The Heist_(0)

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The birthday party was already in progress when Stacy arrived at her friend Melissa’s house with her two kids, Michael, 12, and Katie, 10. Stacy pulled around to the side of the house and they went in through the back gate to the pool area, where Melissa and several other mothers were supervising their kids as they played in the pool. Stacy noted the birthday cake for Melissa’s daughter, Carrie, hadn’t been cut yet, and she turned her own two kids loose to play in the pool with the rest as she walked over to greet Melissa.

Most of the dozen or so mothers were also in swimsuits, congregated in the same area of the patio. There were several clustered around Melissa’s baby, six month old Tyler, asleep on one of the chaise lounges, while the rest exchanged chitchat and sipped their drinks, nibbled hors d’ouvres, and kept an eye on the pool The kids were splashing and playing, totally oblivious of their parents, though there were several furtive glances cast in the direction of Carrie’s birthday cake.

“Hey, Stacy, glad you could make it,” Melissa said as she handed Stacy a tall glass of lemonade. Stacy took a sip, savoring the cold liquid on such a hot day, and thanked her for the drink, and the invitation.

Melissa and Stacy had been friends for several years, though not best friends, and though they normally ran in different social circles. Stacy was from a blue collar family, middle class, her father and mother both working hard and barely getting by. Melissa’s father was a diamond broker, her family well off, and though Melissa was far from being spoiled, she and Stacy had simply just never been all that close.

Their kids were, though. Michael had a preteen crush on Carrie, and Carrie loved the attention, enough that the two were almost inseparable. Michael had been thrilled to be invited to Carrie’s 12th birthday party, and had saved his allowance for weeks to get her a proper present. Watching Michael and Carrie playing in the pool, slightly apart from the others, it was obvious there was a case of budding puppy love there.

The dark van crept down the dirt track and stopped at a point just short of the eight foot chain link fence that marked the edge of the diamond broker’s property. The driver skillfully maneuvered it, turning the van around so it was headed back out the way it had come, and the seven passengers all piled out. They all wore dark clothing, though it hardly matched – some opted for dark t-shirts, one for a turtleneck, a couple for dark button front shirts; the slacks varied from blue jeans to dark blue or gray or black slacks. What they all did have in common was the black ski mask each wore rolled up at the moment as a cap; the cheap walkie-talkie each one carried; and that they were all armed with pistols, knives, and 12-gauge shotguns.

The seven gathered near the rear of the van and went over their plan again – in and out quickly, get the broker and have him open his home safe and give them the contents, take any loose jewelry or anything else they could easily carry, then meet back at the van and make their escape. They all checked their guns and extra ammunition to make sure they were ready, and easily cut a hole in the fence to get onto the broker’s property. It was an easy two hundred foot walk along a faint path to the edge of the woods, and a mere fifty yard sprint across the lawn to the house.

Hearing the noise from the pool area, five of the intruders headed that way, the high privacy fence around the pool masking their approach. Two others went to the front of the house, to insure no one inside the house would be able to escape that way. One of those stopped at the front door, and the other continued on around the house to the parking area at the end of the driveway, in front of the garage. He was surprised to see so many cars there, but figured what the hell, the more people there, the greater the take. He posted himself in a secluded spot near the kitchen door, where he could watch all the cars and the garage entrance.

The leader posted two men at the gate on the near side of the pool, and sent two others to the gat on the other side. He took a spot for himself at the back gate, directly across the pool from the main patio, and waited until all the others had checked in on the cheap walkie-talkies they all carried. He rolled his ski mask down over his face, and gave the order over the radio for everyone to move in.

The first any of the women knew of any trouble was when Stacy saw a tall man, dressed all in black, walk through the back gate and raise his shotgun in the air. “What…?” she started to ask, as the others turned to see what she was staring at. The tall figure fired the shotgun into the air, the blast echoing around the pool and sending kids screaming to the near side, close to the house, away from the gate the intruder had entered through.

One of the other moms, Karen, screamed as she saw the figure walking around the pool, and saw that other dark figures were coming through both the other gates on either side. She tried to grab her son from the pool, thinking she would make a run through the house, but one of the figures beat her to the sliding glass door and shoved her roughly back into the group of other mothers. The women milled around, pulling their kids close to them, as the leader of the robbery team walked over to them.

“Where is the owner of the house?” he demanded. Damn, he thought, they were all friggin’ women and kids, and he wanted the broker, the old man who could open the safe for them. “Where is he?”

An older woman stepped forward hesitantly. “My husband is playing golf this afternoon,” she replied, and the leader turned toward her.

“When is he supposed to be back?” he demanded. The older woman shrugged her shoulders, and he grabbed her, pulling her closer to him. “When, dammit?”

Shaking, she replied, “I don’t know…a couple of hours.” The leader, frustrated at seeing his simple in-and-out job turn into something now more complicated, grabbed the front of her bikini top to pull her closer, but merely succeeded in ripping her top off. Mortified, the woman crossed her arms over her breasts, and suddenly another, younger woman stepped forward.

“Leave her alone!” Melissa screamed, pushing Carrie and her 11 year old son David behind her. “You sonofabitch, you leave my mother alone!”

