The Devil’s Pact Chapter 15: Practice

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The Devil’s Pact
by mypenname3000
Copyright 2013

Chapter Fifteen: Practice

“Theodora…” the ethereal voice whispered. “Awaken…”

I realized I was dreaming as the voice blew away the fog of sleep from my mind.

In my dream I was with my family, having dinner. Sean, my husband, was sitting opposite me at the dining room table. Between us sat Shannon on my right, or oldest daughter, happily chatting to Mary who sat on my left. And past Mary sat our youngest, little Missy, who was feeding her baby doll with a little bottle. Behind me, I could feel the malevolent gaze of the Kurt, the damned Warlock who stole me away from my family.

The dream would play out the same as it always did. In a moment, Kurt would walk in and I would … do things to him as my family happily ate their dinner. And then I would wake up, sweating and shivering, and I would cry myself back to sleep, heartsick for my husband, for my daughters. Kurt had stolen my family away from me. When Sister Louise freed me, Kurt had already made me tell my husband all the filthy things I did to Kurt, how much I enjoyed his cock. He made me divorce Sean and sign away my parental rights. When I was freed by Sister Louise, it was too late for me to go back to Sean. He had been too hurt.

The damage was done.

“Theodora…” the voice whispered again.

I looked around, conscious that I was dreaming. Kurt was there, lurking behind me, a shadowy form with a mohawk and red eyes and silver glinting at his lip from his piercing. Kurt loved piercings, the asshole had made me get piercings all over my body: my lips and nose, my nipples and clitoral hood, and both of my labias. The holes had healed over the last thirteen years, but not the memories. I could still recall Kurt pulling on the rings piercing my nipples, or my labia until the pleasure turned to pain.

“Theodora…” The voice was coming from the hallway that led back to the bedrooms. Sean and I had a tiny house, only three bedrooms and one floor. Missy and Mary had to share a bedroom but Shannon got her own bedroom because she was the oldest.

I followed the voice and saw silvery light shining underneath the door to the bedroom I used to share with my husband. My heart was beating in my chest. What was going on here? My hand shook as I reached out for the door, the metal cold beneath my sweaty palm.

“Theodora…” the voice came from right behind the door, ethereal, accompanied by a musical chorus, like the ringing of wind chimes.

The door opened and standing in the room, shining brilliant silver, was a seemingly young looking man, fit and muscled like a Greek statue, dressed in a white tunic. He was handsome, almost beautiful, his face chiseled and perfect, square-jawed and my face flushed with desire. His hair was shining gold, his eyes brilliant sapphires, and his skin burnished bronze. His face was peaceful, serene even, just the hint of a smile played on his lips.

“Theodora, I am the Dominion, Ramiel, here to guide and instruct you through your dreams.”

I swallowed. “Thank you, my Lord.”

“I am unworthy of such honors, you may refer to me as simply Ramiel,” he said humbly. “As you have suspected, Sister Louise has fallen to her Pride and been made Thrall by the Warlock.”

Fear ran cold across my skin. “I will not fail,” I said, not sure what else to say.

“Of course not, Theodora. However, the Demoness Lilith has been summoned and serves the Warlocks.”

“Warlocks?” I interrupted. “There’s more than one?”

“Yes, lovers,” Ramiel simply answered. “With Lilith of the Black Womb aiding them, the traditional powers of our Priestess will soon be ineffective. Lilith will arm the Warlocks with the ability to see your golden aura and will make their Thralls immune to control and exorcism. Other methods will be necessary. More oblique methods.”

It was worse than I though. “I … I have never faced a demon before.”

“It has been many centuries since Warlocks have been so armed, but fear not. Tactics were developed and I am here to teach you.”

His tunic melted away, leaving him naked. His manhood was hard and erect, rising out of a forest of golden hair. “You need to … be with me?” I asked, excited. The touch of an Angel was Ecstasy.

“Just as you were taught your current prayers,” Ramiel answered. I remembered those early dreams after I took my vows, taught my prayers by the Angel Hadraniel. It had been several very pleasant nights of being the lover of an Angel. “This first prayer you shall learn is called Prayer of Avvah.”

Ramiel’s bronzed hand reached out and caressed my face, pleasure rippled through my body. My clothes melted away and Ramiel was kissing me, wrapping his arms about my body. I could feel his manhood pressing hard against my stomach and I moaned wantonly into his lips. Like with Gabriel and his Ecstasy, pleasure surged through my body ending at my womanhood in an explosion of pleasure.

I was lying on the bed, Ramiel was on top of me, his cock hard and pressing at the opening of my pussy. “Praise God!” Ramiel moaned as he sank slowly inside me.

I cried out in passion, his girth pleasurably spreading my pussy, the head of his dick rubbing deliciously on the sensitive walls of pussy. I racked his strong back with my fingernails as another orgasm rolled through me. Ramiel started a slow, steady rhythm atop me. I slid my hands down and gripped the hard muscles of his ass, pulling him harder into me.

“The Prayer of Avvah can only be used on a mortal, one not touched by evil,” Ramial gasped as he thrust in and out of me. “It will create a powerful, obsessive attraction between two people.”

“I don’t … oh fuck … understand?” I gasped. “How could that … uhhh … useful?”

“There are two Warlocks. They are lovers,” Ramiel explained. “A wedge must be driven between them. Separate, they will be more vulnerable. Particularly the male. His powers are too dangerous and Lilith serves his lover.”

“Okay,” I moaned. “Harder, please! Oh, God! Oh, God!”

Ramiel fucked me harder, faster. It felt so good! Nothing was better than a man inside you, and an Angel was even better than a man. My legs wrapped about his waist, hugging him tightly to me. My third orgasm was building quickly. Every time his cock buried itself into my cunt, my clit rubbed against his groin and my orgasm grew and grew until I screamed my pleasure loudly.

“To perform the Prayer,” Ramiel continued, after my orgasm ran its course, “you must sleep with the Mortal. When they orgasm, whisper Avvah into their ear followed by the name of the person you wish them to have form the obsession with. When that Mortal lies with the one you named, the Bond of Avvah shall form.”

“All right,” I panted, kissing his beautiful face, enjoying his muscular chest crushing my breasts, my nipples.

“Tonight, you will find a mortal to test it out with,” Ramiel continued. “You will know him when you lay eyes on him and whom to make his obsession with. When you are sure you’ve preformed the Prayer correctly, you’re true target is Samantha.”

“Antsy?” I gasped, confused. “The girl I’m staying with.”

“Her brother is Mark Glassner, the Warlock,” Ramiel answered. “To arm himself against you, he will need to sleep with his sister. Thus, we shall turn the Warlocks plan against him.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I can do that!” I panted, grinding my hips into Ramiel, desperate to reach another orgasm. Ramiel began plowing me hard, his cock felt like fire as it plunged in and out, over and over. His thrust became more frantic, my pussy was beginning to ache pleasantly from the urgency of his fucking. His cum was liquid fire inside me, igniting every nerve in my body and …

… I woke up, cumming and groaning, wrapped up in the sheets of my hotel bed. I was drenched in sweat, my silk negligee clinging wetly to my body. The air conditioner blew cold upon my body and I shivered.

“Have a good one?” Antsy asked, sleepily. “You’ve been moaning for the last ten minutes.”

“What?” I asked, confused.

“Did you have a nice wet dream?” Antsy grinned, sitting up in her bed. She was wearing a yellow t-shirt that left her slim legs bared.

“Yeah,” I answered, smiling. “A really nice one.”


