The 22 Year Old Neighbor “gravida 3, para 2&q

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The 22 Year Old Neighbor “gravida 3, para 2&q

“Story was written by the wife, edited by both husband and wife.” “It is the wife’s story.”

“Each of our stories is written together and reflect our real-life experiences in the swing lifestyle over the past fifteen years. Any images or video attached is of us from the time of the story. We welcome and encourage all comments since it keeps us posting new stories if we know people are enjoying what we write. At this time we have many single male friends from over the years and are not actively looking for others. We do still meet men out at clubs, swinger events, parties, and other places but cannot reply or make plans with every guy that writes due to the volume. We hope you enjoy it!”

JR was a cute 22-year-old guy that lived a couple of blocks away from us in our neighborhood. He would come by our house looking for odd jobs. He offered his services cutting grass or raking leaves or anything else anyone needed to be done. He was tall, probably around 6’3” and not muscular but not fat or lanky. He had light colored hair and penetrating dark blue eyes with a very boyish face. Despite being 22, he still looked like he had peach fuzz on his face anytime I saw him.

I had known JR since the end of the summer, for about three months since he moved in with his parents and started looking for work around the neighborhood. I did not know him well, but he had come around three or four times previously. JR was always wearing the same exact outfit, a pair of light gray sweatpants, laced up work boots and a blue hoodie that was about three sizes too small for him, so his firm lean belly always was out between this hoodie and his low hanging droopy sweatpants.

At the time, I was 34 years old while being well into the ninth month of my third pregnancy. I felt like a beached whale with my enormous belly while feeling swollen everywhere. My A-cup boobs were full and hurting being a full C cup due to being filled with milk. During pregnancy, I usually begin lactating and leaking colostrum at the start of my ninth month. My belly button was protruded, my nipples were huge, always sticking out while my areolas were dark. Despite feeling totally unattractive, I was super horny during the third trimester of each my pregnancies. For the first six months, I did not want to be touched, but once I hit the end of month six, I could not get enough and would wear my husband out. This pregnancy was not any different in any of those respects. I had gone from my standard size 2 and 112 pounds to 145 pounds of unattractive mass clad in loose-fitting maternity clothes.

My husband had to travel for work but was usually only gone for 2 or 3 days at most. He had gone to the North East Coast and got stuck in a blizzard outside of Boston. He was gone for over a week already. I was going crazy being home alone since my mom had the other k**s and I was both lonely and perpetually horny.

It was about 9 PM, and I was just getting out of the shower wearing only my maternity panties when I heard a knock at the back door. I threw on an old worn out oversized white t-shirt of my husbands and looked outside to find JR all bundled up and asking if I needed my driveway shoveled or the trash taken out. I told him I had several items in the basement I needed brought upstairs and asked if he wanted to carry them for me since I couldn’t. He said yes, and I invited him inside and showed him what I needed to be brought up. It was about 8 boxes of clothing, and he carried them up for me and put them into the future nursery. I asked him to take 2 of the boxes out to the detached garage, and I put on a pair of boots to show him where I wanted him to place the boxes. I led him outside in the 22 degrees cold air wearing only my light nightshirt.

Once back inside we warmed up standing in the kitchen. I noticed JR giving me an odd look. I looked down to realize the worn t-shirt I had thrown on when I heard the door was virtually transparent from being washed so many times. The white cotton material had worn thin. My nipples were huge and dark straining against the thin white cloth. My nipples without my nursing bra or pads were leaking, and I had two huge wet spots that helped make the shirt essentially translucent. My belly button was also showing through my shirt. I apologized and went to grab a robe telling JR I was not expecting anyone and was just stepping out of the shower when he knocked. I told him I looked grotesque and he smiled foolishly and replied: “you are incredibly sexy and hot, you are the sexiest woman I have canlı bahis ever seen.”

I walked toward the bedroom to grab my purse asking JR what I owed him. He followed behind me, and inside the bedroom, he replied “You don’t owe me anything. I wanted to help a beautiful woman who required help. But, I really would love to see your beautiful pregnant body if that is not to forward of me.”

I laughed and replied, “Nobody wants to see my fat belly or big body when I look like this.”

Before I could continue JR said “I didn’t even know you were pregnant when I started coming around, but every time I see you I think you are more beautiful and sexy. I think your belly is so incredible and hot. I just want to see it if it is ok with you.”

I stood for a minute with my hand in my purse and then said back “Ok, but don’t laugh once I show you.” I raised my shirt up and uncovered about three inches of my swollen belly keeping my bulging, leaking breasts covered. JR was given an open view of my colossal maternity panties that came above my navel. I realized when I raised the shirt that I had worn these white cotton panties through most of three pregnancies, and they also had been washed thin. As I stood on display in front of this young man inside my bedroom my mind raced with where my brain was.

JR just gazed at me with a hypnotized stare. I felt his hand stretch out and gently brush against my firm stomach sending waves of heat through my entire body. In my prevailing situation, I could feel my vagina tingle as I became saturated with anticipation.