The leader, taken aback and thinking more clearly now, handed the older woman her top back, almost apologetically. All right, he thought to himself, just calm down – we can still salvage this…

“Okay, okay,” he said, looking around the group of women and children. “Okay, who put this little party together?” he asked. “I wanna know if everyone is here and accounted for – I’m gonna have my people search the house, and they don’t want any surprises.”

Melissa took a quick look around and decided it looked like everyone was there on the patio. “We’re all here,” she said, staring at the leader. “There’s no one in the house, no one else on the property…just a dog locked in the basement”

The leader gave a couple of commands over the radio to the guards at the front door and the garage area, and sent one of the others from the patio to help them search the house. Staring back at Melissa, he curtly ordered that anyone they found was to be shot. Melissa double checked, wanting to be sure no one had slipped away, and sighed with relief when she saw no one had.

“All righty then,” the leader said to Melissa’s mom, Laura. “You don’t know exactly when your old man will be back, but it should be in a couple of hours, right?” She nodded, and he continued, “Okay, do you know where his safe is?”

“It’s in his study,” she replied, “In the closet.”

“Do you know the combination?”

“N-no,” she stammered, wishing she did so she could give them whatever they wanted and get them off her property.

Damn, the leader thought to himself. “Are you expecting anyone else before your husband gets home?” he asked.

Melissa stepped forward again. “A couple of my friends might be expecting someone to come pick them up, that would be about it.” A cry from Tyler got her attention, and Melissa started to move toward the chaise lounge where he had been napping, but the leader stopped her with the barrel of his shotgun.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he asked gruffly.

Melissa stopped and pointed to the chaise lounge. “My baby,” she replied. “He’s waking up, and probably hungry – I’ll need to feed him.”

The leader considered it for a moment, then told her, “All right, you tell one of my men where you keep the bottles, and he’ll go get one for you – none of you is leaving this area for now.”

Melissa stepped around the barrel of the shotgun and started toward her baby. “There aren’t any bottles,” she told the leader. “I breast feed him. I would appreciate it if you could give me some privacy…”

The leader motioned one of his men to follow her. “Sorry, lady, privacy is gonna be in short supply around here for a while,” he replied. “You can sit right there and feed him, and my guy here will keep watch over you while you do.” He turned to the rest of the group, and motioned them toward the pool. “The rest of you, get into the shallow end of the pool where my people can keep an eye on you – all but you, lady.” He pointed at Laura with one hand, and waved her over to him. “You and me are gonna have a chat. The rest of you, move!”

Melissa picked up Tyler and turned away from everyone else as much as she could, lowering one side of her bikini top and offering a nipple to his mouth. Tyler latched on and began to suckle, as the rest of the group, except for Laura, waded into the shallow end of the pool. The intruders took up positions on either side of the pool, as the two who had been searching the house returned, signaling they had found no one else. The leader sent one of them to watch the front of the house and signal when anyone came up the driveway, and motioned the other to go through the clothes and purses the women had brought and see if he could find anything of value. The thug who had been assigned to watch her moved around to give himself a good view of the baby sucking at her bare breast, and Melissa glared up at him. “Do you mind?” she asked sharply.

The guard stood his ground and continued to stare at her breast. “No, ma’am, I sure don’t,” he replied. “I was told to watch you, and I figure to watch you real close.” The tone of his voice sent a shiver down Melissa’s spine.

Meanwhile, the leader was asking Laura again when her husband was expected to return, and if she knew the combination to the safe in the study. She again denied knowing either, and he began to send her into the pool to join the others when he heard a commotion from where Melissa was feeding her baby.

Tyler, satisfied, had quit suckling, and Melissa had put him back down on the chaise lounge next to the one she was sitting on and started to pull the one side of her bikini top back up. “No need for that,” her guard had told her, leering at her bare breast.

“He’s finished,” Melissa spat back, and put the shoulder strap back up and began to adjust the cup.

The guard reached down and grasped the front of her bikini top and yanked hard, snatching it off her. “I’m not finished,” he replied, reaching down with one rough hand to squeeze and fondle one of her breasts.

Melissa tried to get away, and he cuffed her on the side of the head, hard enough to make her see stars. Before she could recover, he was atop her, pinning her down as he pulled the bottom of his mask up to reveal his lower face and began to suck at one of her nipples. Melissa wriggled and squirmed, trying to get away, and felt his hard cock pressing against her leg through his pants. He cuffed her again, and she went limp, stunned.

“What the hell are you doing?” the leader yelled across at the guard, who was getting a good taste of breast milk as one hand slipped down and began fondling Melissa’s pubic mound through her bikini bottom. At the same time, Laura screamed and started to run over to help her daughter, and as the leader grabbed at her, her top came loose again. He was able to get hold of her and stop her, just as Melissa’s son, 11 year old David, started yelling at the guard to get off his mom and tried to climb out of the pool. One of the guards by the pool shoved him roughly back into the water, and everyone turned to see what was going on.

The guard with Melissa, undeterred, slipped Melissa’s bikini bottom off and lowered his face to her pussy, determined to get a good taste of that as well. His hands full trying to hold Laura back, the leader was unable to do anything to stop him, and the other guards began to cheer him on. Melissa began to stir as she started to come around again, and the guard continued to lick and kiss her pussy as she instinctively arched her back, pushing tuzla escort her pubic mound upward toward his face, still hazy about what was going on. The guard unfastened his belt and opened the front of his pants, letting his erect black cock spring free, and forced his way between her legs. Just as Melissa realized what was happening, he plunged his cock into her wet pussy, sinking it into her as deeply as he could.

