The Garage

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This was going to be good, he just knew it, there was no doubt about it. They had been playing for months now but tonight he was here at her house and he knew he was finally going to have her. He knocked on the door but there was no answer, how could that be, they had talked, she knew that he was coming. Then he saw the light on in the garage, was she there? He figured he’d give it a try so down the drive he went to see if she was there.

Yes, she was, looking so hot, it took his breath away for a moment. She was standing there at the bench, cut off shorts, halter top, he was happy it was a hot June night. She didn’t hear him right away so he was able to watch her and appreciate the sight. She was working at something but all he could think of was that he wanted her working on him.

Finally, she turned and saw him and her smile said it all. She was very glad to see him. As she walked toward him, he felt his erection coming up, she looked so hot. She didn’t say a word, she just came in for a wonderfully hot kiss.

It started off very slow and then her tongue started to explore his mouth. Their tongues were intertwined, and his hands started to explore her body. He’d seen her so often but had never had the pleasure of touching those breasts, of feeling that ass, it all felt so good, just as good as he had canlı bahis imagined a thousand times before.

She loved it, she loved his hands on her, her hands in his hair, on his neck, his shoulders. Feeling his muscles like that made her even hotter and wetter than she already was. His arms were amazing, the muscle, the hardness of him felt so good as she caressed him.

It was a hot night and the feel of the sweat on his chest made her melt. She moved down his neck to his chest; he had been thinking of doing the same. The physical sensation of her against him made him so hard the fact of which wasn’t lost on her. She felt him against her and she couldn’t wait to have him in her mouth.

The feel of her tongue on his chest and his nipples made him shudder with ecstasy. She started to unbutton his jeans. Each button added to the heat that was coming off the two of them.

Finally, she had him in her hands. He was fabulous. She had been thinking about him for month and wondering what he would be like. How big would he be? She had asked him once because she just had to know. He had said he was no monster but he thought she would be satisfied.

Well she was finally finding out and she was so pleased that he did not disappoint. All the sex they had talked about, all the thing they had talked about doing to bahis siteleri each other, finally it was going to come to be.

She looked around the garage, she wanted him right here. There was a patio chair and that would be perfect. She pulled it over and pushed him down.

They didn’t have to say a work, their actions conveyed everything they needed to. Their eyes stayed locked on each other. They understood there was no need for words. They had said everything before, now they just had to let their bodies take control.

He sat there as she stood before him, he couldn’t take his eyes from hers but he didn’t miss the whole picture. She undid her shorts and let them fall. She looked magnificent, nicely trimmed, well taken care of.

She took the halter top off. Her breasts were beautiful. For a moment he left her eyes and admired her body. He hadn’t realized exactly how good her body was, he wondered how he couldn’t have seen this. He knew she took care of herself but to see her standing in front of him like this was an amazing sight. She loved that he felt that way about her body. She took pride in the fact that she cared for herself and felt good about it.

Now there was something that she wanted, she wanted that hard cock. He looked amazing sitting in the chair and she wanted him bad. She knelt bahis şirketleri in from of him and took that hard cock in her mouth. Her mouth was hot and wet, he knew her pussy would be the same.

She started softly on him, breathing down the sides of his shaft and then she licked him. Up and down she went, playing with him but he loved every sensation. Soon she was hovering over the head, just breathing on him.

She took him down, down as far as she could. Her lips touched his balls, he couldn’t believe it, no one had done that before. She just loved sucking his cock, her desire for him was incredible. This was the best blowjob he had ever had, he couldn’t get over how much she liked it. He relaxed and enjoyed the ride.

She started going faster and faster, her hand gripping him hard. He wasn’t going to last but at just the right moment, she slowed down and slowly played her tongue around him.

Slowly and gently, she rolled him in her mouth. Fuck, that was it, he couldn’t take it anymore, he threw his head back and let it all go. The pressure and then the complete and total release. He emptied into her mouth and she took all that he gave her. She drank him down and loved every drop. He tasted so good.

She lightly touched him but he could hardly stand it, he couldn’t take anymore, the sensations were too much. She knew when to let him go. She smiled at him, he was exhausted by her but felt incredible, all he could do was smile back and say thank you. She licked her lips and stood up. She couldn’t have been hotter!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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