Sunlight was just starting to streak through the bedroom window, waking me up. My fiancee, Mary, slept peacefully next to me. A streak of auburn hair lay across her pale, freckled cheek. She was so beautiful, I reached out and gently brushed the strand of hair out of her face. She smiled in her sleep and murmured sleepily. I kissed her cheek and slowly crawled out of bed to take a piss.

I slipped out of the bedroom and headed downstairs for my morning jog. None of the sluts were awake and the house was strangely quiet. On the porch the two members of the Naked Jogging Club waited, Anastasia and Madeleine. Anastasia was a blonde, Russian beauty that strangely dyed her hair a dark black while Madeleine was a brunette, Southern belle with a wickedly hot accent. I hated jogging, but I did it to get in better shape for Mary. Of course, watching two fine, naked asses bobbing before you was a hell of a motivator.

As I jogged, my thoughts drifted to Karen and the conversation Mary and I had with her last night after Thamina tended to her injuries. Karen was more than happy to tell us everything about the Nuns. They were called the Sisters of Mary Magdalene and worked for the Archangel Gabriel. They were sent after Warlocks that were causing major disruptions. Usually, a Warlock can take months or years to attract a nuns attention, but I guess I went for broke with the orgy in Bestbuy so a nun was dispatched quickly.

The good news was, there weren’t a lot of nuns. Only one other in North America. Sister Theodora was her name, and she was a dirty-blonde woman that appeared eighteen year old with a heart-shaped face and blue eyes. Karen told us about the gifts nuns get from Gabriel: eternal youth, the ability to see auras, their prayers. I was surprised to learn Karen was fifty-one, she looked eighteen. She had spent four years as a Thrall to a woman named Susanne before she was freed and joined the nuns herself.

Karen explained how a nun controls a Thrall and just how limited it was. The nun could implant a trigger that would she could later exploit. But, once the nun was controlling the Thrall, she had to constantly keep reinforcing her commands so the nun couldn’t let the Thralls out of her sight once she started controlling them or they’ll quickly revert back to their Warlock’s control.

Karen suggest hiring regular men as bodyguards and not give them any orders. A nun could only affect Thralls. So a regular person was immune to their powers. It was something to keep in mind if I couldn’t find a way to seduce my mom. Of course, that was another problem. I still had no clue how I was going to do that. According to Lilith, I needed to sleep with my mom to make my Thralls immune to nun’s power. I had to seduce her or rape her. How the fuck do you seduce your mother?

I shuddered, thinking about the alternative. I couldn’t rape my mother. She was … well … my mother. Maybe if she had been an asshole like my father, but she was always the sweetest woman in the world. Even when she was angry with me I weirdly felt like she still cared about me. Not like my dad, the asshole would just get drunk and hit me. Fuck, the fact that she’s put up with my dad for thirty years must make her a saint or something.

I shook my head in frustration and noticed two women waiting at the street light ahead. Two new members to the Naked Jogging Club would distract me from the problem with my mom. The women were Belinda, a hot thirty-five year old, and her even hotter, sixteen-year-old daughter, Cassie. Belinda and Cassie lived a few streets down from me, so I decided to have everyone jog back to Madeleine’s for the post jog festivities.

On the way back, however, a news crew was parked on the side of the road, filming us. From KIRO 7 News, the Seattle affiliate for CBS. I decided to find out what was going on. I had the ladies continue on to Madeleine’s and then head home when they got dressed. I guess the post job festivities would wait for tomorrow. The ladies had school and work to get to, I guess. There was always tomorrow. Luckily, the reporter was female and I bet she was attractive, TV news only hired attractive people, so I jogged across the street.

There was a greasy looking guy operating the camera and an attractive, caramel skinned reporter with honey hair. It was hard to tell what nationality she was; Hispanic, Asian, Filipino, or African American. Maybe it was all of them, blended together to make this smoking hot reporter. She wore a pink, silk blouse and a tight, gray pencil skirt that showed off the nice curves of her ass. A look of fear crossed her eyes and her cameraman stepped between us, still filming, as I approached.

“Sir,” the reporter asked, swallowing her fear, “Jessica St. Pierre, Kiro 7 News, why are you and that group of ladies jogging naked?”

“We’re the Naked Jogging Club,” I told her. “Why don’t we go in your news van and talk about it, alone.”

“Sure,” the reporter said in her bubbly voice.

“Eh, Jessica, are you sure about that,” the cameraman asked.

“Yeah, Freddy,” Jessica answered, rolling her eyes.

“Relax, Freddy, Just hang outside and never tell anyone about this,” I ordered. “And delete the footage.”

“Yeah,” Freddy muttered, playing with his camera. “Shit.”

Inside the news van was crowded with equipment. There was a video editing machine on one side and shelves holding cables, lens, batteries, and other items covered the opposite wall. A large cylinder filled part of the van, the telescoping satellite dish that would rise up for broadcasting.

“Get naked,” I ordered Jessica.

“Of course,” she nodded. “To better understand why you go around naked.”

I laughed. “Sure, babe.”

She started unbuttoning her pink, silk blouse. Underneath she wore a frilly, pink bra that covered her round tits. The bra clasped in the front and I reached out and unclasped it, spilling her dark breasts out. They were lovely, topped by brown nipples and I reached out and pinched one. She opened her mouth to protest but she caught the look in my eye and blushed. She was naturally submissive I was thrilled to learn.

Her skirt unzipped on the side and she slid it off her slim hips. Her panties were a matching pink and as frilly as her bra. She pulled those off, shaking her hips side to side as she worked the tight panties of her hips. Her cunt was waxed bare, her labia protruding thickly out of her slit. Moisture beaded on her lips and her vulva was swollen with desire.

“You are fucking hot,” I told her, my cock hard with my lust.

She blushed. “Thank you.”

“You’re going to be my sex slave,” I ordered her. “And my fiancee, Mary’s slave. You will do whatever filthy, depraved things we tell you to.”

She nodded.

“You’ll have a very important job,” I further told her. “You will need to use your contacts to alert me of any issues, like reports of naked joggers, or anything about Mark Glassner or Mary Sullivan. Or anything strange that happens in the area.”

“Yes, sir,” she said.

“Master,” I corrected, pinching her nipple, hard.

“Yes, Master,” she gasped.

“You will act like your normal self around others,” I told her. “Tonight, when you get off work, pack up your clothes, jewelry, makeup. Whatever you need for your job. You have a new place to live.” I gave her the house address. “Okay, slut?”

“I understand,” she answered. Then hastily added, “Master.”

“Do you have a husband or boyfriend?”

“No, not really, Master.”

“Good, get down on all four.”

Jessica hastily got down on her knees, presenting her caramel ass to me and her wet cunt peaking out between her slim thighs. I knelt behind her and squeezed her ass. I slid my cock slowly into the velvety warmth of her cunt. It felt so nice to slide inside her, to hear the wanton moan that issued from her lips.

“Oh, you’re shaft feels so nice in my snatch, Master,” Jessica moaned.

I stroked her ass, spreading her cheeks and finding the dark asshole. I licked my thumb and shoved it up her ass. She gasped and writhed her hips as my thumb wiggled up her tight asshole. Her cunt tightened on my cock as I invaded her ass.

“Fuck, you’re pussy’s nice,” I panted. “But I bet you’re ass would feel görükl escort even tighter.”

“If that would make you happy, Master,” Jessica gasped. “Then stick your shaft up my bunghole.”

