The Cherry Poppers Ch. 07

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He waved back to Stephanie and then drove away. He had a lot to do before the party including a shower. He had time but would have to rush to be done before the women started to arrive. Jason grabbed a fast dinner at the frat, got showered, dressed, and prepared his room with Chad for the night’s activities. Kyle stopped by and pitched in too. He wanted to make sure everything was still on with Kim and Claire.

Jason wasn’t sure exactly whom he wanted to see more: Claire or Caitlin. Actually he knew it was another double with Kim and Claire he really wanted, but that might not happen. He was not surprised though when Caitlin and Nina showed first just as the party was starting. Jason had managed, this time, to get out of working the party but Kyle and Chad both had to take turns serving beer and punch to the guests. The main purpose after all was to attract pledges and each brother had to do their part to add to that. Jason was just lucky to have worked the last party and therefore had time off this time.

Kyle took over the beer tap from Chad, as planned, when Caitlin and Nina arrived first. The guys had planned this out so as to maximize time with the ladies. Jason and Chad talked with Caitlin and Nina at one of the tables until the party really got going. One of the brothers was acting as a DJ and they started to dance. Nina was really into Chad after they had spent the night together. They were dancing a real bump and grind, Jason noticed.

Jason was having a good time with Caitlin when he happened to look over by the bar and saw Claire staring at him. Kim was talking with Kyle as he handed her a beer. The look that Claire gave Jason was one of disapproval of his close dancing with Caitlin. Immediately, Jason realized his plan to have them both here together was flawed. Neither one of them would want to play second fiddle to the other and keeping both happy would be a full time job. His expression must have shown the change in his mood.

“What’s the matter?” Caitlin asked, but her gaze had followed his and she knew.

“Nothing,” Jason said, but not with much sincerity.

“You know her?” Caitlin asked, nodding her head towards Claire and the bar.

“Yes,” Jason confessed.

“Looks like she wants you over there and not with me,” Caitlin claimed and she had to practically shout it over the music to the point Chad and Nina might have heard.

“I should say hello. Do you mind?” Jason asked, but immediately realized he was wrong either way.

“You want to come?” he added, thinking that might help somehow.”

“Okay,” was all Caitlin replied stiffly.

The dance had just ended so Caitlin followed Jason to the bar. She felt awkward trailing Jason through the crowd and didn’t really want to meet her obvious competition.

“Hi, Claire,” Jason said as they approached.

“Hi, Jason,” Claire responded.

“Claire, this is Caitlin. Caitlin, Claire,” Jason tried to say cheerfully like they should be glad to meet.

“Hi,” Caitlin said and Claire nodded hi back.

“How long have you been here?” Jason asked, trying to think of something pleasant.

“Long enough … about ten minutes,” Claire answered.

This was indeed awkward and the conversation was difficult, with Jason forcing responses and peppering the women with meaningless questions to keep it going. To make matters even worse, as if that was possible, Kyle was being relieved from bar duty and hauled Kim off to dance. If Jason left to dance again with Caitlin or Claire, it would leave the other alone at the bar. And, as if that wasn’t bad enough, he turned to Caitlin and she was watching Chad leave with Nina down the hall to the stairs.

‘Fuck,’ Jason thought. ‘I’m screwed with this situation. What the hell was I thinking and now what the hell am I going to do?’

The only thing that came to him was to invite them both to his room for a stiffer drink. He could sure use one himself right then. The only problem with that plan might be Nina and Chad already being in the middle of something there.

“You guys want to go to my room for something else to drink?” Jason suggested.

Caitlin exchanged glances with Claire but agreed. Jason then turned to Claire and she nodded okay too. They walked to Jason’s room through the crowd, with Claire leading and Caitlin trying to stay by his side rather than trail. As they walked he spotted a cute redhead standing talking to another brother in the hallway. He thought he remembered her name as Beth. They had struck up a conversation at the infirmary and as he recalled she was a swimmer like him, a virgin too. As he walked past, the redhead looked right at him and smiled as if she recognized him also. ‘Geez, what a day,’ Jason thought.

They got to his room and Claire immediately sat on the bed. It was almost like a signal to Caitlin, ‘this is my domain.’ Caitlin took the desk chair. Jason was relieved that apparently Chad and Nina had gone somewhere else. He asked each what they would like but they left ulus escort bayan it to him. He made them a blender of margaritas. For everyone, the first drink went down quickly, while the conversation was at best cordial. The second blender of drinks saw the women soften up and begin to talk to each other, even laughing at the awkwardness of the situation.

