The Lingerie Club

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At that time of my life, I was traveling quite a bit for work and usually those were solo travels. Often times the people that I visited had families and after-work commitments, so I was left to find my own entertainment at the end of the day. Being before the Internet really took off, that usually meant dinner for one and then a retreat to the room to either check out the in-room porn or to flip through an adult magazine – if I had found an interesting one to pick up at the airport or convenience store. Whenever possible, I’d scan the yellow pages of the local telephone book for obvious “gentleman’s clubs” in the Night Clubs section or check the Sports section of the local paper for advertisements from these places.

On one particular trip to the Denver area, the trip was scheduled to last for a couple of nights. The local sports section had several places advertised – some that were the traditional “gentleman’s clubs” and others that were listed as “lingerie clubs.” I opted for the traditional club on the first night and it was a nice club, offering the typical entertainment in a large room with two separate stages for the dancers to perform. Several dancers were on that night and after their on-stage shifts they would circulate through the room collecting tips and offering private dances. I had a pretty good night that night – getting a pretty good buzz going and enjoying the company of one of the girls. After a couple of private dances and some good conversation, I headed out to my hotel so that I could get enough rest to be coherent and functional the following day.

After dinner on the second night in town, I had contemplated returning to the same location – but figured that it was a long shot that the same dancer was on. On a whim, I went back to the sports page, wrote down the addresses for the 3 lingerie clubs listed and pulled out my city map. I located the 3 clubs on the map and found that none was particularly close to the hotel that I was staying in. The closest one was probably a 20-mile drive, but it was all interstate highways and since there was nothing else to do, I hopped into the rental car and headed out. After driving for a while, I left the interstate at the exit mentioned on the club’s ad and found myself in what seemed to be an industrial area along a major railroad artery. Driving back and forth, I finally located the correct street and in another minute I had found the “club” – located in what seemed to be the office area of a small warehouse type building.

Upon entering the “club” I passed by a small office and into a reception area. On one side of the room were a couch and two chairs arranged in a “U” shape facing a television. Four ladies were sitting on the couches watching the television, apparently killing time. One of the ladies came over to me and introduced herself, “hi, I’m Amy. Welcome to West Side Lingerie. Is this your first visit to the club?” I responded that it was and she immediately offered me a tour of the premises and explained the concept. “The club is set up with several private studios for you and your model to enjoy. The modeling rate is $100 per half-hour and the models are allowed to accept tips for their casino siteleri service, but the option to tip is entirely up to the client. Shall we continue with the tour?” she asked as if to confirm that I was able to afford their “services”.

“Yes, that is fine.” I responded and off we went.

The first room that she showed me was the Salon. “In here,” she said, “your hostess will wear the outfit that you select from our assortment on that rack and the two of you will play strip poker. Some of our customers who enjoy gambling prefer this room.”

Continuing on, we entered the “Club” room, which had a comfortable chair in one corner and a raised platform in the center with a pole running from the platform to the ceiling. “In this room,” Amy explained, “your hostess will perform an erotic dance for you.”

After a quick look around that room, we passed through a larger room and into a room that was painted in flat black and had a terrazzo floor with a drain in the center and a variety of colors of paint splattered on the floor and walls. “This room is the body painting room,” Amy described. “In here, you and your hostess will use easily washable body paints to decorate each others’ bodies.”

The last room that we entered was actually the large room adjacent to the body painting room. In the corner of the room was a large, glass enclosed shower stall. “This is our last room,” Amy said. “In here, you and your hostess will take a shower and will take turns lathering each other.” After the final explanation, she turned to me and asked me which room that I’d like to use – my quick response was the shower room.

Amy re-explained the fee and after I had peeled 5 $20’s off of a handful of bills in my wallet, she disappeared from the room for what seemed to be an eternity, but was likely only a few minutes. She eventually returned, with her hair pulled up in a high ponytail, carrying some towels, and wearing a terry cloth robe. She came over to me, lead me to the shower, opened the door, removed her robe and hung it on the hook beside the shower and reached in to turn the water on.

As she adjusted the water temperature, she suggested that I remove my clothes – unless I wanted to get them wet too. I watched her as her sexy form reached in and adjusted the water knobs and finding the water to be comfortable; she stepped in to the oversized shower stall, and closed the door behind her. I quickly removed my clothing, piling it on the chair across the room and walked toward the shower stall, my cock already fully hard from watching her prepare the shower for me.

As soon as I got in and closed the door behind me, she put her hands on my shoulders and positioned me under the stream of water. It felt incredible under there – having the warm water on my head and back contrasting with the slightly cool air blowing against my chest, abdomen, and groin. I closed my eyes, wanting to concentrate on the sensation and I felt her hands leave my shoulders. Peeking slightly, I could see that she had reached down to grab the bottle of shower gel and was pouring some into the palm of her hand. My cock throbbed as I watched her rub her palms canlı casino together, coating her hands in the gel, and then begin rubbing them over my chest.