I pulled out of her cunt and moved up, finding her wrinkled asshole with the head of my cock. I pushed with steady pressure and the head of my cock slipped past her tight ring and into her warm bowels. I slid in easy and Jessica purred in pleasure. I started a slow pace, savoring her tightness.

“Fuck, I’m not the first cock you’ve had up your ass, hey slut?”

“No, Master! I love it up the ass!”

“I bet you do, you filthy whore,” I said.

“Yes, yes!” she moaned. “I’m such a whore! I love dicks! In my mouth, my snatch, my cornhole!”

My balls were slapping on her taint as I fucked her ass harder. “Here it comes!” I panted and then creamed her ass with four mighty spurts.

“Oh yes, cum in my ass!” she gasped. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Her ass convulsed on my ejaculating cock as her orgasm trembled through her body.

I pulled my cock out of her tight ass. “Do you know what good little sluts do after Master’s cock has been up their ass?”

“What, Master?” she asked.

“Clean it with their dirty little mouths.”

Her tongue was pleasantly rough on my cock as she licked me from root to tip. She played with my tip, digging her tongue into my urethra to get out the last bit of sperm. She was a skilled cocksucker and soon I was hard and fucking her face, shoving my cock down her throat. She cupped my balls, gently squeezing them as I neared another orgasm. When I was about to cum, I shoved my cock all the way down her tight throat and shot my cum straight into her belly.

“Put your panties on,” I told her as I grabbed her bra. “Enjoy my cum up your ass all day.”

“Thank you, Master,” she answered, wiping her lips.

Freddy scowled at me when I walked out of the news van, Jessica’s bra clutched in my hand. I jogged home. Breakfast was just getting set on the table when I walked in. The sluts and Mary were looking at bridal magazines, again, and I walked up and kissed Mary. They were all sweaty from their morning aerobics and digging into plates of blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs.

“Where’s Karen?” I asked. “And Thamina?”

Fiona set a plate in front of me and kissed me on the lips as Mary answered. “Oh, she was feeling a little ill this morning. Just threw during aerobics. Thamina took her upstairs.”

“Oh,” I shrugged, fondling Fiona’s ass. “Well, I had a pretty fun morning.”

“With those ladies you go jogging with,” Mary asked slyly.

“No, with a news reporter,” I answered, holding up Jessica’s bra, and then told her all about Jessica while I hungrily ate Desiree’s delicious breakfast and Fiona started sucking hungrily at my cock beneath the table.

“Is this here?” Mary asked, holding up her phone. There was a video playing of Jessica reporting on a winter storm last year.

“Yeah,” I answered and came in Fiona’s sucking mouth.

“Hmm, don’t swallow,” Mary purred and pulled Fiona up and kissed her, sucking Fiona’s cum stained tongue into her lips. Mary smacked her lips and then went back to studying her phone. “She looks pretty,” Mary stated.

“Trust me, she has a smoking body,” I told her.

“Well, you do have a discerning eye.” Her hand reached out and stroked my dick, wet with Fiona’s saliva. “Or at least, a discerning cock.”

“Wanna take a shower?” I asked archly as my dick hardened in her hand.

Mary laughed richly. We never quite made it to the shower. Her ass was so inviting as she raced up the stairs in front of me that I pinned her against the hallway wall and started to wildly fuck her. She was soaking wet and my cock slid easily in her. Mary held me tight and was panting loudly as I plunged hard into her.

She was so beautiful, and her pussy felt so amazing. I could never get tired of her. Her laugh, her smile, the way she bit her lip, her freckled breasts and plump ass and her tight holes. I loved her mouth as she nibbled on my lip as we kissed and her soft fingers tracing my spine as we made fucked.

A bedroom door opened and Karen and Thamina peered out. Karen was looking a lot better after sleeping on a bed. Her scrapes on her wrist were fading, and her ass wasn’t quite so welted. Her eyes were no longer red with crying and puffy with exhaustion. Thamina wore her nurse’s outfit and her headscarf. Her body was clearly visible through the white, transparent material of her uniform and her dark nipples were hard.

“Feeling better?” Mary asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” Karen answered. “I don’t know what was wrong. But I’m feeling better.”

“Well, there’s breakfast downstairs,” Mary said.

“Thamina, wait,” I panted. I was close to cumming. Thamina waited patiently while I continue fucking Mary. “I’m close, Mare,” I whispered in her ear. “You ready for my hot cum.

“Fill me up!” Mary panted, her arms hugged me tightly and she kissed me passionately. I was hammering her cunt hard and her hips matched my intensity. Are groins slapped together hard. Mary’s tongue was wiggling in my mouth when I groaned came inside her. Mary came right after, her cunt spasming on my dick and her fingernails bit into the flesh of my back.

“Oh, fuck that was good!” Mary panted as we pulled apart. Sperm leaked out of her pussy as my cock pulled out and Thamina knelt down and started to lick her cunt clean like a good slut.

“Thamina, get some money and then go buy thirteen small duffel bags,” I told her. “When you get back, get the other sluts together and put two million dollars in each bag.”

“Yes, Master,” she said and scrambled to follow my orders.

Mary looked questionably at me. I scooped her up in my arms and carried her to our bedroom. “I figure two million per house on the street. That’s easily double what they’re worth.”

“Wow,” Mary said. “So much.”

I shrugged. “Might as well spread the wealth around. I can always get more.”

Mary giggled. I took her into the bathroom and we finally got to that shower. “What are you doing today, before the meeting?” Mary asked.

“Relax,” I said with a shrug. “Lillian made a sex tape. We could watch that.”

“Really, with who?” Mary asked curiously.

“This punk-rock girl with a mohawk,” I answered. “Zelda, I think her name was.”

After the shower we went down to the living room and got the TV sat up for streaming off Lillian’s phone and then curled up on the couch to watch it. It was the first time Mary and I watched porn together. Hell, it was the first time I’d watched porn with someone else since I was in Junior High, and then we all watched silently wishing we were alone so we could jack off. Or, at least, that’s what I had been wishing. With Mare I had someone who could stroke my cock for me, and do other, more exciting, things with it.

The angle didn’t show much, just two forms writhing about on the bed. Luckily, their moans came through, loud and clear. Zelda, the girl with the mohawk, was a screamer when she came. After ten minutes, Mary and I were too busy to watch the tape. Mary was on top, riding me hard. Her perky breasts were bouncing above my face. I gripped her plump ass and slid my right hand down into her crack. I found her wrinkled asshole and teased it with my finger.

“Shove it in,” Mary hissed, leaning over me. Her arms were braced on the couch arm, around my head, her breasts jiggling above my head.

My finger pushed against the tight ring of her asshole and then slipped in. She was warm and tight and I shoved my finger up to my second knuckle and then slowly fucked it in and out of her ass. Mary’s panting became higher pitch and her dusky nipples dangled in front of my face. I latched onto her left tit, sucking greedily at her hard nub.

“Oh, you’re cock feels so wonderful in my cunt!” Mary panted. “Oh, my mighty stallion! Oh, fuck, fuck, you’re making me feel so fucking amazing!”

Mary’s cunt pulsed on my cock as she bucked on top of me, screaming her orgasm. She kept riding me, hard and fast. Her cunt was so wonderful, sliding up and down on my cock. I switched breasts, sucking her right nipple until it was hard and shiny with spit.

“Are you gonna cum in my naughty pussy?” Mary asked. “Gonna fill it up with your creamy spunk.”

“Yeah, Mare,” I gasped. I looked up at her face, twisted beautifully with lust. “My cum’s going to flood my naughty filly’s cunt!” My balls tightened and my orgasmed built and built. I groaned loudly and shot my sperm into her hungry pussy.

