The Cocky Coxswain Pt. 04

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April Oneil

By the time I got back to my room, Charles was fast asleep. I also decided to crash while reminiscing about my successful day. On the first full day of rowing camp, I’d convinced five of my teammates to submit to my cock, and now I only had three left: Damion, the tall, cocky Irishman; Dario, the sexy blond-haired stud from Italy; and Charles, my tall and studly German roommate.

Early the next morning at our 6 a.m. practice, I exerted more dominance over our squad. As I barked orders, I found that most of the guys listened to me right away. Although Juan, Erick, and Diego all seemed a bit sluggish from the night before, they whipped into action whenever I barked a command. All in all, our team was improving as the crew listened attentively to their captain and cocky coxswain.

After our morning practice, all of the team headed to the weight room, except for Dario. He told us that he’d pulled his shoulder muscle, was in a lot of pain, and needed to go to the medic.

“Nonsense,” I told him. “You don’t need the medic—just a massage and ice bath. I’ll help you.”

Dario seemed a bit caught off guard, but also agreed that it made more sense to handle this quickly than waste time going to the medic. “Okay,” he said.

As the rest of our teammates went to go lift weights, Dario and I went back to the training area, where I asked him to take off his shirt. This was my first time seeing this blond-haired, blue-eyed Italian stud shirtless. At 6’4″, he was exactly the same height as Charles and stood almost a foot taller than my 5’5″. Dario also had tanned, bronze skin from growing up in southern Italy that glistened in the light of the trainer’s room.

“Go ahead and lie down on the table,” I told him, “I’ll start your massage.”

Dario consented to my request and lied down in nothing but his rowing trou. With only a thin layer of lycra, I could tell that Dario had a nicely thick and decent-sized cock about 4 inches soft. As I checked out this sexy stud lying face-up on the trainer’s table, Dario just relaxed, closed his eyes, and let me start massaging his injured shoulder.

For the next 10 minutes, I rubbed Dario’s shoulder and helped him relax. But he still seemed tense, so I suggested that a full body massage might help him out more. As I grabbed some trainers’ oil, I told Dario to turn over and take off his trou. He seemed a bit surprised but went ahead and did what I said. And for the first time without any lycra, I got a prolonged view of Dario’s incredible, bubble-shaped Italian ass.

And what an ass it was! Curving like a Ferrari, it was nice and plump but still toned and full of muscle, just like the rest of Darrio’s body. It was also a golden-tan color like the rest of his body, which made me realize that Dario had no problem being naked outside. With his sun-scorched hair, gorgeous face, and sizable uncut dick, I’m sure he had no trouble getting the girls (or guys) begging to get fucked by him back home.

When I saw Dario’s ass on the trainer’s massage table, I knew right then that I wanted to fuck him. And as I took the oil and started massaging his back and shoulders, I decided that he’d be the first stud on my rowing team to feel my massive man-meat deep inside him.


For the next 20 minutes, I gave Dario a completely professional deep-tissue massage. He loved every second of it and started to truly relax. Although I focused on his shoulder, I also massaged his back, legs, and feet. And eventually, I even started massaging his glutes. Dario was so relaxed by this point that he didn’t say a thing as I laid my hands on one of the most perfect asses in the world. And slowly but surely, I started applying more pressure to give his Italian ass a firm deep-tissue massage.

“Ughhhhhhh,” kartal escort he moaned.

“Does that feel good?” I whispered.


“I’m glad,” I said. “But let’s take a break—it’s time for your ice bath.”

Dario seemed a bit disappointed to be done with the massage, but he also obeyed my advice. As Dario rolled over while fully naked, I noticed his uncovered cock for the first time. Instead of the 4-inch softie that was covered by his lycra before, Dario’s dick had fluffed up quite a bit and was now around 5.5-inches semi-erect. This boy had definitely enjoyed me touching his ass, which I took note of for the future.

As Dario stood naked with his semi-erect cock, I started preparing the ice bath by dumping ice into the tub. “Go ahead and step in,” I told him. Dario shivered at first, but eventually got used to the freezing water and fully immersed himself and his shoulder in the tub.

We waited for a couple minutes before I told Dario that it was time to exit the tub. He stood up slowly and looked a bit embarrassed, and I looked down to see why. Whereas Dario’s dick before the tub had looked fairly sizable, he now suffered from major shrinkage. Thanks to the ice-cold bath, his penis was had shriveled to less than 3 inches—small and tight against his balls.