JR looked and asked “Is it ok?” and I just nodded approvingly to him as his hand opened fully and his warm palm brushed my exposed skin while I stood silent enjoying his touch. JR was mumbling about my stomach being hot and how much he loved the feel as I closed my eyes allowing him to explore my belly. I was drifting into oblivion as his words brought me back “You are so freakin hot, will you please raise your shirt enough to allow me to see your astonishing boobs?”

I pulled my shirt up exposing my swollen breasts along with my obscenely hard nipples, without pausing, JR reached up and pulled the t-shirt up over my head flinging it to the bed before returning to rub my belly and lightly blowing on my erect nipples. His touch along with his compliments extended for several minutes, I was becoming stimulated beyond the stopping point. I finally spoke: “Ok, that’s enough we better stop, and I better get dressed.” JR pulled his hands away and stood back worshiping my body that was fully exposed in front of him save for my totally non-sexy almost sheer maternity panties.

I was turning around to grab the t-shirt when JR said: “The dark color and texture of your bush underneath your thin white mommy panties is so fucking hot.”

This all happened before I began shaving my pussy and while I kept my legs and body shaved smooth, my bush was abnormally thick and full since I paid it little attention underneath my protruding belly. I never imagined anyone would be seeing me naked outside of my obstetrician. I knew my pubic hair was abundant and coarse covering my pubic region while lining the area between my legs around my labia. It also surrounded my usually hairless butt hole while also running a dark line from my pubic area to my navel. I felt utterly unattractive in this condition. At this moment I wanted JR to see my naked body, not like this but rather the way I usually primped and kept myself.

As I was about to tell JR we couldn’t do this I turned to look and could see that JR had an adorable tent protruding from the front of his baggy sweatpants. I wanted to reach out and touch instinctively but resisted as I stood not moving, wondering how big he had to be to form a tent in his lose baggy sweats. JR’s hands returned to caress my belly and breasts tenderly. I felt JR’s hands move down to the waistband of my panties and felt them being slowly pushed off my hips. I could not stop him. I wanted him, I needed him, but my voice trembled as I murmured a whispered, “I’m married, we shouldn’t be doing this.” I spoke the words my brain wanted to say, but my body defied me.

All of my weight gain during pregnancy is in my belly, and my boobs, my legs, and ass stay my normal size so once the panties were not up over my stomach my hips could not keep them from falling around my ankles. I felt embarrassed about being naked in full view in my present shape. I aspired to grab my shirt, but I felt JR’s hands encompass my body and grasp my bare ass cheeks as he said, “holy shit, you bahis siteleri are amazing. This is so fucking hot, I want you so bad.”

He asked about the two scars I have near my bikini line, I told him I was too small to deliver vaginally so both my k**s were delivered by cesarean. I could see the hint of a smile cross JR’s face as he asked, “so how tight is your pussy?”

I was not sure how to answer and replied, “I guess just free enough for a man’s penis.” JR began licking and sucking my nipples tasting my flowing juices, and I was going crazy. I could not tell him to stop. JR was getting a mouthful of the sweet, thick milky breast milk while he seemed to be enjoying my body. I closed my eyes and reached into the tightly tied waistband of his sweatpants and was surprised at the size of his package which was hard as steel and more than a handful. I fumbled with the tie and finally got his pants untied, allowing them to fall off his hips. I looked down but could not see his penis with my belly blocking my view. He was not wearing underwear and stood in only his hoodie and boots with his sweats around his ankles.

JR began kissing my neck, and I knew I was going to end up begging for him to fuck me tonight. I could not control myself at this point but wild thoughts ran through my head, I had never cheated on my husband before and was less than two weeks from delivering our third offspring. The room was filled with the aroma of sex, hormones and hot bodies. As JR kissed my neck, he whispered in my ear “I want to taste your tight, sweet, married pussy.” We moved in one motion to the bed, as I crawled up into a doggy style position while JR got behind me burying his face in my pussy. I felt his tongue explore between the lips of my extremely wet pussy lips. I was moaning in pure bliss. JR continued licking my pussy and exploring my ass with his tongue. He crawled up in front of me as I got to see his cock, he was massive both in length and diameter. His balls were hanging low and looked like the size of baseballs resting at the bottom of his large wrinkled sack. We managed to move around and for me to eventually get him into my mouth. JR crawled up in front of my face, and his incredible balls covered my face, Slapped my chin while I took him in my mouth, he loved having his balls sucked while rubbing my belly below and he moved around sticking his butt in my face while he told me to lick his anus. I had never done that before, but I licked his ass and sucked his balls taking in his overpowering musky male aroma of sex and arousal. It was intoxicating.

Without telling JR what I wanted he knelt behind me, and I felt his massive cock head push inside my swollen pussy until he was buried inside me filling me completely. It was the first strange cock I had ever felt, and it felt amazing. He grabbed my hips and fucked me deeper and harder than I had ever been fucked until an orgasm rocked my body for what felt like an endless time until JR pushed into me and held me against himself while his big balls were drained deep inside me. I rolled onto my side facing the wall, panting and breathing deeply unable to move from the intensity of the climax that was still sending spasms through my entire body. JR was trying to get me to move into a different position, but my legs were like noodles. I could not move as he kissed my back starting at my neckline and working his way down my spine to my ass spreading my cheeks and licking my ass then repeating the action.

