The Great Theatre

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Max Shimmer loved his job as the Casting Director for a major motion picture studio. He was successful because he was able to recognize talent and, more importantly, was able to visualize the actor in the part. Each time he saw his name roll onto the screen during the movie credits, he felt pride and job satisfaction. But that was only part of the reason Max loved his job.

Max was in a position of power.

Struggling young actors and actresses placed their livelihoods in his hands. He was the one who decided if they were to work and get paid. Even more so, he held the key to their success… their future… their destiny. He decided who got the career-making part… the part that would make them a star. And most of the youngsters understood they had to “pay their dues” to achieve the superstar status where they then would have fame, riches, and… power.

Max was not what you’d call a “lady’s man”. He was in his early 50’s, balding, with a pot belly. But he was always around young, beautiful women and clearly took advantage of his position. He was currently auditioning young actresses for a major part, which required three characteristics. First, they needed to be able to act. Second, their appearance and mannerisms needed to match that of the character they would be portraying. And third… well, they had to be willing to earn the part.

The photographs from the portfolio of the first actress to audition that day were spread across Max’s desk. Her physical appearance met the requirements — 18 to 25 years old, long blonde hair, 5’3″ to 5’5″ tall (the leading male was only 5’7″), and slim. He looked up when she walked in.

“Hello, my name is Heather White,” she said with faked confidence.

“Sit down,” Max said rather routinely, pointing to a chair across from his desk.

After sitting, Heather presented her credentials and answered Max’s planned questions. Then one of Max’s employees was summoned to help with the audition by reading the leading man’s lines. When the reading was completed, the man left.

“Very nicely done,” Max complimented her performance.

“Oh, thank you very much,” the young actress exclaimed with a sigh of relief.

“I think you may be what we’re looking for,” Max continued, giving the young actress a little hope. “But there’s more than acting. You have to meet the physical characteristics. Raise your dress.”

“What?” Heather exclaimed, stunned by the suddenness of the request.

“There will be a few scenes on the beach and I need to make sure your legs are acceptable.”

“Oh,” Heather said as she slowly stood up. She reached the hem of her dress and lifted it to mid-thigh.

“Higher,” Max ordered. She raised it a little more. “Higher.” She kept moving it upwards. “Higher.” When the dress was just below her panties she hesitated. She looked at Max, but he simply motioned with his hand to keep going. With shaking hands, Heather raised the dress a little more — her panties just beginning to show. “For God’s sake girl, to your waist.”

Max enjoyed this little game. He intentionally didn’t initially tell the young actress to raise her dress to her waist. He wanted it to be done a little at a time… winning each minor battle of wits. He was pleased when her dress was lifted all the way to her waist, providing him a clear view of her rather transparent panties. He assumed that was one of the reasons she hesitated. He was able to see her fluffy blonde pubic hairs through the see-through garment. He reveled in the redness that spread over her innocent face.

“Hummm… yes, very nice,” Max complimented her, making her think she was closer to receiving the part, “now the top. Make believe your undies are a bikini.”

“B-But, I-I’m wearing a dress.”

“Then take it off, girl. C’mon, I don’t have all day.”

Max sat back and watched the young actress struggle to make up her mind. It was so predictable that he almost laughed. But her ambition finally won out over her modesty. She let go of the bottom part of her dress and started fumbling with the buttons. When they were undone, Heather pulled the dress over her head, leaving her in only a skimpy bra and panties. The bra was also transparent, displaying her nipples and aerolas. She stood self-consciously in front of a strange, much older, man — almost completely naked.

“Turn around,” Max commanded.

Heather slowly turned so that she faced away from the Casting Director. He meant for her to make a 360 degree turn, but this was even better. He looked at her cute little ass and the crack that was clearly visible through the thin material. With her turned away from him, Max opened his pants and pulled his hardening cock out. He began wanking it while watching her. If she had turned around she would have caught him, but that was part of his excitement. But she didn’t turn.

“OK, turn back around,” Max instructed right after sliding his chair under the desk — his hand still on his now hard cock. “Take beyoğlu escort the rest of it off.”

“Why do I have to do that?”

“Because I said so. I need to see all of you. Jeez girl, I thought you wanted to be an actress. This is getting tiring.”

