The Choice

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Female Ejaculation

It was Sunday afternoon and I had finished playing a set at a local bar located on a lake. Every Sunday I play a two hour set from the dock of the local bar. My and my two band members play underneath a half enclosed area in the Northwest corner of the long dock that runs almost 30 feet across the back of the bar.

A normal gathering is fifteen to twenty people with a few coming and going throughout the performance. I have been playing here for the better part of a year and with Autumn setting in, it is the best time of the year for me to perform and for the audience. The cooler weather and nice cool breeze off the lake make this time of the year bearable.

Every week for the past month, two gorgeous women have sat at a table behind the crowd and enjoyed my music from afar. I have noticed their laughter, smiles and constant staring eyes during my performances, but they never come closer to join the audience in front of me.

During my performance, I often take requests and play as many of them as I can, if I know the song. My style is reggae and soft rock with a medley of current pop songs thrown in towards the end of my performance. The two women in the back dance and sing along to the songs and appear to have a good time. From time to time, I look over at them and send them a soft smile.

Them constantly sitting afar had gotten to me so after my performance, I walked down the deck and pulled up a seat at their table to get the story. They were both sipping from their straws which were dipped into large glasses of alcoholic concoctions.

“Hello Ladies. How are you this evening?” I asked, smiling big at them.

The first woman stopped drinking to talk to me while the other woman continued to sip at her half gone drink. “Hey! We are doing wonderful.” the first woman said.

The second woman pulled away from her straw and added, “You did a great job tonight, as always.”

“Thank you.” I said, pausing for a moment before continuing. “I noticed you two have been at this same table for the last month watching my performances and I was wondering why you never join the fun up close.”

Both of the girls giggled for a few seconds. The first woman was a short, petite Asian and looked to be in her early 30’s. The second woman was a white girl who looked to be in her late 20’s and was also short in stature. Both had small to average size chests, based on the clothes they were wearing. I scanned both of their bodies while waiting for an answer.

Finally, the second woman responded. “We enjoy watching your performances back here. It gives us a chance to admire you from afar without having to intrude upon your groupies.”

I smiled sweetly then said, “So you prefer to be groupies from afar?”

The first girl started to blush. Her large, round cheek bones turned bright red and her eyes moved down to her drink. I watched as she took a big gulp of her drink before looking at her friend. She was obviously doing her best to avoid eye contact with me at the moment.

“Why don’t you have a drink with us?” the second woman asked with a soft, sweet voice. Her large, round sunglasses covering her eyes.

“I have to help my band finish packing everything up and load it into my truck, but I will be happy to have a drink with you two gorgeous ladies in say, 20 minutes, if you two are still here.”

“Oh we will definitely be here.” the first woman replied.

“Forgive me for being so rude, I am Billy.” I said as I stood up.

“You can call me Nia” the first woman said.

The second woman, almost cutting the Nia off, said, “I am Kim.”

I shook both their hands and made my way back to help my two band members finish packing our equipment and loading it into the truck. My band mates were teasing me as we loaded the truck.

“You always get the girls.” John said. “I swear.”

I just laughed. It was true that women hit on me often, perks of being a lead singer I guess. After we loaded the truck my band members headed home. After my performance, I always head inside the bar, have a few drinks and chat with the owner for an hour or so. This time, I ordered a drink and told her I had some fans waiting on me. She made me a bourbon and coke then I headed out to the dock area where the girls were still waiting. There were two other couples sitting at tables, looking out to the lake.

Nia was facing me and sent a smile in my direction as I approached the table. Kim was sitting with her bare legs crossed, facing Nia. From my view, I could see that Kim was wearing a short pair of jean blue jean shorts and flip flops.

“Hello again ladies.” I said as I sat down in the empty seat across.

We sat and chatted small talk for a few minutes while enjoying the drinks and the beautiful sun setting on the edge of the lake. I noticed the girls inching closer to me as the time passed. Kim moved over closer to me on the right side, stating that she wanted a better view of the sunset. Nia inched closer to my left side stating that canlı bahis the sun was in her eyes and she was being blinded. I found it curious that Nia’s red sunglasses were on her head, yet she was moving to get out of the setting sunlight.