“Nooooooooooooooo!” Melissa and her mom screamed in unison as the guard began pounding his cock into Melissa’s pussy, holding her down and thrusting his cock in and out of her as she tried to squirm free. Laura managed to get loose again, but the leader cuffed her, knocking her off her feet, then grabbed her arm, dragged her to her feet, and tossed her into the pool with the rest of the hostages.

Melissa, for her part, was trying hard as she could to dislodge the cock that kept pumping in and out of her, but her efforts were getting weaker and weaker. She had never had sex with anyone other than her husband, certainly never with a black man, and her husband had certainly never manhandled her like this. Still, she found herself becoming aroused somewhat, feeling the guard’s black cock pounding into her pussy as he raped her, and even thrust upwards at him a few times before he pinned her down good, thrust his cock as deep into her as he could, and began to cum deep inside her.

A second guard left the side of the pool and walked toward them, already unfastening the front of his pants, anticipating his turn at Melissa’s pussy. The first guard stood up to make room for the second, who wasted no time plunging his white cock into her pussy. The first one stepped up beside Melissa’s head, his cock hanging near her face, dangling next to her lips. “Suck it, bitch,” he ordered, placing the head of his cock on her lips. “Suck it good, and if you bite…” he waved the shotgun at her, making sure she got the hint.

Melissa greedily took his cock into her mouth before she realized what she was doing, as the white guard now pounded her pussy. The leader, seeing the other members of his crew eying the action with Melissa and checking out the women in the pool, told them to make sure there were two guards on the pool at all times, and the rest were free to entertain themselves as they wished.

One guard wasted no time, motioning Laura out of the pool. The older woman tried to cover her tits as she got out, but the guard roughly pulled her hands down, and used a knife to cut the bottom of her bikini off. “Get on your knees, bitch,” the guard growled, and Laura whimpered and begged as she watched the guard’s belt being unbuckled and the pants sliding down.

“Lick it,” the guard ordered, thrusting her pussy at Laura’s face. Laura gasped, having not even suspected the guard was a female, but could not make herself move her face closer to the guard’s pussy. The guard reached down and took her roughly by the back of the head and forced her face into her hairy, black pussy. “Lick it, bitch,” she ordered. “Lick it and suck it just like you would want your old man to eat your pussy.”

Laura smelled the scent of the other woman’s moist pussy, and tentatively took a lick at it with her tongue. “Mmmmmmm,” the guard moaned, “Give it a good licking, bitch, lick my clit for me…”

Another guard had motioned Stacy from the pool, stripped her bikini off, and had his black cock dangling in her face. Michael yelled and tried to climb out of the pool, but another guard was at the edge of the pool and pushed him back in. The guard who now had Stacy sucking his cock looked over at the boy and grinned. “Don’t worry, boy,” he said evilly. “As soon as she finishes doing me, I’m gonna have her do you, let your mommy suck your little cock for you…”

The other women in the pool huddled together, like a school of fish hoping their tight group would protect them somehow from being singled out by the gang. They watched as Melissa, her mom and Stacy were all forced to satisfy their guards, embarrassed by the other women’s humiliation at being used so, and hoping they would not be singled out next.

The two guards with Melissa finished with her, and the leader took their place, forcing Melissa’s knees apart as he prepared to fuck her. Melissa prepared for another onslaught as he placed the head of his huge black cock against her pussy, and she looked down to see the biggest cock she had ever seen about to force its way into her. The leader’s cock was almost 12 inches long, and as big around as a soda can, and Melissa felt sure it was going to tear her pussy open.

The leader saw the look of fear in her eyes as he began to push his cock into her, and he paused just a moment. “Just relax,” he whispered, “I’ve fucked pussies smaller than yours, I know what I’m doing.” Melissa gasped as his cock pushed inside her pussy, slowly, and her pussy lips stretched wide to accept it. He’s in, she thought, thinking he might stop there, but he continued to push deeper. She felt her pussy filled with his cock, the walls stretching to accommodate it, and could barely suppress a moan. He pressed on until his cock was almost all the way in, and could go no further, then stopped. Melissa felt so pleasantly full, and thrilled as he contracted the pelvic muscles, causing his cock to seem to throb inside her pussy. He let her get used to the feel of having her pussy filled, then slowly began to withdraw his cock. His next thrust was a bit faster, in and out, and the speed increased with each thrust as her pussy was more and more able to take the huge girth. Melissa found herself involuntarily bucking up against him with each stroke, trying to take his cock deeper and deeper inside her, completely forgetting that she was being raped.

Laura, meanwhile, was licking and kissing the female guard’s pussy. Laura and her husband were members of a rather large swingers’ group, and Laura had been used to eating another woman’s pussy for years, though never a black woman. She noted the scent and taste seemed a bit more earthy, just a bit different from the other women she had performed oral sex on, but it was not at all unpleasant. Her hands came up and pulled the woman’s hips toward her, pressing her face firmly into the her pussy, her lips and tongue exploring the furry black slit, licking her clit, completely forgetting the time and place.

Stacy, having sucked her guard’s cock and taken a face load of his cum, was shocked when the guard made good on his threat and called her son, Michael, from the pool. He put his shotgun to the boy’s head, forcing him to pull his swim trunks down, then stood him in front of Stacy, her son’s limp, shriveled cock in her face. The guard moved the muzzle of the shotgun to her face.

