The Accidental Affair

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I walked into the bar feigning confidence. It was broad daylight and this was not the most reputable bar on the strip, a fact that was noted when determining the meeting place. I stepped inside the doorway pulling off my sunglasses slowly glancing around the room; hoping my eyes would adjust quickly and that I would see him right away.

I looked to my left and saw the counter, filled with people who must have been regulars judging by the way that they spoke to each other and the bartender. All of them in ratty shirts and jeans, greasy hair, and sporting glassy eyes that I guessed were attributable to substances other than the alcohol in front of them. To my right I saw a bunch of tables, most of which were empty, but more unsavory characters occupied a few. I tried to avoid eye contact with everyone and let my eyes flicker further around the bar, and then I saw him.

He stuck out almost as much as I did, wearing a blue button down shirt and designer jeans. I walked up to the table conscious of the attention I was getting and trying not to attract it at the same time. I was wearing my Lucky Jeans, with a low-cut turquoise top that matched my eyes exactly; a pair of four-inch pumps that made my legs look miles long completed the outfit – and this was my idea of dressing down.

“Hey Jake!” I said over-brightly, trying to compensate for the shyness and insecurity I was feeling. His eyes seemed to darken when he saw me, but he greeted me without standing up, solving the dilemma of whether we would hug, and I apologized for being late because I had missed the street three times. He laughed, and the tension started flowing away; things were going back to normal.

I could not believe I had actually shown up. Jake was a classmate, a married classmate, one who apparently had been attracted to me for the last two years – without me having a clue. We had started graduate school at the same time and had most of our classes together; after spending days locked into classrooms listening to boring lectures we had developed a flirtatious banter that often exceeded the norms of propriety. Since we had met when we were both in relationships, and had both stated we were kidding on numerous occasions, I had never given our flirting another thought. Until now, until this week.

Jake and I had wound up at this bar on accident. Both of us upping the ante of our flirtation until we got to the point of no return. His wife went out of town and he joked that I should keep him company. I am not one back down from the challenge joked right back that he should come and visit me. We went back and forth trying to figure out if the other person was serious, and all of the sudden it stopped being a game. I decided to back down once and give him a chance to drop the subject, he teased me about it and joked that I was a quitter. . . So I warned him, if he started another round of flirting I would not be the one to back down. He started teasing me again, and now here we were sitting at a bar we knew none of our acquaintances would frequent, looking at each other – and yet it wasn’t awkward.

“So. . . get much work done today?” I asked Jake coyly, knowing that he had spent the entire day talking to me.

He laughed, “No, not really; although there isn’t much for me to do anyways.” He replied, seemingly at ease.

“What exactly do you do? I know where you work but you’ve never said what your job is.” I asked trying to come up with conversation. He launched into a narrative explaining his company, the departments, and his role. He didn’t leave much room for questions, and his explanation was rather good; I was relieved not to have to come up with something. It was just natural, like talking to a friend – which he was, and I’d lost sight of.

After a while, he noticed that I was wincing whenever I turned my head to the left; I had woken up with a stiff neck that morning and it was getting worse by the minute. I subtly kept trying to twist my neck and rub my shoulder but nothing was helping and it was staring to hurt just to keep my head up.

Out of nowhere, he reached over the table and started rubbing my shoulder. It felt so good until he hit the knot and I yelped, but he kept rubbing it causing me to grimace and cringe as he worked it out. It was the first physical contact we ever had and I was impressed with the way he just reached over to touch me, and help me; and the way he knew exactly where and how to touch me.

“I took a massage class in undergrad.” He said, by way of explanation as his phone started ringing. He glanced down at it, and looked at me apologetically. I nodded my head at the front door in understanding, and he left to go talk to his wife. Strangely, it didn’t bother me. It was his choice, and his life; I wondered at my motivation for getting involved but didn’t feel like analyzing it at that point. I sipped on my drink, feeling more at ease, when I saw him approaching from the corner of my eye.

