The Hands Of A Friend Ch. 2

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Babe Shower

“Don’t forget, now” I heard her say as I was leaving. “We’ll see you tonight…around 8ish? And don’t forget your suit, in case we decide to hop into the hot tub.”

“Okay,” I replied, perhaps not quite as enthusiastically as I would have liked, while I climbed into my car to head home. “I’ll be there…see you later.”

My head was spinning and I had to consciously remind myself to concentrate on my driving as I thought back over the last few weeks. It had been that long, though sometimes it seemed like only yesterday, since my ‘encounter’ with her husband on the train after our shopping trip. Since then, though I had seen her quite often as was usual, I had only seen him a few times. Sometimes he would stop in at her place of business on his way to or from work while I was there. Just the sight of him coming through the door would cause my body to respond; not unpleasantly, though I hope I did a good job of hiding it. The first time he came in I was flustered and found it difficult to even look him in the eye. But he just acted as naturally as ever, as if nothing had happened between us and she didn’t seem to suspect a thing. So, I made myself calm down and after that did my best to do the same. The only difference was that he sometimes would touch me, just a brush on my arm or shoulder or a small hug…nothing that we hadn’t done before, but now it seemed he would let his fingers linger just a bit longer than he would have in the past.

But tonight was different. They were having a party, nothing big, just a small get-together with a few friends. I wasn’t sure that I was ready for a prolonged social evening of drinking and small talk. I told myself I was being silly and that everything was fine. After all, we wouldn’t actually be alone together and the chances were dim that either of us was inclined to repeat our dalliance.

In spite of my reassurances to myself, I found myself paying special attention to my hair and makeup as I dressed for the party. After staring into my closet for what seemed like an hour I finally settled on a ‘little black dress’ that was made of a shiny silk, well fitted at the bodice and flaring slightly from the waist to a hemline that fell just above the knee. The plunging neckline showed off a slight swell of my rather full breasts and the gold teardrop necklace that dangled just at the top of my cleavage. A lacey black garter belt, sheer black stockings, black pumps, gold earrings and a slight spray of my favorite perfume completed my preparations. I could think of nothing else to do to stall, so I took a deep breath and headed off.

Upon arriving at their house I saw that several guests had already arrived, so I plunged on in and started to mingle after a visit to the kitchen to get myself a white wine. After awhile I spied our hostess at the far end of the livingroom and wandered over to say hello. “Don’t you look nice tonight” she complimented me lightly. “Why, thank you ma’am” I responded theatrically. “Go make yourself another drink and have a good time” she said with a small laugh. “We’ll have time to chat later” she continued, moving away to speak to some of the other guests. As she left, I felt a large warm hand land on the small of my back. I didn’t have to turn around to recognize the hard chest and tight, flat stomach pressed against the length of my arm or the muscled thigh that my fingertips were suddenly resting on. I quickly pulled my hand away, but he gently stroked the back of my dress causing me to tremble slightly against him.

“You do look lovely tonight,” he said in his deep velvet voice, looking down at the drop of my necklace with a smile. Then, running a fingertip down the silk from under my arm to my hip, he leaned in to breathe into my ear, “Delicious”. I could feel myself start to flush and had to close my eyes, hoping that nobody else would notice.

I managed to compose myself as a couple of other guests came over to chat with us. He stayed with me for a bit, moving around as I did engaging in small talk with me and the others, always the perfect gentleman but maddeningly never letting his hand stray from the small of my back. I must admit I was quite relieved when one of the men called him over to the other side of the room. I had been enjoying the party, but was becoming entirely too preoccupied with his hand and the rays of heat that seemed to be emanating from it and through my body.

