The Alpha Male

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My name is Kirsten. I’m 27 years old, 5’2″, and I’ve worked my weight down to a slimming 125 pounds. I’m a redhead, with fair skin, and a splash of freckles across my face. I have a pretty well toned, generally athletic body. Having recently moved to another city for a new job, I have recently begun to once again explore my sexual boundaries.

I have received numerous emails in the past (before I shut down that address) asking whether or not these stories are true or expressing doubt that they ever occurred.

In short, they are true. I do take liberty with conversation as I obviously don’t have total recall, and I do embellish some things to make the stories flow better. However, these are true “adventures” that I have personally experienced.

While it appears that I bat 100%, that’s far from the truth. I obviously only relate the more successful, wilder encounters. For each one of those, I have spent hours weeding people out, or meeting up with guys I just didn’t feel good about, or backing out of situations before they went too far. I have also had sexual experiences that are frankly too run of the mill to really interest anyone. In addition, you are getting a condensed time line. I don’t do this stuff every week or even every other week. The more extreme things are pretty spread out, but I know it appears that I doing crazy things or fucking someone every day of the week.

But the kinky, freaky people are out there. I admit that’s its much, much easier for women to find that type of person, community, or adventure. The guys out there looking for wild sex, any sex, vastly outnumber the women who are willing to engage in the wilder, sluttier, more kinky stuff. In general, if you are a woman who is interested in experiencing ANY sexual adventure or perversion you want, I guarantee that you can find any number of guys willing to go down that road with you. Hell, someone has probably even started a club with national chapters!

Finally, I am not cheap slut. I am an educated (Master’s Degree) professional. I have a good, steady job, I work out, and I eat well to keep myself in shape. I am interested in music, politics, movies, and reading. I can be very serious, but overall, I have a kind of playful, mischievous personality, and I tend to get along with most people.

I am not really interested in a committed relationship for a number of personal reasons, but I do enjoy sex. I mean I REALLY enjoy sex. I can be a total slut, but on my terms. Even if I act incredibly submissive in a given situation and let the guys “do whatever they want”, it’s because I decided before hand to play that game. If I’m not comfortable with a particular situation or person, or if I don’t have a pretty good idea where things are going to go, I don’t get involved. I have to be sure in my own mind what I am willing to do, how far I am willing to go, before I move forward. I have only been involved in a couple situations that spun out of control beyond what I was really expecting, and I really, really try to keep that from happening.

Anyway. That’s not what you want to read.

I usually don’t have a series of stories or adventures, but this is the first of several adventures I had with one guy before I got a bit nervous about possible future directions. This is story one of my Alpha Male Trilogy.

Having recently had success with finding party friends on Craigslist recently, I was eager to give it another try. This time I was looking for something different, and one night after trolling though the same unimaginative posts, I found something of interest in the m4mf section.

In town this weekend on business and staying at hotel near the airport. Can host or travel for a fun, fit couple or woman between 24 and 50 interested in a dom/cuckold situation. Very experienced. Clean/attractive/educated/professional and expect the same. Not into bi, but husband can watch or join in. Reply with contact information, picture, and your interests. NO SINGLE GUYS or couples with bi males. In order to weed out spam, put SUB in the topic line.

A couple pictures were attached. A body shot of him in a suit and tie, and one taken in the bathroom wearing güvenilir bahis just cocky shorts. From what I could tell he was in good shape, but beyond that, it was hard to really tell anything else.

Thinking about the adventures I had had with my dungeon master friend in the past, I thought that hooking up again with a dominant guy would be interesting. I can play the sub/dom game very well. Equipped with my pre-paid phone for discrete contacts, and with my new discrete email address, I typed up a response.

Hello. I saw your ad, and I wanted to express my interest. 27 yr old, unattached white female exploring her dark side. You decide if I meet your physical criteria; I have attached a couple pictures. Very sub with the right guy. Into about anything except pain that leaves marks or anything too disgusting. Free evenings this weekend.

I included the same two pictures that I had attached before to my Craigslist responses. The first showed me naked, standing with my arms raised high above my head, stretching my back back so that my chest is sticking out. My head hanging down so that my hair falls forward and covers my face. The second is a picture of me on my hands and knees shot from behind. My back is arched, and I’m looking back over my right shoulder with my hair again covering my face.

Deciding to wait to send other contact information, I hit send, and started to get ready for bed.

By the time I had showered, brushed my teeth, removed my makeup, and climbed back into bed, he had replied.

Thank you for your response. Interested in hearing more about exploring your dark side if you are willing to tell. Pics exceed my physical criteria. If you are real, maybe we could meet for drinks on Friday night after work? Contact info to be able to voice verify would be nice.