Jason had just made the third blender of margaritas when Chad and Nina entered the room. They looked and acted stoned. They had probably been invited to another room to smoke. Jason poured two more glasses for them. His immediate fears of Nina and Caitlin ganging up on Claire soon faded as the conversation proceeded nicely. It had become more like a little party and everyone appeared to be having a good time. He even caught Claire and Caitlin looking at each other with more than passing interest. Jason already knew that Claire was not opposed to girl on girl.

With the fourth blender of margaritas, Jason ran out of mix and also low on tequila. He had not planned for this kind of party but was pleased it was going well. Nina seemed to be getting along fine with Claire, as Caitlin was too. The two freshman girls were asking Claire her opinion on several different topics. The drinks had more than loosened everyone up and Claire seemed to show interest in Nina too.

The knock on the door was answered by Chad. Kim and Kyle came in looking a little disheveled and equally lit from the beer or other booze. They joined the party and things really became wild fun. Sexual tensions were high and the room seemed ready to bust out in an orgy. The floor and beds were basically strewn with bodies. Nina kissed Chad at one point, which soon led to Kim and Kyle making out. Even Jason found himself sandwiched between Caitlin and Claire. He alternated kisses between them. Both women had their hands in his crotch, which quickly became hard packed in his pants.

Jason’s hands began working up under the shirts of each girl and had moved their bras aside to palm their breasts. Claire and Caitlin moaned as he toyed with their nipples. Their hands had freed his cock from its confines and were teasing it to rock hardness. They continued to kiss each other. At momentary pauses, Jason noticed the girls eying each other and not in a bad way.

“Whose tits you like more?” Claire asked, with a mischievous smile.

“Mine?” Caitlin said, but more as a question than answer.

“Check out these,” Claire said, more to Caitlin than Jason, and pulling off her shirt and bra in one over the head move.

“Wow, those are beautiful,” Caitlin admitted. “But look at these,” removing her top too.

“Nice! Well, Jason…?” Claire said. “Whose are nicer?”

“I have to pee,” Jason said, knowing he couldn’t possibly answer this question.

Caitlin’s were nice, full and firm, but Claire had the tits of a goddess, so though they were both great, Claire’s won hands down.

Soon Kim and Kyle disappeared again, probably to his room. Chad and Nina had climbed into the upper bunk and were under the covers. The bed started to creak from their hidden movements. Jason still needed to piss and left briefly to do so. When he returned, he found Claire and Caitlin naked and kissing in his bed.

“I see you two are having fun,” Jason stated.

“Waiting for you,’ Claire claimed.

“Yes, come here,” Caitlin exclaimed.

Jason stripped and climbed between them on the bed. The girls’ hands immediately grabbed his big soft cock. Caitlin massaged his balls as Claire stroked his shaft. He had hoped to get with Kim and Claire again but this was possibly even better. His cock became rock hard in seconds. Claire kissed the head of it and pointed it towards Caitlin to do the same. She did and Jason moaned deeply. This was getting more erotic by the moment. Having two women sucking on his cock at once was a fantasy of Jason’s.

Claire massaged Jason’s balls as she watched Caitlin kiss and then suck on the head of Jason’s dick. Claire kissed Jason with an active tongue. It was a very hot kiss and both groaned into each other’s mouth. Caitlin continued to suck on Jason’s cock,

“You like kissing me while she sucks your dick?” Claire asked wickedly.

“Yes,” Jason managed to say.

Claire’s hand started stroking the part of Jason’s dick not in Caitlin’s mouth. Jason and she kissed passionately again. Jason realized if this kept up he would surely cum soon. Claire left the kiss and moved down to suck on Jason’s balls. After a couple minutes of that, Caitlin offered her his cock. Claire took it and went deep as Caitlin now kissed him and played with his balls. They were starting to churn with pent up pressure.

“Oh, god! I’m going to cum soon,” Jason growled.

“She give good head?” Caitlin asked.

“You both do,” Jason said, trying to remain diplomatic.

Claire stopped and looked up. “Kiss the other side, Caitlin,” Claire said.

Together the girls ran their lips up and down yenimahalle escort bayan Jason’s cock. Pre-cum boiled from his hole like lava from an agitated volcano. They took turns licking it up and teasing his cockhead with their tongues. At various points their tongues flicked against each other. Jason watched this totally erotic scene and nearly came at that instant.