The evening wore on and it became quite late. Soon all the other guests had left and I stayed to help clean up. She came over and poured the three of us another glass of wine. Then we set to work getting their house back in order, talking and laughing as we rehashed the events of the evening. When everything was cleaned and put canlı bahis away I said, “Well, it’s really late. I’d better hit the road.” She looked at me with the concern of the good friend she was and replied, “Oh no, I don’t think so. You’ve had entirely too much to drink tonight. We can’t let you drive home like this. Can we, hon?” She looked over at him for confirmation and, with a big grin, he wholeheartedly agreed. “Yup, no doubt about it. You’ll have to spend the night.”

“Okay, okay,” I thought wildly. “How am I going to get out of this.” On the one hand, I knew that they were both right. I had had too much to drink, and was feeling a bit foggy. On the other hand, it was clear to me from the smug look on his face that his plans for me did not include a good night’s sleep!

“It’s settled then,” she said, placing her arm around my shoulder. “You’re staying.”

“Umm…uh, uh huh, yeah, I guess,” I mumbled, feeling like a complete idiot, but not able to come up with any good reason why I shouldn’t stay…at least not one I could tell her. I looked over her shoulder to see him looking me up and down with an appreciative smile as he commented, “Sure, it’ll be fun.” Damn him. I felt my neck flush and hoped she wouldn’t notice that, or the way my nipples had started to poke out at the silky front of my dress. Luckily, it appeared that she hadn’t but I knew he had when I looked helplessly back in his direction to see him staring unabashedly at my chest and slowly licking his lips.

I extricated myself from under her arm, grabbed my glass and headed for the kitchen. “Well, if I’m not driving, I might as well have another drink!” They both followed me and he leaned over me, pressing his groin against my hip, to take the bottle out of my hand and started to pour one for the both of us. “Good idea. I’ll have one, too.” I bolted out from between him and the counter as I heard her say, “Not me, I’m exhausted. I’m going to go on up to bed. You two go ahead, though.”

As she started to turn away, she stopped and looked back. “Say, if you’re not tired, why don’t you go downstairs and relax in the hot tub for a bit? That always gets me in the mood for bed.”

“Excellent idea!” he said, his eyes looking directly into mine. “That always gets me ‘in the mood’, too.”

I realized I was standing there rooted to the spot with my mouth hanging open. I quickly swallowed and tore my eyes away, looking down at the floor. My knees were feeling shaky and when he grabbed my hand he had to practically drag me across the kitchen to the doorway where she was standing. Still holding my hand, he wrapped his other arm around her and proceeded to kiss her goodnight. He pulled her close, mashing her breasts against his chest and her hips tight against his as he kissed her slowly and thoroughly. I tried to pull my hand away, but he held it in a firm grip against his ribs, the whole time stroking the top of it with his thumb. I wasn’t more than a few inches from them as I saw that their mouths were open and couldn’t help but watch with fascination as their tongues moved against each other. I could feel the heat rising from his body and when I heard a small moan escape from her, it was with consternation that I recognized a familiar dampness spreading between my legs.

Their kiss seemed to go on forever. I was entranced and actually felt a surprising ache of disappointment when it ended. This ache, unfortunately, was replaced by panic when she headed up the stairs and he started to pull me toward the downstairs and the waiting hot tub. “Come on,” he said, looking at me with a mischievous and knowing look. “Let’s go get wet!” This caused me to blush deeply, which he seemed to find extremely amusing. I was babbling at him all the way down the stairs, explaining all the reasons we shouldn’t, couldn’t be doing this. About our friendship, his marriage, etc., etc. He kept nodding his head, agreeing with me, saying things like, “Uh huh…hmm…you’re right…I know.”

But, when we were downstairs and standing next to the hot tub, he turned to face me standing so close that my breasts were only a whisper from his chest. I could have moved away, but I didn’t. The humor had left his face now and he was looking at me with eyes so heated as to rival the steam rising from the hot tub. Looking down he picked up my necklace, brushing the tops of my breasts with the back of his hand, not missing my sharp intake of breath. He then proceeded to use the pendant to gently stroke that area and run it teasingly along the line of my cleavage. “I love this,” he said. I didn’t know if he was referring to the necklace or my cleavage, but I didn’t care. I was already breathing deeply, causing my breasts to rise up to meet him as he dropped bahis siteleri the pendant and replaced it with his fingertips, stroking delicately along the swell.