“Oh that feels so good!” Mary groaned as she came a second time on my cock. “So warm inside me!”

She collapsed onto me, her sweat dampened hair brushing my face as she brought her face closer. I kissed her beautiful, red lips and enjoyed her soft breasts rubbing on my chest. Mary cuddled on top of me and her cheek pressed against mine as we went back to watching Lillian’s sex tape. Lillian was on her knees and Zelda, the mohawk girl, was fucking her asshole with a strap-on. My finger was still up Mary’s ass and I started slowly moving it in and out, then I slipped a second finger up her ass.

“You want to fuck my ass?” Mary asked, whispering in my ear. “Do you want to stick your hard cock up my tight, dirty backdoor?”

My cock was hardening in her soppy cunt.

“Your ass is so amazing,” I told her. “I love how tight it feels on my cock.”

Mary climbed off me and pulled me to my feat, then she got down on all four on the floors, shaking that plump, beautiful ass at me. Her legs were parted and her freshly fucked pussy leaked a mix of our cum, running in whitish rivulets down her thighs. “Eat my ass, hun,” she cooed. “Get me all nice and ready for your big cock.”

My cock wasn’t that big, but it was nice hearing Mary say it was. Then again, Mary’s only been with a few guys, so maybe she didn’t know I was only average sized. I knelt behind my fiancee and spread her ass cheeks. Her puckered asshole was dark and I slowly bent down to lick it. I had never tongued a woman’s ass before and I was a little hesitant. But, I was doing it for my sweet Mary.

Her ass had a sour taste and Mary purred as my tongue circled about her asshole. Encouraged by her moaned, I pressed my tongue hard against her tight opening and my tongue slid in, wiggling about inside her ass. I slid one of my hands down to her juicy cunt and found her hard clit and started to rub the nub.

“Ohh, yes,” Mary moaned. “That’s so nice. You’re tongue feels amazing, Mark! Eat my dirty ass!”

My fingers were sliding inside her wet cunt, lubed by my sperm, while my thumb rubbed her clit. Her hips writhed in pleasure and my lips were glued to her asshole. My cock was so hard, I just had to stick it in. I pulled my lips from her asshole and pulled out my sticky fingers. I shoved the mix of cum and cunt juices up her ass and then rose up behind her.

“Here I come, Mare,” I panted, rubbing my dick against the rosebud of her asshole and sank into her tight, silky ass. “God, you feel so good, Mare.”

“Ohh, my stallion,” she groaned. “Ream my ass, stud!”

On the TV, Lillian was cumming on Zelda’s strap-on, moaning like the wanton slut she was. Mary moaned just as wantonly for me as I fucked her ass hard. My balls slapped against taint. Auburn hair spilled across her smooth back, dark red against pale skin. The muscles in her back rippled as she fucked me back.

Mary threw her head back and her flushed face smiled back at me. “You’re so beautiful!” I gasped. Her mouth opened wide and her eyes squeezed shut as she came, her ass milking my cock greedily. “Here it cums, Mare!” I gasped and fed her hungry hole my cum.

We were both breathing heavily. I pulled her up onto the couch with me and we cuddled on the couch. Lillian’s sex tape was over. “What time to you need to leave?” Mary asked.

“The meetings not until four,” I told answered.

“You once promised to watch Grey’s Anatomy with me,” Mary pointed out, grabbing the Bluray remote. The Bluray player was one of those wireless players that you could watch Netflix on.

“Yeah, okay,” I said. How bad could it be?

Pretty bad. But Mary seemed to like it and I liked holding Mary in my arms so I put up with it. During the credits of the first episode, Mary remembered something and grabbed her phone and showed me a photo. “This is Dr. WolfTail,” she said. “The OB/GYN I’m seeing tomorrow.”

Dr. WolfTail was a young woman Native American with beautiful, cinnamon skin and a deep black hair that was long and straight. Her eyes were wide and dark and she had a small, red mouth. A sensuous mouth that looked puckered for a kiss. The picture was from a Group Health website advertising their clinic “I think she’ll do,” I answered.

That reminded me and I grabbed my phone but Mary glared at me. The next episode started and I had to wait for the credits to make my phone call. When the episode was finally over, I called Kay Jewelers and added three new chokers to my order, promising to pay triple for them to get them done fast.

“What was that about?” Mary asked, pausing before the next episode started. Apparently, Mary was allowed to pause Grey’s Anatomy. Good to know the rules.

“Something for the sluts,” I answered.

Desiree brought us out some delicious sandwiches for lunch and asked permission to go grocery shopping. She took Allison with her, the pair giggling as the left. The other sluts joined us for lunch and got to watch an entire episode of Grey’s Anatomy. The all seemed to like it, except for Lillian who seemed as bored as I was. Then they went back down to the basement to continue counting out thirteen bags of two million dollars each.

Around two, I had to get ready for my meeting with the Police Chiefs. LESA, where the meeting was, was all the way in downtown Tacoma, across the street from the Courthouse. About a thirty minute drive from South Hill.

“Thanks for watching it with me,” Mary said, kissing me, as I stood up.

“Oh, it was no problem. I enjoyed it.”

“Liar,” she said, smiling. “But thanks for trying.”

Mary and I were both sticky from our fucking and Mary wanted to take a shower. I enjoyed watching Mary take a shower, so I joined her. As she soaped her breasts, I asked, “Are you coming with me to the meeting?”

“No, I’m going to take a few of the sluts to this bridal shop and to find a wedding dress,” Mary answered. “And look at bridesmaids dresses.”

“So, eh, when do you want to get … um … married?” I was suddenly nervous. I just couldn’t believe this beautiful creature, my filly, was actually going to marry me. Where had all my confidence gone to?

“How about July?” she asked, just as cautiously.

“Next month?”

“Yeah, it’s not to soon, is it?” She was nervous too and I laughed. Mary frowned at me. “What?”

“Nothing,” I said. “It’s just you seem as nervous as I am.”

“Well, it’s happening pretty fast,” Mary answered. “This last week has almost been a dream and I’ve just wondering when I’m going to wake up.”

“Never,” I answered. “We’ll dream together forever.”

Mary kissed me beneath the warm spray of the shower. “Forever,” she said, breathless and kissed me again. My heart was pounding and her naked, wet body was pressing against me, her nipples brushing my chest were hard. I could feel the warmth of her desire between her thighs and then I was in her, exulting in her embrace.

Afterward, we had to wash ourselves all over again.

“So, why July,” I asked as we stepped out of the shower. I grabbed a pink towel and began to dry Mary off.

“My parents were married in July,” Mary answered, wistfully. “They were married in a field out near Mt. Rainier. It was a field of beautiful wildflowers. I remember my parents showing me and my sisters the pictures once, right before she … ran off. Everyone looked so beautiful and handsome.” There was a catch in her voice and she swallowed. “My parents looked so in love. You would never know my mom was such a whore back then.”

I hugged her from behind. “You’re not your mother,” I whispered.

“I’m not,” she answered, firmly. “I wouldn’t leave you for the world.”

“So, any particular day in July?”

“July 20th, it’s a Saturday,” Mary answered.

“So, little more than a month away,” I said, adding it up in my head. “I can’t wait.”

Mary missed my arm. “Me either.”

Mary started doing her makeup while I shaved. I put on a pair of jeans and görükle escort bayan a nice, white buttoned-down shirt with blue stripes and headed downstairs and got Chasity. The other sluts were lounging around the basement. It looked like they had finished counting out the money. I told Chasity to drive so we could take advantage of the Police only parking in front of the courthouse.

