Taking What You Want

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Evelyn arrived at work early tonight, she was excited it was her first night working a night shift as a nurse in theatre. She was in her extra small scrubs and ready to get hand over, she spoke to the head nurse in her theatre, so she knew what patient they were up to and who was going to be next. She was heading down to theatre six when she saw her friend Jo typing in write up bay 2, she had to say hello quickly. “Hey Jo, how’s your day been?” she smiled.

“Hey Evie, been rather busy but otherwise okay. I didn’t realise you were working tonight.”

“Yeah, my first night shift so exciting.”

“Have you seen who you’re working with?” he asked. From the look on his face she could guess that one of them was the man who had been trying to get her to sleep with him for a very long time. “Know but I’m guessing that Peter is on from the look on your face.”

“Correct, if anything uncomfortable happens or he tries anything please call me.”

“I will I promise.” She gave him a hug before heading down to collect what she needed from theatre six, Jo was like a father figure to her since she began working there, she was only 19 so she really need guidance when she started. But that was a whole year ago now.

Later that evening they were on patient number four who was having their gall bladder removed, a young male only 10 years old. The lovely head nurse told Evelyn to go have her break about an hour into the surgery seeing she was the extra ataşehir escort nurse on that night, smiling she left not noticing that Peter wasn’t in the theatre. She realized as she went to get her lunch she had left her keys down in theatre seven, grumbling to herself about how could she have been so silly, she walked through the multiple corridors to get to the end theatre. The cleaning had been finished hours ago so she silently hoped that they had just left her keys on the nurse’s desk inside the theatre, she opened the scrub bay door and walked straight over to the desk, and to her relief her keys were still there. She was picking them up when she heard the door reclose again, she turned to see Peter leaning against the second door in the scrub bay. “Hello Evelyn,” he smiled his eyes gleaming a little she could see the darkness and lust in them from where she was standing.

“Hello Peter, can I help you with anything?”

“Oh, I think it’s me who can help you.” He replied seduction present in his voice, he walked towards her as she backed away into the wall not far behind her. She tried to sound strong, but she could tell by the stutter in her voice she wasn’t doing it very well, “I don’t need help with anything right now.”

“Really, so you’re not hungry?” he asked putting his hands on the wall either side of her head, smiling down at her. “Well yes but I have my food in the kitchen.”

“I can feed your desires, I know kadıköy escort bayan you have them.” He whispered. She felt her heart start to beat faster and her breathing become uneven. “You want me admit it, you want me to kiss you, touch you, put my cock inside you.” She knew that she should push him away from her, run for the door and go back to theatre but she was getting turned on instead. Her legs were becoming like jelly and between her legs was starting to heat up, “You want me to push you up against this wall, and put my lips against yours, stick my tongue down your throat and make you moan. Push my fingers down your scrubs and insert them in your wet pussy.” She couldn’t help but gasp and almost moan as he said that, which showed him she was his now. He pushed her up against the wall and pressed his lips to hers, tangling his tongue with hers tasting her deeply. He kissed down her neck, groping her breasts, she moaned not listening to the warnings her mind was releasing she shouldn’t be doing this, let alone at work but she wanted to, and she wanted him.

He pulled her top up and unclipped her bra, before she had a chance to say anything his mouth was on her right breast sucking it while his hand was on her left flicking her nipple teasing her with pleasure. He swapped and repeated his tricks on her left breast except he moved his hand down her and slipped his fingers into her pants, to find her panties were dripping. He smiled escort maltepe to himself she wanted him, he moved them aside and moved his fingers in a circular motion over her clitoris. She moaned even louder sliding slightly down the wall, he lowered her even further and removed her pants and panties pressing his face between her legs, licking her wet pussy sucking her clit enjoying the sounds she was making in response. “Do you want me to fuck you Evelyn?” he murmured.

“Yes, Peter fuck me please.” She begged. He didn’t need to be told twice he picked her up and placed her on the operating bed, pulling his own scrub pants down revealing his massive cock. He climbed on top of her and grinned down at her, “Yeah baby this is going to be a good fuck.” He slammed his cock inside her, she gasped as he filled her fully he didn’t wait he started to thrust in and out of her right away. “OHHH YES,” she cried the feeling of being naughty and dirty taking control of her mind she wanted him to fuck her. “HARDER.”

“Oh yes Evelyn, admit you wanted me to fuck say it.”

“I wanted you to fuck me.”

“Your mine now, dirty little slut.” She moaned at his words panting as he thrusted his fat cock into her over and over again. “Say fuck me Peter,” he said excitement in his voice.

“Fuck me Peter,” she cried not needing to be asked again. “OHH YES…FUCK ME PETER DON’T STOP.” She could feel her orgasm building she needed to cum she wanted to come so she told her, “I’M GONNA CUM, OHH FUCK YES…FINISH ME, LIKE THAT OHHHH YESSSSS.” She screamed as her walls squeezed his cock, letting her cum all over him. Not long after he yelled her name filling her with his cum marking her as his own and that’s what she was now all his.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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