The Beaunies Tragedy Ch. 02

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Finally the day had come, as her husband, if you could still call him that left for a week on business. She was thrilled as she waved goodbye to him with a big smile. Of course as usual he didn’t even kiss her goodbye.

“Fucker,” she muttered under her breath, as she watched him drive off. When she turned around, she smelled something wonderful coming from her son’s room. She rushed upstairs, opened his door, and said, “Hey that better not be from my stash!”

“It’s not I promise! This is some stuff my friend Steve gave me; he got it from his brother. It’s really good you want to try some? Does this mean Dad is gone now?” Chris asked smiling, as she walked into his room. He stared at her hot body up and down, while he laid on his bed, in jeans, boxers, t shirt, and polo, smoking a joint and playing GTA on his Xbox.

“Oh not him,” she would roll her eyes as she was familiar with that one, and his so called ‘good’ weed. “Honey, I keep telling you just use the stuff from my work. It’s the best,” she said as she stood in his room, fresh from the office so she was still in her work clothes, of course as of late, her skirts had gotten shorter for work. She wanted the attention, wearing long black heels, matching black nylons and skirt, with a matching black bra and thong, above that she wore a low cut button up top that was professional while still making her breasts look amazing, exposing lots of cleavage. “Yes thankfully he is gone for the whole week!” She said with a bright smile, and pulled her long blonde hair back over her shoulders.

“Thank god! He has been driving me nuts Mom! Jesus this, jesus that, weed is bad, if it’s so bad why does it come from the earth? Yet he has no problem spending all your money from it. Speaking of which, did you bring any work home for me? Like my favorite chocolate chip cookies?” He asked, smiled wide, crawled off the bed on his knees and hugged her legs as he looked up at her, doing his best puppy dog impression.

She sighed as her gave her that look she couldn’t resist, “Depends, how did you do on your math test?”

“Oh, you had to bring that up?” He lowered his head, pouting out his lower lip, as his hand slipped into his back pocket, and pulled out a folded piece of paper. “I only got a ninety two on it!” Smiled wide, and opened the paper.

As Chris raised the paper, Michelle raised the box of cookies as well, “I figured, that’s my boy.”

She tossed him the bag with a giggle, “But don’t eat them all, I don’t want you spoiling dinner.”

That was her favorite joke it seemed as they always ate like fiends after they smoked or tested her products.

“You got it! You’re the best Mom!” Chris said, he caught the bag and stood up, gave her a big hug, her large firm tits pressed up against him as he gave her a big kiss on the lips. “I promise, I’ll only have one! What is for dinner anyway?” Chris asked, pulled out a cookie and took a big bite.

Michelle always had to try and focus herself again when he kissed her. Always on the lips too, never on the cheek like most sons did. “Um, I, well,” she had to shake her head a bit. “What does my handsome boy want tonight?”

“Umm can we have pizza?” He asked with a mouthful of cookie, and took another bite. His eyes stared down at her cleavage, wishing he could have a glass of milk, or just lean down and suck on his mom’s big tit, get some sweet milk, his mind wandered as he shook his head back to reality.

Michelle giggled a bit. “You always want that, all righty, I’ll call in the usual order. I need a cigarette anyways,” Michelle sighed. “Your father found my hiding place again and threw out most of them.”

“He did? What a dick! He is so mean to you Mom! I wish you could divorce his worthless bum ass. I am so glad you make him work longer hours, and great idea on sending him to that conference for the week. I needed a vacation away from him,” Chris mumbled as he munched on the cookie.

“I would if it didn’t mean he got half my shit,” Michelle groaned out and turned to make the call. “Let’s not talk about him anymore tonight. I’m going to smoke and get that order placed.”

“Okay I’ll come with you Mom, no more talking about him. How awesome would it be if he just disappeared at that conference and never came back?” He laughed as he followed her, and stared at her amazing ass in her tight skirt.

“Well if there is the god he keeps talking about, his plane will crash,” she said with a laugh, before she got downstairs and made the call. She hugged Chris to her as she walked out back, and then pulled a pack of cigarettes from her pocket. She placed one in between her full lips and lit up.

He hugged her tight, Chris’ arm wrapped around her waist, her cleavage right by his face as his eyes were glued to them. “Wow you really needed a smoke Mom. I know I shouldn’t say this, but I think it’s really hot when you smoke Mom,” Chris said, he blushed a little embarrassed he just admitted to his own Mom how hot he thought she was, especially when smoking.

