Terri Lynn and the Train

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My name’s Mark. You might have read about me in a few stories that have appeared on here written by my friend Marlene (Dirty transvestite bitch! God she’s fucking hot!) I’m what I call an effectual bi-sexual. In other words I’ll do most anything sexual other than scat (I guess there’re folks that like that but I’m sure not one of them.) And am constantly on the lookout for something new and different that’ll thrill me from top to bottom. I have a friend named Terri Lynn. And this little story recounts an episode that we had together last week.

Terri Lynn is forty. A very hot and slutty forty. She’s 5’2″ and about 120 lbs with brown hair, green eyes and a tight little body. Small tits with big sensitive nipples. She’s so hot for sex that when I call her on the phone she gets wet at the sound of my voice because she knows that when I call something randy and slutty’s going to happen. She was married to an average kind of guy—not too big on more than man/woman one at a time sex. Since they’ve split up she’s become an adventurous willing to do most anything imaginable. She’s very big on seeing men do each other. Which, of course, suits me just fine as I just love most anything sexual with a hot guy or guys or a hot girl or girls or a hot tv or two or ten..

We had drinks a couple of weeks ago and were getting a little high while we talked about sexual situations we’d like to be in.

“Terri, would you ever do a bunch of guys at once? As in eight or ten?”

“O fuck yes I would! But only if you were there with me. So we could share all those hot dicks. Get a bunch of hot guys all hard and slutty. Suck their cocks. Eat their cum. Let em fuck us both. Oh yes I’d love it baby.” She said in a kind of dreamy way.

“Would be hot wouldn’t it Terri—–each of us bent over the back of a couch getting fucked from behind. Hot guys shooting cum in us and on us.” I had my hand on her leg massaging it as I talked dirty to her right there in the bar. “You wish it was right now dontcha baby? Right this minute.”

“Yes I do!” She exclaimed as she rubbed her hand up and down her pussy through the material of her pants.

I dragged her out of the bar and into my car. I knew these guys that went to San Diego State and lived in a house near there. Four guys and there were always a few other guys hanging out. Jeff, Billy, Pat and Ray. All good looking and all of them into most any kind of sex. I’d sucked Billy’s seven inch cock several times and had Ray inside of my ass pussy shooting off inside of me. Nothing yet with Pat or Jeff but I knew something would. I called their house from the car and they were there. I asked if they might be interested in me and a hot girl for some anything goes fuck fun. Jeff told me that they were in the middle of a card party and that there were two tables of five guys each but that he was sure that all present would rather play with Terri Lynn and my self than decks of cards.

“We’re going to a card party baby.” I said to her. “There are ten guys over at this college house all playing cards and drinking a little bit.”

“Ten guys?” She repeated as I rubbed her thigh.

“Yeah lover, ten for you and me to share. They’re all students at SDSU so you know they’re all hot and horny for pussy and maybe even dick.” She moaned a little at the verbal image that I’d made for her. As I was driving she was fishing around in my pants taking my dick out. She kept getting spit on her fingers and playing with the head while I tried to drive. Mercifully we weren’t all that far from the guys’ house.

I knocked on the door and as Pat opened it a noxious cloud of pot smoke seemed to billow out. As we walked into the living room göztepe escort the sight of ten hot guys sitting around smoking a couple of bongs and drinking beer made me more than a little bit hot. I introduced Terri Lynn to the group at large and we both accepted beers. Someone brought out a bottle of Cuervo and even though it was just the garden variety stuff it hit the spot just right. Billy fired up a bong and passed it to Terri Lynn. She took a huge hit and managed to hold it in as she passed it to me. In a little exhibit of sex I put my mouth over the end of the bong and sucked it into my mouth like it was a cock. That got some good catcalls from the guys. Not to be outdone Terri Lynn took the pipe back and sucked it deep into her mouth taking a giant hit. Lots of “Yeah baby” and “Cocksucker!” were heard.

Jeff pulled down the front of his gym shorts and let his nice sized cock flop out. He pointed it at Terri and said “Want to suck on something bitch? Try this!” He walked over to her and held his dick in front of her face. Everyone in the room was watching her lick her lips as she stared at the red headed cock in front of her.