The bed was still shaking, this whole time, from the obvious fucking going on above. It wasn’t just the swaying and creaking of the bed, but the groans and words of encouragement from Nina that told the whole story. Jason tried to focus on other things, to prolong his orgasm from the delicious sensations the two girls were giving his cock. He tried hard to think about other things, but it was difficult with Nina saying, “Oh, god, Chad. I’m going to cum again. Keep fucking me … harder … harder.”

Jason looked back down at the two attractive women sharing his big cock and kissing each other occasionally. Claire and Caitlin had obviously found they were attracted to each other more than any thoughts of jealousy. Jason moaned loudly as one sucked his cockhead and the other tongued his shaft and licked his balls.

“Oh, shit! I’m going to cum,” he shouted.

As he did, he heard Nina scream, “Oh, I’m there! I’m cumming!”

The girls stopped sucking on Jason’s cock just before he exploded. They giggled to each other as they too listened to the noises from the bed above.

“Sounds like Nina’s having a good time,” Claire said jokingly.

“Sure does. What do you say one of us ride this big dick,” Caitlin offered.

“Definitely! You go first,” Claire allowed.

Claire pushed Jason back down flat on the bed as Caitlin swung into position and mounted him. She was wet but her pussy was still as tight as a velvet keyhole. She eased down on him as Claire kissed Jason. He spread her cunt deliciously as she settled onto him slowly. Caitlin had missed the feeling of being completely stuffed with cock.

“Oh, god. You feel so good inside me, Jason,” Caitlin moaned.

“Go slow, Caitlin. He looks like he might cum any second,” Claire mused.

Her beautiful left tit was over his mouth making it difficult for him to answer. His hand kneaded the other one as Claire fed them to him. She was right. Jason’s balls were aching for release. If Caitlin hadn’t been moving as teasingly slow as she was, mostly just grinder her pussy on his cock, he would have cum instantly. Instead, Caitlin was able to elevate her own desire while holding his just simmering below the surface.

“Oh, geez,” Jason growled when Claire pulled her nipple from his mouth.

“You better take it slow, Caitlin,” Claire warned with a mischievous smile.

“I am,” Caitlin gasped as her climax neared.

Jason watched as Claire swung her leg over his head. Her nearly bald pussy spread for him to see. Her dewy wetness was evident as she settled over his head. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what Claire intended. He watched her pussy descend to his mouth. Seconds later his vision was obscured by the closeness of Claire’s ass cheeks to his face. His tongue leapt out to taste her sweet pussy as she pressed it to his face.

Jason couldn’t see but he could hear Caitlin moaning. He assumed it was from his cock deep inside her, stretching her wide, but he didn’t also realize Claire was sucking the freshman girl’s tits and fingering her clit. Caitlin started riding his cock harder. Jason tried to concentrate on sucking Claire’s cunt, but the tightness of Caitlin’s near virgin snatch milked his cock like practiced farmer’s hands.

He grunted into Claire’s cunt as he felt Caitlin’s pussy spasm on his cock. Her muscles clamped down even harder and he lost it too. A flood of pent up cum blasted into Caitlin’s quaking pussy, adding to her already blissful orgasm. Jason wasn’t sure if he was going to finish getting off before he passed out from lack of air. Claire’s pussy was pressed so hard to his mouth, he could barely breath. He was nearly caught by surprise when she too trembled and flooded his mouth with her juices. He pushed her up a little with his hands to breathe and not to drown as he tried to drink her abundant fluids.

Eventually, Claire rolled off Jason to the side and Caitlin collapsed on top of him. The room was filled with the sounds of their heavy breathing. After a while, Jason opened his eyes. He could feel Claire’s wetness all over his face. He watched Caitlin open her eyes as well. She smiled at him with those cute dimples. Then she surprised him by licking Claire’s juices off his lips, cheeks, and chin.

When Caitlin had cleaned his face, she also stuck a tit in his mouth. As he took hold of the nipple between his lips, he felt the bed move, then hands on his limp, wet cock. Next he felt a mouth enclose over the head and take most of him in.

Claire’s expert mouth worked on his soft cock gently. She started with practically the eryaman escort bayan whole thing in her mouth. After a little while, she managed to get it to stiffen again. Meanwhile, Jason was sucking Caitlin’s tits and kissing her passionately. Claire’s hands massaged his balls, adding to his increasing arousal. Caitlin swung off of Jason’s chest to help Claire blow him. When she dismounted, she left a puddle from her cunt of his own cum and her fluids on his upper abdomen where she had been resting.

