The Hot Goodbye

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As Alex approached the front door, he found it hard not to smile at the thought of having Nico and Leticia over for dinner, even if it was to say goodbye. They were a great couple; she attractive, and he the classic French ‘bon vivant’. It was just such a shame that they hadn’t met sooner, as their budding friendship could have really blossomed into something special.

“Welcome,” he said enthusiastically.

“Bonsoir, Alex,” came the tired reply from the olive skinned beauty who leaned forward to kiss his cheeks.

“You will have to excuse me,” she apologized, walking past him, “I have so many loose ends to tie up at work that I’m completely dead. And my boss is even requiring me to attend an event tomorrow, on my last Saturday night! If it was dinner with anyone else tonight…I would have cancelled.”

“Come on Cherie, don’t be so miserable,” Nico boomed following energetically behind, “Forget about work. It’s Friday. You’ve been too tense lately. Let’s have a good time for a change.”

And with the artistic flair of a magician he produced a bottle of red wine.

“Domaine Leflaive Montrachet Grand Cru. Guaranteed to make any night…a night to remember.”

“Sounds great,” Alex laughed, wholly ignorant of wine.

“Only the best,” Nico confirmed, clamping an arm around his host.

“We had a VIP tasting event for some of our biggest client’s downtown yesterday. A bunch of Wall Street assholes…but with good taste. Since I’m going back across the Atlantic for good anyway…I figured they wouldn’t miss a few bottles. This one is worth $1,000.”

“$1,000!” Alex blurted out, prizing the bottle from his friend’s hand for a closer look.

Leticia didn’t care about the wine, instead her thoughts were firmly fixed on the designer sofas, and her weary feet. Sauntering into the stylish living room, she appreciated how it had been meticulously prepared. Lights dimmed, candles flickering, seductive lounge music, and a chilled bottle of Krug champagne. All traces of the young ones removed. A much needed adult oasis after a week from hell. Melting into the upholstery, she let out a sigh of relief.

“Ca va ma belle?” Came a sultry voice.

Leticia looked up as her hostess emerged from the corridor and glided across the dark wood floor. She looked stunning. Her tight black dress was short and hung off one shoulder, showing off her long stocking covered legs and athletic figure to full effect. And her long blonde hair was combed back into a tight pony tail, making her look like a Swedish model, or the trophy of some Russian oligarch.

When Alex noticed his wife his heart rate accelerated. Not only did she look like a million dollars, but she was wearing that dress again. The same one that had started their trip down the rabbit hole…the same one that…

“Ooh la la,” Nico whistled, as he too noticed Sophie and rushed over to greet her with wide open arms.


As the evening progressed, Sophie and Nico dominated proceedings, as they always did when the foursome got together. He through lively conversation and entertaining work related stories, and she through irresistible allure and wicked French humor. Poor Leticia seemed zoned out, too tired to actively participate. Whilst Alex was quite happy to sit back and enjoy the spectacle, laughing away and marveling at the beautiful creature that was his wife.

Not only was she radiant, as if drawing in all the light from around the room, but the thin black material across her chest draped snugly over her perky breasts. Framing her hard nipples as they poked against the fabric and playfully bounced every time she laughed.

Well liquored, the blonde was relishing the men’s attention. Especially Nico’s. With unruly brown hair, he was tall, good looking, vivacious, and effortlessly stylish. In fact, Sophie had never quite understood why he had settled for Leticia. Granted she was physically attractive. But her kill joy attitude and lack of joie de vivre was at the opposite end of the spectrum, and she made no effort to integrate herself with their social network. For example, on nights out, she would routinely go home early, leaving her husband partying into the small hours of the morning with everyone else…feeding rumors of potential infidelity.

Like many, Sophie had struggled to bond with Leticia. Nico, however, was a different story. There had been chemistry and sexual tension between them since the beginning. Which might have explained why she had been geed up all afternoon, putting extra effort into her presentation.

As the main course came to an end, the hosts collected the empty dishes and headed back into the kitchen. Sophie looked flustered, whether from the wine, or because she had leaned over Nico a little too obviously to take his plate, was anyone’s guess. And she had barely finished placing everything on the counter top, when a pair of hands clasped her hips.

“You look ravishing tonight,” came the whisper into her ear. “And I see you wore my favorite black dress.”

“Hmm…” She moaned,

Leaning back into her husband’s warmth, savoring his kartal escort touch. Goose bumps erupting down her spine as lips kissed the nape of her delicate neck.

