The Majestic Oak Ch. 07

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My dear readers,

Before getting back to the story, I feel it is hard not to comment on current events. I am a straight, white man, and as such I have no idea how it is to go through life as a persecuted minority. I have friends from different minority groups and I try very hard to see the world through their eyes and to empathize with them, but I don’t believe I can. Not really. Not as a member of a privileged group.

Therefore, I would like to use this platform and my readership to write what should be obvious to everyone, but apparently is not.

Black lives matter.

Thank you, and now, back to the story…


Chapter 7: Nadia


On Friday morning I woke up early. I was naked, and so was Kate, who was lying on her side with her back to me. My body was pressed against her back, with one arm wrapped around her body and the other touching her shoulder. I guess we slept all night this way.

Realizing we had cuddled all night long made me feel great. Last night we were both too exhausted to even think about sex, but waking up this way, our bodies pressed against one another, felt better than all the sex in the world.

Although I tried very hard not to wake her up, Kate woke up just minutes after me. She turned around, wrapped one hand around my shoulders and kissed me softly on my lips.

“We spooned all night?” She asked in a sleepy voice.

“I think so,” I replied.

“Wow,” she said. “We haven’t done this in a long time.”

“Too long,” I concurred.


At breakfast, we sat around the usual table, with all our friends: Barbara, Darin, Tracy, Oliver, Amanda, Bob and Rachel. I believe the table was originally meant for eight people, but it could have all nine of us without us having to squeeze too much. Not that squeezing into one another was a problem for any of us.

As usual, the main discussion topic was plans for that day. Kate wanted to go to the spa for a nice massage, to sooth her aching body. Unfortunately, as we were told just before breakfast, all slots for that day had already been taken. Others thought about going to the swimming pool or the Turkish bath, but nobody was really passionate about doing anything. I guess, we all felt the same end-of-vacation fatigue.

And then Nadia approached the table. She was wearing a light-blue shirt and a pair of jeans. For me, it was weird seeing her in normal-person’s clothes.

“How are my favorite guests doing?” She asked with a smile.

“We’re doing great,” Barbara replied for all of us.

“Good,” she said. “Did you enjoy yesterday’s session?” She asked around the table, referring to the “exposure workshop” we had all attended with the exception of Kate.

“It was nice,” Tracy said, “although not as exciting as Wednesday’s session.” She was referring to the “trust workshop”, in which we were asked to switch partners and sexually stimulate one another. Tracy was paired with me.

“I hear that a lot,” Nadia said. “The ‘trust workshop’ is hard to beat. Everything seems a bit anticlimactic after it.”

Then Nadia turned to look at Kate and me. “How did YOU enjoy our session?” This time she was referring to the private session she gave Laura and Andie, the only lesbian couple that was with us at the resort, a session Kate and I joined.

“It was amazing,” Kate said. “I’ll never forget this experience!”

“I’m glad,” Nadia said. “I could tell you enjoyed it very much. How was it for you?” She turned to me.

That question caught me off guard. That session was definitely one of the best sexual experiences I had ever had. I got to watch Kate having lesbian sex for the first time, with two different women, watch Nadia having sex with one of them, and then, to top it all, have sex with Nadia myself.

“It was great,” I said quietly.

“I enjoyed it very much,” she said. “Kate,” she turned to my wife, “you are sexy as hell! I loved watching you fuck these girls! And Pete,” she turned to me, “I just loved fucking you.”

“I loved fucking you too,” I said, and immediately felt bad about it.

Nadia saw I was uncomfortable. “What’s wrong?” She asked.

“I know I should have raised that yesterday,” I said, “but I was too horny to even think about it.”

“What?” She asked.

“On orientation,” I explained, “when one of the guests made an advance on Kathy, she told him that the staff was off limits. Which makes perfect sense. You guys work here! For you guys it’s a job… for money… and you and I had sex…”

Nadia smiled. “You’re right,” she said. “The staff is off limits. We follow strict anti-sexual-harassment rules. Staff members are not supposed to have any form of sexual relations with guests. Otherwise, this place would have been a legal nightmare.”

“But,” I said, “you and I…”

“Well,” she said, “luckily for me, I’m not part of the staff.”

I was confused, but she continued.

“Being able to fuck guests is my little perk,” she said, “as the owner of this place.”