Chasity drove with her sirens the whole way and really got her car up to speed, so we made good time out to Tacoma. She parked her car and we got out and walked across the street. We drew eyes, or I should say, Chasity drew eyes in her slutty cop outfit. Her outfit was a short miniskirt, thigh-high black boots and a blue blouse that only buttoned halfway up, leaving the slopes of her pale breasts mostly exposed. She still had her gun belt on, though, and her gun.

I met Chief Hayworth in the lobby and he nodded to Chasity. “Mr. Glassner, Officer Vinter,” he greeted, shaking my hand. Chasity saluted him. “It’ll be just a few more minutes, Mr. Glassner.” he told me.

Other older men, and two women, were filtering in. Some in suits, others in the dress uniforms of their departments. All were accompanied by younger men carry briefcases, some in suits and others in cop uniforms. After a few minutes, we all made are way to a a large room with a table at the center. There were plaques for each Chief or the Sheriff at their spot at the table. Chairs lined the wall where their aides would sit. The Pierce County Sheriff sat at one end of the table and the Chief of Police of Tacoma sat at the other end.

Chief Hayworth introduced me when everyone was gathered. “Hi, I’m Mark Glassner,” I said, a little nervous. Having a room full of cops staring intently at you was intimidating, even with my powers. “Whatever I do is legal,” I said, giving the standard cop orders. “If anyone approaches you and says ‘I am Mary Sullivan’ or ‘I serve Mark Glassner’ do whatever they tell you.”

I don’t know why I was relieved when they all nodded in agreement or voiced their consent, but I was. It’s not like I thought my powers wouldn’t all of sudden not work. Not intellectually, anyways. There was that tiny voice of doubt and disbelief that I tried to ignore.

“Okay, the reason I’m here is my fiancee and I need bodyguards,” I continued. “So, on Saturday, at noon, at Sparks Stadium in downtown Puyallup I want each of you to send one to three young, attractive female officers to tryout for my bodyguard. They’ll need to bring their patrol car and all their tactical gear. I will select twelve, and no more than one per department, to serve on the guard. You won’t need to pay them, I will cover that, but they will need to stay on your duty roster on special assignment.”

The Chiefs looked a little confused as they agreed to the request.

“Good, and one other thing, keep an ear out about any investigations into me or Mary Sullivan,” I answered.

“Like your connection to that gas attack in South Hill,” Sheriff Erkhart asked. Erkhart was a tall man dressed in a beige, Sheriffs uniform. His black hair had wings of gray streaking from the temples that made him seem distinguished. “Or your connection to several bank robberies?”

“Yeah,” I answered, frowning.

“The FBI’s involved,” the Sheriff warned. “There’s a warrant out for your arrest.”

“Okay,” I nodded. “Keep me appraised of the investigations, then.”

“Sure, Mr. Glassner.”

“Well, that’s all I needed,” I said. I shook their hands and Chasity and I headed back to her cop car.

“It went well, Master,” she said.

“Yeah,” I told her. “You’re going to be in charge of the bodyguards.” I paused. “If anything goes wrong, if anything happens to me, you will need to take Mary to safety. Ignore her orders, her safety will be your number one priority.”

“Absolutely, Master,” Chasity answered. “Where shall I take her?”

“We’ll have to figure that out,” I replied as I slid into the passenger seat.

Chasity backed out of the space and drove towards the light at 11th St. The light was red and I glanced over and noticed this beautiful twenty year old waiting at the crosswalk texting on her phone. She was dressed in a white blouse with red embroidery and had no sleeves, exposing her tan arms. Stonewashed jean shorts clung to her shapely ass and beautiful legs covered by dark pantyhose descended from beneath her skirt. She was had curly brown hair, like Karen, and the memory of forcing Karen came back to me. My cock hardened as I remembered Karen’s pleas and cries.

“Chasity, see that girl at the crosswalk.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Arrest her.” I ordered. “You don’t need to be gentle.”

Chasity’s eyes glanced down to the bulge forming in my pants and she smiled and turned on her lights and got out of the car. She unfastened her holster and drew her sidearm and approached the girl. The girl noticed the cop car’s lights flashing and she looked quizzically, slipping her phone into her purse. I got out of the car to watch.

Chasity aimed her gun at the girl. “Against the building, bitch! Hands on your head. You’re under arrest!”

“What?” gaped the girl.

“Against the wall,” Chasity growled. “I’m not going to tell you twice, bitch!”

The girl jumped and scurried to the wall, placing her hands on her head, her purse falling to the ground. “There must be some mistake,” she squeaked in fear, tears starting to roll down her face.

“Shut up!” Chasity barked, holstering her gun. Chasity walked up to the girl, reached out with her left hand and grabbed the girls hands on her head. With her leg, Chasity forced the girl to spread hers and then started to pat her down.

“What the fuck!” the girl gasped as Chasity took liberties in her search, groping the girls ample breasts through her blouse.

Chasity pressed up against the girls back, licking her ear. “You’re so pretty. My Master’s going to enjoy you.”

“What?” the girl demanded, her face going white.

Chasity’s hand slid down and slipped under the girls skirt. “Do you have anything hidden up your snatch, bitch?”

“No!” The girls eyes widened as Chasity shoved a finger or two up her cunt. “Help me! This cop’s molesting me! Help!”

Other pedestrians glanced at her, but no one moved to help the girl. Chasity pulled out her handcuffs and easily cuffed the girl’s arms behind her back and walked her over to the police car. Chasity opened the back door and shoved her roughly inside. I slid in after the girl, shoving her across the seat as Chasity grabbed her purse and got back in the patrol car and continued driving.

“What’s happening,” sobbed the girl.

“I’m going to fuck you,” I told her, stroking he face. She flinched and started screaming. “No one’s going to help you. What’s your name.”

“Abby,” she sniffed. She glared at Chasity. “You’re a cop, how can you do this.”

“I may be a cop,” Chasity answered. “But I’m Mark’s slave first.”

I grabbed her face and kissing her mouth. She tried to pull away, struggling in my grip. I ripped her blouse open, buttons popping off, when I finished kissing her, exposing a plain, boring white bra. That wouldn’t do and I shoved it up, exposing a pair of round, heavy breasts topped by dark nipples. I bent down and sucked one of the nipples into my mouth, nibbling lightly, as Abby struggled and shouted. I slid a hand up her thigh and found the warmth between her legs and started rubbing.

I wanted to feel her cunt so I ripped a hole in her pantyhose and shoved the gusset of her panties to the side and felt her furry bush and found her warm slit. I caressed it, searching for her clit. It was hard and I started to gently roll it between my fingers. Her pussy was growing wet on my fingers. I sucked harder at her nipple and slipped a finger up into her cunt.

“No, stop!” she cried. “Please!” I just fingered her faster, grinding her clit beneath my palm. “This can’t be happening,” she begged. “Oh, god, please help me!” I added a second finger and her breath quickened. I rubbed more insistently at her clit. “No, I won’t,” she protested, her hips wiggling on the seat. I sucked harder on her nipple and finger fucked her faster. Her body betrayed her and she came on my hand.

She was sobbing again, shame filling her face. “What a dirty whore! I’m raping this bitch and she just came!”

“What a fucking slut,” Chasity giggled. “I bet her dirty snatch is hungry for you cock.”

“Let’s find out.”