“Remember what happened last time you wore this dress?” He continued.

Hands moving to her chest, gently rubbing and squeezing through the thin fabric.

“And no bra, you saucy minx. You’re playing with fire…again…”

“Hmm…well…maybe I like getting burned,” she teased, turning around to kiss him.

Then breaking off, she pushed past him and grabbed the dessert plates, but not before whispering a parting message into his ear, “…and it’s not just the bra that I went without…”

Alex’s head spun as he watched her delectable rear sashay away.


“Wow, this fondant is delicious,” Nico crooned, pouring more wine. “I didn’t know you were such a good cook.”

“I’m surprisingly good…at a lot of things,” Sophie shot back coquettishly.

Curling her tongue round the silver spoon, sensuously licking the sweet chocolate sauce (in what was becoming a trademark move). And they all burst into alcohol fueled laughter. All that is, except Leticia, who looked decidedly unimpressed.

“Ah, the classic French formula. First current affairs and work, then social gossip, and finally cheesy innuendo,” she observed wryly, yawning. “I’m so sorry to be rude, but I have a busy day tomorrow and can’t stay awake any longer. Besides, I already know all of Nico’s bad sex jokes.”

“Cherie, don’t be like that, it’s only 11:00pm, just another hour. I’m traveling all week so this is my last night with the Marino’s,” her husband protested, looking at the others for support.

“Well…” she conceded, conscious that she hadn’t been much company, and not wanting to completely ruin the evening, “I guess I could just rest on a sofa for a bit.”

“In that case, may I suggest you rest on the day bed in the office, it will be much more comfortable if you nod off for a bit,” Alex said, getting up to guide her.

“Wow, she must be exhausted,” he mused on his return, “I think she was asleep before I left the room.”

“Ha. That’s Leticia…always tired nowadays, ” Nico lamented, shaking his head. “And once asleep…not even nuclear war could wake her up.”

“Why don’t we get more comfortable?” Sophie suggested, nodding towards the living room, clearly not bothered by the absence.

“Alex darling, would you mind getting a digestif?”

Returning a minute later, he froze. His wife didn’t just look more comfortable, but downright provocative. Sitting across from their guest, one leg curled under whilst the other bounced lightly against the floor with nervous energy. Thighs separated more than was decent, forcing the short dress to ride dangerously high.

Even from where he was standing, Alex could see the sexy embroidered top of her black sheer stockings. And he was sure that Nico was getting a far more intimate view. Yet, twirling her pony tail and giggling away as she hung on his every word, Sophie looked more like a naïve schoolgirl than a insatiable seductress. Like it was all some kind of innocent wardrobe malfunction.

And for a moment Alex was transported back to their recent Caribbean holiday. To the night that his wife had lost control and lewdly played with herself at the hotel bar, even though other men were watching. Her sex drive unrecognisable compared to only a few months before. Like a dam holding back previously suppressed deviance had broken within.

Shaking his mind back into the present, a fiendish thought crossed his mind…


“Ah,” Nico flustered, as his host approached holding three glasses and a bottle.

“I see you have great taste. Hennessy VSOP Cognac, one of our fastest growing brands in America. Very popular with the black community for some reason.”

“It’s not the only thing around here that is popular with the black community,” Alex quipped, smiling knowingly at Sophie as he filled the glasses and handed them out.

“Ha, ha, Alex,” she shrugged, trying to seem nonchalant, even as she blushed.

But the reference had been enough to remind her of that last night in Turks and Caicos. Of Ben. Big black beautiful Ben. And how it had felt to be fucked nearly unconsciousness by him. How it had felt to give herself completely to two men. And she looked at Nico and her husband with a tingle, unconsciously parting her legs a little more. Alcohol, seduction, exhibitionism, and desire. It was an electrifying cocktail, and the atmosphere was charged.

“Excuse me for a minute,” Nico croaked, looking hot under the collar himself.

As soon as he had disappeared down the corridor, Alex got up and turned off the lights. Leaving the candle lit space feeling more intimate, despite the open curtains and city lights outside. A romantic place…for unromantic deeds. Then he went over to the stereo, selected a playlist, and turned up the volume a touch.

A familiar drum beat enveloped them. It was Umbrella, by Rhianna. Sophie had a weakness for it. And küçükçekmece escort although she should have known that her husband was up to something, her tipsy mind was already playing second fiddle to her immediate needs. And she needed to dance. She needed to be held. She needed to be taken. Willingly, she allowed herself to be pulled up and embraced, swaying as one.