“You own this place?” I heard Bob bakırköy escort asking in surprise.

“Yeah,” she said. “Didn’t you guys know it?”

I looked at Barbara and Darin. “Did you guys know about it?” I asked, as this was their fourth time at the resort.

“We did,” Barbara said, “but it wasn’t our secret to share.”

“I don’t advertise this,” she said, “as my most important role in this place is my work at the dojo, in these workshops.”

We were all in shock, and Amanda, Bob’s wife, tried to explain our confusion. “You seem so spiritual,” she said. “Not the kind of person to own such a business.”

“This property looks like it’s worth about five million?” Bob estimated.

“A bit below six and a half,” Nadia replied, “last time I got an appraisal.”

We all looked at one another and had the same question in mind. How did such an amazing woman, whose passion seemed to be in helping couples find their way back to one another, become the owner of a six and a half million dollars property?

“You look confused,” Nadia said, and grabbed a chair from another table, wrapped her legs around it and sat leaning her chest against its back. “Do you want me to tell you how I got to open this place?”

“Sure,” we all said.


It all began thirteen years earlier, when Nadia was a young couple’s therapist, who had just opened her own practice, renting a small office in Hoboken, New Jersey. Having been certified for only two years and in her own practice for only a few months, she did not have many patients, and business was bad.

One day, a new couple came to her practice. They were a 55 years old real estate developer, and his 32 years old wife. They came to therapy after the wife had discovered her husband was having an affair with his 24 years old assistant. After she filed for divorce, her husband asked her to go to therapy with him. He did not hide his motive. During the five years of their marriage, his real estate business had grown significantly, and as his wife, she was entitled to half of this growth, wealth estimated in tens of millions.

Typically, a couple of this stature would go to a much more well-known, experienced and expensive therapist, but since both the husband and his wife spoke Russian as their first language, they preferred a Russian-speaking therapist, and Nadia came highly recommended.

Due to the urgency of their request and Nadia’s relative open schedule, Nadia booked three weekly slots for them. She would see the wife on Mondays, the husband on Wednesdays, and the both of them together on Fridays.

At first, Nadia made no progress with them. With the wife, she tried to work on surfacing the feelings she had for her husband, trying to help her understand the overall balance between her admiration of him on the one hand, and the hurt she felt from his betrayal. The wife was cooperative, but did not provide much insight to help the process.

With the husband she tried to work on helping him understand the reasons he was never satisfied with the woman he was with. He had left his first wife for his current one, who was significantly younger. Now he was having an affair with an even younger woman. Nadia was trying to analyze his psyche, but that was way beyond her reach as a novice therapist.

“He was like an onion,” she told us, “made of layers and layers of defense mechanisms. When I asked him about his affair he wouldn’t talk about feelings. He just went into graphic details about how sexy his assistant’s boobs were, how he liked sucking on her nipples, how he liked when she went down on him at his office, and how he liked the way she screamed when he was fucking her.

“Whenever I tried to move him back on topic, to try to talk about his feelings when having the affair, he changed the topic again and told me how uptight I looked, and how he would do me a favor and loosen me up by, as he put it, opening my tight pussy with his big, fat cock.”

Hearing Nadia saying that pissed me off. I knew there were men like that all around us. But still, every time I heard about a man sexually harassing a woman, I got mad, sad and ashamed at the same time.

“I’m sorry,” I said to her.

“It’s OK,” she said with a smile. “Women in this profession get things like that all the time. He wasn’t my first, and not even my worst. And I took it for what it was, a defense mechanism.”

In the therapy sessions with both of them Nadia tried to work on communication. She tried to use Imago Therapy, having each of them tell the other how they felt, and the other would then have to repeat their words, or paraphrase them. Unfortunately, although the wife was in tears as she was talking about her husband’s betrayal, the husband repeated her words without looking very touched. When it was his turn to talk, he used the same defense mechanism to hide his true feelings, talking dirty to his wife, describing in graphic details how he enjoyed fucking his assistant.

Nadia wanted to stop working with them after just başakşehir escort one week, but she knew it was a process, and decided to give it at least one month.

The next two weeks were no better, and no different. But then, on Monday morning, Nadia woke up from a dream, and felt her heart pounding.