“Suck him,” the guard ordered. Stacy began to shake her head and refuse, but the guard placed the muzzle against her temple. “Suck him,” the guard ordered again. Stacy looked up at her son’s face, then took his cock in one hand and began to stroke it a bit. She was shocked when it immediately began to grow erect in her hand, and a drop of precum formed at the tip. Michael, despite his fear and the fact that it was his mother, was becoming aroused, and Stacy herself felt a tingle in her pussy as she handled her son’s cock. The guard bumped her in the head with the muzzle to remind her what she was supposed to be doing, and Stacy licked the drop of precum from the tip of her son’s cock.

The other women in the pool watched, mesmerized, as Stacy took Michael’s cock in to her mouth. Stacy knew they were watching, knew they probably thought her an absolute slut for sucking her son’s cock, as she took the entire length of his young tool into her mouth. Michael groaned as Stacy began to suck on it, and reached up to fondle his balls, unaware she was doing so. The guard laughed, stroking his own black meat with one hand, his shotgun in the other.

Melissa, her cunt full of the huge black cock that was ravaging it now, was humping back against it for all she was worth, trying to take as much of this black monster inside her as she could with each stroke now. She began to moan as her orgasm began to build, louder and louder, as the huge cock impaled her, stretching her pussy to its limits. Finally she could hold back no more, and began to yell, “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, OH, GOD FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” as her orgasm peaked. The huge black rod slammed into her pussy, sending her over the edge, and the women in the pool now had their attention locked on her, as did most of the guards.

Laura heard her daughter yelling and tried to turn to look, but the female guard above her slapped her down, knocking Laura flat onto her back, and quickly straddled her, pinning Laura to the ground with her wet, hairy pussy in Laura’s face, then lowered herself so that Laura was almost smothered by the soaking slit. “Keep sucking me, bitch, don’t worry about your kid, she’s being well taken care of,” the guard told her, grinding her pussy into Laura’s face.

Stacy had heard her friend yelling as well, and let her son’s cock slip from her lips as she tried to see what was going on. The guard, laughing, yanked her hair and flipped her to the ground, flat on her back, and shoved Michael on top of her. “Fuck her,” he ordered Michael. “Fuck your slut mommy’s cunt, come on, get your cock in there…”

Michael, terrified as he was, had managed to keep his erection, and quickly fumbled with it as he tried to line it up on Stacy’s pussy. Stacy reached down and placed her hand over his, steadying him, and helped him guide his cock into her, shuddering at the evil pleasure of having her own son fuck her. Michael sank his cock completely into her pussy, and Stacy groaned as the tingle in her pussy grew. Oh, God, she thought, this can’t be happening, I can’t be getting excited over having my own son fuck me, but still… She moaned audibly as Michael began to hump in and out of her, pushing her pussy back against his cock with each stroke, welcoming the feel of his cock in her.

Melissa and the leader had swapped places, with her on top of him now, riding his cock for all it was worth, still begging him to fuck her as she rode up and down the length of his shaft. She was cumming constantly now, all thought of the humiliation of being raped banished from her mind as she bottomed out on his cock with each stroke. The women in the pool tried to shield their kids as they watched, going back and forth from Melissa’s vocal fucking to Stacy wantonly humping up against her own son – her own son! – and Laura now furiously eating the pussy of the guard who had her pinned.

Carrie, seeing her mother fucking the leader like a common slut and her boyfriend fucking his own mother, was near the edge of the pool, taking it all in, when a hand roughly grabbed her hair and yanked her up onto the concrete deck. She barely had time to realize what was going on as she was forced to her knees and a gun shoved in her face, along with a cock. “Looks like I got me a young one,” a gruff voice said above her, one hand holding the cock out to her, rubbing it against her lips.

“N-no,” Carrie begged, looking up at the man, her eyes pleading, “I’m still a, a virgin…”

The man laughed and pressed his cock against her lips, placing the muzzle of his pistol against her temple. “Don’t worry, bitch, I’ll relieve you of that burden in just a minute…Now you suck me a bit, really good, and don’t bite…” he bumped her temple with the muzzle of the pistol to drive his point across. “If you do a really good job blowing me, I’ll be gentle when I bust your little cherry.”

Carrie and Michael had planned to give each other their virginity together, this evening in fact, after her birthday party. She looked once more and saw Michael fucking his own mother, wildly now, and she humped back against him, both of them apparently enjoying the depraved act as the other women watched. That dream was gone now, she realized, and turned back to the cock in front of her and slowly began to lick the tip of it, tasting the precum that oozed from the slit, then taking it into her mouth, as she had done for Michael a few times.

The guard groaned, and the pressure of the muzzle against her temple eased a bit. “Ah, there you go, you little whore, suck me good,” he moaned, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. Carrie had only blown Michael a few times, but had watched plenty of porn videos on her laptop, and began sucking and stroking the man’s cock like she had been doing it her whole life. His cock was a bit bigger than Michael’s, longer and thicker, and she imagined that one day Michael’s cock would grow to this size, as she greedily took the cock into her mouth.