“Lick it baby. Suck on the head for me.” I whispered to her as I pulled my t-shirt over my head. She stuck her tongue out and flicked it across the tip of his cock making him shudder a little bit. Then she just went for it and sucked his whole dick into her mouth and plunged her mouth into his pubic hair. She held his cock in her throat and I could see her muscles contract as she swallowed his dick time after time until he was groaning.

I watched her face as I reached over to the cock of the guy next to me. He had taken it out and was stroking it. I moved his hand away and took the nice thick seven incher into my hand and started stroking him as I watched Terri Lynn eat Jeff’s dick. He had both hands on her head and was pushing his dick into her face sinking in to the hilt like her mouth was a cunt. Her arms were around his ass holding him into her even as she gagged each time his dick went into her throat. The guy I was holding moved so that his cock was at my mouth level so I opened wide as I looked up at him. He simply stuck his nice dick into my waiting mouth and started fucking me. I was slathering his cock with saliva as he pumped in and out of me. I could see the others in the room taking off clothes and stroking hardening dicks as they watched Terri Lynn and I suck these first two dicks.

“Cmon you cocksucking slut! Suck the cum out of me bitch!” Shouted Jeff as he pounded Terri’s mouth. Her arms were now at her sides hanging limply as he assaulted her pouty mouth. Another guy was behind her playing with her ass. He had lifted her skirt up and was tugging at her panties and sticking his hand inside trying to get to one of her hot holes. She was moaning around Jeff’s cock and all of a sudden he held her head tightly and buried his dick in her.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming you cocksucking whore!” He shouted. Terry Lynn was gagging and choking on the big dick that was deep in her. Cum started cumming out of her nose as Jeff and his big dick cut off her air supply. He jerked his cock out of her mouth and she fell forward onto her hands and gasped for air as his cum ran out of her nose and now her mouth.

I was furiously sucking the guy in my mouth as I watched this out of the corner of my eye. The guy I was blowing gave an ‘oh shit’ as he watched Terri Lynn suck the life out of Jeff and emptied his dick into my mouth for my first load of the night. I swallowed his cock and his cum and drained him as he tried to pull out of my mouth. But I held him in with suction and got every last istanbul escort drop. When he pulled away I leaned back to watch Terri Lynn.

The guy that had been behind Terri Lynn now had her ass up in the air and had pulled her panties down to her knees. He was alternating fingers into her cunt and asshole both of which were all wet and slutty with her cream and his spit. Someone held a bottle of baby oil over her ass and squeezed it all over her. The guy lubed up her pussy and ass and then had three fingers in her cunt and four in her ass. Someone had sat down in front of her and pulled her mouth onto his dick. Pretty dick too. Long and thick enough to make her mouth stretch to take it in. She was moaning and gasping around his cock as the guy behind her almost fisted her. Her juice was running down her thighs and she was kind of shaking all over as he fucked her ass and cunt with his hands. He spread her lips wide open and held them for a black guy to put his meaty cock into her. His big dick slid into her pussy and he was in deep instantly. She pulled her head off of the dick in her mouth and moaned as he fucked her pussy. The guy in front of her grabbed her head and forced it back onto his dick. He gave two or three jerks into her mouth and pulled away so he could shoot a big load onto her face.

She gave a deep growl in the back of her throat and pulled his shooting cock into her mouth. His knees buckled as she sucked the last drops of cum out of him and he roughly shoved her away from him. A young teenaged guy stepped up to her and jacked his cock off in her face shooting his hot cum into her eyes and hair. Terri Lynn was so hot she was taking the cum off of her face with her fingers and greedily sucking it off of them.

I was sitting on the couch watching, taking all this in as I stroked my slick cock. Two good looking youngish guys sat down on either side of me. One was blonde and very smooth with a hard dick of average size that stuck straight up. The other guy was had dark hair and a very nice sized curving cock that pointed up towards his naval. We all looked at each other and without a word being passed between us I reached out and took hold of each cock. There was a bottle of oil on the coffee table and the blonde squeezed it all over us. Our bodies glistened in the dim light and the blonde moaned as I squeezed his cock while my hand slid up and down it, The dark haired one bent over and took my dick into his hot mouth and swirled his tongue all over the head. Made me kind of squirm a little bit.