Heather thought for a moment and then rationalized that she had gone so far already, what difference would it make? After all, she was already almost naked. She placed her dress on top of the desk and unclasped her bra, pulling it off and depositing in also on the desk. Then, after hesitating for a moment, slid her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them, adding them to the pile of clothing. She felt so vulnerable standing naked before a fully-clothed strange man.

“Oh, very nice… very, very nice. You shouldn’t be so timid about displaying some of your best assets,” Max encouraged her, trying to break down her resistance. “There are a lot of parts for a beautiful woman with a great body. And you have a really fine body. Mmmm, I don’t know….” Max said, as if to himself, with his voice trailing off.

“What?” Heather immediately reacted.

“Well, there’s a scene where we were expecting to have the leading lady’s nipples show through her blouse, but yours… um, well to be honest, I don’t think they are big enough.”

“Oh, they get bigger,” the naïve actress exclaimed, “watch.”

Max smiled when he saw the young woman twirl and pull on her nipples. Sure enough, they did indeed get hard and much longer. Heather was getting used to being naked and doing what the Casting Director requested. She had very sensitive nipples and knew how to get them erect. After causing both nipples to stand out, Heather proudly displayed her naked boobs, but then gasped when Max pushed his chair back and brought his lap into view.

“Oh god, what are you doing?”

“You were playing with yourself so I began playing with myself.”

“Bu-But you told me to.”

“Doesn’t matter. I liked it and I got excited. Now I’d like you to come over here and help me out.”

“You what? Over there? What do you want me to do? I don’t understand.”

“Just come over here…. That’s right. Now help me out. Put your hand where mine is.”

“On your…. You mean on your, uh… on that!” she said pointing to Max’s hard-on.

“Yeah, on that! On my dick… my cock. Don’t you see how hard it is? You caused that and now I’m asking you to help me out.”

“I-I-I can’t do that.”

“Sure you can,” Max assured her, pulling her hand onto his cock. “Good, now move it up and down… yeah, like that. Oh Baby, that’s so nice… mmmmm.”

Heather’s little hand slid up and down the older man’s cock. Max watched her get into a rhythm and then reached up and started playing with her hard nipple. Heather’s eyes stared at his fingers on her breast, but her hand kept moving up and down on his cock. After a while, Max moved his hand between her naked thighs and inserted a finger into her pussy. She gasped, but kept moving her hand. He pushed his finger all the way in, validating that she was not a virgin. He finger-fucked her while she jerked him off.

“OK girlie, put my cock in your mouth.”

“You want me to blow you. I can’t do that. My god, I don’t even know you.”

“You don’t know me? Look at us. My finger’s in your cunt and you’re jerking me off. I don’t think we’re strangers anymore.”

“But that’s so intimate. I just can’t.”

“How badly do you want this part?” Max asked the “killer” question.

The young actress wanted the part very much. She thought it would make her career. Then she considered all the Casting Director said. She was naked… his finger was inside her… and her hand was wrapped around his hard cock, jerking him off. So what if she gave him a blow-job. It would soon be over with and she’d get the part.

Heather dropped to her knees. In doing so she forced his finger even deeper into her pussy before it popped out and rubbed against her clit as she sunk lower. A soft moan escaped her lips as that happened. Her hand, still on his hard-on, guided his cock into her mouth. Max looked down at the 19 year old girl as her lips parted and then slid over his cock.

Max loved it. A young, beautiful, naked girl, who he never met before today, was on her knees blowing him. He loved his job. He watched her lips slide up and down his hard cock, leaving a shiny trail of spit. Every once in a while he’d hear her gulp down the saliva accumulating in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down in his lap. “She must be used to young guys cumming quickly,” Max thought when she seemed impatient for the end. She increased the speed of her bobbing head, causing her lips to rub against his organ more quickly. She was succeeding in trying to end her ordeal.

“Wait,” Max said as he pushed her head off his cock. A long strand of saliva connected her lower lip to the tip of his cock. He stared at it until bostancı escort it snapped. “Climb on board.”

“Oh no… I can’t do that. Really, Mr. Shimmer, I just can’t. Not that.”

“Why not? Don’t you want the part? You’ve come so far, why not finish it?”

“Please, I’ve only done that with my current boyfriend. I just can’t do that.”

“That? What is that? Tell me what you can’t do.”