On the other side of the pool, another guard, not to be left out, looked around for a victim of his own. He briefly considered Katie, the ten year old girl appearing lost in the pool by herself as her mother and brother were fucking on the tuzla escort bayan deck, but decided he wanted a real woman first, one who had some experience. There was one in the middle of the pool, her four kids clustered around her, and he caught her attention and waved her over to him. She shook her head no, furiously, but the guard simply pointed at her eight year old daughter and told her either she was going to fuck him, or he was going to rape her daughter. The woman’s eyes widened in fear, but she accepted her fate and made her way to the edge of the pool as the other women stood aside to make a path for her. She felt shamed and humiliated as the guard ordered her to strip, and she removed her bikini top and bottom, standing naked and wet before him. He gently pushed her to her knees and had her unzip his fly and take his cock out, and begin sucking him, and she offered no resistance.

Melissa finally slipped off the leader’s cock, his cum oozing from her stretched pussy, and without any orders or encouragement she began licking and cleaning his huge cock, tasting her own cum mingled with his. She completely ignored everything else as she licked the cum from his cock, wrapping her lips around the head of it and sucking a bit, stroking it to push out any cum left inside, practically worshipping his cock. The women in the pool noticed that she seemed to be doing so willingly, and enjoying it, as the leader lay back and let her.

Michael, having finally pumped his cum into his mother, was roughly pushed aside and back into the pool, naked, as the guard took his turn on top of her, shoving his cock roughly into Stacy’s pussy. He fucked her furiously, her son’s cum mingled with her own acting as a lubricant as he slammed his cock into her. He pounded her pussy mercilessly, as she tried to keep in rhythm with him and thrust against his cock, begging him to fuck her harder, faster, so turned on at the thought of her son fucking her that she lost all control.

The female guard finally got up from Laura’s face, standing over her as Laura furiously masturbated herself. Oh, God, Laura thought, being pinned down and forced to eat this woman’s pussy, this black woman’s hairy pussy, being used in such a way – she had never known she would enjoy being forced to do something like that, never thought the idea of interracial sex would turn her on so much…God, she hoped one of the male guards would take her now…

Instead, the female guard laughed as she saw Laura furiously rubbing her clit, took a step back so she was standing over Laura’s pussy, squatted down and began to piss onto Laura’s pussy. The warm liquid flowed down over Laura’s slit, some of it running inside the open pussy lips and into her pussy, as the female guard continued to piss.

Carrie, still imagining she was sucking Michael’s fully grown cock, was jarred back to reality when the guard pulled his cock from her mouth, took her by the hair, and led her to a nearby chaise lounge. He shoved her down roughly, cut the front of her bikini top to release her budding breasts, and yanked her bottoms off, exposing her lightly furred, soaking wet pussy. Michael, finally spotting Carrie sucking the guard’s cock earlier, watched in horror as the guard now lined his cock up on her pussy, preparing to fuck her.

“Please,” Carrie begged one last time, “I, I’m a virgin…”

The guard laughed evilly, then quickly thrust his cock inside her, as deeply as it would go, forcing the full length inside her. “Not anymore, you’re not,” he sneered, and Carrie felt a brief stinging sensation as her hymen was broken. “You’re my little bitch now, your cherry will always be mine, you little cunt,” he told her as he began to fuck her, his cock gliding in and out of her young pussy. She saw Michael watching her, and tears welled up in her eyes as the man fucked her, taking away any chance she would have had of giving her virginity to Michael.

The leader, feeling his cock begin to stir again, pushed Melissa off him and stood up, fastening his pants. “You wait here, lover,” he grinned down at Melissa, who was visibly disappointed at not being allowed to give his cock more attention. “I gotta check on a couple of things, I’ll be right back.” He walked toward the pool, looking to see where all his people were. One was still standing guard over the women and kids in the pool; one was fucking Stacy on the deck; the female had just finished pissing on Laura, who was still furiously rubbing her pussy; one was fucking Carrie on the far side of the pool; and one had another woman giving him a blowjob. The leader pulled out his walkie-talkie and checked with the guard out by the driveway to be sure no one had arrived yet, and when the man asked what was going on, he told him to come on back, he would send someone up front to replace him for a bit. He went to the one guard who hadn’t joined in with one of the women yet and told him to go replace the guard up front, then told the female guard to make sure she kept a close eye on the hostages. The female, happy with the pussy licking Laura had given her, was ready for a cock now herself, but the only ones available were the young boys who had come to the party, and she wanted an adult cock to please her. She agreed to watch the hostages, resigning herself to having to wait until they had the money and were back in the van before she could get a good fucking.

The guard who had been up front was surprised when he got back to the pool and saw what was going on. The leader told him to pick one of the women in the pool and make himself at home, and the man could hardly contain himself, his hard cock already forming a tent in the front of his pants. He forced one of the women from the pool, threw her onto a chaise lounge and roughly stripped her, and wasted no time shoving his cock into her.

Stacy, her pussy dripping with cum now from her son and the guard, simply lay back on the deck as the guard stood above her, his cock in his hand, and looked around. Damn, he wanted another blowjob, he thought, someone fresh to get his cock good and stiff so he could have another good fucking… He saw Michael, standing naked in the pool looking at his mom, holding his younger sister next to him, 10 year old Katie, and knew what he wanted.