I was in a quandary of thought, I had been married to my high school sweetheart for 16 years. Up until tonight, he had been my only sexual partner. I had a 12-year-old and a 5-year-old and was soon to have our third baby. But, I was lying on the bed next to a virtual stranger who I had just done things with I had never done before with my husband. I would have called my husband a pervert if he had tried to do any of these things to me.

JR was not ready to go down for the count. He was rubbing my body, telling me how hot and fuckable he thought I was as his cock was back to being hard and he continued kissing, licking and nibbling on my most intimate parts. It had been about 20 minutes since we had finished and he had pulled his cock from inside me leaving me filled with his cum. I felt him up behind me, poking me and rubbing our mixed cum around my ass trying to insert his finger when he whispered in my ear “I want to fuck your hot married, pregnant ass hole.”

He went back down on me and was licking my clit in a teasing manner that had me turned-on again, and bahis şirketleri I told him “Just fuck me, JR.” I felt him move and then felt his cock poking me from behind again. He would slide inside my pussy and then pull out and tease my ass with me saying “no, just fuck me again” as I got more and more stimulated.

I felt his cock pressing against my ass and then felt him push himself inside as I cried out “oh my god……” and screamed out in pain as I buried my head in my pillow to muffle the sound feeling like I was going to be split in two. JR did not let back and continued until he had pushed his full length inside me and began hammering me. Once he was deep inside me, I started to feel some pleasure and soon was feeling like I was going to climax once again with my first anal penetration.

The sensations felt mind-blowing, JR was breathing deep saying, “I just fucked your incredibly tight pregnant pussy, filling you with my load of cum. Now, I am taking your virgin hot little married asshole, and I am going to shoot you full of my thick hot seed.” He rubbed my belly and squeezed the colostrum from my swollen boobs which were flowing like a river, soaking the sheets beneath us.

My husband had asked to suck my milky nipples before and had asked if he could stick his finger in my ass, but I always stopped him, telling him good girls don’t do that and telling him he shouldn’t ask his wife to do things like that. JR was different, he was a stranger, he didn’t ask, JR just stuck his cock into my ass, sucked my boobs and took what he wanted, and it turned me on that much more.

I was between another climax when JR shot his next load deep inside my ass. He had stopped pumping me, and as he lay next to me, spooning my naked body with his it felt good, and his cock actually felt good inside me as he went limp. I reached beside me and pulled a blanket up over us and drifted off to sleep feeling very content sexually for the first time in a week since my husband had left.

JR showered and was back beside me stabbing me with his hard cock when I woke back up a few hours later. I was already horny again, and this time JR got back inside my cum filled pussy.

For the next three days, JR was at our house. Most of our time was spent with JR’s hard cock buried inside one of my holes. I lost count of how many orgasms I had achieved with him or how many times he had cum down my throat. I had not ever tasted a man’s cum up until this, but JR did not ask, he just pumped it down my throat.

On the evening of the third night of his stay, my husband was able to get a flight home, so we changed the bedding. I was standing in the bedroom, naked with less than two hours until my husband would arrive home when JR bent me over my dresser and fucked me harder than he had before. He blasted a huge load inside me. I felt a warm gush that flowed down my legs and spilled onto the floor beneath us along with the collection of cum that had leaked from previous sessions. JR was holding me tight saying it was hot he had made me squirt, but I told him my water had just broken.

My labor started fast with my contractions beginning before the last ended. I told JR he needed to drive me to the hospital now. I was almost doubled over in agony as JR wrapped me in a bedsheet and we made the twelve-minute drive to the hospital. Anyone who has ever had birth at a hospital knows there is no modesty. I was in the delivery room with the on-call OB coming into the room as I am barely covered in a gown with my legs up in stirrups. JR is in the room at my side with my body covered in his dried cum along with my pubic hair matted with cum when the OB says he is going to check me. He says something calling JR “dad” and JR and I both say, “he is not the dad, he just gave me a ride.”

The OB has a hand inside my vagina as he grins and says, “That must have been one hell of a ride. He even left a mess way up inside your cervix.” He pulls his hand out telling me I am 9 cm dilated and am ready to deliver. Before any of this settles in the OB has his hand back up inside me and says, “We are headed to the OR, your breach.” As we make a move down the hall to the OR, the doctor tells JR, “I don’t know what you’re driving with Son, but keep that dam thing away from my wife.”

It was several years before my husband knew why we called JR “Uncle JR.” After birth, all sex stopped for the first year or longer. JR remained a friend, but I did not want anyone touching me. It was over ten years before we ever engaged in the swinging lifestyle. Remarkably JR was still a friend and has been a regular for me. My husband lets us play and says he can’t get into MFM with somebody who was with me during my pregnant time. But, otherwise, we are all good close friends. JR is still affectionately known as “Uncle JR” even today.

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