“I dreamed of the wife,” she said. “In the dream she and I were kissing. Passionately. It was just a kiss. We didn’t do anything beyond it, but it felt very real. After waking up I could still feel her lips on mine. I could still feel the warmth of her body on my own. I could feel…” Nadia hesitated for a moment, looked around the table at us, looking back at her in anticipation, “I could feel wetness in my panties,” she said.

“Did you know you were attracted to women before that?” Tracy asked.

“Oh yeah,” Nadia said. “I had a girlfriend in college. We were together for almost a year. But it had been a while since I had been with a woman. And that particular woman was a patient… and I was supposed to see her that same day.”

Nadia told us how she considered canceling the appointment, but she decided it would be unprofessional of her. The professional thing to do would be to have the appointment as scheduled, and tell the wife she couldn’t be her therapist anymore.


The wife made the appointment on time, and sat on the sofa, as she had usually done. Nadia sat on her chair in front of her and got right to the point. “I’m sorry,” Nadia said. “I don’t think this is working.”

“What isn’t working?” The wife asked.

“This therapy,” Nadia explained. “I’m not making any progress with either you or your husband. You are still hurt from what he had done, he does not have any regrets. I can’t get to him…”

“You said it’s a process,” the wife reminded Nadia.

“I know,” Nadia said, “but the process is not working. Maybe you need another therapist. A more experience one.”

“I want you,” the wife said. “I trust you. I don’t want some other therapist.”

“It can’t be me,” Nadia said.

“Why not?” The wife asked.

Nadia’s heart raced. She was torn between her professional obligation to keep her own feelings to herself and her moral obligation to be truthful to her patient. She also felt the attraction, from the dream, wanting to be on the sofa next to her and kiss her passionately.

“Because I’m attracted to you,” Nadia said.

“Attracted to me?” The wife laughed. “I didn’t think you were gay!”

“I’m bisexual,” Nadia explained in a serious voice. “I used to have a girlfriend a few years back.”

“I don’t believe you,” the wife said. “I think you’re just making an excuse to get rid of me… of us…”

“I’m not,” Nadia said. “I do believe I am not helping the two of you, but with the way I feel about you, I am afraid I would do real damage.”

“Show me,” the wife said.

“What??” Nadia exclaimed.

“Show me you are attracted to me,” the wife insisted. “Come here,” she tapped on the empty seat next to her on the sofa. “Come here and show me you are attracted to me.”

“That would be grossly unprofessional of me,” Nadia said, her heart beating hard.

“Than I don’t believe you,” the wife said. “You are a lier, just like my husband.”

Nadia saw tears in the wife’s eyes. These tears had a powerful effect on her. She couldn’t think about her professional or her ethical obligations. All she could think about were these tears, and the pinch that they made in her chest.

Nadia got up from her chair and walked towards the sofa. She sat next to the wife and gently ran her hand through her hair.

“I’m not lying,” Nadia said. “I AM attracted to you. Just this morning I woke up from a dream about you.”

“What was in the dream?” The wife asked, tears still in her eyes.

“We were kissing,” Nadia said calmly.

“Show me,” the wife asked.

“I shouldn’t,” Nadia said. “We shouldn’t…”

“She me,” the wife repeated her request, softly caressing Nadia’s cheek.

Nadia leaned forward and gave the wife a soft kiss on the lips.

The wife kissed her back, reaching with her tongue to touch Nadia’s lips.

“Was it like this?” The wife asked. “In your dream?”

“Sort of,” Nadia shrugged, not wanting to make matters worse.

“Sort of?” The wife insisted.

“It was longer,” Nadia said.

“Show me,” the wife said once again.

Reluctantly, Nadia leaned forwards one again and kissed the wife. This time, she wrapped her hands around the wife’s shoulders, and gave her a long, passionate kiss, just like in the dream. Like in the dream, she felt the warmth of the wife’s body on hers, the wife’s breasts pressing against her own.

“That was a good kiss,” the wife said after they had broken it off. “I haven’t been kissed like this in years!”

“Neither was I,” Nadia said quietly.

“I’ve never kissed a woman before,” the wife told Nadia. “I’m usually not attracted to women. But there is something special about you.”

“Yes,” bayrampaşa escort Nadia said. “It’s called ‘transference’. I’m your therapist. Patients often feel things for their therapists. As a therapist my job is to show you that whatever you feel towards me, it is not really towards me, as Nadia. It is towards me, as your therapist. And as such, these feelings are inappropriate, making it a bad idea for me to continue treating you and your husband.”