He jerked Katie from the pool by her hair, the young girl yelping and crying in surprise, and Michael tried to climb out to stop him. A rough boot to the side of the head kicked Michael back into the pool and stunned him, and Stacy rolled over to see what the fuss was about. She saw her young daughter quickly stripped and forced to her knees in front of the man who had just raped her, his cock shoved roughly into her face, and before she could get to her feet the man had forced his cock into her mouth. Stacy tried to lunge at him, but the female guard threw her back down, and Stacy was stunned when her head hit the concrete deck. By the time she recovered, she could see the man forcing his cock into young Katie’s mouth, almost gagging her as he forced her to suck his cock. She started to try to get up again, but the female guard shoved the muzzle of her shotgun in Stacy’s face and warned her to stay down. Stacy could only watch in horror as her baby girl’s mouth was violated and fucked by this, this animal.

Melissa, unaware her own daughter was getting her 12 year old pussy stuffed on the far side of the pool, found the leader’s cell phone laying on the chaise lounge. She got her diaper bag and changed the baby, watching to make sure no one was watching her, and finished just as the leader walked back over to her, satisfied things were under control for now. She put the baby and the diaper bag back on the chaise lounge next to the one she was sitting on and gave the leader back his cell phone, mumbling that it must have fallen out of his pocket. He smiled and thanked her, then undid his pants again and let his cock spring back out at her. Melissa smiled, and took the head of the monster into her mouth again and began to suck.

Carrie, her pussy oozing cum with small traces of blood in it, was relieved when the guard finished fucking her. She felt so ashamed, so embarrassed, so violated, to have had her virginity stolen by this man while Michael had had to watch helplessly, unaware that Michael’s little sister was now being assaulted on the far side of the pool. Michael had quickly recovered his senses, and saw that the guard had gotten off Carrie and she was lying by herself on the chaise. A look at the deck above him showed that his younger sister still had her mouth stuffed full of cock, but moments later the guard shoved Katie back, onto her back, and Michael knew what was coming next. Helpless, he watched as the guard lay on top of Katie, his cock pressed against her pussy lips, and slowly forced his member into her. Katie screamed as her hymen was torn, and the guard sank his cock into her until there was none left.

Michael couldn’t watch any more, and looked back over at Carrie. The guard, smirking, had asked her who her boyfriend was, and Carrie, her eyes still wet with tears, had pointed Michael out. Michael saw the guard signal him to come over and get out of the pool, and did as he was ordered, standing naked in front of the guard, seeing Carrie naked before him. “Son, you can’t have her cherry, I got that,” the guard laughed, “But you can have you some sloppy seconds if you have a mind to…and it looks like she will have to settle for seconds as well,” he said, remembering he had seen Michael forced to fuck his own mother earlier.

Michael’s cock began to grow at the thought of finally being able to fuck Carrie, and he stroked it a couple of times as she watched. “No, Michael, no, not like this, please…” Carrie begged, not wanting to be any further humiliated this day, her birthday of all days, but she gave up any hope as Michael forced his way between her legs and slipped his cock into her moist pussy.

The leader pulled his monster cock from Melissa’s lips again, stood her up, and walked her to a nearby table. He shoved her down over the table, and Melissa thrilled at the thought of being taken from behind by that huge cock, having it thrust in and out of her pussy once again. Instead, the leader grabbed a stick of margarine from the table that the women had been using to butter their scones, and liberally applied it to his cock and her ass, and she realized what he had planned.

“Nooooooooo…” she screamed, certain his huge cock would tear her ass open, and she struggled to get away. He caught her expertly and forced her back down, pressing the head of his cock against her virgin ass. Melissa screamed again as the head of the monster slipped inside her ass, forcing her sphincter open and stretching her asshole wide. He stopped for a few seconds, letting her get used to the feel of it, waiting until she stopped squirming, then began to force his cock deeper inside her, slowly, taking his time as he felt her tight ass make way for his cock. He had assfucked many women in his time, and each of them had been sure their ass would not take his size, and each of them had been wrong. He was patient and gentle as he slid the enormous member inside her, finally sinking his cock in her up to his balls, pausing there for a minute or so. Melissa felt her ass filled with his huge cock, felt him flex his pelvic muscles and make it throb inside her, and now that the initial panic was over, God, it felt so wonderful. Even her husband or the few boyfriends she had had before him had never used her ass this way, this was something entirely new to her, and she realized she loved it, loved feeling her ass full of cock.
The leader began fucking her ass slowly, easing his cock in and out of her, and though it still hurt just a bit, Melissa found herself rocking back against him, willing him to go faster, to bang his cock into her as hard as he could.

Carrie cried the entire time Michael was fucking her, begging him to stop, not to take her like this. “I’m sorry, I can’t,” Michael whispered in reply as he continued stroking his cock in and out of her, unable to force himself to stop fucking her. He finally came deep inside her, collapsing on top of her as the guard laughed at him, stroking his own cock as he asked Michael how he liked his sloppy seconds. “I love you,” Michael murmured to Carrie, but she roughly pushed him off her.

“You bastard,” she hissed, angry that he had taken advantage of her.

The guard laughed and pushed Michael roughly back down onto the chaise lounge, forcing his face into Carrie’s wet pussy. “Clean her out, boy,” he ordered. “Lick that cum from her pussy now, get a good taste of all three of us.” Michael tried to rise up but was pushed back down even more roughly, and felt the muzzle of the shotgun against the back of his head. Tentatively, he began to lick and suck the cum from Carrie’s pussy as she wriggled and squirmed beneath him, disgusted by him now.

