The Gymnast Pt. 02

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The next morning when Emma woke up she laid in bed naked thinking about what had happened to her yesterday afternoon, she was still struggling to come to terms with having let two of her instructors fuck her several times. Was she still willing to keep letting the instructors keep fucking her for the next few weeks till after the main competition for the year was held? If she won the competition she would be able to start her own gymnastics club.

When her father opened her bedroom door and asked, “What would you like for breakfast?”

“Dad you should knock on the door before coming into my bedroom,” screamed Emma pulling her bedsheets up over her naked body.

“Don’t worry, I’ve seen you naked plenty of times before,” her father Mal replied.

It was true, Mal had seen his daughter naked over the years and watched her develop into a very attractive female. He loved watching her competing in gymnastics competitions and seeing her wearing her tight-fitting leotard. As soon as her father left her bedroom, Emma climbed out of bed and went and had a shower and after getting dressed in her casual clothes, she joined her father in the kitchen for breakfast.

“Are you going to the club to train this afternoon,” Mal asked.

“Yes I am, I’ve been asked to help the instructors train the students,” replied Emma.

Mal put his arm around his daughter and gave her a kiss on her cheek and said, “Congratulations sweetheart.”

Her father’s hand brushed over her breast and give her breast a squeeze when he cuddled her at first Emma had thought it was an accident and then thought she was being paranoid after what had happened to her yesterday. But when her father standing behind her gave her another kiss on the cheek and wrapped his arms around her and cupped both of her breasts through her top.

Emma squealed, “Dad, what are you doing?”

“I’m feeling how much my little girl has grown up into a young woman,” chuckled Mal.

Emma gasped and turned to face her father and said, “Dad you can’t touch me like that, I’m not your little girl anymore.”

“You will always be my little girl, sweetheart,” replied Mal as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her on her mouth.

Emma was shocked at her father’s behavior and for the rest of the morning she stayed in her bedroom, she was confused with what her father had done, was he sexually attracted to her? Did he walk in on her in her bedroom on purpose? She had seen him looking at her having a shower and she suspected he was using her panties, did every man who saw her want to fuck her just like her instructors had?

After having lunch which consisted off something small for her to eat as she wanted to stay slim for the upcoming gymnastics competition. Emma left her house and started walking the half-mile to the gymnastic club. When she arrived at the club and walked inside she was greeted by Mr. and Mrs. Wood two of the senior club’s instructors setting up the training equipment. They were a married couple and had been Emma’s instructors ever since she had first joined the club.

When they saw Emma come into the club they both came over to cevizli escort her and said, “Congratulations Emma, we have been told that you will be assisting us.”

“Good morning Mrs. and Mr. Wood,” Emma replied.

“Please call us by our first names, John and Anne… now that you’re going to be working with us,” said Mrs. Wood who then gave Emma a congratulatory kiss on her cheek.

When John gave her a congratulatory kiss it was on her mouth and she felt his hands squeezing her ass-cheeks, he chuckled, “We are delighted that we’re going to be spending a lot of time with you, Steven told us that he has explained all your duties to you,”

“Yes he did,” replied Emma blushing.

Emma knew then that Steven must have told John and Anne about Steven and Bill fucking her yesterday afternoon, and she suddenly realized that she was going to have to let John fuck her as well.

John placed his hand on Emma’s shoulder and said, “Let me show you the staff room and where your new locker is.”

Inside the staff room, after John had shown Emma where her locker was, he opened her locker and said, “Why don’t you get changed into your staff uniform?”

John stood there watching Emma removing her dress, when her dress fell to the floor she stood there with her back to John in just her bra and panties after she had stepped into her staff shorts and was about to pull on her top John stopped her, and said, “Emma, you don’t need to wear a bra, you will feel more comfortable with it off.”

After she had unclipped her bra and slipped her bra off, John turned Emma around to face him and chuckled, “Let me have a good look at your breasts.”

Emma tried to cover her breasts with her arms, but John pulled them away and after staring at her breasts for a minute he grinned and gave each breast a squeeze and twisted each of her nipples.

As soon as he removed his hands from her breasts Emma quickly pulled on her top and the first thing she noticed was how tight her top was and how her nipples stuck out.

John leaned closer and whispered, “I can’t wait to fuck you after class.”

Emma blushed at hearing John telling her that he was going to fuck her, she turned and walked out of the staff room and saw that the students were already arriving for class. It felt like everyone’s eyes looking at her tight-fitting top with her nipples clearly displayed. Two instructors came over and congratulated her by giving her a kiss and a hug when she felt their hands squeezing her ass-cheeks through her shorts all she could think off was that she would be required to fuck them as well.

Emma felt everyone was watching her as she helped the students do their somersaults and cartwheels when she demonstrated a cartwheel her tight top rode up her chest and for a brief moment her breasts were visible to those watching her. After the class was finished Emma went into the staff room to change into her leotard and practice her routine, when she came back out of the staff room the training room was empty except for the two instructors, she started doing her routine of backflips and cihangir escort scissor leaps and when she began doing handsprings over the vault.