After the sun set, the girls gave me a proposition. I was caught off guard by the option and set of rules, but intrigued at the same time. Both girls seemed to be fun, especially when the alcohol was flowing, and were good looking as well.

Kim presented the proposition to me like this. “We are best friends and both like you. Instead of us fighting over you, we are giving you the opportunity to choose one of us. If you decide to date one of us, just know that you will not ever be able to date the other one. We are best friends and do not share, nor do we ever date someone that the other has dated. Of course, you have the option not to date either one if that is what you want as well.”

This was quite a conundrum. I was single and available so that was not an issue. Choosing one or the other the hard part. This was a good problem to have, but a problem none the less. Nia was curled up around my left arm, pressing her head against my chest while Kim sat back in her chair, resting her hand on my knee.

Needing to know both of them a little better before making a decision, I said, “I want to ask both of you a few questions to get to know you better before I make any decision, is that okay?”

“Of course.” Kim replied.

Through discovery, I learned that both of them liked to cook, had good jobs and lived in the area. Nia cooked Asian foods mostly and enjoyed soccer, music and working outside doing yard work and tending to her garden. Kim cooked “white people” food as she described it, listened to rock and 80’s music, worked as a therapist with special needs kids and enjoyed going to concerts and restaurants for fun.

The more questions they answered, the more difficult it became for me to choose. Both girls appeared to be very good options. They also agreed that neither would be hurt or envious of the other, no matter who I chose. I wondered if I would be better off simply choosing neither and just being friends.

Our drinks were empty and it was starting to get chilly outside so we moved inside the bar area. We took a seat next to an empty pool table. I went to the bar and bought us all drinks. When I returned to our new table, the girls decided it would be fun to play a few games of pool. The girls chose to play the first game so I sat back and watched.

Nia was not more than a foot away from me, bent over to break the balls. My eyes became transfixed on her nicely shaped butt cheeks covered by tan shorts. I could see the outline of her panties through the shorts, which covered her entire butt. She was wearing traditional style panties and that gave me a little clue about her personality, or so I thought.

It took her three tries to hit the cue ball and when she did, she barely broke the pool balls apart. It was apparent that she was not an experienced pool player. Through our laughter, Nia took a seat on my lap while Kim took her turn. She leaned back to whisper in my ear, giving me a good view of her bare breasts underneath her loose pink shirt.

She whispered, “You are such a cutie. I could have some fun with you.”

I could tell by the smell of her breath and the slight slur of her words that she was feeling a good buzz. She giggled for no reason and put my hand on her upper thigh. I could feel her warm, smooth skin in the palm of my hand. She had acted a little shy earlier, but the alcohol was starting to show her bold side.

Kim made three balls then missed the fourth. She was clearly the better pool player of the two. It was Nia’s turn so she stood up and grabbed her pool stick then moved around the table looking for a shot. Kim sat across from me at the table and sipped at her drink. She commented on how flirty Nia was becoming and how she was a light weight when it came to drinking. I took her comments to be a put down of Nia as she angled to win my affection.

Nia entirely missed the ball she was aiming for and knocked one of Kim’s balls in the corner pocket. The girls laughed at the poor shot, enjoying themselves. Within a few turns, Kim cleared the table of all her balls and hit the eight ball in the side pocket. It was my turn to rack the balls and try my luck at pool against Kim. She broke the balls hitting a stripe ball in. As she made her way around the table, toward me, she stopped and pressed her body up against my backside. I could feel her breasts pressed up against my back momentarily and felt her hips grind into my ass.

“Oops.” she said with a flirting voice. “Sorry!”

My body was starting to get turned on from the women’s constant flirting, Nia rubbing her butt on my lap, giving me a view of her breasts and her tantalizing invitation then Kim rubbing up against me, as well as the alcohol, had me feeling good. I could feel my groin starting to stir. bahis siteleri Not only was I excited, but it was also hard to concentrate on the game of pool.

