The Late Starter Ch. 02

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Julia sat on her sofa thinking about Jon and how he was so infinitely more experienced in bed than she was, even though he was twelve years her junior. But then, she thought, that was hardly surprising as she’d had no experience whatever until only a week before when he had taken her virginity.

She had met him at night school, invited him to her house to help her with a decorating chore, even though she thought him a scruffy young layabout, and before she knew it, they were in bed and he was deflowering her. Still, he was good and it was so very enjoyable, and anyway, thirty-six is plenty old enough to still be a virgin. Not only that, but he did come back the next day to finish the job he had supposedly come to do in the first place.

Now today, in less than an hour’s time, he would be calling again and this time there was not even the pretence of a chore to be done. This time, although they had dressed it up as a social call, he was calling simply to go to bed with her and they both knew it.

Her problem, if problem it was, came from the fact that until last week she had never had the slightest interest in sex and so knew virtually nothing about it, other than the basic biological facts. Then had come her ‘deflowering’, a complete misnomer as far as Julia was concerned, for it had allowed her to flower as a woman.

Jon had somehow woken a desire in her, a burning desire to make up for lost time. It was no use lamenting all the missed opportunities, but now she had started she needed to continue. But, and in her mind it was a big but, would Jon, or any other man, be prepared to bed a thirty-something woman who didn’t know what to do. He might do so once as a novelty, maybe even twice, but then he would surely look for someone with more experience. She would just have to learn very quickly, if she could persuade him to play teacher, but how? And that was assuming that he would actually turn up.

She wondered how she should dress to greet him. Should she be in just her housecoat, or her flimsiest nightie, or would that give all the wrong tarty signals? Should she dress as normal in a skirt and blouse or put on a nice dress, and whatever she chose, should they be worn with or without underwear? Oh, God, decisions, decisions. In the end she decided to stay as she was in a knee length skirt and a white front buttoned blouse – with underwear. Be yourself, she decided, and then he can like you or not honestly.

She went into the kitchen and set a tray with coffee cups, then she went upstairs, plumped up the pillows on her bed, rearranged the duvet to look more casual and went back downstairs. A few minutes later and she was back upstairs, altering the bed so as to look properly made, and checking that there was a box of tissues within easy reach, although she wasn’t sure what they might be needed for. She checked the net curtains were properly shut, opened the window a little to prevent the room becoming sticky, and then closed it so that any intimate sounds wouldn’t get broadcast. Back downstairs, and then up again to give the bedroom a last scan for things forgotten. She began to get annoyed with her own anxieties.

In the end she went back into the lounge, deliberately sat herself down on the sofa and gave herself a good talking to about her nerves. Just because she was expecting her lover — yes, her lover — she didn’t need to fall apart at the seams. She would sit quietly and wait. Twice she sprang to her feet to go and check something, and twice she forced herself back to her seat.

Eventually the door bell rang and she rushed to answer it. Jon stood there clutching a very large bunch of flowers and looking very awkward about them. She smiled a welcome and stood back to let him in, feeling so much better now he was actually here, and completely bowled over to be given flowers.

“Thank you. You are a sweetie.” She took the proffered flowers and smelled them gratefully.

“I wasn’t sure if you’d still want to see me.” Jon explained. “And they’re my bribe.”

“Why ever shouldn’t I?” His words had shocked her.

“I wondered if you thought I’d taken advantage.” He looked quite bashful trying to get his thoughts out.

“Not a chance. Let me put these in water and we’ll talk, I think it’s needed.”

She was gone for only a few minutes and when she returned she brought the coffee with her. She handed Jon a cup and sat on the chair opposite so that she could look at him.

“Just so that you know, I’ve been fussing around today like an old maid because I was frightened silly that you might not turn up. I thought you might be laughing at me for having still been a virgin at my age.”

She shifted in her seat, feeling just a little embarrassed.

“I quite expected to stay a virgin, because I didn’t see what all the fuss was about with sex. But you and your magic fingers changed all that, and when we made love I wanted it never to stop. Now I want to do it all the time, to try everything there is to try, but I don’t know how and I need you to help me learn. So what I canlı bahis say to you is that you can have me any time you want, just turn up and take me, so long as you can put up with my ignorance. I will learn quickly, I promise, and you can try anything you want with me. Just please forgive my lack of knowledge and help me to please you. We can be good together, I know we can.”