Jason pulled a pillow behind his head so he could watch the two cute women suck and lick his shaft. They took turns sucking on the head and fondling his loose hanging balls. Since he had just cum his ball sack was relaxed and his testicles hung down between his ass cheeks. Caitlin went after them and sucked each nut, in turn, into her soft, wet mouth. Jason moaned appreciatively as they teased him and enjoyed the many wonderful sensations coursing through his body from the girl’s actions to his genitals.

When Jason was fully stimulated, Claire took her turn astride his cock. She was fully aroused and anxious to fuck his cock. Her cunt was as tight as Caitlin’s and she had to settle on the big dick slowly also. She pressed down hard, at intervals, until Jason was fully embedded in her cunt.

“Oh, geez,” Claire gasped. “That feels wonderful taking that big monster inside me.”

“You feel great too,” Jason stated.

“It’s hot watching you two fuck,” Caitlin said.

Caitlin lay beside Jason as Claire rode up and down on his big dick. She alternated between watching, kissing Jason, and sitting up to play with Claire’s magnificent bouncing tits. Claire was soon into a full ride and moaning loudly from the delicious contact. Jason’s hands guided her hips as she bucked on top on him.

Claire had two orgasms before Jason started to feel his own need to cum approaching. He began to fuck up more and more into her tight wet pussy. Caitlin stimulated Claire’s clit with her hand like Claire had done for her. The deep penetration of Jason’s cock and Caitlin’s fingers on her clit soon had Claire cumming again.

Claire slowed a bit after she came, which kept Jason from peaking. He ground his cock into her, making her moan with pleasure. Claire surprised them both by climbing off and giving Caitlin another turn. Caitlin eagerly took her place being horny again from watching the two of them fuck. Caitlin rode Jason slowly, keeping him from cumming.

Once again Claire shifted over top of Jason, aligning her cunt with his mouth. He ate her out as she sucked on Caitlin’s nipples. Both girls had their hands all over the other’s tits as Caitlin picked up the pace riding his cock. Claire’s fingers once again teased Caitlin’s clit, which caused her to peak quickly. The added stimulation of Caitlin bouncing feverishly on his cock pushed Jason to the point of no return. He tried to still eat Claire’s pussy as he felt his climax coming on.

Caitlin came first, shouting out her pleasure. Jason next, followed closely by Claire. The bed shook from the three bodies trembling and quaking. Each groaned loudly as they came.

“Oh, fuck!” Caitlin yelled. “Ahh … that magnificent cock … “

“Eat me, Jason. Keep going,” Claire pleaded, her fingers still teasing Caitlin.

“Ungh … ” was all Jason could muster, as the tightness of Caitlin’s cunt milked the pent up cum from his balls.

He hosed her insides with his cum for the second time that night. They stayed like that for many moments until everyone was spent. They collapsed in a ball on the bed. Somehow they managed to all get under the covers with Jason in the middle. They slept like that, sandwiched into the tiny bed.

Jason woke the next morning to the delightful feelings of someone playing with his cock. He looked down to see them both smiling back on either side of him. He was already hard but also in need of the bathroom. He suggested a shower together and the girls agreed without a second’s thought.

In the shower, things got even hotter. It turned Jason on immensely to watch Caitlin and Claire kissing and soaping each other up. They spent nearly as much time playing together as with him. He fucked them both in the shower. First he fucked Claire, then Caitlin. He managed to make them both cum. When it was his turn, Claire pulled him out of Caitlin and went down on him. She sucked up all his cum as he ejaculated in her voracious mouth. He then watched as Claire smiled at him and devilishly shared her cum prize with Caitlin. The two women squealed with delight as they battled with tongues for the last taste. Jason knew this might not be the last time either.

Nina had spent the night with Chad too but they were both gone when the threesome got up. Kim must have spent the night with Kyle as they never saw those guys again either. Caitlin and Claire left after they grabbed some breakfast together. Once again, Jason got jealous looks from his frat brothers as he obviously ate with the two girls he had slept with after the party.

Jason was three hours into studying when his cell rang. He could tell from the caller ID it was Stephanie but not sure how she got his number. He only had hers, he thought.

“Hi, Stephanie,” Jason answered.

“Hi, Jason. I hope I’m not catching you at a bad time?”

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