I pulled the bitch onto my lap so she straddled me, her heavy breasts dangling in front of my lips. I nipped at her hard nubs and then pulled her panties to the side and placed my cock at the wet entrance to her cunt. I pushed her down, groaning as she sank warmly on my cock. I slid in easy, lubed by her orgasm, and I sank all the way into her.

“Doesn’t that feel nice?” I asked.

She turned her head, not want to look at me.

“Answer me, slut!”

“Yes,” she whispered pathetically and fresh sobs wracked her body.

“Of course it does,” I answered. “Sluts always want a hard dick up their cunt’s.”

“I’m not a slut,” she protested.

“Of course you are, only a slut would cum on her rapists hand.”

Abby sat on my cock crying. Every time Chasity hit a bump in the road, Abby would bounce on my cock, bringing a soft gasp from her lip. I just enjoyed her tight cunt on my dick and started sucking on her breasts, playing with her nipples with my tongue while my hands kneaded her ass.

“Oh, god, I am a slut,” she whispered, giving in.

And then her hips started to move, slowly at first, rising up a little and sliding back down. A low moan escaped her throat and she picked up the rhythm of her fucking. I stopped sucking her tit, looking up to see pleasure and disgust war on her face.

“Is she fucking you, Master?” Chasity asked, glancing in her rearview mirror. “What a nasty slut.”

“I am,” Abby panted. “Oh, god, I can’t believe it feels so good. I’m such a nasty, terrible slut!”

She rode me all the way to South Hill, cursing and panting in pleasure. I came in her tight hole twice and she creamed my cock three times, her cunt milking my cock. “I’m such a whore!” she would pant, or, “I’m such a terrible slut!” “Only a slut would do this! A naughty, disgusting slut!” When she would cum, she would sob in shame but kept right on fucking me.

When we got off the freeway at South Hill, I told Chasity to pull over. “Get this filthy whore out of here.”

Chasity pulled over and grabbed the bitch and hauled her out of the car. “Master, I’m very wet, may I use her?”

“Yeah,” I said.

Chasity forced Abby to her knees and pulled Abby’s head under Chasity’s skirt. “Lick me, bitch. Like a good little slut.”

Abby complied and Chasity came all most instantly, creaming her face with sticky juices. Chasity then bent down and uncuffed the bitch and threw her purse at her. We left Abby sobbing on the side of the road, her cunt full of cum and her face smeared with pussy juices.


After Mark left, I pulled on a blue, pleated skirt and a white blouse. And then I went looking for the sluts. I found them down in the basement. They were playing some sort of game. Xiu was blindfolded sitting on one of the beds and the other sluts were taking turns sticking their fingers in their cunts and letting Xiu taste and seeing if she could guess who’s pussy juices it was.

“Violet,” Xiu guessed and Violet giggled wickedly.

“Fiona, Violet,” I shouted. “We’re going out. Karen, Lillian, and Xiu, I want the house spotless when we returned.”

“Yes, Mistress,” the sluts all said, jumping to their feat. Violet and Fiona raced upstairs to get dressed while the other three raced upstairs to start cleaning. I had to wait a few minutes on Violet and Fiona to get dressed in their slutty clothing. Violet in a plaid jumper with a very short skirt over a black white blouse. She embodied the naughty schoolgirl fetish to a T, with her hair in two pigtails, knee high white socks, and her fresh face. And Fiona wore a fluted, black skirt and white, low-cut halter top. Her breasts swayed beneath the fabric and her nipples were hard little bumps.

I pulled Fiona to me and kissed her, Fiona’s tongue eagerly pushed into my mouth. I broke the kiss, grabbed one of Violet’s pigtails and pulled the smiling girl to me and kissed her. She was so innocent looking that I just had to defile her. I broke the kiss and pushed gently down one her shoulders. Violet’s cheeks were spotted red with desire and she eagerly knelt down and dived her head under my skirt.

I gasped as her tongue began flicking at my clit. The girl may look innocent, but she had become a dirty slut since Mark popped her cherry in that hotel elevator three days ago. Violet slipped a slim finger up into my cunt as she nursed on my clit, wiggling the finger around. I gasped and came hard when the little slut’s fingernail brushed my G-spot.

“Thank you, Mistress,” Violet said, licking her lips. Fiona kissed her, eager to taste her mistress’s cunt.

I led my sluts out to my car and I drove my Eos like a maniac, eager to get to the bridal shop. My eagerness attracted attention and I got pulled over by a Puyallup cop. When he walked up to my car, I said. “I am Mary Sullivan,” hoping Mark had gotten to the cop.

The cop blinked. “Oh, sorry, mam, didn’t know it was you. You’re free to go.”

Laughing, I sped off. Mark thinks he has already gotten almost half of the Puyallup cops under his orders, lucky for me I ran into one of them. We quickly reached the Wedding Lace, a bridal shop in a strip mall that it shared with the Heavenly Creature Salon. It was the salon where I had a wonderful morning getting waxed by this beautiful Vietnamese woman named Joy. After she waxed me we made passionate love. My pussy tingled as I remembered her soft body.

We walked into the Wedding Lace and all three of us gushed. It was filled to the brim with beautiful wedding dresses. White, lacy works of art. We giggled as we browsed the shelves, looking for the perfect dress. I wanted a short train, and low cut neckline. Mark loved my freckled breasts and I wanted them to be shown off.

“Hi, I’m Bonnie,” a purple-haired woman greeted. She was in her mid-twenties, tall and slim. Her hawkish nose was pierced with an amethyst stud and her lips were large, sensuous and a deep red. She wore a sleeveless, ruffled white blouse and a black, pencil skirt. Black tights covered her long, slim legs. Her purple hair was held up in a loose bun. Around her neck was a cloth ruler.

“I’m Mary,” I said, shaking her head. “I’m getting married next month and I need a dress.”

“Congratulations,” Bonnie said, smiling lovely. “What style of dress were you thinking of.”

We talked and Bonnie got out a few dresses that she thought would do. I picked one I liked and she quickly went and grabbed a few more. Every time I settled on one, she would produce another and another until I had seen about twenty dresses and I was sure I had found the right one.

The dress was so beautiful. It was strapless, the bodice covered by white lace that then wrapped around the dress in a diagonal band across the stomach ending at the skirt. The skirt, itself, was beautiful tiers of ruffled fabric trimmed in delicate lace, giving the dress a graceful, bell shape. I closed my eyes and pictured myself in the dress, how Mark would gape in amazement at how stunningly gorgeous I looked in it.

“This one,” I said, eyes misting with moisture.

“Let’s go in the back, and I’ll take your measurements,” Bonnie said. The sluts followed me into the back. Both Violet and Fiona had knowing smiles. The naughty girls thought I was going to seduce Bonnie.

I probably was, I thought and giggled. Bonnie glanced at me. “Sorry, just thought of something funny.”

“Well, strip down to your undies,” Bonnie said and then jumped when she noticed Violet and Fiona. “Um, are you staying?”

“It’s not a problem, is it,” Mary asked, pulling her blouse over her head.

“No, its not …” Bonnie snapped her mouth shut and blushed. “Miss, you didn’t have to take off your bra.”

“I wasn’t wearing one,” I said nonchalantly and unzipped my skirt and dropped it to the floor. “I don’t often wear underwear anymore.”

“Of course,” Bonnie said. “Are you going to want undergarments for your wedding?”

“Hmm,” I thought. “Yes. It’s a special occasion after all.”

“That it is, miss,” Bonnie said and then escort görükle she guided me up onto a small, raised platform in the center of the room.