He came up behind me and put his hands on both canlı bahis my shoulders, my neck being a great excuse for physical contact. He started rubbing my shoulders gently and I leaned back against him, pressing closer to him to feel him. My head started to roll back against him as he gently explored my shoulders trying to get a better sense of the knot, and get me used to his touch. I felt the heat radiating from his body and I was certain I could feel his erection pressing into the middle of my back.

My breathing accelerated as I acknowledged the attraction between us, and realized that I was definitely curious about how far things could go. He found the knot right then and started working on it specifically, I didn’t expect him to work it so hard, but it was really helping even though it hurt like hell. The pain was worth the sensation of him pressing against my back, but soon he stopped and sat back down across from me. I think that was the moment that I truly accepted the attraction and knew that it was only a matter of time.

We talked for the next two hours, catching up on gossip and all the people we knew. The camaraderie was easy; we were only a few years apart in age, both of us under thirty. We talked about careers, school, travel . . . everything except the reason we were sitting at the bar. He knew better than to force the question, and I still hadn’t decided whether I would take him home with me. Soon we had had several drinks, and without talking about it both of us refused another round and opted to settle the tab.

Walking outside, I was still wrought with indecision. We stood in front of the bar, my car being across the street, my apartment three miles away. I looked up at him; he was at least a foot and a half taller, and very lean. He waited patiently, not rushing me or commenting about where to go, just standing there enjoying the weather.

I hesitated a second longer, and finally in a moment of sheer brilliance, wit, and confidence said, “I guess we can go back to my place. You can follow me, and just tail-gate through the apartment security.” He laughingly smirked at my response but knew that teasing me at that moment would only hinder his goal so we both walked to our separate cars.

The drive was hazy with me wondering what we would do; if it would be awkward, if it would be good, and trying to block out the small part of me still questioning whether this was a good idea. We were at my place in less than ten minutes and I was leading him through the front door, where my dog greeted us. Jake knelt down to pet her then walked further into my apartment laughing at all the books and papers strewn around.

“Hey, don’t mock the mess – I’m usually tidy, I really hadn’t expected to invite you back.” I quipped as I hurried to move my books around.

“It’s no big deal,” Jake said grinning, “it’s not messy, you’re studying. It’s not like you have dirty clothes or dishes everywhere.” And threw a binder under my coffee table so he could sit down on the couch.

I went over to the couch so I could clear off some more space, and sat down next to him. My dog immediately jumped on my lap and started crawling over me towards Jake, dispelling the potentially uncomfortable moment that I could feel approaching. She played with him until she became a nuisance, demanding our attention and whining for more. I stood up to put her in her crate, and went back over to the couch.

I sat back down next to Jake, and he lifted an arm so I could scoot closer. There was barely any room next to him since he took up most of my couch; and I looked at him with wry amusement. I barely had a chance to make eye contact before he took my arm and pulled me towards him in a gentle yet powerful maneuver. I was on top of him before I knew it and our lips met unerringly.

His touch was soft, strong, and confident. He pressed me close expressing his desire but not making me feel trapped. My hands went to his hair as our mouths started exploring each other. Our lips parted simultaneously, and it was like a bolt of lightening passed through me. I couldn’t get enough of him, kissing and tasting his lips feeling him so close. I was surprised at the intensity of my feelings and pulled back to look at him, his clear blue eyes were hooded and unfocused; I smiled back at him knowing that my green eyes reflected surprise, lust, and mischievousness.

I lowered my lips back to meet his, and he couldn’t hold back any longer. He pulled me up further, settling me between his legs and letting his hands explore my body. Running them down my back, my sides, my legs, and cupping my head to kiss me more forcefully. His hands sliding under my shirt, under my bra to caress the undersides of my breasts causing me to whimper in anticipation. He kept kissing me, letting our mouths meld and our tongues entwine. My hands were exploring his shoulders, running through his hair, I moved to kiss his ear and suck on his neck; trying to drive him as crazy as I was feeling.

My ploy bahis siteleri must have worked because Jake pulled my shirt off in the next moment, and my bra went flying with it. His hands and lips were all over my breasts and I was moaning in his ear as I sucked on the side of his neck. He reached around and dragged his hands down my back and into the waistband of my jeans and I realized that we were still in my living room, in front of an open window, in full view of my neighbors.