As she rubbed, she leaned forward and whispered into my ear “honey, as much I’d like to, we cannot fuck in here tonight – this isn’t that kind of place.” “If you behave yourself, though, when we get out of the shower, you can sit in that chair and jerk off while I play with myself in front of you” Oh god! That mental image wasn’t helping me at all, nor was the feel of her hands on my chest, my stomach, then on my thighs and around my cock.

Sensing the difficulty that I was having with keeping my composure as she lathered my thighs and abdomen, Amy guided me to turn around and then lathered my back and ass. She then handed the bottle of shower gel to me and asked if I’d mind lathering her up.

Would I mind? – hell, I could hardly wait. I took a slightly different approach to lathering than she did. As we switched places, I stood facing Amy and took the bottle and squeezed out a stream of gel across the top of her chest. The cool liquid got her to jump a bit and then I began massaging the gel into her skin, starting from her shoulders and working my hands down. As I smoothed the lather into her breasts, I gently cupped them in my hands and rubbed the flat of my palm over her nipples. I was enjoying the sensation of lathering my shower partner, and by the soft moan deep in her throat I could tell that she was enjoying the feel of my palms on her nipples.

After caressing her lovely breasts as long as I thought that I could get away with, I picked up the bottle of gel again and squirted a small Z on her lower abdomen and shot a stream down each of her thighs. I lowered my arms and bent my knees slightly, allowing me to place my hands on her thighs just above her knees. I let my hands play over her thighs, my fingers raking slowly up the front and then sliding my palms down. On the next pass, I brought my hands up the inside of her thighs as high as she’d let me – I could feel the heat from her pussy as she guided my hands around her sex. I complied and moved my hands to her flat stomach, rubbing the gel into her skin.

It seemed that she didn’t want to offer me any more temptation there, so she turned and faced the water stream, placing her hands on the shower wall. I squirted some more gel over her ass and rubbed her lovely globes. I was feeling that familiar throb in my cock and could tell that I was pumping pre-cum as the sensations swirled in my head. I leaned my body against hers, reaching around to bring my hands back to her swaying breasts. As I reached around her, my cock pressed between her ass cheeks and she playfully reached back and moved it to her hip – then reminded me of the rules. More importantly, she reminded me that the consequence of breaking the rules was that she’d leave the studio and I’d have to dry off and leave the premises immediately. I quickly agreed to behave myself.

She slid her hand over my hip and whispered in my ear, “It seems like you are ready to get yourself off. Why don’t we rinse ourselves off real well and move out of the shower?” All I kaçak casino could manage was an affirmative sounding moan.

She turned the water off and handed me a towel. I removed the excess water from my body and she did the same then opened the shower stall, took me by the hand, led me to the chair on the other side of the room, and guided me into it.

Amy then sat on the floor in front of me and began encouraging me to jerk off for her. At first it felt strange – the idea of stroking my cock right there. For as long as I could remember, my masturbating was always a very private thing and I was always afraid that I’d get caught. It was certainly a new experience to have a beautiful, sexy woman sitting on the floor at my feet and suggesting that I stroke my cock for her. Amy helped me along by placing her hands on my knees and spreading my thighs as far as the chair would allow. She then laid down on her back in front of me and placed her feet just inside of my feet on the floor.

“Come on, baby – stroke it for me. Show me how much you enjoyed our shower time together” Amy said as she began rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples. How could I refuse? All my inhibitions fell away and I extended my feet out, rubbing them along the outside of Amy’s thighs as I wrapped my hand around my cock and started fucking my fist.

“That’s it, baby…show me…you got me so hot in that shower…I want to see you shoot your cum for me….mmmmm” Amy slid one hand from her breast, down her stomach, and over her pussy. Looking up at me watching me stroke she said “look at my pussy, baby…I wish that I could have your cock in here.” As she teased me with her words, she used the first and ring fingers from her hand to spread her pussy lips while she curled her middle finger and used it to flick at her clit.

The sight of Amy playing with herself in front of me as she encouraged me in her sexy voice was more than I could handle. My pace quickened and my hand was soon stroking my cock with only one thought in mind. I needed to cum and I needed to cum right then. I didn’t care who else was there or what else was going on around me.

My eyes glazed as I watched Amy teasing herself. In another moment I moaned out loud as the first jet of cum sprayed from my cock and sprayed my cum onto my chest. I continued stroking, my hand pumping wildly on my cock, milking my cum from my balls. As I continued jerking, my cum sprayed wildly – one stream accidentally landed on Amy’s inner thigh.

Amy smiled, slid her hand from her pussy and used her middle finger to wipe my cum off of her leg. Then she winked at me and brought her finger to her mouth, tasting herself and me. For a few seconds, she sucked her middle finger like a small cock, finishing by flicking her tongue over her fingertip.

Smiling, Amy then got up from the floor, picked my towel up and draped it over my cock, placed her hands on my thighs and kissed me on the cheek. I held her for a second and reached down to grab another $50 from my pocket. She smiled, wrapped her robe around her, dropped the money in her robe pocket and moved toward the door. As she slipped out, she looked back at me and said “thanks for coming by tonight. I had a great time.”

As she watched, I traced my finger through the stream of cum on my chest and brought it to my lips. I licked it clean as she watched, smiled at her and responded, “mmmmm…so did I.”

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