I felt my face flush a bit as I took in a slow, deep breath and took the plunge.

Friday night would be perfect. Maybe talk about the dark side after a drink or two? 100% real and can voice verify. You can contact me at 919 -___-____.

I hit send and waited.

My phone rang within 10 minutes.


His voice was deep and smooth, exuding confidence. “Hello. Are you the woman with the dark side?”

For some reason, the tone in his voice almost took my breath away. “Yes. I assume you might be interested in hearing more.” I flirted shamelessly.

“Absolutely. Can you meet tomorrow night about 6:30?”

I agreed to meet him at the hotel bar where he was staying, and we exchanged some more information before hanging up.

After work the next day, I walked into the bar early, thinking it would give me an advantage. He was already there. I could tell it was him by the way he turned to look at me when I entered the room. A predator watching his prey. That’s the way it felt. Not really like he was undressing me, but like he was devouring me AFTER he had undressed me, used me up, and tossed me aside. It was somewhat unnerving.

I shook off my initial impressions, walking over to him with a big grin on my face. In seconds, his eyes had trailed from my face to my white blouse, down to my gray pencil skirt, to the heels on my feet, before looking back up into my eyes. I blushed as he obviously assessed my body. He was handsome. Piercing blue eyes, dark hair, rugged facial features, nicely dressed. A somewhat twisted, boyish grin.

“Kirsten?” He stood up to greet me, taking my hand lightly in his and guiding me onto the bar stool next to his. Smooth.

“Um..” I fumbled for a name.


I arched an eyebrow in my best “Seriously?” look. “Standing for?”

“Standing for nothing. Just A, like Jay, but A.” He grinned a crooked grin.

Despite my initial vague uneasiness, A turned out to be witty, charming, and a good conversationalist. I was soon very much at ease. When he asked me about “exploring my dark side”, I found myself confessing in general to some of my past adventures. He didn’t press for information, which in a weird way, made me provide more detail than I had initially intended to. Still, I kept my wilder times to myself, and I cropped out some of the more lurid details. However, türkçe bahis by the end of my confession he knew that I had been with women, fucked black guys, and engaged in group sex. Oh, and he knew I liked to show off, have sex in public, and be tied up. With A it was hard NOT to run my mouth.

After a few drinks, and after recounting some of my adventures and explorations, I was very, very turned on. I was in heat. I was horny. So when A asked what I thought of going up to his room, I told him I thought it was a very good idea.

I went to the ladies room while he settled the tab.

In the elevator, A put his arm gently but firmly around my waist. Leaning over, he whispered in my ear. “Ready to have some fun Kirsten?”

I blushed and nodded without answering. I didn’t trust my voice with the intense sexual feelings that were coursing through my body.

My legs felt like rubber as we walked down the hall to his room. I waited impatiently and nervously while he fumbled with his key card. He walked in first, and I followed him into the room.

When he turned and looked at me, I shuddered as the earlier feeling of being the prey to his predator swept through my thoughts.

Stepping close, never breaking eye contact, his hands encircled my waist. He intently watched my reaction as his fingers unfastened the catch on my skirt. He slowly pulled down the zipper, and gently tugged my skirt over my hips. I bit my lip as my skirt dropped to the floor at my feet.

He continued to stare deep into my eyes as he unbuttoned my blouse. As he pushed it back off my shoulders, I dropped my arms, allowing him to pull it completely off. I stood there quivering in front of him, wearing my matching bra and panties as his eyes roamed over my body.

“On the bed.” A’s voice was low, dripping with lust.

I laid back on the bed, raising my arms above my hand, stretching out off my nearly nude body. My nipples were stiff, pressing against the lace of my bra, and my pussy was so wet. I tried to breath slow and steady as A pulled my panties down my trembling legs and tossed them aside. Kneeling on the floor, without warning he plunged his face between my legs, making me gasp at the rough, stabbing trusts of his tongue on my clit. I groaned and grabbed his head with my hands, as he sucked on my sensitive nub.

“Oh fuck…” I moaned as I slipped quickly toward my first orgasm of the night. I bucked my pelvis into his face while he continued to nibble, suck, and lick my clitoris. It was so sensitive that the direct contact was almost painful, but A never let up or varied his assault. I arched my back and thrust my groin into his face, crying out as I came. Shuddering violently, I struggled to get away from his rough tongue as my orgasm slammed through me.

“Wait..A…” I gasped, my clit too sensitive to touch. “Fuck…no…wait…”

He grabbed my arms, pinning them down on each side as he sucked my clit as the incredibly intense feelings peaked, crashed, then peaked and crashed again. I was panting from the sheer effort of cumming, as my body twitched, and jerked in uncontrolled spasms. I whimpered as he gradually slowed down and finally sat back.