“It’s been a fun evening,” she sighed, putting her arms around his neck.

“But the best is yet to come…” came the mischievous reply.

Fingers dipping under her hemline and swiftly pulling it up and over her two rounded humps.

“Alex…!” she pouted, pretending to be scandalized.

But she loved the lighthearted foreplay and wiggled her liberated rear, enjoying the fresh air. Although, as fun as it was, she was conscious that their guest could reappear at any moment, and while a part of her thrilled at the idea of being caught, she made a move to lower the dress.

Except, a sudden disorientating movement put paid to her plan, and she found herself being spun around and held tight. Braced by a strong arm as another reached down to cup the naked prize between her heavenly legs.

“You shaved,” Alex approved, stroking the bald mound.

“And you’re wet,” he teased, running a finger through the moist folds.

“Oui…” Sophie gasped.

Then in the distance, the faint sound of a toilet flushing sent a shiver down her spine.

“Alex,” she pleaded, “Please…later…once Nico is gone…”

But instead of relenting, he upped the ante.

“Yes…Nico…” he assailed. “What a spectacle you made before him tonight. Flirting and flaunting so shamelessly. Tempting him with your hot body.”

And to emphasize the point he pushed a finger up into her tight hole. Then curling it to excite her fleshy g-spot.

“Pardon…Cheri,” she squirmed, breathing heavily.

Knowing it was true. Wanting to be sorry. Wanting to feel remorse. Except, wild with arousal, guilt was not the emotion that was building deep inside.

“I’m not mad,” Alex reassured, sensing that his wife’s lustful demons had been unleashed. Sensing her vulnerability to corruption and perversion.

“Besides, after tonight you will never see him again. So what happens tonight…stays here tonight. It would be nothing more than a dream. A wonderful fantasy without consequences…”

“Uh-huh,” she rasped, grinding against the pleasure.

“So…why hold back?” he encouraged. “Live for the moment. Feel the rhythm. Dance for us. Let yourself go completely…like you did on holiday.”

Sophie’s heart pounded at the implications, and adrenaline surged though her as footsteps resonated down the hall, getting closer and closer. Her mind racing, she barely processed her husband lowering the dress and sitting back down. Leaving her rooted to the spot, trembling in anticipation.

“So, where were we?” Nico asked vivaciously, plonking back down on the other sofa and flicking his hair casually to one side.

“Well,” Alex grinned, “Sophie was just saying how much she wanted to give you a special going away present. Something to remember her by. Isn’t that right sweetie?”

And in that split second, as they both looked at her with barely concealed greed, she could have chosen to do nothing. She could have sat back down and laughed it off. But, already a slave to her inebriated libido, she chose to restart the song.

Quickly losing herself in the pulsating beat, freeing her blonde mane so that it could move in sync with her sensuous hips and heaving breasts. Leaving Nico wide-eyed as she rubbed suggestively all over, confident, desperate, yearning to be touched. Sex personified, hypnotizing the audience as they jealously followed the path of her hands.

Then turning around, rotating her ass, teasing them with the short dress. Working the black hemline as she moved to the music. Black stocking tops, bare upper thighs, the sexy gap between her legs, and threatening to show even more.

The men’s eyes burned into the cavorting blonde, captivated, willing her to go further. And possessed by her own sexual urgency, she wanted it just as much. Increasingly daring and risque, inhibitions fading with every well-timed movement, until the black material was regularly rising above the crease of her ass.

“Jesus…” Nico breathed.

For the second time that evening Sophie was flashing glimpses of her naked slit! What was happening? Why wasn’t Alex stopping her? What an ass! Conflicted by his desire to see more, and concern that it was inappropriate, he wasn’t sure where to look or what to do. That’s when he noticed Alex appraising him. Making him feel like he was being tested or something.

“I’ll go,” he mouthed, knowing it was the ‘right’ answer, pointing his finger towards the front door.

But instead of responding, his host got up, moved next to him, and whispered into his ear.

“Are you clean?”


“You know…STD’s. I know you fool around. Are you clean?” he repeated.

“Of course!” küçükyalı escort came the emphatic reply. “I haven’t been with anyone but Leticia since my annual medical 2 months ago. So I know I am. 100%.”

Alex looked straight into his eyes…and believed him.

“OK,” he nodded.