Michelle pendik escort blushed a bit at his compliment, her body suddenly warmed quite a bit. She took a long drag from her cigarette, before blew a smoke ring towards him and said, “Well I always think you are handsome honey.”

“Aww that’s just cause you’re my Mom, you have to say that! I know you’re super hot, cause all my friends think so too! They always tell me how I have a really hot Mom, and ask if you are free. I would never want them to date you though, I want you all to myself,” he said and smiled at her. Chris’ eyes got red and glazed over as she could tell her cookies had worked their magic on him.

She couldn’t help but giggle a bit, “And the only man I need in my life is this boy right in front of me!” She leaned down and kissed him upon the lips as she always did. “Plus you are way more handsome then your friends…no offense to them.”

Chris moaned a little as she kissed his lips again she noticed his eyes were staring at her firm perky tits. “You’re the best Mom ever Mom! Did you get the pizza delivered, or do we have to go pick it up?”

“It’s on its way,” she said as she broke the kiss to take another long drag upon her cigarette. Suddenly she got a fun little idea, as she pressed her lips to his and blew the smoke into his mouth.

Chris kissed her lips as she blew the smoke in his mouth, feeling even more lightheaded, getting weak in his knees almost falling over. “Oh wow, that was awesome! So we got pizza, did you get some Mountain Dew with it?”

Michelle laughed, “Well duh of course.”

“Yes!” Chris yelled, and jumped up and down in excitement. “So we got pizza, are we going to make it a movie night?”

Michelle looked up as if in thought, “Oh well I guess…yes!”

“Awesome! I love movie night with Mom, and do you think after we eat, could we maybe get some from your stash of good stuff and do some smoke since dad isn’t around to bitch, er um I mean complain?”

She winked at Chris and said, “Hell we might just smoke during the movie!”

“Awesome!” Chris smiled wide as the doorbell rang. “Oh that must be the pizza!”

Michelle fished through her purse and would hand Chris a few twenties. “Pay the man and then I’ll meet you in your room.”

“Yes Mommy,” Chris smiled, as she threw way too much money at him, and kissed her on the lips again, this kiss tender and soft, lingering longer than he should. He walked away quickly and paid the delivery boy, asking if this is the house with the super hot milf and where was she. Chris just threw some money at him and shut the door in his face. On the way to his room, he filled up two glasses with ice, and brought them, the Mt. Dew, and pizza up to his room.

When Chris entered his room it seemed Michelle had enough time to change clothes, and it seemed she was sporting a rather authentic looking outfit. One that she had bought online, the white outfit with a midriff exposed, Padme outfit from The Clone Wars. Knee high white boots, tight white legging pants with a utility belt with pouches and a holster for a blaster. Her tight tummy exposed with a tight white top that was a little too small for her 32D chest.

“So, like this look?” Michelle asked. “I figured I would try and bring a little fun to our movie night.”

Chris walked in and almost dropped the pizza on the floor, as his eyes almost popped out of his head staring at his hot mom in her amazing sexy costume, showing off all her curves. “Uh yeah, it looks amazing Mom, is that um, suppose to be Padme from Star Wars?”

She winked at him as she pulled the perfect replica blaster from its holster and aimed it at him. “Good, you got it on your first guess…I was worried I wouldn’t look much like her.”

“Well you look way hotter than Natalie Portman Mom, I mean you got um, a way bigger chest,” Chris said, blushed some more as he set down the pizza and drinks on the desk by his bed. He took a seat on the edge of the bed staring up and down at her amazing body in the costume.

“Which is almost annoying, I mean they barely fit in this top, they really don’t make shirts like this in my size,” she sighed as she moved to sit beside Chris on his bed.

“Yeah but it makes your umm boobs look really good in it Mom,” he said and looked away as he put some slices on a paper plate, and handed it to her, then got some for himself. He poured her a glass of mountain dew for her, then him, and asked, “So what movie are we going to watch?”

Michelle took a large bite of the pizza as she thought, “Hmm, well little padawan, that’s up to you. But first,” she said as she pulled a large bag of her special ingredient from a pouch on her belt. “Shall we?”

“Absolutely!” Chris smiled, with a mouthful of pizza, nodding his head as she pulled out a large bag of green. “Why don’t we watch Star Wars in honor of your costume Mom?” Chris said, and got up, walked over and put the DVD into his Xbox, then returned back to the bed.

“I was hoping you would maltepe escort say that,” Michelle said as he popped in the DVD, she climbed onto the bed and patted the spot beside her.