The escort tuzla guard, seeing Michael on his knees with his ass in the air, began to finger Michael’s ass, a new idea forming in his mind. Michael felt the finger slip into his ass and jumped, but the muzzle of the shotgun rapped him on the back of the head. “You just concentrate on what I told you, cleaning her pussy out,” the guard ordered, now shoving two fingers into Michael’s asshole. Michael, terrified, licked Carrie’s pussy for all he was worth now, as the guard spat onto his ass, smearing the saliva around a bit, and spat onto his own cock, lubing himself up.

Carrie watched as the guard stepped up behind Michael and forced his cock into the boy’s ass, felt Michael gasp in shock and pain as the cock entered him, then go back to eating her pussy as the muzzle of the shotgun pressed against the back of his skull and the guard raped him in the ass. Serves him right, the sonofabitch, she thought in satisfaction.

Stacy could do nothing but watch as her young daughter was raped a few feet away, her young pussy relentlessly pounded by the guard’s cock, until he forced himself deep inside her and came. She watched him pull his cock from her pussy, wet and slick with his cum, and watched Katie crying underneath him as he stood over her. He stroked his cock a few times, dropping some leftover cum onto the young girl, then tucked his cock back into his pants. God, he thought, nothing like a good young one to satisfy him, make the girl learn what she was good for at an early age.

Melissa was cumming again, screaming for the leader to fuck her faster as she rocked back and forth onto his cock, and he grabbed her hair and pulled her back onto him even harder. Her ass was stretched and sore, but it felt do Goddamn good, she thought, her orgasm washing over her as he began to cum deep in her bowels.

A few minutes later, as he stood with her on her knees in front of him, licking his cock clean, his walkie-talkie crackled to life, the guard out front informing him that two cars were coming up the drive. The leader told him to wait and be sure that was all, then round up the occupants as soon as they got out and bring them to the back. He took his cock from Melissa’s mouth, telling her it had been fun and to stay where she was, and fastened his pants as he walked over to the pool.

The other guards were quickly informed about the new arrivals, and the sexual activity came to an end as the prepared to welcome them. The leader dispatched the female to the front to relieve the guard there as he brought the new arrivals to the pool, and everyone took their places.

An older man and two younger ones were soon escorted to the pool area by the shotgun-bearing guard, and marched over to the leader. He immediately singled out the older one and asked, “You the owner here?” The man nodded, seeing his wife lying on the deck nude, his daughter and her baby sitting on a chaise lounge over by one of the tables – his daughter was nude as well – and his granddaughter sitting nude on a chaise lounge on the far side of the pool, her dejected looking boyfriend sitting on the deck close by. His grandson, David, was standing in the pool, looking completely terrified.

“Okay, you’re gonna open up the safe in your study and empty it out for us,” the leader told him, waving his shotgun at him. “Think you can do that without any fuss?” The old man nodded again, having seen his family was safe, and led the way to his study, the leader and the female guard following him.

Back by the pool, the old man’s son in law, Melissa’s husband, saw his wife sitting nude by the table, and his daughter across the pool, also nude. “What the hell was going on here?” he asked the guard who was watching them.

Stacy’s husband had seen his wife lying nude on the deck, looking freshly fucked, and his young daughter, Katie, lying nearby, her swimsuit torn off, crying and looking as though she had been molested herself. His rage boiled over, and he took a step toward the guard, his fists balled up, only to be clubbed down by the stock of the shotgun.

“We had us a little party while we were waiting for you,” the guard told the two men. “I tell ya, there was some good fucking going on, and that little girl there,” he motioned at Katie, “Man she was sweet…Ain’t had a nice young pussy like that in a while.” Stacy’s husband tried to clear his head and get to his feet, only to be clubbed back down.

One of the guards, the one who had not taken part in the wholesale rape earlier, grabbed Stacy’s husband by the hair and dragged him over to a table. He stood him up and bent him over the table, unfastening the man’s trousers and pulling them down around his ankles, and before his victim realized what was going on, he was fucking him in the ass. Stacy watched as her husband was anally raped, barely conscious of what was happening to him until the guard plunged his cock deep into his ass and came. The guard stepped back, laughing as he tucked his cock back into his trousers – by damn, he had gotten him some too, he thought, glad he had gotten a chance to have a real man before they left.

The leader and the female guard returned from the house with the old man in tow, and rounded up the rest of the gang. The leader tossed all the cell phones they had collected into the pool and sent a man to cut the phone lines at the side of the house as he hefted the bag with their haul in it, a small fortune in cash and loose diamonds. Once everything was ready, he and his gang made their escape.

The police spent hours gathering witness statements, and it was well into the evening before everyone had been released to go home. There was hardly any useable description of the robbers, none of whom had taken their masks off, other than one was a black female and the rest were a mix of white and black men.

“And God, he was hung like a horse!” one of the women added about the leader.

“She actually seemed to be enjoying it, having that huge cock shoved in her like that,” another one added.

“I pity those young girls, especially that baby, the ten year old…”

“She acted like a common whore, sucking her son off and fucking him like that, she seemed to enjoy it…”

“Those poor kids, forced to do that with each other, probably scar them for life…”

“Forced her to eat her out, then pissed on her like she was nothing…”

“Raped like that on her birthday…”

Melissa hardly said anything other than to give a bare bones description of that had happened to her. Once the police had left and things had settled down, in their bedroom that night, her husband would hardly look at her. He had overheard some of the comments about her and how she had enjoyed fucking the leader, some of the women had actually gone out of their way to tell him, and he wanted nothing to do with her. She finally gave up trying to make up with him and got dressed, telling him she was going to go for a drive to clear her head. His angry snort was all she received in reply.