Bonnie began to take my measurements, wrapping the cloth ruler about my body. When she was measuring my bust, her hand brushed my nipples sending a delicious tingle throughout my body. Bonnie was blushing beautifully and I felt my pussy began to moisten. When she knelt down to measure my legs, I parted my thighs. Her eyes glanced up and then froze at the sight of my waxed pussy. Her pink tongue wetted her red lips before she started to measure my inseam.

She started on my right leg, measuring up my inner thigh, up to my crotch. Her hand brushed my damp pussy and I stifled a moan, pleasure shivering through my body. She measured up my left leg, her hands shaking with desire. Her hand slowly drew the cloth ruler up my shin, past my knee, and up my smooth thigh, growing ever closer to my aroused pussy. When her hand brushed my pussy, I couldn’t stop the moan from escaping my lips.

Bonnie snatched her hand away, breathing heavily. She licked her lips again, her green eyes wide with desire. And then her head moved forward and she buried her face in my pussy, her tongue greedily licking across my vulva. She licked once more, her tongue sliding through the groove between my labia before she pulled away.

“Oh my God!” she gasped. “I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me! It was just so … so …”

“Tantalizing?” I finished.

“Yes,” she breathed, her eyes still fixed to my pussy.

“Don’t be afraid, then,” I urged.

Bonnie drew a deep breath and then buried her face back in my twat, her hands reaching around to cup my ass, pulling me tight against her mouth. Her tongue wiggled out, slipping into my wet hole and hitting all the most delightful spots in my cunt.

“Oh, yes!” I moaned as the delightful woman ate my pussy. “What a wanton slut!”

“I bet, Mistress,” Fiona purred. Violet knelt before Fiona and was happily lapping at her red-furred cunt. Fiona had her hands wrapped around Violet’s pigtails, using them as handlebars to guide the girls mouth.

Bonnie wasn’t a novice at cunt lapping. Her tongue explored my pussy and her lips happily sucked my clit and up and down my labia. I came for the first time when she slipped two fingers up inside me and started to quickly fuck them in and out of my cunt. She kept right on sucking at my clit and quickly brought me to a second orgasm.

“Fuck that’s good!” I gasped, gripping her purple hair and grinding my cunt on her lips. “Keep it up, bitch! Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum again! You fucking slut, eat my pussy!”

I creamed her face a third time and almost lost my balance on the platform. I stumbled off and sat heavily in a nearby chair, breathing hard. Bonnie’s face was stained with my juices and she was breathing just as hard. I glanced over at the sluts and saw Fiona and Violet happily sixty-nining. The teenage Violet lay on top of Fiona.

I got up and pushed Bonnie down onto her back and then straddled her face and her tongue felt wonderful on my cunt again. I pulled her black skirt up and her black tights down. Underneath, I found her silky, red panties, the gusset wet with desire. I pulled them to the side and discovered her cunt was shaved bare. A silver ring pierced her right labia, in the center. I grabbed the ring and gently tugged at her pussy lips and Bonnie moaned into my cunt. Then I dove into her pussy. She tasted fresh and tart and came almost the moment my lips touched her pussy, flooding my lips with more of her tasty juices.

We devoured each other’s cunts. Feasting on pussy juices, sucking on clits, and fingering wet holes. Her juices covered my face, her scent filled my nostrils. I enjoyed playing with her piercing with my tongue, sucking it into my mouth. Twice more she came on my greedy lips, bucking and writhing beneath me. I only came once more on her lips, but it was powerful, starting deep inside my womb and exploding out with fervor and a gush of my juices on her lips.

When I rose up, sated, Violet and Fiona were cuddling on the floor. They both kissed me and got a taste of Bonnie’s cunt from my lips. I cupped both my sluts breasts, giving their nipples playful twists and then we were all getting dressed.

“So, you will get my dress done as soon as possible?” I asked.

“Oh, yes,” Bonnie panted. A lustful smile crossed her lips. “I can’t wait to get it finished so we can have the first fitting!”

“Absolutely,” I agreed and kissed Bonnie on the lips.


I sat at the Marriot’s bar, with the oh so original name of the Lounge, looking for the guy I was supposed to practice this new Prayer on. Ramiel said I would know the man when I saw him. So far, nothing had jumped out and I nursed my appletini as a parade of men hit on me. I let Providence guide me here, jumping into the first cab and told the drive to take me to a nice bar.

And now, for the last hour, I had been sitting at the bar. I was wearing a slinky little dress, made of small, pleated black strips. Silver thread was woven into the fabric and the dress would shimmer as I moved. The neckline was a scoop that exposed most of my breasts and a short skirt that showed off my long, shapely legs.

“What the hell, Natasha?” a man shouted at the end of the bar.

“Chill, babe,” a dirty-blonde woman said. She was sitting at a table with two young, Cuban guys. “We’re just talking!”

“The hell you are,” the man objected. “I saw you flirting with them.”

“We were just talking, Keith!”

“I saw you’re hand on his leg!”

“Hey man, it’s like she said, we were just talking,” one of the Cubans said.

“Back off asshole,” Keith shouted.

“Christ, you’re drunk,” Natasha accused.

“Of course I am! I’ve been watching you whore around the bar all night!”

Natasha slapped him hard across the face and then stalked out of the bar. The two Cubans looked awkwardly at each other then left Keith, who just stood their looking dumbfounded. Then, he sat down at her vacated seat. I moved over to the table sitting down beside him.

“It’ll be all right,” I told him, lightly touching his hand. He was definetly the one.

He snorted. “We’re supposed to be married in two days.”

“Congratulations,” I said, stroking his arm. “She’s a lucky gal.”

“She’s probably sucking one of those guys right now,” he bitterly said. He grabbed Natasha’s drink, a fruity concoction with an umbrella, and downed it in a single gulp.

“You don’t really think that,” I told him. Christ, what a jealous asshole. “What woman would want one of them when she could have such a handsome guy like you.”

“Then why was she flirting with those guys,” he asked, his anger vanishing. “Why?”

“Some women don’t know what they’re missing. If I was her, I would be draped all over you, making sure no other women could do this.” Feeling bold, I reached down and stroked his cock through his pants.

“Holy shit!” he gasped, finally looking at me. His eyes widened as he saw my cleavage and he licked his lips.

“I bet she’s sucking one of those guys right now,” I lied, whispering in his ears. She probably was crying in her hotel room, but that wouldn’t get Keith into my panties. “Maybe she’s sucking one off while the other fucks her cheating little cunt.” Keith groaned in pain. I rubbed his hardening cock. “Doesn’t seem fair, does it?”

“No,” he answered, hoarsely.

“I’m going to go into the men’s room, last stall. If you want to even the score.”

I left him there, walking purposefully towards the bathroom, making sure my ass swayed as sensuously as possible. I didn’t look back. He would follow, men were so pathetically easy. I walked boldly into the men’s room. There was no one to object, anyways, and I entered the last stall and waited, my heart pounding in my chest. I hiked up my skirt and pulled off my panties and then bent over the toilet, ready to get fucked.

The bathroom door banged open and someone walked down to my stall. There was a knock. “Are you …” Keith stammered.

“Yes,” I answered, huskily.

“Oh, God!” Keith moaned when he opened the stall door and feasted his eyes on my blonde-furred cunt and plump ass.

There was the metallic sound of a zipper and then I could feel him standing behind me. I wiggled my ass invitingly and could feel the head of his hard cock prodding my ass. He was breathing heavily, hesitating. God, why won’t he stick it in. My cunt was on fire with anticipation. He gripped my hips, suddenly, his cock sliding down my ass towards my cunt.