“I-I can’t have intercourse with you.”

“Intercourse? Shit girl, were you raised in a convent? The part calls for a worldly woman… I guess you are not right for the part after all.”

“Yes… yes I am,” the young naïve actress said rapidly. “I am… really.”

“Then for God’s sake, prove it.”

“Mr. Shimmer, I can’t fuck you. It wouldn’t be right. I would be cheating on my boyfriend.”

“What the hell have you been doing if not cheating on him? Did you let me stick my finger in your cunt? Huh? Did you jerk me off? Huh? Where was my cock a moment ago? In your mouth… right? You were sucking my cock. For God’s sake, don’t stop now. You’re perfect for the part. But you gotta earn it. Do you understand? Do you?”

Max watched the girl’s troubled expression in silence. He saw the torment in her face from the battle she was waging inside her head. When her eyes looked up he knew he had won — she was his. Heather lifted one leg and flung it over his lap while facing him. Standing on her tiptoes, the submissive girl waited for Max to move, but he just beamed at her, remaining motionless. Heather understood and reached between her thighs and found his hard cock. She guided it to her young pussy and lowered herself onto his organ. She felt his thick cock slide into her… deeper and deeper… until she was sitting on his lap.

It was hard for Heather to sit still with a cock inside her pussy. To Max’s enjoyment, she began squirming on his lap. He looked between her widely spread legs at the neatly trimmed blonde bush. His hand slid between them and his finger located the base of his cock. He moved his finger around, feeling the moist skin of Heather’s pussy clinging to his dick. The girl just stared at him with wide eyes.

While Heather fidgeted on his cock, Max’s finger found her clit — totally vulnerable in her exposed position. He gently stroked it and her writhing became more pronounced.

“Ohh… mmmm… ohhh,” the young actress moaned.

Heather’s squirming turned into a more pronounced movement. She started to move her hips back and forth, causing Max’s cock to partially come out of her and then go back inside. He felt the wetness drip from her excited cunt. His finger returned to the area where they were connected and he lubricated his finger with her juices. Now when he returned to her clit, his moistened finger resumed its titillation.

“Ohhhhhh,” Heather sighed when the lubricated finger touched her. A wet finger is much more pleasurable than a dry one, and Max knew that. He continued to transfer the juices from her leaking pussy to her clit — moving his finger in little circles. “Mmmmm… aaahhhh… ohhh… ooooh… mmmmm.”

Heather couldn’t control herself any longer and began bouncing up and down on the older man’s cock. She lifted off him and then crashed back down onto his lap. Up and down… up and down… up and down. Her pussy grabbed his cock in order to increase the friction and, thus, the stimulation. Max sat back and watched his cock slide in and out of the young actress. Each time she raised off him he could see the slickness on his cock increase. Suddenly, she put her hands on his shoulders for support and started bouncing so hard on his lap that her ass cheeks made slapping sounds each time she smashed onto his thighs. Then, sitting down hard on his lap, Heather’s body froze. She leaned forward a little causing her clit to press against his cock and began a forward and backward motion with her hips until her face crinkled and her body shuddered in a powerful orgasm.

“Aaarrggghhhh!!!!” she screamed out through clenched teeth.

Before Heather reopened her eyes, Max grabbed her ass and stood up, never separating from her. He carried her the few steps to his desk and placed her on it. He then put his hands flat on the desktop and began thrusting into her with powerful strokes.

“Ugh… ugh… ugh… ugh,” Heather grunted as Max rammed his cock into her.

Max saw the young woman’s eyes open and ascertain what was transpiring. She was being brutally fucked by a strange man. His hard cock was moving in and out of her cunt with great force and speed… and there was nothing she could do about it. Then, Max thrust in one last time and leaned his body over the woman’s. He looked into her eyes and watched her reaction as his hot sperm shot into her pussy. It was the final submission. She was really fucked by a strange man — fucked hard. He continued to shoot more and more of his cum inside her and all she could do was büyükçekmece escort lay there and accept it.

Without Heather seeing him, Max hit the button on his intercom. This was the preplanned signal. A moment later, his administrator’s voice came through the intercom’s speaker, “Mr. Shimmer, your next audition is here. She’s on her way in.”