Chris crawled up on the bed to the spot where she patted with her hand. He got next to her as he watched her and her bag of green, almost mesmerized by it as the movie began to roll.

“Pipe? Bong? Joint? Or whatever you kids use now to smoke this stuff,” she asked with a giggle.

“Oh let’s do a bong Mom! Do you have one?” Chris asked and propped himself up on his elbows, stretched out as he finished a piece of pizza.

“Of course! I used to have three but,” she paused almost speaking of he who shall not be named. Michelle cleared her throat, “Let me go get it.” She rushed off and returned soon with a rather beautiful looking bong. It was definitely not a cheap one like Chris was used to.

“Whoa that looks beautiful Mom! I saw that before and thought it was a vase! Smoking with you is awesome!” Chris said as he packed it up with some broken up weed and offered it to her first as Star Wars played in the background. “You know I think I still have my old Darth Vader costume, of course I think only the mask and cape fits me anymore,” Chris laughed as he watched her take a hit.

Michelle smiled, “Such a gentleman, just like I taught you always let the ladies get the first one.” She paused as she fired it up doing perhaps the most impressive rip Chris had ever seen. She pulled off the bong, smoke held in her mouth. “Kiss me,” she choked out, before she kissed Chris, and blew the smoke into his mouth again.

Chris kissed her lips, sucked the smoke into his mouth as his tongue slid slowly and gently across the tip of hers, he moaned into her mouth as smoke escaped their lips, and he blew it out. “Wow that was amazing Mom,” Chris said. He reached over and took the bong slowly and took a hit, not nearly as big as his Mom’s and coughed it out.

Michelle winked at him, “Learned that trick in college. You will learn a lot there,” she sighed as she already felt her potent stuff flowing through her.

“I don’t want to go to college, I just want to stay home here with you, can’t I learn the family business? I would be a bigger help than Dad, and you gave him a job!” Chris bursted out, looked at her nervous that he brought him up as he offered the bong back to her.

“Doofus, I want you to go to school. Get even smarter and the like,” Michelle paused to enjoy the bong once again before she blew the smoke up into the air. “I want you to run this business with me one day, and then someday it will be yours.”

“Okay, when you put it like that, how can I say no to you?” He watched as she blew out the smoke, his cock became hard in his jeans, watching her in this outfit was driving him nuts.

Michelle nodded, “Damn straight I am right. Plus you’ll get to be the cool guy on campus with the rich mom and the best weed. All the girls will be all over you!”

“Psshh, why would I want girls all over me when I have a super hot smoking Mom?” Chris laughed as he took the bong, and took another hit, his red eyes glazed over as he stared at her big tits in the tight white top.

“Oh you,” she laughed as she reached over and hugged him tightly. “God this stuff is strong.” Michelle took the bong from him and took another impressive hit, once again pressing her lips to his and blew the smoke into his mouth. Only this time Chris swore her tongue went a little bit too far in.

Her tongue sent shivers down his spine to his hard cock, pitching a tent in his jeans and boxers. Chris tried to hide it from her as he kissed her lips back, and took the bong slowly from her. “Wow Mom, this is strong, I really feel it. Can I try blowing the smoke in your mouth?” Chris asked, as he took a big rip and looked up at her.

Michelle nodded and smiled, “Of course, just be careful or you will cough bad.”

Chris nodded his head, held the smoke in as he leaned over. His lips pressed against hers and he began to slowly blow the smoke into her mouth, he leaned more into her as his hand rested on her thigh, exhaling smoke as his lips kissed harder, his tongue slid into her mouth slowly, and began to swirl around her tongue as he let out a soft moan.

Michelle’s heart instantly raced as she could have sworn her son just…no he was just trying to show off surely. She finally broke the kiss and smiled, “Wow…good work.”

“Really? You think so? I did a good job Mom?” Chris asked, all proud and noticed she looked a little hot, and her nipples had become hard and poked through her top.

She nodded and smiled, “Of course, you did a great job. And…I didn’t think it was possible,” she leaned a bit closer to him and giggled. “Mmm, the weed makes you look even sexier.” That was the first time she used sexy to him and not handsome.

“Yeah it makes you look even hotter Mom! It’s like you’re hotter than porn stars in those porn star wars movies!” Chris said as his eyes were glued kartal escort to her hot body, the weed let him say whatever came to his mind without a filter.

Michelle laughed loudly then. “Oh you are so sweet, but I don’t think there are star wars porn movies,” she gasped then and giggled. “Wait, I bet we could make one, or wait wha,” she said and shook her head a bit.