Standing up, A stripped off his clothes as I simply tried to catch my breath. His eyes glazed over as he mounted my body and ripped down my bra in one motion. Squeezing my tits together, he began to slide his rigid cock between them. In all my adventures, I have actually never had a guy do that to me. I don’t have really tits, and to have pressed so tightly together was almost painful. His breath hissed in and out through his nose as he roughly fucked my tits.

After a dozen or so thrusts, A pulled my hands over.

“Press them together.” He ordered.

I pressed my tits together, and he starting stroking his cock between them again. Moving a little higher on my body, he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head up.

“Open your mouth.” He growled.

He pressed his cock insistently against my lips until I opened my mouth. His cock slid between my tits, then into my mouth with each rough stroke. I didn’t try to suck him, my mouth was just a hole for him to use. güvenilir bahis siteleri Just when I was bracing myself to take his load in my mouth, A rolled off me.

“Hands and knees.” He slapped my hip, then my bare ass as I rolled over.

He landed a couple more sharp smacks to my ass as I moved into position. A crouched behind me, and without warning, crammed several fingers roughly into my pussy. I actually yelped, involuntarily pulling away, which resulted in several more sharps blows to my ass.

“Hold still.” He growled.

I braced myself as he mauled my tits with one hand, and roughly finger fucked me with the other. I couldn’t keep myself still, shuddering and jerking under his assault.

My groans when he yanked his fingers out of my now sore pussy were muffled as A wiped his wet, sticky fingers across my lips and hooked then into my mouth.

I sucked on his fingers briefly until he pressed hard on my shoulders, pushing my face and chest onto the bed. He pulled on my legs so that they were spread further apart, and he jerked my hips so that my ass was in the air.

Then he moved behind me and laughed. “Perfect.”

I cried out as he again shoved several fingers into my pussy without warning. I could feel my pussy stretching wide as he spread out his fingers.

I buried my face in the covers and groaned, my chest pressed hard to the bed, my ass sticking up in the air as he finger fucked me. I moaned with relief when A pulled his fingers out, thankful that he was not going to try to actually fist me. My reprieve didn’t last long at all as A squatted behind me, his hands painfully gripping my hips and drove his cock straight down deep into my pussy in one violent thrust.

He held his cock balls deep for a few seconds then hissed. “Ready baby?”

Before I could even think to answer, he began fucking me. He was like a machine, pounding me over and over and over again. Little sparks of pain mingled with feelings of pleasure ripped through my body every time he bottomed out.

“You like that Kirsten? Huh? You like being a slut?” He hissed through gritted teeth.

“Yes…” I managed to grunt between strokes. “Fuck…yes…”

A didn’t have the biggest cock I’ve ever fucked, but he was in the top five of the roughest, most brutal fucks I’ve ever endured. He was relentless, and the way he shoved into me at different angles had me twisting and squealing with every thrust. He seemed to really trying hard to make me groan, plead, and beg. He did a very good job, and I complied.

I whimpered, I grunted, I groaned, I begged to be fucked. And he just pounded away with a stamina and endurance I have rarely experienced.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, he shifted positions, reaching up to grab my wrists. He pulled my arms back toward him, bringing my chest up off the bed, and tilting my ass back toward him. My back arched as he held me up and once again began slamming his cock into my pussy over and over.

The room was filled with our animal grunts and groans as he incredibly picked up the pace. He slammed into my pussy without any concern to how my cries had transitioned from moans of pleasure to expressions of pain. I was so wet, he was hitting too deep, and I could do nothing but try to ride it out.

I thought I was going to black out, he let me go, and his cock slid out of my pussy. I collapsed face first on the bed, gulping in several deep breaths like a near drowning victim. Fingers wrapped tightly in my hair, and my head was jerked up in time to take a massive load of cum across my face.

A knelt my my head, one hand buried in my hair, the other furiously pumping his cock. A second load hit my nose and lips, and then his cock was pressing past my lips and into my mouth. I sucked his cock softly as he groaned and held my head close to his crotch.

Finally, he let me go, and I rolled over onto my back, my eyes closed, my chest heaving, my breath coming in ragged gasps.

When I felt the weight shifting on the bed, I opened my eyes. A picked up my clothes and tossed them on the bed. He turned and walked into the bathroom, and I heard the water running in the shower.

A peeked around the corner, nailing me in place with his piercing blue eyes.

“Let yourself out.”

I stared in amazement at the empty space as he shut the bathroom door. I quietly got dressed. And I left.

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