She paused at long last. “There, now I’ve been rehearsing that little speech all day, so what do you say?”

“What can I say? I’ve been worrying about going too far and offending you, and now you tell me there are no limits.” He paused himself before asking. “Julia, do you really mean it?”

“I think so. Although how can I be sure until I know what there is to do? I can’t say I’m willing to try kinky sex until I know what kinky sex consists of. So what I say is that if you enjoy doing something, try it with me, whatever it is, and see how things go.”

“Julia, you got yourself a deal.” He announced it rather theatrically to cover his bewilderment at this turn of events, and then changed the subject. “Is that why you said the word ‘fuck’ last time, because you wanted to sound sexy?”

“That bothered you didn’t it? I could tell. Look, I’m really not a Miss Prim-And-Proper, you made me realise that. I asked you to ‘fuck me’ because to say ‘please have intercourse with me’ just wouldn’t sound right, would it?”

“No, Miss!” He wore his customary cheeky grin again and she knew that all was well.

Julia picked up the two empty coffee cups and took them through into the kitchen, smiling happily at the way things were going, although wondering how to set the wheels in motion this time. But then that problem was taken from her by Jon, who had followed her through. He tiptoed up behind her as she was running water into the sink and encircled her waist with his hands.

“My goodness!” She exclaimed. “You gave me a start.”

“Sorry. There’s something about women at the sink I just can’t resist.”

“Maybe, but there are nicer ways to make my heart race, you know.” She looked over her shoulder at him, a smile on her face. “You managed last week all right.”

“What did I do then?” He kissed her neck as he asked, making the question redundant.

“Can’t remember, remind me upstairs.”

This time they undressed each other, taking it in turns to remove a garment, eventually getting to where only Julia’s knickers remained. He slid them down slowly, going down onto his knees, deliberately letting her see him gazing at her pussy as it was gradually uncovered, trying to gauge her shyness. But she made no attempt to hide anything, even as she raised each foot in turn to take them off. Now she stood naked in front of his kneeling form, waiting with her heart already racing for him to make the next move, while he gazed up at her drinking in her beauty and wondering how she could have remained undiscovered for so long.

He rose slowly to his feet, still unable to stop looking at her, and led her towards the bed. Instinctively, and without any discussion, they went to opposite sides of the bed and slid beneath the duvet with Julia to Jon’s left, and then rolled to face each other. For a short while they gazed affectionately at each other, until, as if by mutual agreement, they both reached out and slid into each others arms.

Julia savoured the unfamiliar sensation of having a man’s body close to hers, enjoying the feel of his muscular form in her arms, his body hair against her smooth skin, and most of all his erection pressing against her belly. She was so glad they had met and that she had at last taken that long overdue step of surrendering herself to a man. When their mouths met this time she kissed back enthusiastically, ready for him to take her.

Their kisses were long and passionate, their mouths coming together eagerly, lips moulding to one another, tongues mingling, touching and tasting, each exploring the other. Jon lay partly on his back and he pulled Julia almost on top of him, his arms encircling her with his hands roaming over her back, his fingertips often softly tracing her spine from the nape of her neck to the first curves of her bottom, while she gazed down on him stoking the hair from his forehead and gently caressing the side of his neck.

For a long time neither of them spoke, lying totally immersed in each others affections, but then Jon moved slightly to ease his trapped erection and that small movement broke the spell.

“Wow! Now that’s what I call being kissed.” Julia smiled happily over her words.

“You aren’t doing so badly yourself.” Jon answered, his own mouth curved in a similar smile.

They had both wriggled slightly after Jon’s initial movement, trying to change position without breaking their clinch, and in the process Julia had thrown one leg across Jon’s, her thigh over his and her knee almost level with his hip, while the other remained pointing straight down the length of the bed. This presented Jon with the beautiful full curve of Julia’s bottom when her fingers bahis siteleri next reached the base of her spine, and he took full advantage, softly fondling and caressing the smooth globes with his palm. Julia murmured quietly at his touch and shifted a little more to give him better access.