“Sure we could! I got a Darth Vader mask! And some lightsabers. We could use dumbass’s video camera, all we would need is some kind of set. Maybe the basement could look like a space shuttle interior,” Chris started to ramble not even thinking about that it would be with his smoking hot mom.

Michelle shook her head a bit, but then said something he truly did not expect to hear. “No, no don’t wear the mask. I was to see your face when you fuck me, but good idea with the light sabers, I bet they would make good sex toys too,” Michelle sighed. “He who shall not be named threw mine away.”

“Mom! You have sex toys?” Chris gasped and gulped, “I mean you had sex toys?” His mind went a mile a minute as he thought of his hot mom playing with large dildos, shoving them in her pussy and mouth, his cock throbbed. “I could just wear the helmet part and that way my face is exposed.”

She giggled and nodded, “Of course, he who shall not be named, never fucks me anymore,” Michelle sighed and shook her head a bit. “No, for our porno its gotta be something the nerds will love. I want them to see a handsome man… you. Fucking Padme, me of course, right. That way they think she’s waiting for them in that galaxy far far away.”

“Yeah it could be Padme, but I was thinking, your costume also looks like a sexy kind of stormtrooper, maybe your Darth Vader’s personal little stormtrooper assistant that he fucks behind closed doors?”

She looked up in thought. “Hmm… maybe….. oooh wait. Maybe it’s an imperial recruitment porno! You’re the new recruit show up and fuck me…or…” She blinked a few times. “Or…need more weed for ideas.” She leaned over him to grab it, her breasts in his face, but then her hand moved to rest upon the bulge in his pants.

“Oh a recruitment video!” Chris moaned as she rested her hand on his throbbing bulge. “That’s a great idea Mom!” His eyes glued to her tits as they bounced in her tight top.

Michelle slowly pulled back and smiled before she took another long hit. She blew the smoke into the air this time though, and said, “And its gotta be kinky to set it apart. Its got to have everything!”

“Uh yeah of course,” Chris said nodding his head in agreement, not even really sure what she meant but couldn’t say no. He watched as she took a huge rip, her tits almost popped out of her top and watched her exhale.

She nodded. “Yup… oral. Good regular fucking…tit fucking… hand jobs. Foot jobs…” She glanced up forgetting something. “Oh yes… anal. You know I offered he who shall not be named that and he said no.”

“Wow really? He’s such an idiot, he probably said how it’s all a sin and we’ll all burn in hell. He’s so stupid Mom. I will give you anal whenever you want!” Chris said and smiled as he took the bong and took another hit.

She blinked a bit confused now. “You…you want to fuck me in the ass?” Michelle said as she looked stunned.

“Well yeah! I mean Mom, your ass in incredible! Just look at it in those pants you are wearing! Anytime I look at it I just want to squeeze it, slap it, lick it, kiss it, and fuck it!” Chris rambled high out of his mind as he exhaled smoke.

She giggled a bit then. “Mmm, you know…sometimes when you shower… I peek in on you…you’ve grown into a very big big boy.”

“Mom! That’s naughty, but I would be hypocritical if I didn’t say I’ve peeked in on you in the shower before too. Did you ever catch me, um, you know, playing with myself?” Chris gulped and felt a bit nervous, but really stoned.

She shook her head. “Sadly no… I would love to watch you get off like that.” She leaned in closer to whisper and giggle again. “Once I was fingering myself… and moaning your name on the couch. You came down… I was so worried you would find out. “

“Oh wow, I never knew but I wish I did,” Chris leaned closer to her, smelling how sweet her hair is and whispered, “I always jerk off thinking of you Mommy”

“I… I have an idea. Let’s… let’s get even higher… and then we can masturbate together… maybe even video tape it…yeah.”

“Okay Mom! You pack the bong, and I’ll go get that who shall not be named his video camera.” Chris said, got up and adjusted his throbbing cock in his pants, retrieved the camera and came back into his room.

When he returned he would be in for an ever better sight then before. Michelle was upon his bed, her pants and panties pulled down to her knees. He saw her shaved pussy so wet and ready. “Mmm… this is going to be fun!”

“Oh wow hell yeah it is Mom,” Chris said as he saw her on the bed, shaved pussy exposed as he turned on the camera and began recording her, his other hand fumbled with his belt and taking his pants off.

Michelle moaned softly then, as her hand fell between her legs, and spread her pussy for the camera to see. “Oh god hunny… I can’t wait to see my boys cock…all hard and big!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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