Carrie cried all evening, shocked not so much at her initial rape, but that Michael had taken advantage of her like that while she was begging him not to. He had tried to apologize later, but she had simply slapped him and walked off. She went to the kitchen to get a snack as she was going to bed, and heard a whimper behind the basement door. She remembered Rex, her black lab, having forgotten him completely since the events of the afternoon, and let him out of the basement. He was overjoyed at finally being let out, and jumped up on her and licked her face, his tail wagging. She gave him one of her cookies and petted him, thinking at least he was one friend who would never let her down.

Stacy too was having problems with her husband accepting what had happened, that his wife, his ten year old daughter, his son and even he, himself, had been raped. The hardest thing for him to accept, though, were the accounts of his wife sucking his son’s cock and so obviously enjoying letting him fuck her. He was thoroughly disgusted by the entire affair, especially that, and got dressed and went out to get drunk and forget the whole thing, unable to even stay in the same house with his wife.

Laura and her husband could easily recover from the loss, since everything was insured, and despite the events of the day they welcomed each other to bed that night. The diamond broker had her tell him again how she had been forced to eat the female guard’s pussy, describe every detail, the scent, the taste, even being pissed on. He had finally gotten up and gone to the room where the children’s black nanny slept, and offered her a considerable raise if she would join Laura and him for a threesome. They had the most satisfying sex they had had together in years.

Stacy, unable to sleep, crept down the hall to Michael’s room and slipped inside the door. Michael had been heartbroken at losing Carrie, and had finally cried himself to sleep. Stacy slipped her nightie off over her head and slipped into bed beside him, her hand searching out his cock inside his pajama bottoms. She stroked him a few times, feeling his cock stiffen, then slipped it out of his pajamas and began to suck on it. Michael stirred and awoke, feeling his mother sucking his cock, and began to hump it into her mouth, calling softly, “Mother, mother, mother…”

Carrie stripped and checked out her body in the mirror, noticing just a couple of bruises to remind her of the day’s events. She had showered and scrubbed herself clean, trying to remove all the reminders of the robber’s and Michael’s cum, trying to get clean again. She remembered briefly how it had felt to have her pussy stuffed with cock, and reached down and briefly touched herself, rubbing her clit just a bit…

Stacy was underneath Michael, letting him fuck her again, when Katie came into the room. Stacy called her over to the bed, taking the young girl into her arms and comforting her, and they both watched Michael pull his slick, wet cock from his mother’s pussy. Stacy calmed Katie, who had recovered remarkably well from being raped that afternoon, and thought it would be nice if Katie were to now learn that sex could be beautiful and wonderful and… Stacy was soon telling Katie everything was all right, and guiding the young girl’s lips to her brother’s cock…

Carrie sat on the edge of her bed, slowly rubbing her hand up and down her slit, letting a couple of fingers slip inside her pussy, masturbating and rubbing her clit. Rex, who had been lying at the foot of the bed, got up and came around to see what that scent was, what was going on, and before Carrie knew it, the dog was between her legs, sniffing and licking her pussy. Oh, God, she thought, that felt so good, much better than when Michael had done it. She lay back on the bed, giving Rex free and open access to her pussy, willing him to lick her until she came…

Stacy had fingered Katie’s little pussy as the young girl sucked her brother a bit, then she and Michael had taken turns eating the 10 year olds pussy. Katie was soon moaning and squirming, humping her pussy up to meet their licking, and Stacy let the young girl lay her head in her lap as her brother lined his cock up on his sister’s pussy. “Gently, Michael,” his mother whispered to him as he entered his sister.

Rex, his cock now clear of its sheath, jumped up and placed his front paws on the bed, on either side of Carrie, before the young girl realized what was going on. She had been so lost, so carried away by his licking her pussy, she hadn’t considered this, and was too slow to react. Rex thrust at her pussy a couple of times with his cock, missing, then finally found the target, sinking his pink meat inside her. Carrie gasped as the dog began fucking her, humping hard against her, and his knot slipped inside her pussy lips, stretching them. His knot continued to swell, locking his cock inside her pussy as he humped her, his hot cum filling her, and Carrie began to hump back against him. Oh my God, she thought, this felt so fucking good!

Melissa got away from the house to the end of the driveway, then pulled her cellphone from her purse. The number was still there, where she had programmed it in and saved it quickly, while no one was looking. She hit talk, listened to the ringing on the other end, then heard a voice answer.
“Hello, lover.”
“Who is this?” the male voice asked.
“I’m the woman you were fucking by the pool today…I want more.”
There was a moment of silence at the other end, then, “I’m with someone else right now, but if you don’t mind sharing…”
Stacy laughed. “Is it the one who rode my mother’s face?” she asked.
“Yes…she says she’d love to have you over…Would you mind?”
Stacy’s pussy was already wet with anticipation. “Just tell me where to meet you, lover…She can ride my face, too, as long as you are between my legs at the other end…I’ll do whatever it takes to get some more of what you’ve got…”

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