The next time his hand descended her spine he allowed it to continue, cupping her buttock with his fingertips tracing the valley of her bottom until they reached the fringe of hair surrounding her pussy, before arcing onwards to stroke the underside of her thigh to the knee. Julia gasped softly and moved again, this time squirming upwards a little so that he could reach and touch her more fully.

Jon carried on lightly following her spine with his fingertips, but now when he reached her bottom he allowed then to sink into her cleft as they reached her pussy. There they ran inside her pubic fringe and between her labia, gliding over the entrance to her vagina and dragging over her clitoris, bringing little whimpers of satisfaction from her. He continued on, running his wetted fingers along her thigh, leaving a damp trail of her juices on her skin. Julia began to stir against him, pushing her pussy towards his hand each time it passed, reflexively tempting him to enter her, silently willing him to concentrate on her soaking slit.

He was more than willing to comply with her unspoken request. The feel of her wetness on his fingers aroused him, making him want to find and investigate its source. Now, when his fingertips reached that point on their journey he paused and let them explore her, pushing a finger into her vagina as far as her position would allow. Julia moaned loudly, making no attempt to hide her pleasure at his invasion, and wriggled even higher to allow him deeper.

“I like that.” She whispered. “It feels so nice.”

Now his hand remained there, his finger flexing at the second joint, thrusting in and out of Julia’s pussy, making her moan with pleasure. Then, as she lay partly across him, he managed to insert his other hand between them and over her breast, playing with her nipple, rolling and squeezing it in time to his finger. Julia lifted herself slightly to allow him more freedom and closed her eyes, yielding to the sensations that his hands sent through her.

“Ooh. That’s lovely.” Jon smiled at her remark.

Julia would have been quite content to let Jon carry on playing with her in exactly that way all evening, but he had other ideas in mind. After playing with her like that for some minutes he stopped and pushed her gently away, rolling her onto her back. She looked at him confused, as if worried that she had done something wrong, but he reassured her as he climbed from the bed.

“Hey, don’t look so anxious. There’s something I want to do, and you’ll enjoy it, honestly.”

He went to the foot of the bed and then, without warning, pulled the duvet from the bed, throwing it into a corner. Julia looked up, startled by his action.

“Relax, sweetheart. I just need you uncovered.”

She laid full length on the bed, looking down the length of her naked body to where he still stood at the foot. But then, without saying anything, he reached forward to take hold of her legs just above the ankles and, leaning over a little more he pushed her legs back and further apart, making them bend at the knee and affording him an unobstructed view up between her thighs.

For a brief moment Julia felt embarrassed that he could see so much of her, but then she realised that she didn’t mind, she almost welcomed his gaze in fact. Up until now she had never thought that anybody would look at her in that way, indeed she had never believed anybody would actually want to. Now she could feel herself lubricating even more as he watched, her pussy preparing itself for whatever he had in mind.

Jon looked along her body, drinking in the view, his eyes following her long slim legs to their junction, gazing hungrily at her pussy, pink and glistening within its halo of dark curly hairs, on up her body, scanning over a washboard stomach to her breasts, her small pert breasts capped with those unbelievably long nipples. He couldn’t help but stare, congratulating himself on his good fortune. God knows why she had such a low opinion of herself, if only she knew just how bloody gorgeous she actually was. He could gaze at her all day.

But then he gripped her ankles tighter, moved back and pulled, hauling her bodily down the bed until her crotch was nearly level with the edge. She squealed and her arms flailed with surprise, but she didn’t object, she just wondered excitedly what he intended to do next.

At first, when he pushed her legs wide and back, she thought he was going simply to have sex with her right there and then, especially when he knelt down between her legs, and she took hold of her knees to bend them right back and out of the way. But then instead of moving forward on his knees as she expected, he put out his hands and opened her labia wide with his thumbs. Now he knelt before her and bahis şirketleri gazed at her wide open pussy, watching it leak her juices, and she loved it. She would never have thought of herself as in any way an exhibitionist, but showing her body to Jon gave her an immense sense of freedom and made her feel so damn sexy. She wondered fleetingly what she would feel like if other eyes viewed her nakedness.

