has final say over whether I publish it for all the world to see. She may have stolen my thoughts for a weekend but if she falls for it and reads this she will never look at that bathroom the same again.


Epilogue: This story was written about occurrences that took place over the July 4th weekend. The Lady has since made her break for freedom. She is not legally free yet but as soon as she is…..”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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