The two instructors came over and stood beside the vault it was common practice for an instructor to stand there and catch the person doing the vault in case they fell. Every vault Emma did the two instructors caught her and groped her body through her leotard, when one of the instructors turned her around to face him and gave her a passionate kiss and held her body against his, Emma felt the zip of her leotard being pulled down by the other instructor. Emma’s leotard was pulled down to around her ankles and quickly taken off, she stood there naked in front of the two smiling instructors.

Their hands were now roaming over her naked body, groping her small breasts and her cute ass-cheeks. She was suddenly laid over the vault on her stomach with one instructor holding her hands the other instructor held onto her legs. The instructor holding her hands dropped his shorts to his feet and rubbed his hard cock over Emma’s mouth she had no option other than to open her mouth and let him push his cock into her mouth.

As the instructor began pumping his cock in and out of her mouth, Emma felt her legs being pulled apart and then felt a large cock being driven into her cunt, she was now being fucked by both men as she laid over the vault.

“Fuck, I’ve dreamed of doing this to you ever since you walked into the club,” blurted the instructor fucking Emma’s mouth.

“I’m glad to see that Steven talked you into letting us fuck you,” chuckled the other instructor as he began thrusting his cock in and out of Emma’s tight bald cunt.

When Emma tried to reply all she could manage was a muffled sound as her mouth was filled with the instructor’s cock. She had never had this many different cocks in her cunt before, she has only ever been with two boys her age, one had taken her virginity on a date when he fucked her in the back seat of his car and the other boy had fucked her at a party at her friend’s house.

What was embarrassing was that her father had walked in on her being fucked by the boy and he dragged her out of the house without letting her cover up her naked body. At home her father gave her two options, one was to quit gymnastics and go out with boys and let them fuck her like a slut. Or two for her to stop going out with boys and concentrate on her gymnastics. If only her father could see her now being fucked by two of her instructors, what would he do?

When Emma felt the instructor’s cock starting to shoot cum down her throat she sucked on his cock and pulled his cock deep into her mouth and held him by the waist. To stop him from pulling his cock out of her mouth and covering her face with cum like it had been yesterday. As soon as she was sure he had no more cum left in his cock, Emma released his cock from her mouth letting him step back.

As the other instructor continued pounding her cunt, Emma wished that he would hurry up and cum, so she could have a shower and go home. When the instructor finally erenköy escort finished filling her cunt with his cum and had removed his cock, Emma climbed off the vault and walked naked into the staff room.

“It’s about time, I’ve been waiting for you,” said John standing naked stroking his massive cock.

John took Emma’s hand and led her over to the sofa that had been turned into a bed, after lying her down on the bed, he lifted her legs up onto her shoulders and drove his massive cock into her cunt. John was thrusting his cock in and out of Emma’s cunt when his wife Anne came out of the shower room and when saw Emma lying there Anne squatted and lowered her hairy cunt over Emma’s face.

Emma had never been with a woman before, her only experience with females was with a girlfriend that she had slept with on a sleepover. As Anne ground her hairy cunt against Emma’s face, Emma started licking and probing Anne’s cunt with her tongue.

“God, that feels so good, keep tongue fucking my cunt, you’re going to make me cum,” squealed Anne.

When Emma started flicking her tongue over Anne’s clit, Anne’s body shuddered and when Emma sucked the bud into her mouth, Anne’s juices squirted all over Emma’s face. Seeing his wife coming over one of their former students was all it took to make John’s cock erupt and add his cum to her cum filled cunt. After he was finished coming he pulled his cock out of her cunt and sat down on the bed and looked at Emma lying there with cum running out of her cunt.

As Emma laid there Anne started fondling Emma’s small breasts and said, “We have always admired your beautiful body.”

After moving Emma’s legs apart, Anne buried her face against Emma’s cum filled cunt and as she began to tongue fuck Emma she reached up and squeezed Emma’s small breasts, pulling and twisting on her nipples.

“Oh fuck what are you doing to me?” squealed Emma as her body shuddered.

Anne kept tongue fucking Emma’s bald cunt, sucking out the cum from her cunt, Emma reached down and placed her hand on the back of Anne’s head and pressed her mouth hard against her cunt. After making her cum two more times, Emma had had enough and she lifted Anne’s mouth off her cunt and sat up, and said, “No more, I can’t take it.”

As John sat there watching his wife and Emma, he was busy stroking his hard cock trying to keep his cock hard and when Emma saw the time on the wall clock she screamed, “Shit look at the time, I’m going to be late getting home.”

“Before you go home suck my husband’s cock for him,” blurted Anne.

Emma looked at John and then quickly moved over in front of him and took his cock into her mouth and began to rapidly move her mouth up and down on his cock. John held her head in his hands and began pumping her head up and down at a furious rate. It didn’t take long for his cock to explode and start filling Emma’s mouth with cum. When Emma lifted her mouth off John’s cock too early his cock shot a load of cum over her face and in her hair.

There was no time for Emma to have a shower, she had to get home to her father, he would be wondering where she was. She pulled on her dress and threw her underwear into her locker and started to rush out the staff room door.

She was stopped at the door with Steven asking, “What’s your rush, Emma?”

“I’m going to be late getting home, my father will be wondering where I am,” blurted Emma.

“I will drive you home,” chuckled Steven as he put an arm around her.

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