As Dario put his hands in front of his now-modest boy penis to hide it from view, I told him not to worry about it. “That happens to everyone in the ice bath.”

I then suggested that we head to the sauna. “Going from cold to hot is the best way to fix your shoulder,” I said.

Dario took my advice as we both walked to the sauna. Once there, I handed him a towel to sit on and started stripping off my clothes. Dario was surprised that I was getting naked too, but I told him that I would join him in the sauna to keep monitoring his shoulder.

As I stripped off my shirt and shorts, Dario looked down at my whitie tighties. Just like the other guys had done the day before, Dario couldn’t help but stare at the obscene-looking bulge in my shorts. And while facing him directly, I pulled down my underwear inch-by-inch to reveal my mammoth cock.

Even though this Italian stud was a foot taller than me, his shrunken 3-inch penis was less than half the size of the massive 7-inch snake swinging between my legs. And just like the other studs on my rowing team, Dario was shocked that the short, little coxswain completely dwarfed him below the belt.

“Let’s go,” I said, as I grabbed a towel and opened the door into the steam room. Like an embarrassed little boy, Dario walked into the room and I followed behind, still in awe of his sexy ass.


The steam room was fairly small and Dario and I sat across from each other just a few feet away. While I closed my eyes and started to relax, his gaze was mostly fixed on the massive appendage hanging between my legs.

“Hey Dario?” I asked.

“Yeah?” he replied.

“Would you mind giving me a massage? Some of my muscles are sore too.”

Dario looked a bit sheepish as he could tell that I caught him staring. In the heat of the sauna, Dario’s dick was starting to rise too—at least back to its regular 4 inches. But it still paled in comparison to the massive man-meat that was now the focus of Dario’s attention.

As Dario moved over to my side of the sauna, I laid down with my back on the towel and asked that he start massaging my shoulders and chest. Dario did this for a few minutes as his eyes never left my mammoth dick. Thanks to the massage from this sexy Italian stud, my dick started to grow just a bit more. As I closed my eyes and relaxed, the massive snake between my legs fluffed up to surpass 8 kurtköy escort inches.

“Would you mind focusing on my legs too?” I whispered.

When Dario moved down to focus on my legs, his face was now just two feet away from my ever-growing dick. And at this point, my cock was no longer lying down against my thigh but starting to lift upwards towards Dario’s face. I just closed my eyes and continued to relax as Dario kept massaging my legs and staring at my dick.

After a couple more minutes, my dick continued to rise towards Dario’s face. When I opened my eyes, my cockhead was just inches from Dario’s mouth and I could tell that he’d been transfixed on my massive shaft and enormous balls this entire time.

“Would you be able to massage this muscle as well?” I asked, softly.

The sexy Italian stud knew exactly what I meant and eagerly moved his hands from my legs to my towering dick. Closing my eyes once again, I relaxed as my studly teammate started to massage every inch of my balls and massive man-meat to make me fully erect.

While my eyes were still closed—and somewhat to my surprise—I felt a soft wetness on the tip of my cock. Without being asked, Dario had pressed his lips against it and was starting to kiss my cock. I stayed still as this sexy Italian stud opened his mouth and started to suck on my massive dick

I have to admit that Dario did a much better job of sucking me off than either Diego or Erick. Whereas they could only get about 6-7 inches down their throat without choking, Dario swallowed 8-9 thick inches while suppressing his reflex to gag. He valiantly tried to get all of my throbbing 10.5-inches down his throat, but it was simply too huge for him to handle.

For the next 5 minutes, Dario sucked on my dick like a Hoover vacuum, giving it his best shot. I gently reached down to run my hand through his wavy blond hair. But I mostly just sat back as this sexy stud submitted completely to my throbbing manhood.

After several minutes, I sat up slightly so that I could use my hand to start massaging Dario’s ass. Like a good submissive, he kept sucking me off as I started to play with his bubble-butt and firm Italian ass. As Dario kept sucking, my fingers found his hole and started to play with it, causing him to moan around my dick.

Dario had no idea that I had brought lube with me into the sauna. Since I kept some in the training room, I slipped it under my towel and had it next to me this entire time. So as my teammate worshipped my cock, I opened the bottle of lube and put just a little bit on my fingers. Then I returned them to Dario’s ass and started loosening him up.