“We should either close the blinds or move.” I murmured between kisses, enjoying the feel of Jake’s touch. He didn’t seem to hear me, or care, and maintained his onslaught of my body. I decided to take charge and stood up pulling him with me, leading him to my bedroom backwards without breaking contact with his body. We fell backwards on the bed, kicking our shoes off in the process and climbing higher to get more access to each other.

He was cradling me as he worshipped at my lips, his attention turning gentle and reverent. I pulled away again, wanting to look in his eyes, only to be flipped onto my back. I rose up to kiss him again and he moved his hands to caress my breasts.

“Jen, you’re so beautiful.” He whispered huskily, looking into my eyes as he took my nipple in his mouth, causing me to arch under him. After a few minutes I couldn’t bear it any longer and started kissing him again, turning ravenous for the taste of him. I stripped his shirt off, enjoying the toned planes of his torso. Kissing my way down his chest, flicking my tongue over each nipple, and going lower to his belly button. Gliding my hands across his stomach and over the waistband to his jeans and then kissing the exposed area of skin above his belt. I watched his eyes as I reached for the belt buckle, and smoothly undid it, unbuttoning his jeans and sliding them down his legs along with his socks and his grey Calvin Klein briefs.

I pushed him backwards and as he lay naked beneath me I tore my gaze away from his eyes to look down. His penis was large, erect and laying flat against his stomach; I couldn’t resist licking it from the base to the head. I saw his eyes close and took him in my hand as I wrapped my lips around the head and took all of him in my mouth. I moved my head up and down his shaft slowly, with exquisite tenderness trying to learn the taste and feel of him. My tongue swirling all over him as I twisted my head around him.

He groaned and pushed me back forcing me to lay beneath him once more, kissing me hungrily. He was kneading my breasts, licking my neck, kissing my stomach and soon tearing my jeans and thong off my body. His tongue and lips were all over me, tasting my thighs, my calves, moving up my body and teasing my hipbones — an extremely sensitive part of my body that elicited a moan from me. He grinned at me and gently sucked and licked each hipbone until I was writhing beneath him. He then continued exploring my body until he was eye level with me and started kissing me again.

We were completely naked, but in no rush, this moment had been in the works for two years without me having any idea of his feelings. Our lips met, our bodies lined up and we just kissed; savoring the moment and the hunger we were both feeling. I was nibbling at his lips and my legs naturally went around his hips, this time he pulled back to look at me.

“I wanted you since the first day I saw you,” he said huskily with a sense of urgency looking into my eyes and moving lower down my body. He sucked on each nipple in turn, but didn’t pause long as he continued his journey of unmistakable intent. I was eager and wet; I couldn’t wait for him to touch me and taste me, to feel his tongue on my clit. I arched beneath him as he parted my thighs and trailed his tongue up each thigh. Watching, gauging my reaction as I threw my head back in unbearable anticipation.

His tongue found my center hot and wet, eliciting a whimper from me as he gently probed inside me and ever so slowly ran his tongue up to my clit. He drew small delicate circles around me, taking his time until I was writhing beneath him again. He waited until my hips were moving of their own accord, trying to get more contact with his mouth, and he slid a finger inside me. I arched beneath him again and moaned for more, causing him to slide another finger in me and seek out my g-spot.

Sensing how close I was getting, he started sucking on my clit and adding more pressure from his tongue. The combination was just right and I was moaning my appreciation when he grazed me with his teeth, adding a dimension of pain that sent me completely over the edge. My body tensed and spasms rocked my body as I reached a long-lost level of completion. He kept stroking me with his fingers and tongue as I convulsed beneath him, clamping my thighs around his head and digging my fingers and toes into the comforter beneath me.

I was gasping as my orgasm waned and my body started calming down, yet Jake kept licking me through the aftershocks bahis şirketleri until I pulled him up to me and kissed him, tasting myself on his tongue and lips. I wrapped my arms around him and started sucking on his tongue, moving my hips against him, and gently exerting pressure on his shoulders to roll onto his back. He got my hint and flipped us over, holding me and caressing me until I pulled away, this time unhesitatingly reaching for his cock and taking him completely in my mouth all in one move.

