Sweet Revenge

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Susan and Claire cheerfully walked in. School was out, It was weekend and their parents were on a business trip to Taiwan for three weeks. It would just be the two of them and the housekeeper. And she wouldn’t be a problem cause she only came for a few hours a day when they would be at school during the week.

Susan kicked off her shoes, jumped on the couch and lied down. After stretching a bit, she removed the tie of her school uniform and opened a few buttons of her shirt. School had been so boring, she almost wished for a fire or something like that. Just to liven things up a bit. But nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Susan looked at her sister. Claire may have been one year younger but you could hardly tell. A lot of people would think they were twins. But then again, they did have several of the same features. Same hair color, same eyes, same luscious lips, same figure, same cup size. Yet, there were also a lot of differences.

For instance, Susan, who was 19 (and a complete goth chick), had cut her hair short and a bit spiky while Claire, who was 18 (and a total prep girl), kept her hair long and in a ponytail. Susan would enjoy kick boxing, raves and rock concerts while Claire preferred, ballet, playing the violin and going horseback riding.

Susan caught herself gazing at her sister. How her legs were running up to vanish in that skirt, how her large tits were imprisoned in that shirt. Oh, how she wanted to release them. She had discovered her lesbianism at the age of 13 and came out public at the age of 14. Her dad was proud (that his daughter would not get pregnant by the people she dated) but her mom was furious. But as time went by her mom became more and more understanding. Her last girlfriend was even allowed to come to the house.

“Oh god!” She thought to herself. “I can’t think like this, she’s my sister, there are laws against this.” She couldn’t want this. Besides, Claire had a boyfriend, some rich guy named Rick Thompson, and even though he was a complete jerk, Susan respected her sister’s decision.

Suddenly Claire released her hair band and shook her head so her hairs would just fall around her face.

“Fuck, this is so wrong.” Susan though when she felt a wet spot in her panties growing larger and larger. She daydreamed about how she would lick Claire’s pussy, bite her nipples and…

“Would you like a drink sis?” Claire asked with a small smile.

Susan was thrown out of her dream and asked for a vodka. She needed something strong.

Claire ataşehir escort bayan shrugged and just did what she was told. After a few minutes she returned with a Pepsi for herself and a vodka for her sister.

“Thanks.” Susan grabbed the glass and drank it empty. After that she immediately ran upstairs. She needed some “quality time” with herself.

She quickly closed the door, lit some candles and put on some music. She sat down on her bed, opened up her shirt completely and removed her bra. She was so hot. She’s had dozens of girls over the years, cheerleaders, goth chicks, nerdy girls, white, black, Asian, Latina, but never the one she wanted the most. Her own little sister. She quickly started rubbing her tits and panties. She was dreaming of her sister, licking her nipples and fingering her pussy, she was so hot she became oblivious to the world around her. She also felt herself getting more and more exhausted. Never had she worn herself out that fast. But suddenly she heard her door open, she looked beside her and saw Claire walking in.

Claire seemed nonchalant about seeing her sister in this position and bended over right before giving her older sister a soft kiss on her lips. That’s when Susan fell asleep.

She was dreaming about flying naked over a field of flowers that looked just like her sister, she landed and picked several flowers, but they had large thorns and she hurt herself pretty bad. Suddenly she saw a storm cloud arriving at the horizon which quickly sent a lightning bolt towards her.

“WAKE UP BITCH!!!!” Susan opened her eyes just in time to feel a hand smack her across the face.

She felt a stinging pain on her cheek, as her eyes started to focus she could see two figures standing at her bed. After a few seconds she recognized them. Claire …, and Rick!!! Both of them were looking at her while smiling. Susan quickly noticed that although she was still in uniform her panties were removed and her hands and legs were bound to her own bed.

” How, when? She murmured.

” Did you enjoy the vodka? Claire asked with a mischievous smile.

” You drugged me? Why? Claire asked while tears started rolling over her cheeks.

” Cause I told her too, you fucking Dyke. Rick said in a victorious tone.

” Why, what have I ever done to you? She asked with a trembling voice.

” Does the name Amanda Williams ring a bell? He asked with an angry voice.

” Yes, she was my last girlfriend. Susan said.

escort kadıköy Mine too, you stupid bitch. She left me for you.” Rick was seething with anger as he spoke those words. ” And even though I have your sister now. I still want revenge. And Claire decided to help me with this.”

” YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS, BOTH OF YOU!!!” Susan yelled, her voice trembling from anger and tears.

Rick slapped her hard across the face once more. ” Claire, go downstairs. I doubt you want to see this.”

Claire did what she was told and went downstairs. Before she walked out the door she looked at her sister and said two words that were carved in Susan’s mind forever. ” Have fun.”

Rick quickly removed his clothes, his cock was large and fully erect. He smiled evilly before he positioned himself over Susan. She cried as he positioned his cock at her pussy and slammed it in her. He fucked her as hard and as painful as he could. He bit her nipples until they bled and laughed menacingly, almost victorious.

Susan started yanking the ropes, she could feel how they hurt her wrists but her right arm was slipping out of it. She bit her lips from the pain of the rope but she had to do this. Her timing had to be perfect.

Rick quickly started to piston her. His pace was quickening. She knew he was about to cum in her. He started to moan really loud, she felt his cum already starting to drip in her pussy. She had to move fast.

” Oh, you fucking cunt, I’m gonna cum bitch. I’m gonna cum in your pussy.” Rick yelled victorious.

” No, you’re not.” Susan proclaimed as she dragged her hand out of her bonds and punched her violator right in his face.

Rick fell of the bed while his semen flew out of his cock. Susan quickly untied the ropes that bound her while Rick stood up and tried to punch her. But Susan was quicker and kept on punching him and making him walk back until she knocked him out cold. She quickly tied him down using the same ropes that had bound her and started to dress herself again. She knew what she had to do now.

As she sneaked downstairs through the kitchen, she grabbed a knife. She walked to the living room where she saw Claire masturbating. Her own sister was playing with herself while she got raped. Susan wanted revenge. Claire was masturbating so intensely she was completely oblivious to the world. Unaware that her sister was walking towards her, with a knife. Completely relaxed until she felt the cold blade against her throat.

bostancı escort What’s the matter bitch? Continue for me. I wouldn’t want to hurt you.” Susan was smiling mischievously at her sister.

” Where’s Rick?” Claire asked nervously.

” He’s upstairs, for now.”

” What do you mean?”

” I’m going to call the police, saying that he tried to rape us. If you don’t obey me from now on, I’ll tell them that he escaped and that I killed him, all in the name of self defense of course”.

” You wouldn’t.”

” I would. And what’s even more, you’re going to testify to back up my story. Otherwise I’ll tell everyone the truth about your little plan. He’s scum anyway. He deserves to go to prison.”

” But, …”

” But nothing. You will obey, or I’ll tell everyone the truth.”

Claire started sobbing. ” Okay, I’ll obey you.”

” That’s a good girl”

After Susan called the police they took rick to the station and charged him with double intended rape. Even though Rick testified against Claire, it was two against one so Claire was in the clear. Or was she?

As soon as Susan and Claire were home again things were tense. You could almost cut it with a knife. Susan knew what she wanted and she wanted it now. She walked over to Claire and started kissing her. Claire hesitated but eventually she started to like what her sister was doing to her.

She enjoyed Susan’s hands rubbing over her body, how she removed both of their clothes so quickly. Susan grabbed Claire’s hand and took her to her room. Once there, Susan positioned herself on the bed while Claire started licking her pussy. Claire was now under Susan’s complete control. She was a slave to her Sister’s lust. She would obey or the truth would come out. Yet somehow, she didn’t mind. Her sister, even as her mistress, made her feel better than any guy ever had. Susan quickly crawled over Claire and positioned herself in position 69 and soon they made each other climax. But Susan was far from finished. She walked towards her wardrobe and pulled out a large triple unit strapon. It had one vibe for the fucker and 2 for the fucked. Susan quickly put it on and made Claire give her strapon a blowjob. After several minutes she pulled it out of Claire’s mouth and positioned herself behind her sister. She started fucking her pussy and ass at the same time and after only a few minutes Susan and Claire climaxed together once again.

“Did I do good, mistress?” Claire asked quietly.

“Yes. You did very good, my little pet.” Susan said.

At this point they were both exhausted and fell asleep in each other’s arms. It was the first time they had done this but it wouldn’t be the last time. After all, they still had 3 weeks of alone time.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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