I felt my breath catch as his hands left my breasts and he began unbuttoning his shirt. When it was open he grasped both my hands and placed my palms on his chest. As if on their own, my hands began to stroke his smooth skin, tactilely drinking in it’s heat, pausing in triumph when his nipples hardened as they brushed over them. I ran my fingers down along his ribs and over his six-pack abs, then back up over his nipples again to his shoulders where I pushed his shirt over and down his arms to drop it on the floor behind him. Reaching back for me, he slid his hands up along my hips and sides until he was cupping my breasts. As he stroked my nipples with his thumbs the backs of our hands would brush against each other while I continued my ministrations.

Not moving his gaze or his attentions from my breasts, he quietly murmured “So, did you bring your suit?”

“Uh huh.”

“Where is it?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well,” he sighed, as he leaned down to run his tongue tenderly along the line of my cleavage, over the swell and then to flick at an eagerly straining nipple. “We don’t really need it anyway, do we?” With that he grasped my nipple between his lips and began to suck on it, the wetness from his mouth seeping through the silk of my dress.

“Uh uh,” I gasped.

Now I could only hold onto his shoulders, digging my fingernails into them to keep my balance and remain standing, as he continued to suck and tease first one nipple then the other then the first one again. I felt my breasts swelling as the nipples grew harder and harder in his mouth. The feeling of his lips and tongue over my nipples through the now wet, silky fabric was irresistible. My breathing was audible and I was finding myself arching insistently into his mouth.

He stood and pulled me close against him. As his mouth lowered to mine I was waiting and ready for it. Slowly running his tongue to outline my lips, then sliding between them he caressed every part of my mouth. My tongue reached out to meet his and they danced together and stroked each other first in my mouth and then in his, growing taut with urgency, silently begging for more. I remember idly thinking as I immersed myself in this pleasure if the wicked heat from his chest would be enough to dry the large wet circles that he had left on my dress over my breasts.

Reaching behind me, he began to slowly lower the zipper on the back of my dress, never stopping the kiss or breaking the contact of our bodies. Bringing his hands to my shoulders, he slipped the straps down over my arms and pulled the top down sliding the silk between our bodies causing me to moan as suddenly there was no barrier between my distended nipples and his. He worked the skirt over my hips and let the dress drop to the floor. Holding me at the waist he helped to support me as I stepped out of it and then he kicked it aside.

Only now did he pull back, still holding on to my waist, my arms at his shoulders as he stepped back just enough to look down and rake my body with his eyes. They almost shimmered as he took in my now naked breasts with their straining nipples, traveling down to my panty-covered mound, garter belt, stockings and heels. As I watched him looking at me, I could see his lips were parted, as he was slightly panting and there was an unmistakable tenting at the front of his trousers.

Sliding down on one knee before me I felt his breath along the length of my body, his fingertips never losing contact as he kneeled before me. Now his face was right in front of my mound and I could feel his hot breathing dusting between my thighs each time he exhaled. He began to run his hands up and down my legs, the feeling exquisite through my stockings. I was moaning as he began to run his tongue up the inside of one thigh and down the other. Reaching around behind my thighs with both hands he brought them around and between my legs, gently parting them. Then, as he stroked my cheeks with one hand he brought the other around to cup and stroke my pussy. He looked up with satisfaction when he saw how wet I was, but I was far beyond embarrassment. I had detected the aroma of my arousal and felt my juices flowing long before. All I wanted, no needed, now was for him to keep going.

I looked down pleadingly at his face and groaning in protest I thrust my hips forward in his hand. Leaning in toward me he began to slowly massage my lips and slit through my panties. Resting his face at the apex he took in a deep breath, inhaling my scent. Slowly caressing me, he reached up and slipping his fingers under the bahis şirketleri waistband, he began to slide my panties down until they rested mid-thigh and stretched between my legs. Then he went back to stroking my inner thighs with his fingertips.