This time his head rolled back at the intensity of pleasure. I decided not to play games and sucked him entirely in my mouth on every stroke, using my tongue to its full capacity stroking the shaft every time I pulled his dick out of my mouth. Using my hand to increase the pressure and guide him. I was not in a hurry, but I did want him to get maximum enjoyment from my ministrations and I loved how he tasted and the reaction he was having.

Suddenly I felt his hands on my head and he pushed his cock to the back of my throat, filling it with a jet of cum that almost made me gag, but I managed to swallow the first spurt; yet he kept coming just as hard and I could barely keep up with him. I sucked on him until I swallowed every drop, and then kept sucking him and licking him clean until he was soft.

He grabbed me by my underarms and pulled me to him, amazement written all over his face, as he kissed me.

“That was incredible.” He managed to say as we both lay immobile on the bed. Both of us enjoying the afterglow, not rushing to make any moves. Then Jake was on top of me again, kissing me and devouring my mouth as if he had not seen me for years. I was caught off guard but responded to his need, kissing him back just as hungrily. We were pressed against each other and rubbed against each other, feeling each other again, when I felt him grow hard. He was still in no rush, just kissing me and caressing me again, letting me feel his hardness and the fact that he wanted me again already.

Our bodies were rubbing against each other, savoring each sensation. My hands explored his sides, his back, and his shoulders wanting to memorize every inch of him; instinctively knowing that we may not be able to meet again for a long time. He devoured my lips, sucking on my tongue and caressing my arms, shoulders, sides and waist. We were laying side-by-side yet he was leaning over me, our legs tangled together; I could feel his hardness against my thigh and I was rubbing against him trying to seek some relief from the intensity I was feeling.

He growled and pulled back from kissing me as he felt how wet I was against his thigh. Looking deeply into my hazy eyes he tenderly reached out to move some hair out of my face and whispered, “I want to bury myself so deep inside you that you can’t breathe. I want to feel how wet you are around my cock and see how many times I can make you come before you beg me to stop fucking you. You have no idea how amazing you are.”

His words were the greatest aphrodisiac, causing me to get wetter immediately. I wanted him and I managed to hiss out a “Yesssss,” as I looked back into his eyes and repositioned my legs so that he was lying between my thighs, pulling him down to my level so I could kiss him more. “Please.” I managed to whimper as I angled my hips towards him.

He kissed me back fiercely, knowing I was ready for him and that I wanted this as much as he did. He placed one hand at the nape of my neck, tilting my head backwards so he could have better access to my mouth. I sucked his tongue inside of my mouth just as he used his right hand to bend my leg at the knee, caressing my thigh in the process and eliciting a shiver of anticipation from my body. He kept kissing me as he held my leg in place and entered my body slowly in the most graceful hands-free entry I have ever experienced.

I sobbed as he took his time filling me, not stopping but not hurrying. His hand held me in place from rushing up to meet his down-stroke and I was mindless with need when he finally plunged all the way inside of me. We both sighed at the completion and tenderly kissed each other, not wanting to move because the sensation was so sharp.

He started to withdraw causing me to whimper and try to arch up to stay with him. “I’m coming back baby, don’t worry.” And slid all the way back into me in one fluid motion. “God you are so fucking tight.” He moaned against my mouth. He repeated his slow strokes until I was moaning continuously underneath him and he was sure my body was ready for more strenuous activity.

He let go of my leg and placed both his arms at my sides and under my shoulders to hold me in place as he pulled almost all the way out of me and then slammed himself into me in a series of quick deep thrusts that left me breathless and clinging to him – just as he had promised. He slowed down for a beat, just long enough to kiss me tenderly; I wrapped my legs around his hips and encouraged him to speed up. I could feel him grinning against my lips, but he took the hint and plunged into me with such force and such control that I came apart in that instant. My body arching towards him, clinging to him as my pussy clamped down around his cock.

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