“That whore!” Keith shouted and shoved his cock hard into my cunt.

“Oh, fuck!” I gasped. He was big.

His cock had some girth to it and he was ten, eleven inches long. He was fucking me hard and fast, his cock head slamming against my womb. Christ it hurt! The pain mixed delightfully with the pleasure of his cock rubbing against my sensitive pussy walls. The sound of slapping flesh echoed through the stall and Keith was muttering softly.

“Fucking whore, spreading her legs for those guys!” he gasped. “Sucking their cocks. I bet she swallows their cum!”

Keith picked up the pace of the fucking. My tits bounced about in my dress from the force of his fucking and my left tit popping out of the bodice. I wanted to grab my tit and play with my nipple, or slide my hand down and rub my clit, but Keith was fucking me so hard I needed both my arms to brace me against the wall.

“Whore, whore, whore!” he kept muttering. “I bet she’s letting him fuck her in the ass ass. Natasha never lets me in her backdoor!”

Fuck, I don’t blame her. Keith’s cock was huge. I couldn’t imagine taking something that big up my ass. And then Rameil’s words came back to me, “When they orgasm, whisper Avvah into their ear followed by the name of the person you wish them to have form the obsession with.” Shit, I wasn’t in the right position. “Stop,” I gasped.

“What?” he gaped.

“My arm’s are tired, let’s switch positions.” They were. Keith was fucking me so hard my arms were getting sore holding this pose.

I pulled away from him and then leaned up against the stall wall, the painted metal cold on my ass. Keith grabbed my tit, squeezing it clumsily and then his cock was prodding at my pussy. I grabbed it and guided the monster back into my tight, sore hole. I gasped as he shoved back in and he started pounding away.

“Are you gonna cum in me,” I whispered into his ear. His groin was crushing my clit, every press of flesh on my clit building my orgasm. “Flood my hot little pussy with your sticky spunk!”

“Oh, God, I am!” he gasped. “Sorry, Natasha!”

I felt the first squirt of his cum shoot inside me. “Avvah Natasha!” I hissed in his ear, my orgasm threatening to spill over me. “Avvah Natasha!” I let my orgasm roll over me, shuddering in his strong arms as his cum shot inside me, filling me up delightfully.

Keith pulled away, a blank look falling across his broad face as the Prayer took effect. Breathing hard, I grabbed a ball of toilet paper and began to wipe myself clean. I threw the cum-stained paper into the toilet and flushed it, then looked around for my panties. As I pulled my panties back up and popped my tit back into my dress, Keith shook his head, coming out of the trance. He took one look at me and looked so crestfallen. He stumbled out of the stall.

I followed him out and he was standing at the mirror looking at his reflection with disgust. “Why,” he muttered. “Shit, why did I do that.”

Feeling a little guilty myself, I walked over to him and touched his arm. He flinched away. “You know she was only flirting with those guys to get your attention. I bet you were watching the game instead of her.”

“So, what now?” he asked, desperately.

“Go to her room,” I urged. “I bet she’s waiting for you to come up and apologize and make up with her. I get the feeling that she’s a bit of a drama queen?”

He snorted. “Yeah.” He hesitated. “But what about us?”

“What about us?” I asked. “It was just some harmless fun. You’re not married, yet.”

“Yeah,” he said. I could seen him rationalizing the cheating, lying to himself. “It’s not really cheating unless your married.”

“Right,” I answered.

My mission finished, I left the bathroom and spent ten frustrating minutes trying to hail a cab. Finally, I managed to flag one down. “The Sunny Beach Motel,” I told him.

“Sure ting, Miss,” he said in a thick, Haitian accent.

A minute into the ride, I felt a weird sensation, in my womb. It was like the memory of an orgasm. My body didn’t have an orgasm. There were no muscles contracting, electricity shooting through my body or any delicious shudders. It was almost like my body was remembering the sweet feeling of release.

“The Prayer of Avvah has been completed,” Ramiel’s voice whispered out of the darkness. I shuddered as invisible hands caressed my body through my dress. “Keith and Natasha have known each other and the Bond of Avvah links them. Never again will another excite them sexually.”

Ramiel’s hands traced up my side and grabbed my breasts, kneading the pliant flesh, pinching my nipples. I bit my lip to stifle my moan as an orgasm rippled through my cunt. I could feel his cock pressing at my tight asshole. No, not in the back of the cab! I tried to open my mouth to protest but instead I let out a steady moan as his cock sank into my ass.

The driver glanced in the mirror, concern painting the rich black of his face. “You ‘kay, Miss?”

I wanted to answer, but the Ecstasy of Ramiel rolled over me and my senses faded away, leaving only the pleasure of his cock in my ass. The pleasure of a cock in my pussy. Both cocks pumping away, bringing me to the height of pleasure. I was lost in the sea of sensations, a never ending orgasm that became stronger and stronger, a wave building and building before it crashed upon the shore. And then hot sperm was shooting into my ass and the largest orgasm yet rippled through my cunt, my ass, my soul.

The cock in my ass withdrew and my sense slowly returned. The feel of vinyl seat sticking to my naked ass, a cock pumping in and out of my pussy. The sour smell of sweat and tobacco. The sound of a man grunting, of flesh slapping on flesh. I opened my eyes to see the Haitian driver over me, fucking me hard.

I was laid out in the backseat of the cab, my legs wrapped around his waist. His cock felt nice in my sore cunt. He was smaller than Keith’s monster. “Bouzin sal!” the driver gasped as his warm cum spilled inside me and another orgasms spasmed weakly through my body. The Haitian pulled out of my cunt. “You one dirty bitch!” he said, his big smile reveling yellow, tobacco stained teeth. He put his wet cock away and got back into the driver seat.

As he drove away, I sat up in the cab. My panties lay on the floor and I slipped them back on. My tits were out, both wet with spit and I pulled my bodice back up. When we reached my motel the cabbie still asked for the fare. I didn’t bother tipping, his leer told me he got all tip he needed.

As I walked up the stairs to the second floor landing, fishing my key out of my purse, and started to think. I now knew I could perform the Prayer of Avvah. I just need to figure out how I could get Antsy into bed with me before she leaves Tuesday morning. That gave me five days to figure it out.


“FBI tipline,” I answered, stifling a yawn. I couldn’t wait for Marty to get back from vacation and I could go back to working days. Graveyard was killing me.

“Uh, yeah,” a nervous man answered. The caller idea listed a cell phone registered to Brandon Fitzsimmons. “Um, hi.”

I started typing the information into the computer. “How can I help you, sir?” I asked.

“I have a tip on those bank robberies in Tacoma,” the man said.

“Okay, what’s your name, sir?” I knew who the phone was register, but that didn’t mean it was Mr. Fitzsimmons I was speaking to. And if it was Mr. Fitzsimmons and he wanted to be anonymous, I could maintain that fiction for him.

“Uh, Brandon Fitzsimmons,” he answered. “Listen, this guy, his name is Mark Glassner. He’s … shacked up with my wife.”

“Uh huh, and what’s your wife’s name?” I asked, typing away.

“Desiree.” He paused. “This guy, Mark, he’s a bad guy. Really dangerous. He’s got lots of weapons. He’s showed them to me. He boasted about how he would love to kill a cop.”

“Really, and where is he staying?”

“At my house 2936 Mountain View Court SE, Puyallup, WA 98374. He’s really dangerous.”

To be continued …

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