Max pulled out of Heather’s pussy and the poor girl jumped off the desk in a panic — looking around… moving erratically. “I have to get out of here. Oh my god… oh my god.”

“Shhh,” Max said, “be quiet. Get under the desk. Get out of sight.” As the flustered girl crawled under the desk, Max gathered up her clothes and flung them into a closet behind him. “Be quiet. Don’t let her know you’re here.”

Max sat down in his chair and moved it towards the desk, trapping the young actress underneath it. To her shock, Max’s pants were still undone.

“Hello, Irene,” Max greeted his next audition, “so glad you could come back.”

“Hello, Mr. Shimmer,” Heather heard her competitor’s voice.

“Well, you won’t have to repeat the reading,” Max continued. “We just have a few more things to cover. It shouldn’t take long.”

Max was busy writing on a piece of paper as he spoke to the new woman. Then he slipped the note to Heather who read it in disbelief. It simply said, “Blow me.”

Heather considered her alternatives. She didn’t have any. After all she had been through, it would have been ludicrous to give up now. She earned the part and she was going to get it — no matter what! She maneuvered in the cramp quarters until she was on her knees between Max’s legs. Max’s cum began leaking out of her pussy and running down her thighs as a reminder that she was just fucked by the stranger. She tugged on his pants and underwear until they were at his ankles, spread his knees further apart, and crawled between them. She saw his now limp cock, covered with a mixture of his sperm and her juices, and lifted it to her lips. Opening her mouth, Heather swallowed the messy cock and started licking it with her tongue.

“There’s going to be a beach scene in the movie and I need to see you in a bikini,” she heard Max tell the other actress. Take off your clothes and let me see you in your bra and panties.” Heather heard the same line he gave her and gently nipped the cock in her mouth telling him that she was not pleased. This startled Max and he jumped in his seat.

“You okay?” Irene asked when she saw the sudden movement.

“Sure, just a chill.”

“Well, I’m not wearing a bra,” the confident actress announced.

“Never mind, strip to your panties then.”

Heather continued to lick and suck Max’s cock. She had licked it completely clean of their juices and Heather was amazed that she hadn’t thrown up. Max alternated between watching one young actress strip before him and the other one suck his cock. His dick began to renew its hardness.

“Lovely… very lovely,” the Casting Director complimented the ambitious actress who was now standing in front of him in just her panties. “Turn around… yes, very, very nice indeed. You have a wonderful body.”

“Thank you,” Irene said pleased with the attention he was affording her.

“Good then. Do you mind taking your panties off?”

“Not at all, Mr. Shimmer. I’ll do whatever you want me to do.”

There was no doubt in Max’s mind what Irene meant by that. Although only 24 years old, the young blonde had been around Hollywood long enough to understand what was expected of an unknown pretty actress. Max smiled as he watched her remove her frilly panties. Meanwhile, Heather was busy under his desk sucking his cock. He loved his job.

“Irene, my dear, why don’t you play with yourself.

The more experienced actress did not hesitate. She started massaging her breasts with the palms of her hands. She squeezed them and pinched her nipples. Then, lifting one breast to her mouth, she sucked on her own nipple. After doing the same with her other breast, Irene slowly slid her fingers down her belly to her shaved mound. She cupped her pussy and then raised her hand to her mouth. After sucking on a finger — getting it real wet — she lowered it between her legs and slipped it inside her.

“Ahhh,” she moaned as she began finger-fucking herself.

Max looked at the young blonde standing naked, masturbating for him, and then at the even younger blonde, also naked, sucking his cock. Before long, Max was as hard as he was going to get. He rolled his chair back, yanking his cock from Heather’s mouth. She looked up at him in surprise, but he just signaled for her to stay where she was. Then he removed his pants and boxers, got up, and walked around the desk to where Irene was masturbating. He got down on his knees and pushed his face between her legs.

“Oh yes, Mr. Shimmer, please do.”

Max accepted the invitation and began lapping the bald cunt. He loved the taste of young pussy and licked and licked and licked. When Irene began squirming, Max stood up and guided her to the desk. He pushed on her shoulder and she submissively leaned over with the palms of her hands on the desktop causing her butt to stick out. Max got behind her and shoved his hard-on into her wet pussy from behind.

“Yes… yes, Mr. Shimmer. Oh god that feels good.”

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