Dario didn’t say anything other than moans as he kept sucking on my cock. But now that I had loosened him up just a bit, I was ready for the main event. As I lifted Dario’s head off of my cock, I gave him a kiss and thanked him for sucking me off. The sexy stud just moaned into my mouth as my fingers stayed inside of him.

“Your hole feels so tight,” I told him. “Do you want me to fuck you?”

Dario just moaned even more and passionately started kissing me. As my fingers kept playing with his hole, I took that as a yes. I hated to cut short the kiss but gently rolled out from under him and stood up in the sauna for the first time in quite a while.

As Dario kept lying on his towel, I noticed that his own dick was fully erect. At about 7 inches with average thickness, it looked perfect on his gorgeous body. But it was also significantly overshadowed by the colossal 10.5-incher jutting out from between my legs.

As Dario stared greedily at my cock, I put on a condom that I’d brought into the sauna for this moment—a XXXL condom I’d ordered special maltepe escort from a website. I then lubed up my massive man-meat and lowered myself back down to Dario’s level. Although I thought about fucking him doggy style, I preferred to see his face as I pounded him into submission. So as Dario lied on his back on the bench of the sauna—grabbing his legs with his rock-hard dick in the air—I lined up my massive shaft with his sexy Italian hole.

Dario moaned with a mix of pain and pleasure as I started pressing myself inside him. Inch-by-inch, my dick found its home inside his sexy ass. And as it got deeper, Dario started to moan louder and louder.

“DRAAAAAAAAAAKEEEEE!” he yelled, screaming my name.


I was thankful the sauna was sound-proof, because Dario’s screams were just the beginning. Once I bottomed out, I kissed this sexy stud and started gently rocking my massive man-meat back and forth. As Dario’s ass adjusted to accommodate my colossal cock, I was able to get more aggressive and start fucking him with abandon.



I happily fucked my teammate with everything I had. Taking nice, long strokes, I withdrew nearly all 10.5-inches from his gorgeous ass before plowing it deep inside him. Every time I bottomed out, my lemon-sized balls then slapped against Dario’s beautiful backside.

My Italian teammate tried to jerk himself off as I fucked him, but I slapped his hand away. “You won’t be needing that,” I told him.

And sure enough, Dario’s dick was leaking a steady stream of pre-cum without even being touched. The faster I fucked him, the louder he moaned and begged for more.



I couldn’t help but grab Dario’s sexy blond hair as I continued fucking his juicy ass. I also felt his muscles and kissed him at will—enjoying his moans and screams inside my mouth.

After several minutes of going faster and fucking Dario harder, I realized that I couldn’t hold back much longer. Increasing my pace even more, I pounded Dario’s prostrate to the point of no return. Screaming at the top of his lungs, he came for me and unleashed a torrent of cum all over his abs, chest, and face.


As Dario’s ass muscles constricted around my cock, I let loose and flooded my XXXL condom. I wanted to keep pounding his ass as my dick erupted, but I knew that the condom wouldn’t be able to contain my load. So as I withdrew all 10.5-inches from Dario’s sweet backdoor, I ripped off the condom and kept cumming all over his sexy body. Our seed then mixed together all over Dario’s cock, abs, chest, and face.

“Good boy,” I said, slapping my dick against his. “That was a lot of fun.”

Dario then reached up and kissed me and I tasted some of our cum on his face and lips.

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” I told him. “Time to go hit the shower.”

Once we got to the shower, Dario dropped to his knees and started sucking me off again. He literally couldn’t get enough of my cock and this time swallowed more than 8 inches of it down his throat.

As Dario sucked me off in the trainer’s room shower, I gave him permission to jerk off his sexy Italian dick. As he kept furiously sucking on my man-meat, Dario’s own dick exploded for the second time in ten minutes all over the shower-room floor. I then pulled Dario up to his feet and kissed him while slapping and massaging his ass.

“I’m going to fuck this again soon,” I told him. “But now we need to get back to our teammates.”

My massive erection still throbbed in Dario’s direction, but I willed it to go down and made my shower ice-cold to help my efforts.

“How’s your shoulder?” I asked Dario as we both soaped ourselves up.

“What shoulder?” he replied. “It’s felt fine ever since the massage. Now the only thing sore is my ass!”

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