The cable guys fix everything

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The cable guys fix everything
That early morning I heard Victor singing in the shower and I hated him; just because in that very moment I was dreaming about a huge black man trying to fuck me in the ass with a huge black cock…
I kept my eyes closed and hated my beloved hubby for going to his office so early; but then I loved him when he came back before leaving; he kissed my neck very softly and told me to get ready for the night.
Then he whispered in my ear that the internet server was not working properly; but he had already called the emergency system; so somebody would come later in the morning to solve the matter.
Victor left and I purred like a cat, rolling alone in our big marital bed.
A while later I finally woke up; had a warm shower, I touched myself under the water and then I put on a large t-shirt that covered my naked buttocks.
I went down for a nice breakfast and waited for the cable guy who would come to repair the internet system. One hour later the doorbell rang and I let to come inside two young guys from the repair company. Both were very nice looking; one of them was a Latin type; his mate was a very handsome black man. güvenilir bahis şirketleri
I let them to do their work and just in a flash they said the matter was solved. Then I offered them something to drink; because the morning was getting very warm.

We sat down at the kitchen; but suddenly I felt my arousal growing just watching at those magnificent macho men…
Then I asked them to check the line in our bedroom.
I led the way upstairs and both guys followed her. As they checked the line and the system, I just sat on the bed to watch them. When they finished, I pointed to sit down close to me. I was burning down there…
The Latin guy, Ramón, asked me if he could use the bathroom.
The black one, Jamal, sat down close to me.
I touched his arm and smiled; then he leaned in to kiss me.
I responded and soon he was also taking care of my tits.
Ramón came back, looking what was happening. He reached out and lifted my t-shirt. He whispered as he discovered my bare buttocks.
His black mate then lifted the t-shirt over my head and I stood naked in front of those horny guys. Jamal now rolled his soft fingers on my hard nipples.
I perabet güvenilir mi felt wet and started moaning under his naughty fingers.
Ramón started to undress himself.
Soon I grabbed his nice hard Latin dick and stroked it, as Jamal sucked my nipples. Then I released his black cock, finding it was a very nice nine inches long piece. As Jamal sucked my nipples, Ramón pushed me on my back and he fell between my spread thighs, to lick my wet cunt.
Then I pushed Jamal’s huge black cock deep into my mouth. He gasped as I started to lick and suck slowly to jerk him off between my red lips.
Suddenly I screamed that I was coming as Ramón continued to lick my clit.
A soon as I was dripping on his soft tongue, Ramón made me get on all fours. He grabbed hold of my round hips and then he plunged into me from behind, shagging my body at an incredible speed and making me moan just a real bitch in heat.
But soon he dismounted from me and his mate Jamal ordered me to straddle him, as he was lying on his back. I did as ordered and soon I was riding that huge black cock. I started moving back and forth; as Jamal sucked tipobet my hard nipples and pinching my massive boobs that were swinging in his face.

As I rode the black guy; Ramón got closer and ran his tongue down my ass crack, making me moaning in pleasure. Grabbing hold of his cock, the Latin guy pushed it into my tight ass. I screamed in pure pain; but Ramón kept fucking my asshole with no mercy at all.
The double penetration felt real good…
Jamal announced he was coming; so he pushed me off from his hard black dick and shoved it deeply into my throat. He wanted to cum in my mouth.
Ramón pulled out from my asshole and he fucked my sloppy soaking cunt.
Then I came onto that nice hard Latin cock. I screamed like crazy and I fell forward, just when Jamal was starting to cum in my mouth and face.
All of a sudden, Ramón also grunted and I felt his burning semen invading my soaking wet cunt. Both guys stayed for a while lying onto the bed, trying to recover their breath.
Then they kissed me, got dressed and went out; warning me they would come back soon; just to check if everything was working fine…
After enjoying a nice warm shower; I called my loving hubby.
Victor was glad about hearing now the internet server device was working in sound condition. I told her the guys had been very kind with me and I had saved some money to be paid for their fine repair job.
Then Victor asked me if I had saved my tight ass for him tonight…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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