Standing there I looked down at myself through a haze of desire. I was almost naked in just my garter belt, stockings and heels, my legs spread before him with my panties half on and half off. A slick glaze of sweat covered most of my body and the juices were running out of my swollen pussy, dripping onto the crotch of my panties. The wantonness of the sight of myself like this only aroused me more. As I watched, he took one finger and dragged it along the inside of my panties and then watching my face intently he brought his hand to his mouth and licked and sucked his fingers clean. Bringing both hands up between my thighs he began to stroke my pussy lips inside and out, slowly, rhythmically as I rocked my hips back and forth in opposing strokes. My head was thrown back now, my eyes were closed and my mouth open as we both concentrated on only one thing…my need. The waves were washing through me, my nerve endings and contracting muscles pounding as I felt my release getting closer.

I snapped my head down as he suddenly stopped and started to try to push my thighs together. Then I saw that he was just trying to get my panties the rest of the way off. I moved to allow this and as I stepped out of them he stood and took me again in a deep kiss. I realized he still had his pants on, but I could feel his throbbing erection insistently pushing against my belly through the fabric. I reached down to free him, but he took my hand to stop me. “My turn will come…right now, it’s your turn.” With that he put his hand between my legs, still holding me close against him and began to circle my clit with the tip of one finger. My legs were trembling as the pulses shot through me. If he hadn’t been holding me up, I would never have been able to stand. I couldn’t control my breathing as he slipped one, then two intertwined fingers into my hole, twisting them in and out while still massaging my clit with his thumb, just as he had the last time. And just like the last time, I was rocking back and forth on his hand furiously, uncontrollably, the juices running down my legs and over his hand. But, before I went over the edge he pulled his hand back. Groaning “No…” into his mouth, I felt his hand come up and stroke my cheek. Then, placing one finger in his mouth and another in mine, we licked them clean of my juices together, meeting in the middle our tongues stroking again, passing the sweet nectar back and forth between us.

With one arm behind my back he slid the other under my knees and picked me up, holding me tightly against his chest. Carrying me across the room he gently placed me down on a large leather chair with curved wooden armrests. Then he gently lifted one leg and then the other and placed them through the arms on either side of the chair, thus trapping my legs wide open before him. Sliding his hands with his palms up under my butt, he grasped my cheeks and pulled me forward until my butt was just over the edge of the chair and I had to raise my knees under the armrests opening my sex completely before him.

Settling in between my legs he began licking up and down my inner thighs. I was in an agony of anticipation, my clit throbbing and beckoning to him. Finally, with one long sweep with the flat of his tongue he licked along the length of my pussy sending shockwaves through my center. He reached up for my breasts tweaking, rolling and pinching my nipples. He set to work in earnest, first gently licking along the edges of my pussy lips with the tip of his tongue, then deeper along the inside, swirling up and around, teasing my clit, varying the depth and speed as my hips bucked against his mouth. By the time he wrapped his mouth around my clit, flicking it gently then harder with his tongue, sucking and nibbling at it I was gasping. When he knew I was about to lose control entirely, he abandoned one breast and moved his hand down to take over massaging my clit. Then as he plunged his tongue deep into me, I came thunderously into his mouth. He stayed with my thrashing hips taking in my juices, never relinquishing his attentions to my clit. Just as I began to settle down, he moved his mouth back over my clit again and with small, rapid sucking action brought me immediately to a second climax.

When I was spent, he came back up over me and gently kissed me, sliding his tongue softly into my mouth letting me taste the juices he had cleaned from me. Then he gently lifted my legs out from under the armrests, moved me onto his lap and just held me for a few minutes until my breathing had slowed. As he nuzzled at my neck, I heard a small chuckle escape his lips. “What?” I asked him. “Well,” he said with a glint in his eye. “We haven’t even made it into the hot tub, yet!”

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