“I like you to look at me.” She told him. “And I think I’d like you to talk dirty to me too.”

“Sshhhh! I just want to look at a beautiful woman for a minute.” His rebuke carried no sting, but it silenced her.

When he did finally move he just silently leaned forward and placed his mouth over her cleft, his tongue immediately seeking admission. She gasped in surprise at this new contact, taking pleasure from the intimacy it involved as well as from the sensation.

She could feel his tongue begin to explore, to glide along her slit, licking her, tasting her, doing all the things that her strait-laced background told her were wrong but which were proving to be so very right. She felt him wriggle the tip of his tongue from side to side, probing everywhere, along the insides of her pussy lips, dipping into her vagina, sliding across the tip of her clitoris, each new sensation making her groan with delight.

“Oh Jon, that’s wonderful. I never thought I’d…”

She broke off to gasp loudly as he deliberately licked her clitoris, preventing her from telling him how much more bold she was becoming.

His tongue moved on, sliding downwards and into her vagina, pushing up inside her as far as it could reach and then running around inside the rim to taste her fluids. She gripped her legs tighter, holding them all the way back with her fingers digging into her own flesh, willing him deeper.

Again he moved, now descending further, under her pussy, running his tongue tip so very gently across her perineum, venturing within a hair’s breadth of her anus, making her panic momentarily before he retreated.

His tongue traced tiny circles, just lightly touching the tight skin between her two holes, giving her breathtaking sensations and making her heart race. She held herself rigid, trying not to influence his movements but wondering at his intention. If her strayed too far she knew she wouldn’t stop him, wouldn’t even want to stop him, but surely he wouldn’t put his tongue there, would he? It felt amazing, but it was pushing her inhibitions to the limit and she was both slightly disappointed and very relieved when his tongue finally moved on and up, and dipped back into her vagina.

Now Julia knew she had a lover who would give all the thrills she could ever ask for. However daring she wanted to become, Jon would take her there, and then some.

“My God, Jon.” That was all she dare say.

His tongue was on the move again, this time leaving her vagina to find her clitoris and wriggle his tongue tip against it. She groaned again, thrilled by the things he was doing to her. She had always thought the idea of oral sex distasteful, not at all like its fabulous reality, and so now she wondered what else he could teach her to enjoy.

Jon was concentrating on her clitoris, licking it, nibbling it with his lips and even gently nipping it between his teeth, and Julia felt that beautiful warmth begin to grow inside her once more. The same warmth that had last week become the heat and then the furnace that had grown into her very first orgasm. She smiled inwardly, recognising the feeling and happy with the proof that last week had not been a fluke, and that she was a genuinely orgasmic woman.

Still holding her labia apart with his thumbs, Jon sucked at her clitoris, the suction drawing the diminutive bud into his mouth and feeding the little flame inside her pelvis. Then he held it between lip-padded teeth so that his tongue could work uninterrupted on its tip, flicking across it softly then firmly, slowly then quickly, all the time pulling it into his mouth. The warmth began to spread, causing her to clench her teeth and making her hands grip tighter onto her bent back legs. Jon knew exactly what effect he was having, and he didn’t intend to stop until he had brought her once more to a climax.

Julia put back her head, closed her eyes and let the sensations engulf her. Back and forth went his tongue, then up and down, then in circular movements, all the time playing and stimulating the end of her clitoris, all the time sending shafts of pure pleasure running through her.

“Oh, oh, Jon, I think I’m going to cum soon. You won’t stop will you?”

Stopping was not on his agenda, not even to tell her so, and he simply carried on licking her faster still, his tongue lapping at her clitoris, straying briefly down her cleft to her entrance, back again to lap once more on her button, never stopping, never letting up the intense stimulation of his mouth on her pussy. She groaned again, feeling her orgasm getting closer, a ball of hot ecstasy growing hotter and more urgent with every pass of his tongue. It couldn’t go on forever, her toes were literally curling, her eyes were squeezed shut, her mouth was in an involuntary grimace and her body was beginning to jerk and shudder as little tremors swept through her.

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