My eyes were locked on Terri Lynn’s as the guy behind her pounded her hot cunt. “Oh fuck Mark I’m going to cum!” She screamed as he pulled his dick out and shot cum all over her clit and pussy hole. She was furiously jerking off her lubed up clit as she tried to watch me and the two guys I was with. The one guy was sucking my cock so well I was quickly building to a juicy cum while the guy I was jerking off was leaking tons of pre cum. I leaned over and took his hot dick into my mouth and sucked the juice out of it. He held my head and bucked his slim hips into my face quickly flooding my mouth with his cum. It was so fast I was totally unprepared and as I pulled off of him cum leaked out of my mouth and drooled down my chin. I scooped it up with my fingers and ate it. God I love it.

Terri Lynn and I must have fucked and sucked our way through all the guys in the next hour or so and were finally left alone while they lay back on the floor or the couch. She and I were in the center of the room covered in cum. My lips were numb and swollen and my asspussy was all squishy and leaky from all the piss and cum kadıköy escort that had been pumped into me. There was a knock on the door and Jeff told whoever was there to come in.

The door opened and it was this guy named Julian. He’s 6 foot or so, slender, very smooth and rumored to have a gigantic cock. “Wow–looks like I missed something special!” He said as he came in.

“Maybe there’s still something left for you baby.” Said Terri Lynn as she beckoned him over to us. She reached up and pulled his shorts and jockey shorts down exposing his limpish cock that even being limpish was an easy six inches. Six inches limp generally equals something much more hard and it seemed that the instant that Terri Lynn’s mouth closed over the spongy cut head the whole thing just seemed to grow and grow. “Oh fuck Mark his cock’s so fucking big and hot!” she exclaimed as she took his dick out of her mouth to look at it. And it was impressivly big too! All red and inflamed at the head tapering down the thick veined shaft. A hard and hot looking nine or ten inches. He took it in his hand and slapped it across her face a couple of times smearing pre cum over as her cocksucker mouth tried to capture the head. I got behind her and started sliding my dick up and down her ass crack poking at her pussy and ass holes until the head popped into her asscunt. She gave a moan around his big dick and as I started sliding in and out of her. She buried his dick into her throat and swallowed trying to make him cum. He was holding her head and pushing his big dick in and out of her lipstick smeared mouth. His cock would push into her throat and she’d choke and gag for a moment as my dick popped out of her ass and slid into her cunt. She was so sloppy with cum and piss that it was hard for me to keep myself in either hole.

I pulled out and looked at her gaping ass. Even with her ass in the air cum leaked out of it. Julian was cursing at her telling her she was a whore and a slut. With his cock deep in her mouth and throat he’d look down at her and pull his big dick out just to slap her face with it. Every time he pulled it out the precum leaked from it drooling onto her face as he beat her with his meat.

A guy who had already cum twice came over and held his limp cock over her asshole. “She needs some liquid in that hole to cool it down man.” he said as he spurted a stream of piss into her hole. She jerked as the hot piss hit her but even tho his aim was pretty good she was so full of cum that most of it ran out of her down her ass, thighs and onto the floor.

Julian pulled out of her mouth. “I gotta fuck that nasty hole!” He raged as he pushed me out of the way and plunged his fat red dick into her steaming ass. She cried out as he buried himself in her sinking deep into her hole. I moved in front of her and sat down so I could get my nasty cock into her mouth. She was so out of it with sex, dope and liquor that by now all she could do was weakly suck the head. One of the guys that was watching came over and waved his dick in my face. I closed my mouth over it and sucked as I jerked myself into Terri Lynn’s mouth.

I sucked hard as I wanted him to cum as close to when I did as possible and I was so fucking close! Terri Lynn was moaning and crying. “I can’t take any more. Stop please stop my mouths so sore. Oh god Oh god Oh god.” I could feel my cockhead get bigger and I cried out as my stream of cum shot up into her mouth and face. I kept sucking as I jacked into her and was rewarded with my guy grabbing my head and shoving himself into my throat as he came. It was so deep in my throat that I unfortunately didn’t even taste it as it shot down into me. Julian gave a huge groan and pulled his fat nasty cock out of her ass and jerked it once to release a big stream shot of cum onto her ass and back followed by three more hot blasts.

“Fucking cocksucking cumsluts! Disgusting whores.” He called us as he walked awa.

And isn’t that exactly what we are?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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