And, not giving his friend time to fully process what it all meant, stood up and stalked towards the dancing beauty. Who was only too happy to embrace and grind together. Melting into the passionate kisses. Animal necessity conveyed through her hungry lips.

Alex had seen Sophie in such states before, and knew she was ripe for the plucking. Confidently repeating his actions from earlier, he hiked the black dress back up round her slim waist and authoritatively spun her 180 degrees around. Giving their guest an unexpected and unobstructed view of her cute innie slit. Freshly shaven and innocent, like that of a teenage girl. The black of her surrounding garments making the pale of her precious peach all the more alluring.

“Fuck…” Nico exhaled in shock.

It was like a dream come true, and his dick swelled in appreciation. His fantasies about Sophie hadn’t done her justice. She was more beautiful than he had ever imagined. And as his friend’s fingers began to play between her legs, as she ground against him like a professional lap dancer, he rubbed the growing bulge through his jeans, all sense of propriety quickly disappearing.

“I need you inside me,” Sophie begged, “I’m already close.”

“Later,” Alex promised, knowing it was the moment of truth. “But first you have to earn it by performing for Nico…like you did for those strangers during our holiday.”

And not allowing time for second thoughts, he guided her to sit in front of him on the sofa, leaned her back against his chest, grabbed her knees, and eased her silky legs apart. Opening her pussy like a flower in bloom.

And Sophie didn’t hesitate, giving Nico a front row seat as she reached down and touched herself. Diddling the protruding clit, fingering the desperate slit, her hands a constant whirl of squishy movement. Moaning, whimpering and the sound of wet flesh audible above the music, treating the voyeur to a world class sex show. Until, hips bucking, she cried out in orgasm and gushed all over her sticky fingers.

Insensitive to his wife’s state of post-orgasmic bliss, Alex was keen to drive things forward. Smiling lecherously at his already astonished friend, insinuating that he hadn’t seen anything yet, he reached between her soaked legs, coated his fingers in fresh pussy juice, and then raised them towards her panting breath.

Feeling the touch at her lips, the hot blonde slowly opened her eyes…and mouth. Allowing all the coated digits to be obscenely stuffed inside at the same time. Flaming blue eyes fixed on Nico, conveying that she wanted something of his in there next.

“Naughty girl…don’t you know it’s rude to cum before a guest? I think you owe Nico a blow job in apology,” Alex reproached, before disappearing down the corridor.

She didn’t need to be told twice, and crawled onto the floor. Prowling forward on all fours, never breaking lustful eye contact, her exposed feline rear swaggering invitingly in the air.

“You’ve seen mine, now show me yours,” she purred.

Nico glanced towards the corridor. There was no sign of her husband. Had he really condoned this? Surely this was some sort of trick. And as much as he wanted to believe it was real, he couldn’t bring himself to make the first move. So remained immobile, even as the hot blonde arrived between his legs, even as she perched her elbows on his thighs, and even as she unbuckled the belt and released his aching hard-on.

“Oui…” he groaned.

Although only a recent convert to sucking dick, she seemed to have innate talent. Puckered lips stimulating his swollen head. A tight fist milking his shaft. And real or imaginary, the delicious sensations were undeniable. The masterful technique massaging away his lingering unease. Giving him the courage to gently push the spilling blonde hair to one side so that he could watch as she bobbed up and down.

With his mind totally consumed, the sudden reappearance of his naked host nearly gave Nico a heart attack. And immediately consumed by guilt, he tried to push Sophie off. Like it hadn’t been obvious that she was blowing him. Like he could have explained it all away.

Alex merely laughed. “Please don’t worry. Just enjoy my wife’s hospitality. Don’t think about me. Focus on her…talents. I think you will find that she is surprisingly good…at a lot of things.”

Nico managed a nervous chuckle, which helped ease the tension a little. He had never shared a woman before, and although he was definitely up for it, there was no denying that his nerves were on edge.

“Sophie. Kneel on the sofa,” Alex instructed.

She obediently climbed onto it, got back onto her knees and elbows, and resumed her slurping. As he looked on, all husbandly instincts were completely absent, replaced by a primeval urge that looked at the female before him and saw nothing more than a hot piece of ass. And what an ass. Perfect French buns firmed from hours of exercise, swaying vulnerably in the air, revealing the prize he yearned for most. And as he flipped open the small tube of lube that he had brought from the bedroom, the kinky orifice winked at him, daring him to penetrate its dark secrets for a second time.

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