The wife wasn’t listening to Nadia’s speech. She was too busy unbuttoning her own blouse, revealing her red lace bra.

“In the dream,” the wife asked as she took her blouse off, “did we do anything other than kiss?”

“I said ‘no’,” Nadia told us, “and it was the truth, but inside my panties I felt the same sensation that I had felt when I woke up from that dream. I felt I had to have her, no matter the cost.

“Then, slowly, she reached back to the buckle of her bra, and released it, looking right into my eyes. I tried to get myself to stop her, tell her this wasn’t right and that I could lose my license and maybe even my freedom if we moved on, but I couldn’t get myself to speak. I wanted her to keep doing what she was doing. I wanted her bra out of the way.

“And it was totally worth it. Her tits were beautiful. They were small, but not too small, and perfectly shaped. Much like Kate’s.”

Everybody’s eyes were on Kate, who blushed. “You do have an amazing pair,” I said to her, and kissed her.

“You really do,” Tracy said and rubbed her hand against her arm.

Then, after all eyes went back to Nadia, she continued her story.

“Unable to control myself,” she said, “I gently touched her naked breasts and kissed her again. I could feel her nipple hardening inside my palms. I could feel her breath getting faster and deeper, to a point that she had to break our kiss after a short while to catch her breath.

“I laid her down on a cushion, and started kissing her on her neck, shoulder, chest, and eventually one of her breasts, keeping my hand on the other one. She sighed softly and held my head down, letting me know she didn’t want me to let go of her.

“Then, she started pushing my head down her body, down to her belly, and then to the buckle of her pants. I looked at her, trying to see if she really wanted me to go on, but she did. ‘Take them off’, she said.

“And I did. I took off her pants, and she kicked off her shoes. She was wearing a pair of red lace panties, one that matched her bra. I started kissing her all around her panties. Her belly, her thighs… and then I started kissing her on her panties. I could smell her juices flowing inside her pussy, and this smell drove me mad. I had to taste her. I had to…”

“I’m sorry,” a member of the kitchen staff approached us. “We need to clean the dining room,” he said. “Prepare it for lunch.”

I looked at the clock. It was ten thirty. Breakfast had ended half an hour ago. We were all fascinated by Nadia’s story that we totally lost track of time.


We exited the restaurant and looked for another place to sit, and hear Nadia’s story. We walked towards the center of the resort, where on the big lawn there was a large picnic table, barely big enough for the ten of us.

“So, where was I?” Nadia asked after we had all squeezed around that table.

“You were sniffing the wife’s panties and felt you had to fuck her,” Tracy said.

“Oh yeah,” Nadia said to Tracy with just a bit of sarcasm in her voice, “thanks for that.”

“So anyways,” she continued, “I was eager to take off her panties. But I knew that if I did that, I would be crossing a line. Kissing, licking, touching, that’s one thing. When a therapist does it to a patient, taking advantage of their influence, that’s indecent assault. You could go to jail for a few years if you’re caught. But once the panties are off, that becomes rape. But obviously, I wasn’t thinking with my brain that day. So after clearing with her that this was what she wanted, I took her panties off.

“Her pussy was probably the nicest one I had ever seen till then. It was waxed clean with no shred of hair to be found. Her smooth labia was just slightly open, just enough for me to see her red clitoral hood peeking from it, and her red vagina, flowing with juices, calling me.

“I started licking her, moving my tongue along her opening and on to her clit, circling it a few times and then back to her wet vagina.

“She was extremely wet and extremely horny. Every time I moved away from her clit she moved her pelvis in attempt to bring me back.

“Then she asked me if I could get a finger inside her, which I gladly did. I ran my tongue around her clit as my finger moved in and out of her pussy. Until she came.

“And she came hard. She held tight to the sofa and cried out with all she had. I saw tears running down from her eyes. She looked straight at me, still panting.

“I sat down next to her. My face was covered with her juices. She knew it, but she didn’t care. She took me in for a wild, passionate kiss.”

After that kiss, the wife told Nadia she had never had such an orgasm. She told her that back in the day, her husband would fuck her with passion and would make her cum hard, but never that hard. And recently, her husband would hardly ever want to have sex with her. And when he would, he would be quick and finish way before she had the chance.

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