After barely winning against Kim, I had the chance to play against Nia. On my third shot, I had my back to Kim, who was sitting at the table, bending over to shoot when I felt Kim grab my ass. My back arched and I stood up, surprised. Turning around, I saw Kim wink at me then take another sip of her third glass of alcohol since I had started hanging out with them.

I did my best to keep the game competitive against Nia, but it was not going well for her. My guess was that she had never or rarely ever played pool before. After winning, Nia walked over to me and gave me a big hug, saying “Congratulations”. Her perfume smelled good, her breasts pressed against me felt even better.

After three games of pool, we decided to walk out onto the dock once more, where it was quieter and gave us a little more privacy. When I opened the door, a cool breeze blew inside, giving me a chill. We walked over to the far Northeast corner of the dock, away from another group who was laughing and having a good time outside.

The breeze was cool and clearly effecting the women as we sat down at a table. Nia was curled in a ball, trying to stay warm and Kim’s nipples were poking through her shirt and bra. I was rubbing my own arms, trying to keep them warm. I could tell the evening was drawing to an end by the anxious look on both women’s faces.

Kim turned to me and said, “Okay. Have you made a decision?”

I had been contemplating the situation all evening, but had never really came to a definitive decision. This was difficult and I was on the spot. I didn’t think I could go wrong either way, but I had so much fun with both of them that I strongly considered keeping both of them as friends, perhaps delaying my decision until I got to know both of them better.

“Um.” I muttered, trying to buy myself time as a thousand thoughts raced through my mind. “Okay. This has been very hard. You are both very beautiful women and both have been fun to hang out with. Giving me a choice is almost worse than not having a choice at all. I really do not know how to choose between two great options.”

At this point, I was mostly babbling, trying to fill time while I made a quick decision. For some reason, seeing Nia curled up in a ball, needing warmed, appealed to my masculine side. I walked over to Nia, put my arms around her to warm her and said, “I am going to choose Nia.”

To my surprise, Kim gave me a genuine smile and said, “You HAVE made a very good choice. Nia is a great, fun person who is hard working and will be fiercely loyal to you. As we said in the beginning, I will have no angst toward you and wish you both the best. Billy, I am sure we will be seeing more of each other.”

Kim walked over to me and gave me a big hug then turned to Nia and said, “I am going to let you two have some one on one time. Talk to you tomorrow.”

I watched as Kim walked away and felt bad for her. Even if she wasn’t showing it, I am sure she was sad on the inside. I comforted myself with the thought that they had created the option and presented me with the choice, so it was their own doing.

“Let’s go somewhere warmer.” I said to Nia.

She stood up and gave me a big hug and a warming smile. “We are going to have so much fun.” she said as she took me by the hand and walked next to me toward the parking lot. She invited me back to her place to watch a movie. I was pretty sure I knew what that meant. We drove separate cars and I followed her back to her home.

I was impressed by the spacious size of her home, which was gated in all the way around the yard. Nia explained that she had recently divorced in the last year and was awarded this home in the divorce while her husband took the mansion in another state. Clearly, she had or married into money. The house was large with granite counter tops in the kitchen, crown molding throughout the house, tiled and wood flooring, a screened in pool in the back of the home with a large sitting area next to the pool.

Nia grabbed a bottle of wine, poured both of us a glass and guided me out to the porch area, where she lit up a Korean cigarette. A wall on the Southwest corner of the house blocked the cool breeze, making it comfortable outside. After a few drinks of wine, I could feel my insides starting to warm. Nia cuddled up close to me after she finished the cigarette.

“I do not smoke very often, but I have a craving for one when I am drinking.” she explained. “I hope you don’t mind.”

I didn’t say anything, happy to just be in her presence. Her warm body felt good against my skin on this cool evening. The lighting from the ceiling was a warm yellow light and created a sense of relaxation and warmth. At this moment, I was thinking I had definitely made a good choice.

Nia leaned in and gave me a quick, sloppy kiss then pulled away and started laughing. bahis şirketleri “I am sorry. I think I am drunk.”

I laughed at her and her adorable laugh. She spoke good English but I could hear her Korean accent tied into her words. Every once in awhile she would says, “Um I am thinking how to say in English…” before finally making a remark. I found this very attractive.

Leaning in, I started kissing her on the mouth. Her thin lips tasted like wine as I sucked on them. Her return kisses were a little sloppy and wet. Her body was swaying back and forth as we kissed. I put my hand on her lap and softly rubbed her legs. When I broke the kiss and pulled away, her mouth stayed extended with her lips puckered and her eyes closed for a second or two before she realized I was not kissing her anymore.

We both laughed and I helped her inside the house. She turned on a movie then cuddled up to me on the leather sofa. Within minutes, she was asleep. I held her for a little while before lying her down on the couch and putting a blanket over her body and leaving my cell number on the kitchen counter. I slipped out of the house, locked the door behind me and drove home.

The next morning I received a text message from an unknown number that read, “I don’t know what I’ve done last night, sorry.”

I assumed this was a text from Nia and replied, “What do you mean you are sorry for what you did last night?”

A minute later a reply came through saying, “I was drunk and don’t know what I did last night. Make mistake?”

Needing better clarification, I called and talked to Nia, who couldn’t remember anything that happened after we left the bar. She wasn’t sure how she acted or if we had done anything naughty. I calmed her and assured her all we did was sit outside and kiss a little before moving inside to watch a movie where she fell asleep.

Nia laughed and apologized several times. It was nice to know that she cared about how she acted. In order to make up for the previous night, she invited me over for supper at her house and promised to make it up to me. When I arrived at her house, she gave me a big hug, pressing her chest firmly against me, and apologized one more time before welcoming me into her house.

She had her straight black hair pulled back into a ponytail. Her hair was short so the extra hair stood straight like a dog’s short tail. She was wearing a blue sports bra and a loose yellow tank top with that showed her ribs and her blue sports bra. When she moved, the shirt would hang forward or backward off her body. She had on a white pair of dress shorts and fancy looking flip flop sandals. I felt a little overdressed wearing a blue polo shirt and a pair of dress slacks, dress socks and dress shoes.

“I will not get too drunk tonight, unless you want me to.” she said as she handed me a beer.

We both laughed as I made my way into the den as she finished preparing the meal. On the television she was watching some Korean music channel. I didn’t understand a word of the music, but the words were displayed in English on the bottom of the screen. I watched the television and chatted a little with her until the food was served.

We ate a hearty amount of rice, some square type of cooked meat that was delicious and green beens and then had a sweet yellow desert that looked like cake but much sweeter. I was not sure what I was eating, but it was delicious so it didn’t matter much to me. Afterwards, we did a shot of Soju to wash the food down, or so she said.

The sun was starting to set as we finished the meal. We sat out on the porch and watched the setting sun, resting our full bellies. Nia asked me to tell her again about the end of the previous night so I explained everything one more time, making her smile. She leaned in and gave me a long, soft, sweet kiss then asked, “Is that better?”

Her kiss was so good that my pants started to bulge. I smiled and replied, “I am not sure, let’s try that again.”

“You are silly.” she said with a smile before leaning in again and giving me another long seductive kiss.

I held her face softly as we made out for several minutes until she stood up and walked over and hooked her iPhone to a small speaker sitting on a table in the corner. Older dance music started to play and she began swaying her hips back and forth, dancing for me. By the end of the song, she had her back turned to me and was swaying her hips in my face. I put my hands on her hips and followed the motion of her hips. When the song ended, she sat down on my lap.

“Did you like my little dance for you?”

I laughed and said, “Yes, very seductive.”

“What does seductive mean?” she asked.

“Very sexy and seducing or enticing me.” I replied.

“Ohhh” she answered, with a look that said she still may not have fully understood.

When the next song started, she began grinding her hips on my lap. I could feel my bulge starting to protrude and I am sure she could feel it pressing against her. My hand moved to her lower stomach and held my hand against her soft skin. She was not fat by any means, but did have a little padding around her stomach when she sat down. When standing, the padding seemed to disappear.

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